Friday, February 19 of 2021

The Sacred Call

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come before the expected time so that you may listen to Me.

You know that I do not seek the perfection of your lives, but rather I seek that you walk the path toward the encounter with Me.

While this does not happen, companions, I will still wait to fulfill many tasks and operations.

I will still wait within My Heart for the aspirations that God has for each one of your lives and consciousnesses; because this is a very crucial and definitive time and you already know that.

This is a time when new things will emerge, unknown experiences will be shown so that you may learn and internally grow.

I do not need you to do perfect things, but rather that in your lives you do the best for Me, because I will avail Myself of all this to prepare My Return to the world.

I not only ask you to decide to cross the desert into which you have not entered, but I also ask you to have enough bravery to follow Me and accompany Me, to obey My guidelines.

This is the most demanding time of all, I need you to be able to recognize this.

I need you to be able to trust everything I tell you and that you can do everything I ask of you, the efforts will multiply.

Some consciousnesses are already defining themselves, and this is not something personal with Me, but rather with the Father.

God’s Designs are not deeply understood, while you take a long to love them, you will not understand them, you will not grasp them, you will not know them.

For this reason, I gave you the value of the spiritual exercises, of your own spiritual and personal exercise, but also of your group exercises; because the connection with the Source depends on each one of My companions, and not on just a few.

The planet burns in its process of purification, the planet suffers in its process of illness, those who are displaced are in ever greater numbers throughout the world. Who will give them refuge? Who will have sensitive hearts to welcome them? Who will meet them? Not only to give them food, but also to give them My Peace.

I do not ask for something impossible, I only ask for something sincere and true. It depends on you that My Works may be fulfilled and carried out.

The debt of humanity is very great, and you know it, and this spiritual debt still keeps growing. Who will internally help Me dissolve this debt?

Who will recognize, once more, the value of the Blood that was shed by the Lamb of God, so that all errors may once more be justified, so that souls not again miss the opportunity, so that consciousnesses can awaken?

My Heart holds many mysteries, but it also holds many feelings. Have you ever thought of knowing and penetrating them? Where is your attention for Me?

The universe places you where you need to learn and grow, companions.

These are no longer times to make things harder than they already are. It is time to forge the warrior, it is time to make the brave apostle awaken so that you can live what the Hierarchy is living and feeling, so that you can sustain with Us this spiritual flame of Faith that must not extinguish.

You must learn to attune with My Spiritual Government. From it springs all the impulses and the revelation of all mysteries, mainly of its inner mysteries, of what you must know about yourselves, of what you must transform in yourselves, of all that you must redeem.

The planet is now at the moment of its great cross-roads, the destiny is still not clear.

Evolution advances, but so do the events. A totally new race is being run, it is time to become aware of this and of not stepping back. The soldiers must advance in this battlefield, and they must have faith that I will sustain them.

Open your hearts to feel all that I tell you. Do not reject any word, we are in culminating times, in decisive times, and I must repeat it, time and again, so that your consciousnesses may grasp it.

We are all attentive to the coming moments. What seems to be too difficult, becomes a great sacrifice for all. The effort to be made at the moment is the justification of so many errors and faults, of so many adversities and causes.

I do not need you to understand everything, I need you to follow Me, to feel Me and to recognize Me.

This is the most important Lent after My Ascension to the Heavens, after more than two thousand years.

You must let yourselves be marked by the ashes of the Resurrection. May the Sign of the Cross be the epicenter of all your movements and actions, because thus the hells will be tormented and they will not prevail.

Seek within the path toward what is true, toward what is transparent and faithful.

I am calling the world to respond to the humanitarian needs, because if these displacements keep happening, the Judgment will be very great. You have the keys and the attributes to do so, do not deny it nor step back. Do not step back.

This is the time when each one of you will have the opportunity to fulfill My Will, to make it a part of yourselves and to live it.

Today I not only invite you to be within My Heart, but I also invite you to be aware and have discernment. May the flame of My Faith permeate you with wisdom and love, with science and intelligence, so that the talents that I so much expect to have available, may be available, may be at the service of God, through each one of you.

Companions, brothers and sisters, you are in times similar to those of the first Christians, who had to be witnesses of My Presence and of My Word, and gave their lives for Me until the last instant, until the last moment.

But now you are not persecuted, you are only sought by My enemy, who tries to divide you and make you fail. Will you allow him to do so?

During so many meetings of Mercy, I gave you all the instructions and indications. When will you apply them to yourselves?

I invite you to be brave and persevering. I invite you to love what you do not know. I invite you to penetrate the mystery of the spirit by means of faith and the union with Me in the Eucharist.

In this next Sacred Week, may your virtues flourish and your human aspects disappear because I do not have time to wait so that you may carry this out.

I have the world on My Back, and upon having the world on My Back, I have each one of you and your brothers and sisters on the planet. I have upon Me all kinds of chaos and suffering, of injustice and indifferences. Who will endure with Me, as did John, the apostle, until the Cross?

For this reason, I gave you My Face of Mercy and My Glorified Face, so that you might revere it and live it within you, because you will need My Mercy and My Glory in order to be able to cross these times so that, more each day, you may be empty instruments and not full of yourselves, humble to be able to recognize the Word of God and the Call of the Eternal Father, just as did My Mother, the Virgin Mary. Imitate and love Her.

In Her maternity lies your consolation, in Her Love, lies your strength, in Her conviction lies the overcoming of all times, and in Her purity lies your peace.

May the Sacred Week to come not be a fleeting moment, but rather a new opportunity, for each one of you, to receive the divine codes of My Passion; because when you do so, I will be there with you, until the end of time.

“Adonai, hear the prayers of Your Servant and of Your Son, make Yourself present, Lord, at this moment, and, above all, in the hearts that doubt about this path.

Ignite in each heart the flame of Your Faith so that everything may be renewed and thus they may feel united to You, until everything can be renewed, when I return.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.