Sunday, April 12 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The angelic procession has arrived here together with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us revere the Glorified Solar Christ and allow ourselves to be invaded by the Light of His Divinity, which comes today to show itself as the center of all Creation.

It is that Light that never died and that defeated darkness, and still defeats it throughout time.

Let us participate in this moment with the joy of preparing for His Return to humanity.

Let us allow ourselves to be guided by the Consciousness of the Solar Christ which, dressed as a great Sun, shows Himself to us with the Power of the Glory of the Father around Him.

Let us contemplate this silent but powerful Light that He offers to us. Let us reflect this Light of the Divinity of Christ in our heart so that this whole period, which we have lived with Him during these eight days, may be sealed as a powerful alliance between His Heart and us. Thankful for all the Graces received and for the merits He has shared through the instruction, let us contemplate the Glory of Our Lord in His face of the Solar Christ.

Let us feel how the whole Universe stops because of His Presence, before this Universal event that the Master brings to us and all of Creation.

In His Presence, let us remember all that we have experienced in these last seven days and all the revelations He brought for a single purpose, the redemption of humanity, the awakening of consciousnesses, the fulfillment of the commitment of each one of His companions.

We are grateful for all the experiences that He had us go through and for all the moments of love that He shared with each heart, renewing the life of those who have hope in His Name and awakening what is truest and purest in each human being.

So today, this afternoon, on this eighth day of instruction with Christ Jesus, the Solar Christ comes to ask us for our divinity, the very depths of our being, the true light that we are in the eyes of the Eternal Father, so that it may be in service to His Plan of Redemption and preparation for His Return to the world.

May our divinity be placed at the Feet of Our Lord, in the same way that today our souls again place themselves at the Feet of Christ, so that we may be filled by His spiritual and cosmic Light.

Let us recognize this moment as something unique in the history of humanity. Heaven touching Earth, God summoning His children through His beloved Son.

And we see Christ cry in gratitude for the fidelity of those who are consequent, for the prayers of the persevering, for the service of the untiring, for the sacrifice of the humble, for the unconditionality of the obedient, for those who love God and their brothers and sisters as Christ loves each one of us.

In our very depths, our beings receive the Solar Christ and commune with the most non-material aspect of the Father.

Today I come to bid farewell to the world because this will be My last year of instruction with you, after the Sacred Week is accomplished in the month of August.

I will no longer come, but My Spirit will be your fortitude, because I have given you everything and, through My companions, I have been able to accomplish the work of Mercy that should continue resounding throughout the world, through the complete sacrifice of your lives, until the time comes for you to enter into Heaven so as to enter the Paradise of God.

I say goodbye now so that you do not feel My absence. I would like to spend more time with you, but My new time is approaching. A moment in which humanity will be universally judged so that it may recognize its errors and amend them by means of the results of the change and the Mercy that I have given to each one of your lives.

But do not suffer because I cannot be here anymore, because I will find you through the Sacrament of the Eucharist. And when the end of My task with you is done, everything will happen.

But do not be afraid; My Mother will be with you. Her Love will protect you and will raise you from the ground when you have no strength, because Her Love is unconditional. This is why I gave you the best that My Life has: the Mother of God.

While I do not speak with you and I am in silence, I remember the meetings we have had over the last six years. I remember the strength of the faith of each one of My companions and the fidelity of those who hold the fulfillment of My Work, through the Sacraments and each meeting of prayer.

The Light of My Glory descends to Earth to bless those who will continue My Work in the world, under the spirit of the Church and of ecumenism.

In the same way that I sent the apostles, two by two, today I send all of you to testify to My Presence in all nations of the world. Let the Word of the Glorified Christ be heard in all languages so that the heart of those most in need resound with the same strength and Grace that has resounded in your hearts during these last years.

Everything has been consummated.

In the same way that I surrendered My Spirit into the Hands of the Father, today I surrender your spirits into the Hands of God, so that you never forget anything that I have left to you, so that My spiritual design may be accomplished in each one of you.

Today I leave with My Heart full of the love and the gratitude of My companions, of those who have not been afraid of transformation, of those who have not been afraid of proclaiming their faith and their fidelity to Christ.

My spiritual and celestial Church embraces you, in the same way that it embraces the whole world today, so that healing may be established in humanity and on the whole planet, because My Love will never leave you.

My last messages will be the most definitive, from now until August.

With all that you have learned from My Word and from the strength of the Love of God, you must always erect My spiritual Church on the surface of the Earth so that each soul may be the living temple that I need in order to return and fulfill the Scriptures, as the Scriptures were fulfilled during My Birth.

Christ is now standing with His arms stretched out in a Cross like the Redeeming Christ and the Light of His Heart illuminates the world and everything that is in it, to seal this alliance with the Divine Plan.

If it were urgent and necessary for the world, I could come under extraordinary circumstances to you, so that you could be guided and always led along the path of Truth.

Although My task among you is now finishing, as it finished among the apostles, I could reappear to bring and deliver the last instructions, as determined by My Eternal Father.

Carry Light to the world so that the world, through the Light, may find the love and hope of being reborn to life, every day.

Children, companions and friends of Mine, consummating this work on the eighth day of Christic instruction for the whole world, in the fullness of the thanksgiving of the heart, let us together softly say the prayer that I taught you in Aramaic.

Our Father (in Aramaic).

Blessed are those who cry, for they will always be consoled.

Blessed are those who persevere, for they will always find the Kingdom of God.

Blessed are those who serve, for they will see God.

Blessed are those who sacrifice themselves for Me, for they will be with Me in Eternal Life.

Today I will give the Easter blessing after the blessing given by the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Today I am under the ambassador of Christ on Earth, because the disciples and servers of Christ will always be able to take greater steps in love than those I took.

May the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit accompany you and bless you so that you may be in My Peace.

Let us celebrate this Eucharist of Resurrection within the Celestial Church.

Today, all those consecrated that are present here, representing all the religious orders of the world, as well as all the priests that are present here today, representing all the priests of the world, will come up here on the stage so that together we may experience the consecration of the Body and of the Blood of Christ.

"Father, You know that humanity has always been mistaken, but you also know about all those who have heard My Call and have responded to My Will. At this crucial hour of the planet, use all the surrenders and sacrifices of Your children, of those who never gave up nor desisted from fulfilling My Will."

"This is the greatest offering that My Heart makes to You on this day, so that your Grace, Your Love and your spiritual abundance may descend, and thus everything can be renewed. Amen."

Today I am with the apostles of the end times, and in the same way that I celebrated the Eucharist with My apostles after the Resurrection, today I come to celebrate this spiritual Communion with you, so that your consciousnesses may always be renewed.

Thus, I again take the bread, and offering it to God so that it may be transubstantiated, I give it to you, saying: "Take and eat, for this is My Body, which was given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

I offer the Father the Chalice of redemption and renewal, so that the wine may be transubstantiated into the precious Blood of Christ, and I again give you this Chalice, saying: "Take and drink, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant between souls and God, the Blood that was shed for humankind for the remission of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

In union with the Most Holy Trinity, for all the Graces and merits received, as a triumph of the sorrowful Passion of Jesus and for the urgent and necessary healing of humanity, let us say the prayer that Christ taught us, to consummate this spiritual and inner alliance and consecration.

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

May the Peace and the Love of Christ descend to Earth.

We thank you, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Saturday, April 11 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And although I was placed in the sepulcher, My service for humanity had not ended.

Today I continue with everyone about what really happened in those times during the sorrowful Passion of your Master and Lord.

To be able to understand it spiritually, this afternoon you will enter with Me into the Universe of God, another space of the nonmaterial and cosmic creative manifestation, where the memory was also kept of all the events that took place during the sorrowful Passion of your Lord. Let us prepare for this moment.

Place your souls at the service of the Plan so that it may be they that participate in this moment, and hold in your memory all that you will go through and experience, following the universal records of your Master and Lord.

To enter this Universe of God, it will be enough to open the door of that space with your word and your song; this will be the key that will allow the revelation of all that will happen afterward.

Now, while I show you the Universe of God behind Me and the angels that are accompanying this moment, for they are the ones in charge of revealing the universal records of your Master and Lord, you must intone the musical key that will allow you to enter this span of consciousness.

We will intone "Adonai, Holy Spirit" until the Lord give us a sign, and may Adonai resonate within us and in our consciousness so that our souls may enter into this space. We can begin.

Song: "Adonai, Holy Spirit."

Once again.

Let us return to the previous instrumental.

We are in a space that is not material, yet rather spiritual. We are in a part of the Consciousness of God that expresses itself as a great sky blue Sphere of Light, where angels write of this moment in our essences. The center of this place is a powerful Sphere of golden light that in its manifestations alternate different colors and forms, manifesting the most perfect beauty of Creation.

Our souls are in the Universe of the spirit, a place they have always aspired to reach and participate in.

Our souls participate in this place with their most subtle and elevated consciousness and are invaded by many impulses that come from the center of this Source, where within little Crystals of Light, within a golden Sphere, is held the experience of our Redeemer on Earth, the most important and emblematic portions of His spiritual and cosmic task.

And in the mental Universe, the ultra-terrestrial Universe, another part of the plane of Consciousness of Creation, another faithful copy is held of that space and place, which are other aspects of the task that Christ carried out on Earth in that time.

Feel how, at this moment, the center of our soul connects and unites with that great golden Sphere that governs the center of this space of Creation.

And outside of this blue Sphere, that envelopes us and protects us, let us see the different angelic Hierarchies accompanying Our Lord at this moment.

But let us see Christ absolutely transfigured. A deeper and more complete transfiguration than what He lived on Mount Tabor. He shows us, at this moment, His true Aspect, the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, called the Glorified Christ.

We will contemplate this along side that golden Sphere of Light and, meanwhile, inside of that golden Sphere, let us not lose our focus and our attunement with those small Crystals of Light, of how they spin in likeness to our DNA, like the movement of our molecules and atoms. We are in front of the scientific aspect of God.

Let us contemplate Christ. How part of His Being is illuminated and glorified, and has achieved a transubstantiated and sublimated matter by the power of the Love He incarnated, because of that Love He expressed to each one of us, from His birth to His Ascension.

There, through Christ, all the stages of His life on Earth are gathered, not only the stages of His material life, but also the spiritual ones. We are in front of the revelation of the Living and Glorified Christ. All of His being is the living Eucharist itself, is the great Reliquary of God that is illuminating before our souls and consciousnesses, bringing our beings into spiritual and cosmic communion with the Laws of the nonmaterial Universe.

At this moment, we must believe in what we are experiencing and feeling, beyond distance and separation. The Glorified Consciousness of Christ unites us and gathers us together in this moment to live this experience.

Let us see Our Lord levitating in the Universe, within this great sky blue Sphere of Light and, with us within there, consciously participating with all of our being and consciousness, opening our soul so that all our being may receive, through Christ, the mysteries of the nonmaterial Laws that are to be found there at this moment and which are the Laws that gave impulse to material Laws, called universal Laws. We are under another vibration and spiritual condition, let us keep our connection and our heart open to this.

Let us allow our soul to be overrun by each one of these luminous impulses, which the transubstantiated Consciousness of Christ offers us at this moment.

And so, in an act of profound gratitude and reverence, within this space of the Consciousness of God, where His scientific aspect is present, let us feel the absolute void, in a complete divestment and in a necessary surrender so that it may be He, Christ, Who will act through our souls, rather than us.

Within that golden Sphere of Light that He presents to us and which He lights up through the palm of His right Hand, He offers that we live the Will of God.

He has us face the vision and the conscious moment of being able to recognize Divine Will, which comes from the Source as a powerful emanation of Love and Unity.

Outside of this great sky blue Sphere of Light we see Saint Michael the Archangel approach, also with a transfigured aspect, like a great warrior of light that takes care of the different Projects of Creation. In His right hand we see a lance and in His left hand we see a scale that maintains its balance, its equality and justness.

Let us contemplate all these symbols but, above all, let us merge together this reality that Our Lord offers to us today with all His humility and Love.

In the center of each of our souls He places those Crystals of Light that hold His Christic energy. Our souls yield at His Feet, not feeling worthy of this merit, but recognizing the supreme Grace that has brought them here.

And now, that great sky blue Sphere of Light dissolves into space. Hundreds of souls, from different parts of the world, are present there, yielding at the Feet of the Redeemer, within that Consciousness of God, in which the non-material Laws are active and work through the Law of Silence.

Let us contemplate the beauty that God shows us in this place and in this space, which is part of His Universal Consciousness.

Through our head, from the center of our crown chakra, a subtle thread of light rises, which connects us with that Universe where our soul is present.

The transfigured Christ does not speak through words, but rather through the actions that He performs today with all of us and with all of humanity.

But He requests something of us:

Be aware of what you are receiving and value what is being given to you, because this will be the only time until I return to the world, when many will recognize My Presence, although many others will deny it.

Through this, I am preparing you for that time. For this reason, I have brought you here in consciousness and in spirit, in soul and in essence, because it is here where God resides within each one of His children.

The one who empties themselves is redeemed. The one who yields is redeemed. The one who surrenders to Me is redeemed. The one who gives Me their life, is redeemed.

Meanwhile, the Universe, through the melodies, reveals different impulses of Creation, similar to the great nebula, stars or galaxies, that are etched in this firmament of the Consciousness of God, in the presence of the angels and of the Saint Michae the Archangel. Christ still keeps His right Hand close to the golden Sphere of Light.

At times, we are dazzled and overrun by explosions of golden Light that make our souls invisible. We are bathed by His Love-Wisdom, that Love and that Wisdom that incarnated in the world through Jesus, to bring redemption to the planet for a single purpose, the purpose of Love.

While Jesus was in the sepulcher, various aspects of His Being and of His Consciousness carried out this task that He performs today with us, helping different groups of souls and redeeming the hells, giving an opportunity and Grace to all the fallen stars.

Today, through the divine power of His Mercy, He gives us these impulses from the spiritual Source that holds the records of all His experience on Earth and of all the levels of His Being, which are revealed to our consciousnesses so that we may know and recognize that God is in all things.

With great gentleness and harmony, let us bring our consciousnesses to this material space, to the place where we are now, and let us feel how this experience is kept in the center of our being, in the deepest core of our inner being.

We still see the Glorified Christ, the transubstantiated Christ here, with all His Being like one same and only Eucharist that is offered to the world for its redemption and forgiveness.

We still see, behind Christ, that Universe and space of God beating.

The universal Plan is centered on the redemption of humanity. For this reason, God Himself offered Himself to the world through His Son, so that the humanity of that time and today's humanity could understand that they are here for a divine Purpose and not only for a material life. Your cells, atoms and the center of your beings must understand this, must affirm this so that your souls may govern and move forward with the Aspirations of God and the Will He has determined for each one of His children.

On this seventh day of the meeting, I see the majority of souls empty of self. You must recognize this all the time. You must safeguard it from yourselves. You must preserve it from the world, the chaos and the unfaithfulness. You must commit to yourselves for the Plan of God, because God is waiting to act through His children, as He has acted throughout the times and the different races.

But so that this decision that God has can manifest, after all that humanity has received throughout time, it is for the race of today to take the great and last step so that this Will may be realized and concretized. While that still does not take place, humanity will continue to suffer.

The Kingdom of the Heavens was on this planet. The Kingdom of the Heavens is reflected through the nature of this planet. The more aggression it endures, the greater the pain felt by the human being. There will be no place nor consciousness that will be able to address that pain nor calm that suffering.

You are beings that come from the Source. This is why I have taken you toward that favorite place of God. He has placed all of you in His Heart, have you perceived this? It is the Love that emerges and emanates from the Source, the renewing and untiring Love that will make of each being a new being; this is why your yielding is important.

Do not be afraid of the changes. Open to the changes that will come in the end of these times. Celestial joy is the promise that God has for each of His children, and today He fulfills His promise, taking all souls that listen to the chamber of His Sacred Heart, beyond all errors, debts or traumas that each human being may be experiencing and going through.

God is the unconditional eternal. Your Master is the unconditional eternal. The Holy Spirit that is among you today is the unconditional eternal.

When humanity learns to live within love rather than in indifference, to practice equality, tolerance, respect and faith, everything will be transformed. For this to happen, I will return to the world at the most difficult and culminating moment of the race. The days for this occurrence are drawing closer. 

Today I have asked the Father to give Me the Grace of taking each one of you into His Heart.

Now, Christ, placing His Hands in the sign of imposition, transfigures His vestments and all His Consciousness into a subtle rose color. He shows us His spiritual aspect of Love. That which upon being subject to and assaulted by humankind during His sorrowful Passion, His Love never surrendered. 

We are facing the invincible Love of Christ, the Love that He, at this moment, radiates to the whole world, bringing our planet, all of humanity and the Kingdoms of nature close to His Chest.

Today His spiritual and invincible Love gathers up the groups of souls of different animal species, such as the whales, which are being wiped out; such as the cattle, which are being killed; such as the species that are losing their habitat; and from the plant Kingdom, that is exploited, burned and destroyed on the surface of the Earth.

And even further, the invincible Love of Christ penetrates to the depths of our planet and gathers up the group soul of the mineral Kingdom, the minerals of which suffer and are destroyed and extracted with violence and vengeance. 

His Love, especially today, also reaches those who live in slavery, in Africa and in the world.

We are in the moment and in the Grace, in light of the invincible Love of Christ, of asking for forgiveness for the errors made by this humanity against the Kingdoms of Nature; of asking for forgiveness for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters who are blind and only want the advantages and benefits of Nature.

In light of the invincible Love of Christ, let us ask for forgiveness for destroying Creation and for not valuing it.

We bow down to Christ to ask for forgiveness and so that His Love may triumph in the world by the merits of His sorrowful Passion, for the descent of His unfathomable Mercy.

We may stand, breathe deeply and give thanks.

Today, at the request of Christ, we are going to offer this communion for the Kingdoms of Nature, but also for those who thirst in the world and have no water to drink and to hydrate their bodies. Let us ask for the Grace that the Kingdom of the waters, from the deepest core of the Earth and through Mother Nature, may grant the Grace of causing streams to flow from those places where there is great thirst. Amen.

Lord, God of the Universe and of Life, inexhaustible Fount of Love and Truth, infinite manifestation of providence, of abundance and of universal wisdom, we offer you this Sacrament in the name of Your most beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and we ask for the Grace and the opportunity that all that we receive here, beyond what we deserve, may reach the souls that aspire and wait for this spiritual abundance that You allow to descend to Earth through Your glorious Son. Amen.

The novena of prayer of this Holy Week, the Spiritual Trilogy that I taught you many years ago, has been of vital importance to Me, because it has allowed this whole task to move forward without interruptions or obstacles.

Thank you for those who strive in their hearts! May Peace be in each one of those who pray, that support this Plan of Love.

Thus, on this Hallelujah Saturday, so that tomorrow your souls may rise in spirit, in joy and in gladness for having the Grace of hearing the Word of God, I offer you this Eucharistic Communion, fulfilling My promise of being with you every day, until the end of times.

Father, Infinite Love, Consoler and Healer, I offer You this bread so that You, by the power of Your Glory, may change it into the Body of Christ so that today, consummating this spiritual and divine task, I will offer it to each one of Your children and say to them again: "Take and eat it, for this is My Body that is given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

In the same way, I offer You the Chalice of Redemption, Beloved Father, so that You may transubstantiate It into the Blood of Christ. For this reason, I again offer it to those of Yours, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, that is still poured out by your Lord up to these times for the forgiveness of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

And now, taking each other by the hand, and those alone in their homes, place your hands in the sign of reception toward Heaven so that, together with Our Lord, we may repeat this powerful prayer that He taught us:

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend upon Earth and elevate all fallen stars to Heaven.

So be it.

You can place your hands on your heart, for where there is unity, no illness can prevail.

May the Peace of the Kingdom of the Heavens be in you and in the whole world.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for having shared this afternoon with Me. Hold in memory that which you experienced today.



Friday, April 10 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

For the planetary task that Our Lord is carrying out at this moment, at His request we will intone "Adon Olam."

We invite those who are listening to stand up so as to accompany Our Lord in this planetary task.

Song: "Adon Olam."

You knew a fragile man as Jesus, who carried the heavy wood of the Cross and that, as a human being in spite of His divine and cosmic powers, gave Himself for each one of you so that you would not have to endure and suffer. If more than two thousand years later humanity continues to endure and suffer, it is a consequence of its actions and roles.

The Almighty incarnated on Earth through His Son so that humanity would not have to endure ever again.

The Almighty incarnated as a man and as a consciousness as you did, and reduced His grand vibrations of Light in order to be able to be among the human beings of this Earth.

The incarnation of the Son of God and the sorrowful Passion of Christ meant important times for humanity. Through the incarnation of the Son, humanity was able to recover the path toward its original purity, the original purity that was thought of at the genesis of the Human Genetic Project. But that incarnation of the Son of God also brought an end to an unending chain of errors.

The Eternal Father Himself knew that no matter if He incarnated on Earth and brought an awareness of Love-Wisdom, that victory would not be completed, because there would be human beings that would have doubt about His Presence and Power, and even after the Passion of Christ, this happened in many human beings.

The incarnation of the Son of God through the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity brought an end to many errors from the past that up until then, in the history of humanity, would have caused the Human Genetic Project to succumb forever, even with having had the presence of the Patriarchs and the Prophets. 

But not all civilizations and races made a mistake; the adversary took charge of being able to distort some of those races that were present in humanity.

From the Adams and Eves up until Atlantis, humanity had to learn, as they have done until today, to remedy the errors committed in order to be able to again achieve the power of Grace and Mercy.

That was the main reason for the incarnation of the Son of God, which generated and made space for His second and important task, the Passion of Christ, which took place on many levels and planes of consciousness, from the cosmic spiritual to the most material and concrete plane.

The whole consciousness of God participated in all these mysteries and events, as well as different groups of souls and consciousnesses that, even though they were not incarnated in that time, participated in these events because they needed them in order to be present in future times such as this.

For this reason, Christ not only endured on the physical plane, but also on the plane of the soul and on the spiritual plane. The powerful Passion of Christ, which for many was a defeat, changed into a victory on the inner planes since, through the power of the prayer of the Mother of God, as well as the prayer of the holy women and some of the apostles, this allowed the gathering of the greatest number of consciousnesses possible, that on different planes of consciousnesses needed the energy of redemption.

Each suffering experienced by your Master and Lord, from the evening of Holy Thursday in the Garden of Gethsemane up until the death on Friday, on the heights of Mount Calvary, were unique and unforgettable offerings for all of humanity and the planet.

Through that sorrowful and profound Passion of your Master and Lord, many future planetary situations were contained, many future generations were protected in order to not experience a deviation from the Original Project.

And even though today this has been completely distorted by indifference and omission, many more were present over the course of time and returned many times to this world as servers, servants, disciples and apostles to be present in collaboration and in service to humanity.

Certain groups of souls, which achieved the experience of Christic Love, offered themselves in a way like their Master to be immersed in this humanity and in different peoples and nations of the world, to bring a continuity to the Genetic Project of God which, at this time and at this hour, are experiencing its great opportunity for correction.

Considering the entire history of the errors that occurred, from the death of the Son of God up until the present, to be amended by the power of the devotion of all My companions, by the power of those who adore the Eucharistic Body of Christ and by those who support the life of service and charity, we are in the time and at the hour for fulfilling the promises and the aspirations of the One, which have been present through the archangels and angels since Genesis.

And so, the sorrowful Passion of Christ was not only an event and a story that humanity may know about. Many planes of consciousness participated in this event; for this reason, I had to withdraw for forty days into the desert, since My most material aspect needed to prepare for that moment, even during the three years of preaching, in which humanity needed to learn to recognize the truth and identify it in order not to be lost on the way toward the Light and the Good.

For this reason, the Passion of Christ is an occurrence that will never be erased from the consciousness of the planet; it is an occurrence that can always be re-experienced and remembered as many times as you need in order to move forward in your process of purification and redemption. This way, in these events are the codes of light that you need to achieve your spiritual, cosmic and inner liberation.

With all of this I want to tell you, companions, that you must focus your awareness on the extent of that which the sorrowful Passion of Christ meant, and how many consciousnesses on the inner plans participated in the redemption of more consciousnesses that were condemned to complete damnation.

Thus, the Passion was so sorrowful because it was to overcome all the planes of consciousness. And that Passion, lived by your Lord and Master, was to reach the physical plane and the cosmic spiritual plane with His experience, where everything that happened was to remain recorded so that humanity could learn to not commit the same errors because of it having given up the Son of Man on the Cross.

The time of the sorrowful Passion of Christ today unites with this material time and this present time, in which the whole human race is faced with the opportunity of availing itself of this occurrence, which remained recorded in the deepest core of the Earth through the Blood that was poured out by your Master and Lord.

It is now when the Armageddon is present in the world that consciousnesses must be awakened for their preparation in order to be updated on the events and to participate in the preparations for the Return of Christ.

The Cross of the Redeemer will always protect you, save you and bring you the inner strength to be able to renew all things.

This is why the Holy Cross has not been erased from the memory of the planet; because it was the tree of God that was surrendering its fruits to humanity through the sacrifice of the Son of Man.

This is the time to be affirmed in this legacy that I gave you, because more intense times will come and your consciousnesses must not hesitate. You must be firm and decided to be able to follow Me until completing that which I expect from each one of you. This is also the reason for which I am here today.

Today you are experiencing communion with My Spirit through the recognition of the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, from which your souls can gather the fruits and the merits that the precious poured Blood of Jesus achieved for humanity.

Now humanity must cease its self-destruction, and instead it must rebuild in a spiritual, mental and material way, to recover its filiation with Creation through these divine merits that I give the world, merits that will always give you the freedom to be in communion with the Father.

Today I will anoint you to be able to anoint humanity, in the same way that the holy women anointed all of My Body, preparing It for My burial, which after three days would show the world the power of the Resurrection.

Through this anointing that I will offer to you today, I will also anoint the whole world. I will give you the power of the spiritual Resurrection for the definitive times that will come, and through this anointing, which My holy women will do today in you, you will remember that you can always feel yourselves to be anointed by the glorious Presence of your Master and Lord.

This anointing comes to close the spiritual wounds of humanity, mental and material wounds, so that all may be regenerated and the awaited preparation may begin for the emergence of a new humanity, free of indifference and affirmed in Love, in the Love of God.

We will bring four jars of anointing oil here so that the Lord may consecrate them, in the same way that He will consecrate all the crosses that we have brought here to affirm our commitment to Him and His eternal union with each soul.

For this reason, from where we are, we will offer our cross, so that our cross may be alleviated and the cross of humanity may be alleviated of sickness, wars, persecution, political and humanitarian crises, indifference, the lack of love, the lawlessness and the evil that many souls practice because they are ignorant of the Love of God.

For this reason and motive, we will offer our crosses so that the world may achieve healing and peace. Amen.

Bless, o Lord, the cross that You have given each of Your children, so that it not be a weight or an agony but rather a constant perseverance of the triumph of Your Love through transformation and redemption.

"Through Your Grace and Mercy, place on these crosses the merits that Your Son achieved from the Garden of Gethsemane up to the heights of Mount Calvary, so that souls may feel fortitude in these times, so that any fear may be dissolved, and Your creatures be filled by the abundant trust of Your merciful Heart. And in this way, just as today you bless and anoint these crosses with Your Spirit, bless and anoint, beloved Father, each one of their families and loved ones, so that the great network of Your Mercy and Your Peace may be united and alive in the hearts of those who believe in My Return to humanity. Amen."

Let us lift up our crosses so that the Lord may bless them through the powerful Light of His Wounds. We can bring our crosses to our hearts.

Now we will move on to the blessing of the oil, of the four oils that Our Lord requested and that represent the four principal races of the planet: the race of the Americas, the race of Africa, the race of Europe, and the race of Asia and Oceania.

We open ourselves to this spiritual anointment and for this material anointment, which we will receive through the Mothers of Christ, in the name of humanity and of this Genetic Project, which must be accomplished through all the self-summoned.

Through the anointing which each of us will receive at this moment, it will also be permitted that all those who are behind us on the spiritual path and are waiting to enter this stream and Work of Love of the Christ, may have the opportunity of being participants in the Presence of the Divine Hierarchy.

So while we are anointed at this time, let us keep in mind all those who are behind each of us and are waiting for their awakening and redemption, in the same way that throughout time we are redeemed and anointed by the spiritual Love of Christ.

Mother María Shimani and Friar Joaquín.

Mother María del Salvador and Friar Luciano.

Mother María Getsemaní and Friar Ariel.

Mother Zorobabel and Friar Gabriel Pío.

And before beginning this anointing, which will attempt to bring a spiritual healing to humanity through the four races represented on our planet, each one of us, even though not present here in this place or in this Marian Center, will make our inner offering through a minute of silence, so that peace and healing may be reached in humanity.

We make our offering in silence; and we make this offering, at the request of Christ, for all those who have died because of the current pandemic. We ask for healing, Mercy and forgiveness. We make our offering for these souls.

I lift up your intentions to Heaven so that the Celestial Father may contemplate them within His Source. May this spiritual and inner anointing bring all the results that humanity needs at this time.

For those who have unjustly endured, may the Father have Mercy.

For those who are unjustly suffering, may the Father have Mercy.

For those who are enduring illness, desolation or death while alone, may the Father have Mercy.

For the small and most innocent, for those who are trafficked, exploited and sold, may the Father have Mercy.

For all the unborn children, which are millions in the world, may the Father have Mercy.

May peace, renewal and faith awaken in all hearts.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And so we say goodbye to Our Lord. And for His request for this Sacrament of Anointing, we will repeat the song that we heard at the beginning of this work: "The Power of the Blood of Jesus."



Thursday, April 9 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We revere the Presence of Jesus, the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus.

On the center of His Chest, He shows us His Merciful Heart, as a great custodian of light that beams rays in several directions.

He, with His Arms and Hands open, offers us the center of His Being so that we may enter into Him and He into us.

Behind Him we see a very humble and simple house, of stone and straw, with small windows and a very simple and humble wooden door.

For those who have never seen it, Jesus says: "This is the Cenacle and today I invite you to enter, all of humanity, in the name of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, of the religious leaders, of all the believers in the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

The door of this house opens so that we may enter in consciousness and spirit, in soul and in divinity.

First, Jesus enters so that we can enter; we see His long tunic and His bare feet, His Chest bearing the Holy Chalice.

In that simple house we see very soft and faint lights upon the walls, creating an environment of religiosity and of communion; in that house, there are others who are not the apostles, because they have already had that experience, but rather they are other Masters, the Masters of the Himalayas.

They are present there, waiting for us, so that we may sit on the earthy floor, which is protected by a great carpet with the Last Supper represented at its center.

We take our shoes off and divest ourselves so as to enter this eternal communion.

The Master is seen to be solemn, loving and caring with each of those who are His.

He touches our heads and caresses our faces, and our souls surrender at His Feet.

And through Christ, we feel the Celestial Father, that as a great Light, lights up the ceiling of this room, as well as each one of us and of those present.

The door of the house has been closed, and present there we see Our Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, Who is enveloped by a great pink mantle, and Who is kneeling a little further away, inside the room.

Everybody looks expectantly at each other because, in the heart of the Masters of the Himalayas, the joy of this renovation and communion with Christ can be felt.

Mary, Our Mother, prays in silence for us and for the planet.

We allow ourselves to be carried away by this moment of communion so that it may be our soul that participates in this meeting and thus our whole being participates.

And now, all seated among the Masters, and the great Master Who has just sat down to share in this meeting, we see how His face shines and His eyes are like the sky; He maintains a soft and loving appearance.

All the Masters place their hands in the sign of reception while they wait in silence for the Master to begin to speak His Words, in this supper of renewal and hope.

In the center of this gathering we see our planet. The Master contemplates it with love, as do the rest of the Masters that were invited to participate in this meeting.

Below this planet, which is our home, we see a six-pointed golden star light up, and another similar star above the planet.

The planet is wrapped in that powerful golden Light that descends at the center of this room, directly from the Source, and great dark stains that surround the planet are dissolved, while its aura is enveloped by a green energy of Light that enters the core of our Earth, the oceans and the continents.

I want you to know, says the Master, as He raises His right hand pointing at the sky while He talks to each of us, that this is one of the last spiritual suppers that I will celebrate with you, because the time of the Scriptures will be fulfilled and I will not be here to talk with you; it will be the Holy Spirit that will be able to work through you, when you know how to recognize It and contact It.

This is the hour, companions, in which your talents will come into the Light and into consciousness, for in this way, you will be able to give your life for Me, as I gave it for each one of you, until the end of times.

So recognize, beloveds of Mine, that you are part of a story that has not yet finished being written. 

For this reason, today I have brought you here, to the spiritual Cenacle of My Heart, poor, real and humble, so that you may avail yourselves of it.

Outside the house where we found ourselves participating in this important moment with Jesus, there are many, a great many souls present that were not able to enter, but that Our Mother, the Most Holy Virgin, brought there so that they could participate in this moment.

And Jesus says: My dwelling is very humble and simple, but My Heart is very great in order to be able to receive all of you.

On this Holy Thursday, each one of you have the opportunity of participating again in this ministry that I will convey with Love to the world, for all those who are still to awaken and recognize the Word of Christ.

This is the House of My Father, happy are those who are in it in order to recognize their commitment with Creation and with Universal Laws.

Gathered together in this house, I will again wash feet, but now I will wash the feet of the Masters, while you will wash your own feet.

I invite you to go to a place where you may wash your feet, while I wash the feet of the Masters.

To each one of you who My Mother chose to today wash their feet, I gave you a gift and a talent before you were born, so that now and in this time, you may be at the service of My Heart and My redemptive Work.

Timóteo, you have the gift of uniting borders, so that barriers between the peoples and the nations no longer exist. You need to open the paths so that I may enter where My Word is most needed.

Iajodarah, you have the gift of music, of being able to draw from the Universe toward Earth the subtle vibrations and the melodies of God. Your hands can communicate through the instruments you play, with the strength given to you by your devotion to My Sacred Heart.

Valentina, you have the gift of solidarity, of living unconditionally for others, of recognizing the difficulty of the neighbor and of alleviating the suffering of those who are enduring loneliness, abandonment and discrimination.

Ceferino, you have the gift of carrying My Message to the world and of illuminating My altars, so that the Presence of My Spirit is able to be reflected in all that is offered, time after time. You have the mission of reflecting the spirit of the sacred through images.

Camilo, you have the gift of perseverance of the pilgrim, who never tires of walking until finding their Master. You have achieved a meeting with Me and I will prepare you, from this day on, so that you may serve Me in consecration, when I indicate it. Those who perseveres never die. Those who persevere never desist, because their strength is in prayer and in the trust given by God. That is why you are here.

Samaria, you have the gift of communication, of embracing the projects of My Father and of making them a reality, just as I need it. You have the gift of communicating My Word in different parts of the world, through the languages of each people of this Earth. It is not the first time that you do this for Me. This is a continuation of something that has not yet ended, this is why your life must be for Me.

The next six that will now receive the sacrament.

Friar Luciano, you have the gift of unconditional service, of bringing relief where there is the greatest suffering, of bringing love to where there is great agony, of bringing hope to where there is great despair; so that humanity may finally understand that through the giving of self and of service for the neighbor, human beings may learn to truly love one another.

Mother María del Salvador, you have the gift of unity, a unity that brings understanding and comprehension to the neighbor. The gift of unity in order to be able to place oneself in the suffering of the other and of helping to resolve it. A unity that understands, that is patient and persevering, that emanates compassion.

Friar Ariel, you have the gift of constancy, of one who does not allow themselves to be defeated, of one who recognizes the Wounds of the Lord every day, out of love for humanity. The spirit of constancy is an incessant spirit that never changes, that always maintains its purpose through faith.

Mother María Shimani, you have an important gift that I gave you. It is the gift of discernment invaded by the sacred spirit of Wisdom, to always fulfill the perspective of My Purpose in humanity. You also have a special gift that My Holy Mother has given you, which is the love and understanding of those who cannot manage to transform, of those who have difficulties, and this love and understanding transforms them, redeems them and leads them to Truth.

My daughter Amerisa has the gift of beauty and of healing, of learning how to support her neighbor and of giving everybody the opportunity, through the sacrifice of the altars, to express their devotion to My Heart. You are a bridge for each one of them, this is why I have placed you in this mission. You also have the gift of healing, which allows you to feel the suffering of your neighbor in order to bring relief to the Wounds of your Lord in the one who suffers. And I saw that, in these times, through your mother, who now, after her agony, is with Me in Heaven. You have learned the lesson of love that I wanted to teach you, so that one day you may live a much greater love than what I lived for you. You are on the path of this purpose.

My daughter Romina, you already know what you are for Me. But now the time has come for living what you have so long searched for, that of living everything you have sung for Me, of accomplishing what I so want, without fearing anything, for your nation and your people.

The time has come for the consecration of the Body and the Blood of Christ, in which each one of us, in the House of the Cenacle of Our Lord, will have the spiritual and inner Grace of receiving the impulses, the same impulses that Christ left enshrined upon the planet and within humanity, through the sacrifice of His Last Supper, with the Communion. 

We see Our Lord, Christ, after having washed the feet of the Masters, and after us having washed the feet of each other, thus fulfilling His requests.

We keep our consciousness and concentration on this place of the humble House of the Cenacle, where Christ invited each one of us to enter.

My Heart feels for this moment, because it is one of the last spiritual Communions I will give to the world on this day, in which My Life is life within you and you are living within Me.

Now that you are clean and ready to receive Me, I infuse this moment, as I infused it in the Apostles, so that at this moment, the spiritual legacy that I left to the world, through the Eucharist and the Blood of Christ, may descend as a Grace and as Light within humanity.

I lift up the bread and offer it to God, in the same way that your souls can be offered to God at this moment. So that this bread may be transubstantiated, I ask the Almighty that by the merits of My sorrowful Passion, He may grant the world the Grace it needs in this time, to learn to live in the absolute Love of God.

Thus, after breaking the bread, I give it to you, because this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Again, I lift up the Chalice of the redemption of humanity, so that the wine may be transubstantiated into the Blood of Christ. Thus, I again say to you and I again offer this chalice to you, because it is My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that is poured out by your Lord for the remission of faults. Do this in remembrance of Me.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

The Body and the Blood of Christ.

Happy are those who avail themselves of this spiritual Sacrament, for their lives will not perish.

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend upon Earth.

On this day, all has been consummated, according to what the Celestial Father needed and, from this that was consummated, all were participants, under the renewal that the Sacrament of the Eucharist brings you, for each one of your souls, until the New Time is concretized.

And the House of the Cenacle disappears from our consciousness, while the Master is here with us, bringing the merits of His Heart to humanity, so that we may reaffirm our commitment in Christ and for Christ.

Our Divine Mother also blesses us, and She is now by Her Son's side.

Now all the priests will assemble on this stage and at the request of Christ, we will intone "Supreme Son," as a consummation of this task.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Song: "Supreme Son".

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Wednesday, April 8 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

At this moment, we revere the most important legacy of humanity that Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought today. That legacy is the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which four angels have brought with Our Lord.

We revere this spiritual, universal and non-material legacy, that is before us today under the protection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the presence of Abraham and Moses.

Today, this legacy is radiated to all humanity, to the four corners of the Earth, while Christ, Abraham, and Moses, together with the angels, contemplate the Holy Ark.

And inside of it, we see all that it holds as a spiritual, universal and non-material legacy, and how the center of Light of the Heart of Christ emanates a powerful Light over the Ark of the Holy Covenant, where are to be found the Crown of Thorns, the Nails that He carried on the Cross, the Holy Chalice, and the Tablets of the Law, those called the Commandments that Moses received, as well as other elements that are part of this spiritual legacy for this material Universe.

And we are surrounded by the Universe that has this spiritual and inner event as its center at this moment.

In the same way as the angels, that adore and protect the Holy Ark, let us allow ourselves to be filled by this legacy and this mystery that is revealed before us.

Around this event, we see the Ancients who also showed themselves to John at the end of his life, when he saw the Apocalypse. 

Here and now, at this moment, the Order of the Celestial Brotherhood is formed, which today has come before each one of us, so that its love and its vibration resound within each one, at the center of our being and essence, so that we may enter into communion with the spiritual legacy that will form the bases for the New Humanity.

Meanwhile, the Ancients that are present hold in their hands a Sacred Book that they indicate has blank pages and they are attentive, vigilant, and contemplative to register and write what each one will offer for this legacy, so as to be watchful and vigilant, guardian and protector of the Divine and Cosmic Knowledge.

At this moment, we see how Christ, simply with His gaze of Love, illuminates the Holy Chalice within the Ark of the Holy Covenant, so that through the Holy Chalice, a powerful column of Light communicates Heaven with Earth even more, that the Portals to the Universe open even further, and at this moment, with this spiritual opening done by Christ in absolute silence and attunement, we see above this space and this event a powerful Triangle of Light of equal sides that represents an aspect of God, Abba.

Within this Triangle of Light that observes us and contemplates us is God, Who also contemplates the event of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, in the Presence of Christ, Abraham, Moses, the Ancients, and the angels.

Under the Ark of the Holy Covenant, we see our planet being presented and outlined, it is filled with the rays of Light which this Holy Ark expresses, and the spiritual aura of the planet is ignited and sanctified by each one of these powerful currents that the Ark is emanating at this moment through all its sacred elements.

While Abba, through the Triangle of Light, further illumines the present space, the synthesis of each one of His Holy Names appears at this moment, during this spiritual and universal event.

The angels, in the Presence of the Father, the Almighty, do not cease to keep their head on the ground as an act of adoration and of reverence for our Creator. And at this moment, we see how different hosts of Light, armies of angels begin to surround the Presence of God.

All are summoned to this meeting to receive the balm of the Love of God and the principle of His Wisdom.

To finish uniting Earth with all the Universe, and before continuing with all that Our Lord wants to accomplish on this day, in an act of greater reverence and love for our Creator, in the face of this revelation and Divine Presence, we will intone the Name of Abba through "Primary Source" as a single voice and single heart, until Our Lord gives a sign.

At this moment, we are going to allow each one of the principles and attributes of the Holy Ark to not only bathe our planet with Light but also the nations and the peoples, the Kingdoms of Nature, the oceans, so that all life, at this moment, be in God.

We can begin.

Song: "Primary Source"

We see how our offerings have been written in the Sacred Books of the Ancients, and which will be kept in there until God asks for them.

Our Lord withdraws The Holy Chalice from the Ark of the Holy Covenant so that, spiritually speaking, it may be placed on this altar and this afternoon we celebrate the communion with the Body and the Blood of Christ.

We feel this Holy Chalice very close to us, the Chalice with which Christ celebrated the Last Supper and which testifies to and expresses the most important relic of humanity, which is the precious Blood of Jesus.

Christ said to us:

My words today are represented through this experience of love because there are many of you, aware and prepared on the path of the spirit and service to humanity, that are ready to live these experiences that only I could lead, through the authority granted to Me by My Father. An experience in which I make each one of you a participant, so that your souls and essences may be strengthened in this service of the end of times, in which your giving and surrender will be the fundamental key for concretizing My Return.

For this reason, today on this simple altar I have left the Holy Chalice so that it not only radiates for you but also for the whole world, which needs it with extreme spiritual urgency.

Thus, to all those who listen, I demonstrate the validity of the spiritual communion with Me, when you simply open up to experience it.

The Ancients are the witnesses of this humanity and of this planet up to their last days; this is why they are here with you and with the world.

Abraham and Moses are a fundamental part of the history of your humanity which, at different times and periods, achieved important spiritual movements of expansion of consciousness and fulfilling the Plan of the Creator.

This is the third moment, after My Passion, Death, and Resurrection, in which the same thing could happen, as long as souls adhere to the discovery of this spiritual legacy, held in the Ark of the Holy Covenant for all the essences of the Universe and beyond it.

Today the Ark of the Holy Covenant comes to bring healing and renewal to humanity because souls are in need of healing so as to be physically healthy and thus find again the path to God at this planetary moment, in which love and indifference confront each other when the coming time will be defined for all the human race.

At this moment, Moses and Abraham withdraw, taking with them the Ark of the Holy Covenant toward the center of the Triangle, where God is, to safeguard it where it always is.

But the doors to the Heavens still remain open, for we were carried to another space of the Spiritual Church of Christ, called Celestial Church. The center of this Church is the legacy of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, that the angels safeguard, adore, and protect with an infinite love for all the sacrifice Christ lived for this humanity and for each one of us on this planet.

Although it may seem incomprehensible and impossible, we are facing Abba and Our Lord Jesus Christ, filled by His profound celestial silence and by His eternal Love that emanates from the Father, from the Son, and from the Source.

The Holy Chalice still remains close to us, because Our Lord will return it to its place when this ceremony between Heaven and Earth, between the Celestial Church and souls, has ended.

And so, we see how Christ ignites thirteen points of Light in all of the Americas and each one of those points of Light, which emerge from the interior of the Earth, bring a tone, a vibration and a melody that humanity needs to be able to enter into the coming time; and we see how in perfect harmony, those thirteen points of Light unite, emerging on the surface, beginning in North America down to South America, in the whole column of the Rockies and the Andes.

We are standing before a Network of spiritual Light that has always been present on the planet since its origins, but which had its time for awakening. Let us visualize the Americas lit up by those thirteen points of Light and let us perceive, at this moment, what our heart feels.

What Christ asks of us is that we hold the memory of this feeling, so that we may always recognize it and starting with this profound and inner feeling, we have the strength and bravery to be able to renew all things, in the same way that Christ renews us.

Thus, we see replicas of this Holy Chalice at the thirteen points of Light. We see that a spiritual Blood is shed on each one of the Chalices that the angels pour out at this moment into them, and the planet is bathed by the powerful Blood of Jesus. 

In this way, all souls receive this impulse of Our Redeemer.

And in the heights of the Andes, we see the same Cross that was on the heights of Mount Calvary, and at its foot, our Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, as well as all Her children, beings of love, of prayer, and of goodwill spread throughout the four corners of the Earth.

That Cross is a Cross of Light that illuminates each one of the Chalices and we are filled by the Holy Spirit.

We see our Most Holy Mother pray for the world and for humanity, placing the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and the Americas, at Her side. And through the Americas, humanity stands up again, as Christ stood up during the Calvary.

The Triangle of God travels through each point of Light of the Americas, placing each one of Its aspects and Sacred names over them; and from the center of our planet, we feel the pain of Mother Earth being relieved at this moment by the Blood that Jesus spilled on the Cross.

We empty ourselves again so as to be able to receive all this; we recognize our smallness in the face of this great mystery, the mystery of the Love of God for humanity.

And in this scenario, with the Holy Chalice close to us, we celebrate this moment with a profound act of thanks for this revelation of Our Father, God, through His Son, the Christ.

Christ has asked that, at this moment, we wash our hands as a sign of purification and of surrender, in the name of humanity.

At the request of Christ, we will wash the hands of the brothers and sisters of the Council of this Work, in the name of humanity.

We ask that, at the request of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in this moment, if Friar Supremo is listening to us, that he also washes his hands, making the same offering that Our Lord requests, so that Love may heal all the pain. This will always be so that Love may defeat impunity.

Before the Light of the Holy Chalice, we remember Our Most Holy Mother at the foot of the powerful Cross, in the heights of the Andes, because She is also receiving our offering at this moment, as Mother of humanity.


My God,

I believe in You, I adore You,

I wait for You and I love You.

And I ask forgiveness

for those who do not believe in You,

do not adore You,

do not wait for You and do not love You.


(prayed in English three times)


Take it and eat it, all of you, for this is My Body, that today is given to the world for the forgiveness of sins.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Take it and drink it, for this is My Chalice, the Chalice of the New Covenant between souls and God, with the Blood that is shed by your Lord for the remission of faults. Do this always in remembrance of Me.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


By the powerful Light that is emanated by the Holy Chalice at this moment, in union with Our Most Holy Mother in the heights of the Andes, in union with the thirteen points of Light that were ignited by Our Lord, let us together pray the prayer He taught us:

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

The Body and the Blood of Christ.

Blessed are they who avail themselves of this legacy of Love.

May Peace descend on Earth.

Our Lord withdraws the Holy Chalice from the altar and carries it in His Hands to return it to the Ark of the Holy Covenant. And in this way, the thirteen points of Light return to where they emerged and manifested. Our Mother, the Virgin Mary, rises up to Heaven together with Her Son, as well as all the angels that participated at this moment, to be able to continue in adoration of God.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

Thank You, Father, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen




Tuesday, April 7 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I do not have much time left to return to the world, for that reason I am coming these days, because my Father sends Me to the world to be among those of Mine and prepare them for that moment that is not very far away.

In today's Gospel, you saw represented what I said more than two thousand years ago, which is a reality for today's times. 

For that reason, yesterday, I had you consciously enter the Kingdom of My Father, so that your souls could have an experience and from that experience, you could gather a treasure, which is a result of the Gifts of God that you will need in this time to live what will come.

It is thus that the Universe patiently weaves the Plan of God on Earth, integrated by each one of its souls that were self-summoned to be here, as many souls were throughout time, at different moments in the history of humanity, through the Apparitions of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

But in this time and in this hour, I come for everyone, and here there is no religion or belief prevailing because today I remind you once again that you are part of the Source and all come from that non-material Source that originated life in The universe after the planets, stars and suns were created.

This way you can understand, companions, how extensive the history of each one of you is within this Universal Creation and that, as happened yesterday, each one was able to recognize that they are more than a human being or a consciousness that thinks and ponders.

It is through the value that essences can give you that I will avail to move forward with My Return to the world.

For that reason, I come for everyone, Christians and non-Christians, believers and non-believers, I come for everyone. All those who were attentive to My Words yesterday received many Graces that will begin to descend in your lives as the Father has thought it.

Those Graces that you will receive will also benefit your loved ones and, as a result, the rest of humanity. When humanity recognizes that it is one single family, it will be ready to receive me again.

When there are no longer differences, prestige, or protagonism in any of you, because all are equal in the eyes of God and God expects that each one of His children may also be able to recognize what He sees and what He feels.

In this preparation, which I have made today through these words, elevate your consciousnesses toward My Thought; and from My divine and universal Thought, receive the new impulses and decrees that will shape your lives according to the model that God expects for these times. Let each one do their part, just as the Universe accomplishes its greater part.

Recognizing these instructions, surrendered to the Love of God, let us further open the doors of the Universe so that, for a moment, you may have the vision and the awareness of the reason why you are here and are called by name to receive at this time the spiritual impulses of the Redeemer.

At this moment, Our Lord Jesus Christ, with His Hands raised up to Heaven, opens the doors to other Universes, where humanity never reached, but that today for the first time reaches those Universes through the Redeemer.

Let us accompany this spiritual movement of Our Lord through our connection and contact with Him, placing all our attention on what He is doing, so that we may continue to be filled with everything He wants to reveal and show us.

Our Lord said at this moment:

Through My Words, I sanctify you so that your consciousnesses may be in the necessary vibration and you enter into the universal wisdom that holds the answer for each of your lives, as well as the knowledge of each of your lives.

See above you the Universe and the great vault of the Milky Way. Recognize the different nebulae and solar systems, and feel yourselves inside the vast Universe of God. And in this way, awaken in your hearts the memory of your origins, just as you remembered it yesterday.

Realize, then, that it is not impossible to do it if you are truly united with Me and wholeheartedly trust what I am revealing to you.

Within the entire Universe that governs and accompanies you, focus your attention on the blue nebula that I am showing you, and see how within it there is life; and how different stars shine within that nebula, emanating wisdom to the Universe.

Following the sound of this melody, raise your consciousness a little more, emptying yourself completely, so that you may be filled with what truly exists in the Universe.

Following in My footsteps, let us enter that space of light within that blue nebula. See your beings illuminated by that blue light and how, from the center of your chests, small lights ignite that spring from your hearts, which are the heart of your origin.

In front of you, within that blue nebula, identify fourteen stars that in perfect alignment, contemplate each one of you.

You are standing before your Parents of the Origins, the Parents that the Universe granted you so that you could have life, and in that void that you must exercise at this moment, feel yourselves to be filled and replete by the presence of those stars of light and ask yourself inwardly: Who are you? Why are we here facing our origin?

And Christ tells us to remember not with pain, but rather with joy, because the errors of the material Universe are being corrected by the consecration of your lives and your filiation with God.

Christ says:

Behind those fourteen stars of light, see a powerful golden Light. It is the emanation of Adonai, without any form, but in a sublime state of consciousness and repeat inwardly: Adonai, Adonai, Adonai.

And the Celestial Father, opening His Arms with His golden emanation of Light, embraces all present with His omnipotence and in that emptiness, where there is no personal will, seeming or wanting, we are filled by His Presence.

 Christ says:

There are the Fathers of your Origins in the Presence of Adonai, these are the Fathers of Orion. Remember and feel their love, silent and profound love. And see how that light still emerges from your chests which unites you with each of your Parents, who knows your origin and your emergence from the Source.

And now we are surrounded by those fourteen Stars of Light, Christ in the center, above us the Consciousness of Adonai and around us we feel how the Universe vibrates, like an elevated melody that brings us streams of Light and impulses of Light to our consciousnesses.

We are facing what we once were; we are facing the truth that the Heart of the Redeemer reveals to us today.

Above those fourteen Stars that surround us, which are the essences of our Fathers, we see tongues of fire. And the fourteen non-material Gifts of the Holy Spirit are revealed to us:

  •   the science of Understanding,
  •   the spirit of Truth,
  •   the strength of the Light,
  •   immeasurable Love,
  •   eternal Selflessness,
  •   divine Wisdom,
  •   spiritual Healing,
  •   inner Life,
  •   cosmic Knowledge,
  •   Transmutation,
  •    the solidity of the Soul,
  •    unconditional Grace,
  •    divine Intelligence, and
  •    inner Reconciliation,

And Christ says:

Now that you know you were never alone and that God always filled you with His Graces, go back to what you truly are, so that this material Universe and even this planet may fulfill the purpose that they have in Creation, and thus consciousnesses may be raised towards their true spiritual condition, becoming aware of their mission and purpose.

Orion has been the site of many stories. That is why it approaches you in the presence of the fourteen Fathers of the Origins, the same Fathers that Abraham knew, as well as many other patriarchs.

May all this help you internalize your lives so that you are aligned with the Purpose. And after this moment that the entire planet is experiencing, that many more hearts aspire to reach the truth, beyond the religiosity of life, entering into the abundant Knowledge of God that is expressed in all His dwelling places.

Today you are facing one of those dwellings, which has witnessed many events, but which today, Orion expresses one of the most important wisdom for this material Universe. That impulse comes to you directly, through My Presence, so that you may continue to affirm what you truly are and the reason why you are here, at this planetary moment, not to live the things of the world, but rather to live what is in Heaven, in the Universe, and that for a long time continues vibrating and throbbing in its vault.

Recognize the arrival of those who come to your aid and you will be on the path of peace.

Bringing our consciousness to this place, we are now with Christ in front of this altar, so that we can perceive the difference of how to achieve a deeper contact with everything that is in the Sublime Spheres.

My Father asks Me to do all of this for one main reason: so that the talents wake up in each of you. In the Source, that is called "lineages." Now, after this moment, each one is prepared to know their lineage that, in My Name, must contribute to and serve humanity in the building of the New Humanity, so that healing may be established, forgiveness redeems you, and Love lifts you up to the Truth.

In honor of the Fathers of the Origins, today we will celebrate, because God granted you the Grace of becoming aware of the Truth, so that each day you are more aware, open and available to find the meaning and the answer for being here today.

Thus, I pray all the time so that My friends achieve that Truth, because the Truth will set you free.

Our Lord is asking for a veil of an assistant and a ring of an assistant.

So that you understand, companions, how important your mission is on Earth before I give myself in Body and Blood for you, I give you My Love through a consecration.

Bring anointing oil and water to bless here to Me also.

The apostles and the holy women knew this truth that you know today, and during the three years of My Public Life, the apostles and the holy women were guards on the inner planes of that knowledge of the Universe. It is for this reason that My apostles and My holy women achieved freedom through Truth.

Today I bless these elements, which I have asked to bring to My altar, to demonstrate My gratitude and trust in those who persevere and surrender to My Eucharistic Body, as well as in the Sacraments and in daily prayer.

These elements are means of conversion, as well as each one of the sacred elements that you carry with you, so that I may bless them at this time.

In humility, hold your items in your hands, whether they are rosaries, medallions, crosses or whatever you carry. But especially, place your hearts, so that I may accept them.

I waited ten years for this moment, to consecrate this soul for a deeper service to My Heart, so that the Work of My Mercy may be accomplished in the world. I also waited until this moment so that each one of you, according to your learning and schools could know the revelation of this truth that I brought you today, which at the end of this meeting My beloved Mother Maria Shimani will explain to you, because of the gift that I will give to her so she can pronounce it.

Through this consecration of the Body and Blood of Christ, the Lord will bless the elements that you are offering, so that they may be means of Graces for all, of conversion and of light for all.

At this moment, in which Divine Mercy descends to the Earth, through the Love and Compassion of your Lord, offer me at least one soul, a person who comes into your awareness and needs in this moment of My help, be they a healthy or sick person.

"Before this sacred knowledge that fills you, and that benefits humanity in the act of forgiveness and reconciliation, Adonai, like more than two thousand years ago, but today gathered with many followers of Mine, I ask You in the name of Your children and the infinite and cosmic Love that You have for each one of them, that you bless these elements that are offered, so that You, Father, are more present in the life of each one of Your children, so that they may feel Your blessing and Love beyond what happens. "

"For that reason, today I offer you this bread so that it may be blessed by You and become the Glorious Body of Christ."

For this reason, I say to you again: "Take it and eat it, for this is My Body that to this day is given for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

"I raise this Chalice, Lord, so that it may also be blessed by You and so that it may become the Blood of Christ, and thus the breath of Your Spirit be in the hearts of the Earth."

So today I say to you again: "Take it and drink it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which is poured out by your Redeemer for the remission of faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

United with our Redeemer, we pray the prayer He lovingly taught us.

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our father in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us. In this meeting, we honor you, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Comments of Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

We are going to try and bring everybody closer to an ancient story of the Universe, and we are simply going to tell this story as if we were in a meeting with many children that need to understand a very broad reality, and for that reason, simplicity will be the key to your understanding.

A long, long time ago, when God thought about what He wanted for His Creation, He multiplied in all His Attributes and felt the need that material creatures, that could live the experience of Love and of Unity, should hold in the heart of their races each one of His Attributes.

So He appointed His archangels to build beautiful races, lovely creatures that could represent His Attributes in the material Universe.

One of these races was Orion, a race with a Blue Heart, where the profound Love of the Universe was held.

But, because of those things that happened among the angels, a long time ago; one of them, who did not know how to treasure God's Love and understand what God wanted to accomplish, fell prey to his own ignorance and wanted to destroy the Creation of Our Lord, the Eternal Father. And he went to seek, in the Universe, one of God's greatest Creations, the Orion race. And he wanted to conquer, through his deceptions, the Blue Heart of that race that held the deepest Love of God.

But the Blue Heart of Orion, after living many trials through that love he kept in his heart, was able to survive and learn what never again, in the Universe, should happen.

Orion had 14 Fathers, the wisest of the Orion race, who "guarded" Creation for a long time, and in that story, it is told that those 14 Fathers perished at the hands of the deceiver, offered their lives to save the Orion race, and today they shine like 14 blue stars, like the Heart of Orion, so that in the Universe it is always remembered that the Love of God's Heart will always triumph because that is His Will.

All of us, on this planet Earth, had one day, something to do with that Blue Heart of God. It is a story that each one of us will have to discover because as you enter more into the Heart of God, you will find that blue color that guides your way home.

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us! 

And united to You, King of the Universe, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Stay with God, everyone.



Monday, April 6 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The time has come for you to know, companions, who you truly are, the place you have come from, the Source from which you emerged, and the reason why you have come to the Earth so that, in this time as in other times, you may learn to live the Plan of God and its realization in this life.

This is the definitive incarnation for all human beings, a moment in which we are all faced with the opportunity of discerning and of becoming aware of what you really are, rather than what you appear to be.

Today I come as the Nazarene, as the Shepherd who once again summons His sheep from the four corners of the Earth, so that you may attentively hear this revelation which will make you aware of your reality and the moment that you are undergoing, of the stage you are going through and the lesson that in this cycle you are experiencing.

I come to place you in the dimension of the Sidereal Universe, where the Consciousness of God is present in infinite manifestations and Names; you come from there, you are not only human beings, you are essences, souls and spirits that came to learn something fundamental: forgiveness.

This forgiveness, which is so necessary in you and in the world, is the forgiveness that will lead you into repentance and reconciliation with yourselves, among peoples and nations.

And so, the time has come to know the truth and awaken through it, knowing that it is in this last cycle that you will have the great spiritual impulse to take the great step in your lives, recognizing that God needs it at this moment and that you also need it to rebuild your lives, not only in a spiritual way but also in a material way and, as a consequence, all of humanity will be rebuilt and will again rise up from where it is.

But there is only one requirement for this, your faith in all that I tell you, your trust in all that I do, your love for all that I preach.

You will thus give impulse to other souls so that, through their offering and surrender, they will also be able to awaken and become aware that the time has come to change.

Because the great change is coming, the end is drawing closer, time is marking this moment. You also have to be aware of this so that you may be prepared, attentive and vigilant in the face of everything that will move the planet, because of the movement that will be done by the Universe.

Today I want to place you all on this plane of consciousness, from where each one of you come, so that returning to the Origin and the beginning of your existence, you may recover the values and the attributes you need to go through these times and these very definitive moments.

Enter now into this state of consciousness and let us allow ourselves to be filled by the Presence of God, in the manifestation of the Elohim. It was this aspect of the Father that directly took charge of the manifestation of the different Sources that, being created by the angels, conceived life.

Feel yourselves in the maternal Womb of the Universe and, in this moment, awaken to its original purity which will lead you to understand the Wisdom of God, the purity that will show you the path of return to the Eternal Father.

For He has His arms wide open, like a Father that loves His children, like a Father waiting for His creatures, that they may feel the immensity of His Love and of His compassion for the world.

Before this state of consciousness, each of you must turn toward God just as you are, without hiding anything, for He knows you within, He has knowledge of your inner self, and nothing can remain hidden within your hearts.

Release your sorrows, dissolve your unhappiness, heal your hearts, fortify your souls, and enter into communion with the Father, in the Presence of the Elohim, so that He may give you His Grace in this moment and through His Son, because of the great need of humanity and for all the essences that are still lost in the abysses of illusion, ignorance and indifference, for the souls that suffer in this moment, without having a moment of relief nor peace.

By the Grace that My merciful Heart has always given you, and because of this origin from which each one comes in essence and in spirit, for the opportunity of reconciliation and of peace, so that the healing of humanity may be established, and in the company of all the Guardian Angels present on this planet and within this humanity, with the purest Source of the Father and by the power of His Sacred Names, receive what you need at this moment.

In complete inner dispossession, without expectations or personal intentions, with an openness of heart and soul, we will call upon the Names of God so that His Names, Attributes, Graces, Mercy and Wonders may descend to Earth.

You will do so until I tell you.

We can begin.

Song: "The Names of God".

At this moment, Christ is talking to His Father, in the Spiritual Source of Creation. Christ, as a loving Son, talks to the Father, kneeling before him.

Before the emanation of this powerful Light, Christ offers Himself to each one of us, for the purpose of each life, for the mission of each being, for the Plan of Love in humanity, for the redemption of all souls.

Christ untiringly offers Himself, showing the Father each one of His Wounds, revealing to the Father each one of His martyrdoms, agonies and heartaches for humanity and, most importantly, Christ again offers His Heart for each one of our hearts. Because at this moment, the Master knows the importance of the fulfillment of the spiritual path of each one of His companions.

From the Wounds of His Hands and His Side, He offers the Light of unfathomable Mercy, achieved by the Redeemer during His sorrowful Passion.

 The Father again receives each of the offerings of Christ at the center of His Spirit, where the Source manifests, as well as the offerings and sacrifices, the surrenders and tests of His disciples. He offers the Father the triumphs of adoration, the fortitude of communion and the power of prayer, of those who entrust themselves to this, day after day.

Jesus, with a loving gaze before the Source of the Father, gathers the archangels around Him, who are also in adoration to this luminous Source.

The archangels offer their consciousnesses for the human Genetic Project and each one places their tools within this Source: swords, shields, crystals of light, their own crowns and, especially, the spiritual heart of each archangel that, united as a single heart, protect and safeguard the whole Creative Mind.

Jesus, in an absolute and inward silence, looks toward each of us, although He is still within that Source of Light. With a loving gaze, but in His Heart there is a feeling of pain for the souls of the world, for those who abandoned Him and did not surrender, He asks us:

My companions, you, what will you give God for the redemption of the whole human race? What will you give the Father? What are you waiting for?

Crying, Jesus says to us:

Time is coming to an end, do not waste it, do not waste your incarnation, claim what God placed as a treasure in each of your hearts.

The gaze of Christ turns back to the Source of Light.

He approaches It, as do the archangels, Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, accompanied by more hosts of Light.

Mary offers to Christ...

In the silence of Mary is expressed the Love that She gathered from each one of the hearts that have sincerely prayed together with Her without expecting anything in return.

Mary, the Holy Virgin, places in the Hands of Her Son all the results of the prayer of the hearts, especially the Prayer for Peace in the Nations, and She also gives Him the love that Her children have placed in each of those prayers, overcoming themselves, dying to themselves, watching over, caring for and protecting this request of the Universal Mother.

It is in this way that the hosts that accompany Our Lady place at the Source hundreds of Rosaries of Light and the faith expressed by each of Her children in the Sanctuaries and the Marian Centers founded by Her Immaculate Heart.

The Father, attentive to the movement of the Mother of God, listens to Our Lady, as the archangels are listening to Our Lady.

Mary, our Mother, talks to God; and Christ, Her Son, is in ecstasy through the Love emanated by the Voice of Mary and, above all, by the offering made by Her hands for humanity. And the Grace granted to our Mother by the Father brings relief to the Heart of Christ; and a balm of Light enters into the Heart of the Redeemer, dissolving the thorns in His Spirit.

Errors are delayed. Mercy grants redemption to souls that listen to this message at this moment.

Jesus stands up from the ground and takes the hands of His Mother, looking at Her with gentleness, saying to Mary:

"Mother, I gave My companions to You, and You have taken care of them, although some of them have not reciprocated. Today I get up from the ground, once again, as I once stood up three times during Calvary, because You help Me, Mother, with the strength of Your Love, Your patience and Your trust, to renew all things. And today, together we renewed all His creatures in the Presence of God, and those that have repented from the heart are anointed with the luminous Sign of the Cross. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

And then the archangels drawback from the Source and the Mother of God withdraws into the Temple of Her Heart to continue praying for Her children.

Christ returns here, to this place, with a gentle gaze, impregnated with a profound silence and renewing His Heart within us, He again offers us the greater mystery of His Love, the Holy Communion, in which all those who listen are invited to spiritually participate in.

And in the same way today Our Lord offers us His Body and His Blood, at this moment and after this experience, in which we were filled with the Most Holy Trinity and our faults were washed by the Source of the Love of God, in this moment and for the days that will come, let us offer ourselves, so that God, through the Sacred Hearts, may always show us the path for finding Light, Love and surrender.

Let us listen to the instrumental of "And Thus Spoke the Master."

Surrendered before the altar of Our Lord, we re-experience this mystery of love and the legacy He gave us through the Eucharist, and we remain in the presence of this experience that we had together. To our awareness we bring the image of this Source of Light so that we also may place what we have and do not have, in trust to the Creator.

In a time so like this one, Jesus was gathered, together with His apostles, to give them the most important legacy of humanity, before living His sorrowful Passion.

And so He offered Himself, lifting up the bread, He gave it to the Father so that it could be blessed. And then, He gave it to His apostles, saying to them: "Take it and eat it, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.



He then took the Chalice and performing the same action, offered it to the Father so that it could be blessed. Then He passed it to His apostles and with all the tenderness and love of His Heart, looking each one in the eye, He said to them: "Take it and drink it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that will be poured out for humankind, for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


The Body and the Blood of Christ.

Blessed are they who avail themselves spiritually of this Sacrament, for on this day they will also be communing with Me, in spite of where they are.

In union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, let us pray the prayer that Christ taught us.


Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend upon Earth.

And today, seven drops of the Spiritual Blood of Christ were poured out by the Redeemer into these chalices, for the redemption of humanity. Amen.

May peace be in you, so that peace may be in the world.

And before going to the same place and spiritual space wherein consciousness I took each one of you today, I ask you to remember this experience, because you will need it as strength for your spirits and souls.

Meditate through this experience and you will be able to find many more keys on your spiritual path.

Today, for the second time, I have felt the presence of each one of your hearts; in this way, I do not feel alone.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Sunday, April 5 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

At the doorway of the Mysteries of Love that I brought to the world during the sorrowful Passion of your Master and Lord, today I bring to the world the Presence of God, the Presence of Emmanuel.

 In this way, at this moment, God is with you, just as you are with God.

And this Mystery which is being presented today to the world is one of the many revelations that the Apocalypse will bring to humanity, although humanity may experience its time of Armageddon.

So that God may be a long time with you through the Presence of Emmanuel, you must continue to go deeper in your inner union with the Father so that He, directly from His Source of Love, of Mercy and Pity, may send to the world that which hearts need at this moment to be able to overcome these difficult times.

Each one of you, as well as those who will awaken in the future, will learn to contact God in the way that each one can recognize and represent this within themselves, in their hearts.

It is through these words that today I can bring you the Presence of Emmanuel, which is represented through the Omega symbol, with it an end is coming for all of humanity and the Universe. An end that will bring many more revelations, will bring more awareness and more discernment for humanity, until the greater part of the beings of Earth may recognize, in this moment and at this time, that they distanced themselves from the Eternal Father to honor, adore and praise the gods of modernity and the innovation of these times.

But, as I know, companions, that hearts are awakening to that reality, they are beginning to perceive that the end time has now come when the Great Portal is presented to enter onto the path of return to the House of the Father.

The Heart of Emmanuel hears the supplications of His children. The Heart of Emmanuel accompanies the moment that humanity experiences today and, with Him, all His angels and hosts of Light that, at the foot of His powerful Throne eternally adore the Father through the Eucharistic Heart of His Son, bring to the world the help the world needs in this cycle.

The more souls that return to God, the sooner that which humanity is experiencing in this cycle will end.

But if that does not happen, if hearts do not repent and make sacrifices to repair the injured Heart of God, greater tests will come to humanity, and these tests will be unknown. The more the people of God plead, the more hearts truly repent and do not delay to do so, the less the time of suffering will be, even though they may be experiencing the first part of this planetary Armageddon right now.

If Emmanuel is among you, you will be within the Plan of God and of the great Consciousness of His Will. Thus, your souls and hearts will be inspired to rebuild your lives, according to the declaration of the Commandments of God, and in this way, you will reconsider and again enter the path you lost through different circumstances.

Today, in the name of Emmanuel, of the God among us, I come to give this message to the world, because there is still little time for the greater part of humanity to make the change it needs and thus receive all the codes from the Universe that it needs, all the inspiration it needs to be able to again elevate this humanity that moved away from Love, Forgiveness and Redemption.

On this day, My Eucharistic Heart offers itself to the world again, not only so that the angels and the hosts of Light may adore and contemplate it, but also so that the souls of the Earth may honor and glorify the sacrifice of the Son of God, made for each one of you during His sorrowful and agonizing Passion.

It is through this Eucharistic Heart that I bring you this opportunity and this Grace so that, through My Eucharistic Heart, through the Adoration of the Sacred Eucharist of the altar, souls may be forgiven, and through the Merits that your Redeemer achieved, souls may rectify their lives and consciousnesses, beyond the errors committed, to again be placed on the path of Redemption and Love.

What I say to you today, companions, is nothing new; you have heard it in different forms and through the teachings that I have left in the Gospels. But you need to expand your consciousnesses even more so that wisdom and discernment can come into your lives, knowing that at this moment it is important to make correct decisions in order to experience correct results.

It will depend on each one of you as to whether this can happen or not happen.

Through this Sacrifice that is being offered today by the Son of God at the beginning of this Sacred Week, I begin to prepare you, in a more conscious and true way, for all that the world is facing at this time and for all that the Universe is participating in with what humanity is going through.

Nothing that is happening is out of place. Humanity is having the opportunity of recognizing its errors and, through sacramental and prayerful life, to make amends for all the outrages committed upon the Heart of the Celestial Father, especially by those who, being called by name, did not accomplish their mission and turned their back on the Master and Lord.

In this way, you will understand, My beloved companions, the scope of this request and the concealed meaning of this situation that I present today to each of your hearts.

Because with that awareness and that preparation for these definitive times, you will experience true religiosity, beyond dogmas or beliefs.

I need you to live the religion of Love, spiritual, divine and essential, that your Master brings you through His Presence for all the souls of the world.

Today I speak to you, as adults on the spiritual path, so that each one may definitely recognize what they should no longer do and what constantly removes them away from the path, from My path of Love and Light.

Reconfiguring your consciousnesses and lives, transforming your souls and hearts, your spirits will be redeemed and you will be those stars of Light upon the surface of the Earth, which will help to illuminate the times of darkness that the race is experiencing at this moment.

And I will give you the power of the Light, through the power of Love and Unity with the Father and, in this way, Emmanuel, the Almighty, will be among you and will be with you, laboring and working after two thousand years for a new redemption of humanity.

Avail yourselves, then, of the spiritual and divine Sacraments that I will impart for this Holy Week. That is the spiritual reason for My being here, it is the primary and fundamental reason for My being here; so that My companions, believers, devotees and the faithful may each day become more aware and discerning about what is necessary to do in this time, and about what is no longer necessary to do in this time.

In this way, you will rapidly mature and your hearts, as I have seen many times, will be accessible so that I may avail Myself of each one of you, and not only share My Graces and My Mercy but also share My pain, so that together we may transmute and sublimate it with the same strength and power of Love, just as I did on the Cross up to the last second of My life.

And so today, from My Heart emerges the Rays of the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, the Blood and the Water, that justifies the errors of human beings and brings the Grace of conversion of the heart.

If your souls, consciousnesses and inner beings open wholeheartedly in this Holy Week that I am inwardly sharing with each of My Own, many will be the wonders, more quickly will suffering be dissolved, and souls will again find the meaning of having come here to Earth to serve God and fulfill His Plan of Love.

This is why My Heart opens during these eight days, to receive the offerings of each heart, the offerings of souls and consciousnesses that, accepting and recognizing the sorrowful Passion of the Lord, surrender as victims of My Love so that more and more souls on the surface of the Earth may rectify, as did the Redeemer, the great errors of the human race, in this biologic war that has been built and that absolutely alters the original Project of the Creator.

But do not forget,

and at this moment, Jesus points to Heaven and says to us:

If Heaven is above you, it is because God is above you. And if Heaven descends upon you, it is because God is among you and it is His Will. Nobody and nothing will stop it, even though nation may be against nation, though illness abounds on the surface of the Earth and suffering gets worse in the world, the heart that believes and lives in Christ will not perish, for it will have eternal life, and up to the last days on Earth it will glorify, among those who will lament for not having recognized the coming of the Messiah in His spiritual and divine return to the world. The hearts that had been living in Christ will celebrate in the Name of Jesus and will receive the coming of the Master, as it was written. So be it.

Now that your souls have allowed to be shaped by My Hands to build a new instrument in the Hands of the Lord, today I want you to offer yourselves as empty chalices so that I may take you in My Hands, I may pour out My Blood, to give you My Body and, in this Communion, we may offer the Father each one of your lives, for the redemption of the planet and the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This is the moment of your offering and surrender at the doorways of the New Jerusalem that today descends to the world through the infinite Power of Emmanuel so that all may enter into the spiritual Sacred City which you will inhabit during the thousand years of peace; a City that will be elevated and erected, integrated and constituted by the redemption of souls, by the faith of hearts, by the blessing that each spirit has received from Me.

This is the moment of your surrender, of your sincere offering to the Creator so that the power of My precious Blood may wash you and purify you, and you thus may be perfect models at the Altars of God.

Offer yourselves. Offer yourselves. Offer yourselves as empty chalices in the Hands of the Redeemer, at this new Supper that I celebrate today with each of you, for the descent of Mercy in each space on Earth.

Offer yourselves and become empty. Offer yourselves and become empty so that My Will be done rather than your own, so that in My Will, you may live Truth.

Offer yourselves and become empty. Offer yourselves and become empty by the merits that Jesus achieved on the Cross and so that the priestly life on Earth may again uplift all those who have fallen into the abyss of illusion and damnation.

Offer yourselves and become empty, like chalices, in the same way that angels offer themselves in adoration and in glory by the Name of Jesus and the fulfilling of His Plan of Redemption.

Offer yourselves and become empty, because you have already entered My spiritual Church, which dwells in you through Communion with the Blessed Sacrament.

I once said to you: "When two or more are gathered in My Name, I will be among them." And today you are many more than two; you are hundreds that listen to My Word in the whole world. Thus, for this cycle, I have chosen to send My Message through the English language, so that it may reach all hearts that have need of My Word.

Although I may have chosen this humble place, someday, My Church, spread throughout the whole Earth, will have to recognize what has happened here, when I rise up to Heaven and no longer return here.

This will happen in time and they will come here seeking My Graces, as well as coming to seek the Graces of My Mother, the Virgin Mary, and of My Father, the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. Because what descended from Heaven in this place will never be lost, for it is not something palpable, but rather profoundly spiritual, inner and nonmaterial. It is something that comes from the Father through His Will.

And even though the Earth may tremble, the mountains split, even though the seas may rise and the forests burn, even though many animals may be lost and the screams may be heard, on the mountain of this place will be the Almighty, the God among you, so that in spite of everything, you may be filled by His Peace, recognized by His Love, and sanctified by His Spirit, so that each one of your lives as those of the faithful to My Project will also gain merits for those who will need them, at the most culminating moment of humanity, when Heaven and the Word of God have withdrawn from the world forever.

It will be there where I will test you, one by one, face to face, and I will be able to see with My own Eyes what you have done with My treasures, and I will come to seek the talents and the gifts that I left in your hearts so that I may repopulate the Earth with peaceful human beings, with souls that understood, beyond everything, the message that Heaven has brought in these last twelve years.

When the cycle is accomplished, everything will happen, as it is written. But the souls that truly offer themselves to God, although imperfect, will change the events, as have many saints and good servants of peace changed events throughout the history of humanity.

But never forget that this is the end time, the definitive time.

Let us offer God the empty chalices of your hearts so that, in this hour and at the doorways of the New Jerusalem and during this Holy Week, celebrated together with all those who listen and are present with their heart, the world may receive the intervention of the Universe so that it may be healed and again find the path it once lost.

"O Beloved Lord of the Universe, that through Your angels, saints and blessed ones, through all beings of goodwill present on this planet, may this altar be blessed, which during these eight days will represent a small part of Your Work, of Your Grand Work, in all the Universe. Amen."

"Bless this water, Lord, which is the first element that You have created in this world so that souls, at this moment, may return to the Womb of the Mother of God, so that they feel contained, loved and guarded by the maternal outpouring of the Purest Heart of the Most Holy Virgin. May this water bless and purify the whole planet, by Your spiritual power."

My Mother purified Me in the Temple a few days after having been born in Bethlehem. Today I purify you, but I also bless you in the Temple of God, in the House of Our Celestial Father, so that you may receive His Grace and the strength for the transformation for these times.

Today Israel stands up in spirit. The tribes that grew and expanded throughout the Earth glorify the Name of the Lord. And in spite of the times of darkness, souls recognize the Coming of the Lord, the Return of the Son of Man, for these critical times.

Blessed be those who hear the Word of the Lord and live it fully every day, so as to always recognize the Return of Christ in each heart. Amen.

And having purified the apostles of the end times, I invite you to be at My table, at the table of the Blessed Sacrament, to again say to you that today I again take the bread and offer it to God for the redemption of the human race, so that it may be blessed and transubstantiated into the glorified Body of Christ. And so I give it to you, saying: "Take it and eat it, for this is My Body, which today is given for the world for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


And today I have in My Hands each one of the empty chalices of your hearts and filled by this wine of renewal, I offer it to the Father, so that it may be blessed and transubstantiated. And then I again give it to each one of you, saying: "Take it and drink it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant between souls and God, the Blood that today is poured out spiritually upon the world for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


The Body and the Blood of Christ! May those called to avail themselves of this Sacrament be happy, so that the Mercy of God may descend and souls are exalted in joy and gladness, until the return of your Master and Lord.

In union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, united with all those who listen throughout the four corners of the Earth, united with My Merciful and Eucharistic Heart, through the strength and the power of prayer, let us decree the prayer that I taught you at the Mount of Beatitudes.

Our Father (in Spanish)

Let us say the prayer in English.

Our Father (in English)

May Peace descend on Earth.

Renewed by the power of this Sacrament, which renews you in your spiritual, inner and physical life, receive this spiritual impulse as preparation for walking together with Me during this Holy Week, so as to relive the merits of the sorrowful passion of your Lord.

I am grateful for the openness and the willingness of those who listen, for a very great Will is being experienced at this moment, and although it may be unknown, I promise you that you will know it shortly.

As an offering for all those who offered themselves this afternoon as empty chalices, as selfless hearts, and before I rise up to Heaven, the place from which I come to visit you, let us listen to an offering that also touches the Heart of your Redeemer, called "You are the King."

I thank you and may peace be in you, so that peace may be in the world, in the souls that suffer the most.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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