History of the Apparitions to Sister Lucía de Jesús

(Account transmitted by the visionary in 2013)

When I was between 5 and 6 years old, I was with my family at home, all of us were together talking in one of the bedrooms and, at a certain moment, I saw through a glass window that there was a person in the living room of the house, a woman. I looked at the bedroom and I confirmed to myself that all of my siblings and my parents were there and I did not know who the person was. And after I realized that this woman was looking at the garden, sticking her head outside of the window, but the window was closed. At this moment I realized that she was not a person in a physical body. I started to pray the Our Father with my eyes closed, and when I opened my eyes she was no longer there.

The next day I told my mother what had happened and she said that every time that I see these things I should make the sign of the cross and pray.

After this day, I started to almost always see things and people. During the following year, my paternal grandfather disincarnated and I continued to see him every time that I went to my grandmother’s house. Whenever I told this to my cousins, they would get very frightened and one day one of my aunts scolded me, saying that I was inventing lies to the other children. After that, I never talked about this subject again.

During this time, prayer became something that I would do permanently because after I perceived that everyone was afraid of these things, I began to fear everything that I used to see. As my parents used to work all day and I studied at a different time from my siblings, I would stay home alone, crying and praying all afternoon until someone would arrive home. As I was afraid of being at home by myself, I would sit in the garden and talk to the plants all afternoon, and they would respond to me. But I also never said this to anyone.

I asked God a lot not to see these things any longer and, when I started to grow up, it started to decrease considerably, until I saw almost nothing. Between 11 and 16 years old, it was a period in which I was with my consciousness turned to the external world, I didn’t have any connection with spiritual things. All my life I had heard my mother talking about spiritual life. She had a prayer group connected to the Community of Figueira, which used to gather at my home, but I never came to participate in it.

When I was 16 years old my life began to change internally. Nothing that I was living seemed to make sense, I no longer wanted to study, I didn’t want to go out with friends, I didn’t even feel like talking to anybody, but I continued doing everything as usual. Until when I really couldn´t stand living like that anymore, and I asked my mother if I could know more about Figueira. And in January of 2009 I went there for the first time.

I spent 10 days there in which I cried all the time. The sensation I had was that I had been born and at some moment of my childhood I had lost my memory and I started to live a life that was not mine, forgetting God. And at that moment I remembered everything. And I would ask God: “How did I spend such a long time without remembering You? How could I live all that I lived for so long?”

When I returned home, to Recife, in the Northeast of Brazil, I started to participate in a chorus connected to the Community of Figueira. And one day, in March 2009, I was in the center of the city when my mother invited me to a public gathering to listen to the recorded lectures of Trigueirinho that her group was organizing, and I went.

During the whole audition, I heard an inner voice that said: “You will go to the Community of Figueira now and you will enter the Monastery”. And this phrase repeated itself for 1 hour, the entire time that the gathering lasted. I had no idea of what the Monastery was. When I had been in Figueira, I had only seen a sign in some of the areas that said “Monastery” and nothing else.

When the audition ended, I told my mother what had happened and she agreed to help me go there. But when I talked to my friends, they all tried to convince me to stay in Recife and at least finish school. I was, at that moment, in the middle of my last year of High School and during that year I was going to take the exam to enter college. So, I decided to stay.

During this period I used to pray whenever I managed to be alone. It was almost a secret that I had with God. At the beginning of June, I went to an event, organized by my father, in which there were many lectures about various spiritual subjects and there I came across a person whom I had met in Figueira in January, and this person told me that he was going to live there.

When I entered into one of the lectures of this event, again I couldn’t hear anything besides a voice within me, which said: “You will go to Figueira now and you will enter the Monastery and it will not be later, it will be now. I have said it once, and if there is no response I will never say it again”.

When the lecture ended, I looked for the person whom I had seen and I asked him when he was going to the Community of Figueira, and he told me that he was going in five days. In these five days I organized all of my things, left school and traveled with this person to Figueira. I didn’t understand well what I was doing but I had a very strong inner certainty that I had to do it.

When I arrived in Figueira, on June 13, 2009, I searched for the person who had given a lecture about the Monastery, who was a coordinator nun, and I went to have a week of experience within the Monastery, which was called the Monastic Experience. I lived those days already feeling that this was the place I would spend the rest of my life and that there was nothing inside of me that thought or felt the opposite. On August 9, 2009, I took the vows as an aspirant.

Inside of the Monastery the inner vision that I had as a child came back. I would see things during prayers and lectures and even during the day. During prayers I often saw Our Lady. Sometimes She would say something and sometimes not. As I didn’t know very well what it was all about, in the beginning I didn´t tell anyone.

Until one day, while I talked to Trigueirinho, I told him all that I used to experience when I was a child and that I had started to experience this again when I entered the Monastery. He instructed me about some things and advised me to seek the help of Padre Pio.

I began to understand better what was happening, and a sister who coordinated the Monastery at that time also helped me. In this period I not only lived experiences with Our Lady, but also with Padre Pio, after having asked for his help. In these experiences, I didn’t see him so clearly, but I could hear his voice.

Also, within the Monastery, above all during the Communion ceremony, I started to have contact with Christ. Most times, I heard His voice. The first time I saw Him was when we began the contemplation of the picture of the Merciful Christ. One evening, the image of Christ became alive and started to offer some words, which I took note of and handed to the coordinator of the Monastery.

One day I felt I should go to the Hill of Apparitions, which was then called Crystal Hill, and I climbed up to the highest point to talk to Our Lady. While I was praying I saw Her image come from the top of the house of prayer towards me. It was the first time that I saw Her, conscious that it was Mary. When She got close I couldn't see Her in detail but I could hear Her words. I asked what She expected from me and She answered that She wanted me to know that She was accompanying me all the time in silence, but that I would be the last one to arrive into Her arms. I remained with this in my heart even without understanding it.

In September of 2011, we participated in Her first public Apparition in the Community of Figueira, for me it was very strong. On the first day, I couldn’t see Her or listen to Her, but I felt Her in my heart and I had the absolute certainty that She was there. Afterwards, in the course of other Apparitions, sometimes I saw Her and sometimes not, but I would never hear what She was saying. I felt profound reverence and I spent the whole day thinking whether or not I could comprehend that the female face of God was coming to us.

In all Apparitions, I felt like kneeling down, because it was the way that my body could express what I felt. “I cannot sit here watching God descend to Earth as if it were something normal” I thought. I didn't kneel down because my mind didn’t allow me to be different from the other brothers and sisters present there.

On November 13, 2012 I sat down to participate in the Apparition and I started to talk with Our Lady. I asked Her to help me to take the steps that I needed to take, I said that I didn’t expect any miracle and I didn’t even want Her to call me to the front, but that I did want Her to somehow show me that She was listening to me, because I needed Her answer.

When Friar Elias announced the request of Our Lady for another sister to begin to see Her and listen to Her, my heart raced as never before and it seemed that a fire was rising from the legs and passing throughout my whole body. I got very nervous and tried to think that it was some other person, but I knew it was me.

On November 15, 2012, the date settled for the first Apparition accompanied by Sister Lucía, I was feeling so nervous that it was as if at any moment I would faint there and, while I prayed, I started to feel that Our Lady was approaching. I then followed a path towards the sky until I encountered Her while She was preparing Herself in prayer to descend to Earth. I sat at Her side and I prayed with Her, it was as if I were dreaming while awake.

When She arrived, I could see Her and hear Her. I felt peace in my heart as I had never felt before. All the nervousness had gone away and I didn´t think of anything else but to live that moment with the Queen of Heaven and Earth. From this day on, I feel a very big love in my heart and great serenity.

Whenever I think about Our Lady, I regain the peace that exists within me and I get out of all the agitation that there is in the world today and within all of us. It is as if Mary lives within my heart.

On January 5, 2013, when Christ Jesus carried out His first public Apparition in Aurora, I could see Him also, in the same way that today I see the Virgin Mary. And every time I participate in the transmission of the daily messages, I can see Him and with my heart I accompany the task that He carries out at that moment.

(Account transmitted by the visionary in 2013)

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