Humanitarian Missions

"What truly gives meaning to a Mission is the experience of love,   the ability to open doors so that God may descend   and act through your hands. "

Saint Joseph, January 26th, 2016

Since their first Apparitions, The Divine Messengers have invited us to carry out Humanitarian Missions of aid in places on the planet where there are situations of great need. Saint Joseph, who consecrated the Missions in the spirit of peace, announced that in the face of today's planetary reality we must all be ready to take up our posts where there is great need. He explains that through an active prayerful spirit and missionary training, we will be able to assist many souls.

The purpose of the Humanitarian Missions is to physically and spiritually assist those in need, in any way necessary, at any time, and anywhere in the world. Carried forward by volunteer groups, they represent a significant example of the work of the giving of self and service to others.

In February of 2016, in His daily message, St. Joseph announced the foundation of the Planetary Missionary Network, a special request to all who aspire to awaken to a life of service. He explained that this Network would be the heart that unites all the veins of light that are expanding on Earth, and which could bring together prayerful beings with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical availability for active service and charity. St. Joseph instructs us:

"Each mission accomplished will bring about a new learning and a new way of understanding life.
I encourage all of the Planetary Missionary Network to go deeper into the essence of service.
With My Chaste Heart, learn to be eternal missionaries and to carry out on earth this universal mission,
in which personal transformation will result in the salvation and the evolution of the whole universe."

In response to requests from the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation has since 2011 sent missionary groups to Nepal, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, the Middle East, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Greece, Chile, and Brazil.

Get to know the Humanitarian Missions already carried out:

   1st Mission: October 2011. Nepal, Asia
 2nd Mission: July 2012. Nicaragua, Central America
  3rd Mission: November 2012. Ethiopia, Africa
  4th Mission: February 2013. Ethiopia, Africa
  5th Mission: April 2013. Kenya, Africa
  6th Mission: November 2014. Alagoas, Northeastern Brazil
  7th Mission: April 2015. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda, Africa
  8th Mission: December 2015. Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  9th Mission: January 2016. Turkey
10th Mission: January 2016. Chaco, Argentina
11th Mission: May and June of 2016. Dolores, Uruguay
12th Mission: June and July of 2016. Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
13th Mission: September 2016. Greece, Europe
14th Mission: November 2016. Roraima, Brazil (Permanent mission)
15th Mission: February 2017. Chile, South America
16th Mission: December 2017. Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais, Brazil
17th Mission: February 2018. Salta, Argentina
18th Mission: June 2018. Cairo, Egypt
19th Mission: May and June 2019. Beirut and Beqaa Valley, Lebannon
20th Mission: June 2019. Luanda, Angola, Africa

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Read here some messages with special instructions from the Divine Messengers on Humanitarian Missions.


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