Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary

Wednesday, March 4 of 2020
Centro Mariano de Figueira - F2 | Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brazil

Wednesday, March 4 of 2020

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(Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brazil)
Time zones:
Brasilia 18:30
Buenos Aires 18:30
Montevideo 18:30
New York 16:30
London 21:30

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With presentation of the message of the Virgin Mary to be recorded on March 1 (end date of the cycle of Her weekly messages / beginning of the daily messages)


Auditório de F2 - Centro Mariano de Figueira
Rodovia Fernão Dias, São Paulo direction, Km 717*
Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
* Entrance by side Restaurante do Nem

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