Tuesday, August 6 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy

And so, from the beginning, the Father knew that He would give Himself to the world, through His Beloved Son, for the redemption of all souls and the forgiveness of all errors committed.

My Voice is pronounced to a world that must awaken.

My Heart expands before all of the Universe, bringing the charity of My Spirit and the balm of My Soul to all souls of the world.

We are preparing, at this time, brothers and sisters, to listen to the Words of Christ, which are a part of the Mystery of God that, at this moment, will be unveiled to humanity.

At the request of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we will listen to "Thus spoke the Master" and we will open our hearts to these revelations.

Today, in My hands, I bring a spiritual treasure that many still do not know. It is something more than your essence and your truth; something more than existence, more than your origin.

It is the first thing that manifested before the Celestial Father, when He thought this into existence, before the creation of the Universes and of all life on the surface of the Earth, such as the Kingdoms of Nature that you know of today, before all Creation was part of the Thought of God and He had the perfect and divine intention of manifesting His Kingdom within men and women.

It was when God, your Eternal Father, decided to unveil the mystery of His Trine Consciousness, presenting Himself to humanity throughout the recent times and by means of all the history that took place within this part of the Universe, as in others.

In this way, He mandated the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, to carry this great Divine Mystery within Their Hearts, which would be unveiled to the humanity of the Earth and in other places of the Universe, through the Word, the Sacred Word.

Thus, the Holy Spirit intervened at that moment, so that all the Virtues and the Gifts of God could remain recorded in the essence of His children, not only those who are here, in this humanity, but also in other spheres of the Universe.

For this event and this petition, God requested from His Archangels that they mobilize the whole Universe so that all, in the inner worlds, could feel the presence of His Truth and of His Divinity even in the smallest details, in the greatest feeling of union with God and with His Source.

And this Mystery came to the world. Hearts were able to recognize it when the great Angelic Consciousnesses presented themselves to humanity. The first Patriarchs and Prophets received the revelation of God through His living and resplendent Presence, not only through supraphysical movements, but through non-material Laws that humanity still has not fully discovered.

I need you to understand, companions, that this is an invisible mystery that shows itself to your inner eyes and your souls, because God needs a part of humanity to be able to represent Him in this time, knowing that a new civilization must awaken so that, through the Return of Christ, the Project of God that was thought of in the beginning and that still has not been accomplished because of the errors of humankind, may be established through each human essence that shines like a sun before the Universe. Essences that must be freed from darkness and oppression so that the presence of God may reign with the absolute and permanent conviction that, being in Him and in His Presence, nothing bad will happen, but rather luminous triumphs will be achieved.

Because the greatest testimony that you can give to God in this moment is the true transformation of your lives, your sacrifice and your surrender, knowing that what God aspires for is that the majority may be able to do something for humanity, for the planet, for the sustenance of the equilibrium of the axis of the Earth, for the seas, for the continents, and for all of Nature, which is in agony because of the perversion of humankind and the punishment of those who use their hands to destroy it.

I am the One Who, with His Blood, wrote the new time and the beginning of a new opportunity, the coming of a hope that, like a flame, will maintain the faith in hearts and a definite awakening to redemption.

If you, companions, had not offered all of this work today, this would not be possible, because God needs your consciousness to come to attain reality so that you may help take many out of illusion, those who are asleep and despair and continue to suffer because of their own errors and choices.

But I do not come to punish the world nor to threaten it. I come to tell you that the Fount of the Love of God can be revealed within you and will be the key to the portal of the path in order to overcome duality, the evil that was established in many hearts of the Earth through the action of My adversary. Love, companions, will help you to learn to obey, and obedience to the Divine Hierarchy and to the Presence of God will support you and strengthen you.

And everything that still waits in the Universe to be revealed to the consciousness of the world will come forward, because in the same way that you today responded to My call, in a sincere and true way, I will be here among you again, companions, as long as I can and am allowed, to always lead you to God and to tell you that suffering is an illusion that humankind of the surface has created, upon distancing itself from Love.

Thus, the Love of God itself is presented to the world so that it may within hear the call of God and may never again deny it, knowing that this is the time of last opportunities, in which everyone will be invited to cross the portals of the Cosmos to find again their true consciousness and their higher self, which patiently waits to fulfill the Will of the Father in this material Universe and on this planet; a higher self that hopes to accomplish its mission and its task, offering itself fully to God, without any need to suffer or endure, like the world does every day.

Today Argentina was freed from a very great evil because you, companions, allowed the Revelation of God to come, and as much as My words are abstract or not understandable, your essences and your souls understand what I am saying to you at this moment. Because in order to understand and know the Revelations of God, first you must love them, love them more than yourselves and everything that exists, and the Father will feel much pleased and happy for being able to show them to you.

And so the veils of the consciousness will fall away from your faces, and the past of the Universe and the history of humanity will be completely erased from your consciousnesses, and you will step upon the path that you lost before committing errors.

It is no longer the time of suffering; it is the time of healing, of Mercy, of forgiveness, of reconciliation and of the renewal of your consciousnesses. This will allow all the impulses to be mirrored and to be reflected in Argentina and in the whole world and that more souls may return to God and feel this deep communion that is born of the heart from the one that believes and has faith without having seen.

What I give to you from My hands, companions, is what God thought of for South America, and is called Creator Project of the highest dimensions of consciousness, where only happiness, unity and the Love of God exists; where the law of suffering is transcended because life is lived in the Law of Equality, Harmony and Love.

I want and I wish you to be able to live under these Laws so that your lives may continue to change and transform according to what the Father needs. But do not be afraid of your purification, because your purification will free you and will leave you more whole and available for the end of times.

And so I give My Graces and My Mercies to all beings, knowing that this time is unique and unrepeatable and that before I return to the world physically, I will withdraw, because I will have left all my instructions and teachings so that you may be ready for what will come. You must not be fearful about what still has not come; this has no meaning and has no solution.

Now is the time to be that which God needs in the small efforts, in the immediate surrender, in collaboration and in cooperation with the planet, with the Kingdoms of Nature, with your brothers and sisters on the path, with all those whom you have by your side daily. These are souls that also need love and forgiveness, and you can be My precursors in this infinite and invincible love that can fill your consciousnesses and everything that exists, no matter how much darkness there may be, no matter how much tribulation may prevail.

Love will not take you out of Me, for if you are in My Love, you will be in the Father, and I will be in you. This is only what I need in order to be able to prepare My Return to humanity, the Return that is coming and that can already be felt through the awakening of hearts.

As a sample of this immensity of Love and of Mercy, today I will grant a special Grace, because I know that it is a deserved Grace and reciprocated by the souls that are timidly willing to take steps toward Me. But believe that all take steps toward Me, as small as they may seem; they only need to be real, sincere steps, profound steps, because I do not need you to be perfect, as you know. Because if I had to save the world with perfect beings, the Project would not be accomplished, existence would be meaningless Creation would have no reason.

It is in love where you will achieve freedom and will heal your hearts and wounds, just like My Presence today heals wounds of the past of Argentina, of those who disappeared and the fallen in the Malvinas Islands and, especially in those who through terror and oppression, were not able to see God.

Today, through your prayers, through your persistence and your faith, Argentina is inwardly renewed, in spite of its outer chaos. I teach you to journey on the opposite path because My adversary does not know it nor can He identify it. It is with kindness, with love and with generosity that you will transform the world and the human consciousness and, consequently, the nations.

Never raise your swords. Never raise your word. Never let your anger rise toward any brother or sister, because I assure you that you will regret it. Place the fire that is part of this nation in the Hands of God. Let everything be given to the Highest, just as the Highest gave it to you from the beginning, even in the smallest details of all this Universal Creation.

Love, not only your brothers and sisters, but also the Kingdoms of Nature. Open your senses and perceive that in the Kingdoms there is also the need for healing and for forgiveness, the pressing need to express love for the most innocent Kingdoms.

And, in this way, Argentina will gradually become something else, because My Presence here will not be lacking. My inclusion and Presence will always be here because I know you need it.

In the heights of the Sierras of Cordoba, during the month of September, your Lord will give a new impulse that will place Argentina in another state and on another level. The presence of the Hierarchy will become visible, not only in spirit, but also in the physical, because as you know, it is the time of awakening, it is the time of love and of forgiveness. Amen.

And now that your inner worlds are prepared to enter into My Celestial Church, I invite you to stand up for the celebration.

And we will call upon Karina, Sonia, Viviana, Ivonne and the mother of Mara to come here to the foot of the stage.

You, My daughters, are a group of souls that have much to do for Me; I have seen it, I have recognized it and, above all, I have felt it.

God and His paternal gaze are upon everything. For this reason, through this act of consecration, as My spiritual daughters and My spouses, I come to bring you the testimony of the Love of God through My Heart, for all those who are behind you seeking the path of the spirit and the truth. Amen.

"Celestial Father, may Your Altars descend to Earth. May the angels congregate the souls in Your Celestial Church so that the Fount of Your Love, of Your Healing and of Your Compassion, may descend into hearts. Amen"

"Father, through Your Will, You created the water so that all can feel, every day, the renewal and the rebirth of Your Spirit in the human essence, so that everything may be washed, purified and blessed by Your Spirit. Today, may souls be blessed by the Grace of Your Light. Amen."

The elements of consecration for the helpers.

"May the Light of Your Heart, Eternal Father, illuminate the consciousnesses so that, through the consecration of their life, they may always find Your Truth and especially the Fount of Your Love that will nurture them, renew them and free them from all evil. Amen."

At this moment, the sisters will make an offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the silence of their inner being.

Your name will be María Sofía.

Your name will be Caridad.

Your name will be María of Israel.

Your name will be Esperanza.

He wants to ask of you something for Africa, that you be called María of Kibeho, for Africa.

And now we will move on to the moment of the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine, and we ask those who can, to kneel in reverence and gratitude.

Only because of love, in that time, I took the bread. The Most Holy Trinity blessed it. I gave it to the apostles, saying to them: "Let all take and eat of It, for this is My Body that will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins."

And at the sound of the three bells, the bread changed into the living Body of Christ.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

And still through an act of great Love and Mercy, I took the Chalice into My Hands. The Most Holy Trinity blessed it. I handed it to the apostles, saying to them: "Let all take and drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be shed by your Redeemer and by many innocents for the forgiveness of sins. Remember to do this in memory of Me."

And at the sound of the three bells, the wine changed into the precious Blood of Christ.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Behold the testimony of the Love of God for all souls of the world. Happy will be those that avail themselves of this Most Holy Sacrament.

Prayer: Our Father.

And we establish the Peace of Christ in humanity, by listening to seven sounds of the bell.

May the Peace of God flood your hearts and Truth remain in your lives so that the Plan of God may be realized in all souls and His Kingdom be established in humanity. So be it.

May the Peace of My Heart be in you and in the whole world.

I give you Peace in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for having received Me, and in fraternity and for the whole world, you will give one another the greeting of peace.



Monday, August 5 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Listen to the Words of the One that will come again among the clouds, announcing the Kingdom of God, but this time to tell the world that the Kingdom of God is in the men and the women of Earth.

Today I am with My companions, with all those who respond to My call, with those who have responded to My universal summons of gathering together christic essences in this Meeting so that they may be able to recover the values of faith, of hope, and of renewal that I bring you at this time.

Here is the New Jerusalem, that is birthed which is gestated in the hearts of the men and women of the Earth when they answer the call of God through the beloved Son, just as the great patriarchs and prophets answered the call of the Heavenly Father.

This is the time, companions, in which all the tribes of Israel will be gathered together again. And after having lived traumatic and painful experiences, filled and made whole by My Mercy, I will once more bring you peace, the peace that has always been in your hearts, but that at this time you will be able to consciously find so as to participate in the Peace that comes from the Father and that will finally set you free.

Today I am here, companions, to establish the first steps of My Return to humanity. Thus, everything that you did for Me through this encounter has been important, because it gave a real answer to God that His children on Earth are understanding His call.

You must not fear to be my witnesses in this crucial time of humanity. For just as I gave My Life for you, I will need, companions, for you to give your life for Me, in different circumstances and situations that will present themselves on your paths and in this school of learning, to once more have the essence of My Love triumph. The essence of the Love that will always show you the truth that you search so much for and need so much so that your lives may feel guided and led by God.

But today, the majority of those who are present here have the infinite Grace of being guided by the Father through the Voice of the most beloved Son Who once more gives Himself to the world through a greater Love, so that hearts may be reborn in faith and hope, do not to lose their trust in the infinite, and confirm their lives before the Creator.

Today I come to a country, companions, that has been placed in darkness. But you know that through your infinite adherence and correlation, I dispel and liberate all evil from your lives and from your nations so that the Christic Light may always triumph, that Light that is always within you, that has formed part of your spiritual life and your existence, which has worked through times and generations always seeking the path of Light so as to be able to merge into the Father and the Father in you.

Today I do not come to enter a spiritual struggle with the forces that are to be found on Earth, because if the Son of God is here, the Father is here, and nothing contrary can prevail, because your love for Me, companions, is true. It is a love that can never end nor be extinguished. It is a love that comes from your hearts, from your confirmation, from your trust so that I may continue to carry out wonders on Earth; today not only in Argentina, but in other nations of the world that also need the Mercy of God.

Just as you surrender to Me, today I surrender to you; and a spiritual victory is established between your consciousnesses and Mine. The forces of encirclement, of confusion, or of disruption no longer prevail.

Trust, for your sorrows will be healed and your inner wounds will be closed. For just as you surrender your lives for Me, in the small details of life, in the sharing with your brothers and sisters, I give you My Christic Codes, codes that will strengthen you and will allow you to experience the end of these times, this planetary transition that will cause you to face challenges and tests that you will learn to overcome for Me, in the name of My Love.

Thus, you no longer need fear the darkness of these times, even though the darkness continues to be generated by humankind on the surface. Do not enter into conflicts. Enter into the powerful current of prayer and continue to commune in this way with the Divine Life that also comes from your stars of origin to expand your consciousnesses, to have you remember your commitment with the Highest, and in this way, you are able to live the sacred mission that God entrusted to you since the beginning of your existence.

So it is, companions, that in the face of the immensity of the spiritual and mental Universe of the Creator Fathers and the angels, of all the hosts who praise the Father, I place before your consciousnesses and inner beings the Creative Source of your origin and of your existence so that in this moment, the forgiveness and reconciliation with the Universe and with its Laws may be established; so that all the errors and mistakes that took place over the course of time, from the first humanity up to the present, may be dissolved by the strength of My redemptive Love and by your infinite trust in My Presence, an eternal Presence that will never be erased from your hearts and your memories.

Thus, companions, I invite you to remember this moment with joy because you are again becoming what you were before. Atavisms will no longer bind you. The disturbances will not bother you. The Doors of Heaven will open and your hearts and lives will commune of the Infinite Principle of this Creation, with the first Purpose that God decreed for the manifestation of life, in this Universe and in others.

And so, companions, in spite of the chaotic times that the nations of the world experience, the subjugation in which the peoples are kept, you have never been alone, a great Brotherhood accompanies you since your origins. And it is this Brotherhood of the Origins, the great Confraternity of the Stars, which today ignites the stars of your hearts so that your true being and your true consciousness may be before the Celestial Father, in perfect giving of self and of surrender.

For this reason, companions, avail yourselves of this special moment that I bring to Argentina today, because I also bring this impulse for all of humanity, for all nations that throughout the times opened the doors to the Heart of the Redeemer to recognize His Word and listen to His message, to make the Word of God part of themselves, at each moment of their lives, as in each gesture of love and affection for their peers of humanity fellow human beings.

Today you are faced with a Mystery that is being revealed and that little by little will show itself in your lives. It will come as a superior and invincible force that will spur your hearts to change in consciousness, where there will be no fear, doubt, or mistrust of confirming it in your lives and the whole world in the name of God; so that the spiritual bases upon the surface of the Earth, which are spiritual and non-material, inner and deep, prepare for the return of your Master and Lord to humanity.

But until I return to the majority of human beings, until I return to the hearts of the men and women of the Earth, and that this be a sufficient majority that will be able to bear the powerful current that will come with Me, that will mobilize all the stars and the Universe, I will not be able to return yet . But the time of My Return is close.

I ardently yearn to be with you, not only in Divinity but also in a physical way so that, as with the apostles, you will be able to recognize your Master and Lord and feel the gesture of My Love for you, the embrace of love that I want to give to each of you, thus merging you with My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, and in this way, fulfilling the Plan of God in humanity.

The Lords of the Law wait for that moment. They know that the world cannot go on, and that the Love of God and the absolute trust of souls in the Eternal Father cannot be extinguished because it would be a complete destruction of humanity and the planet.

Thus, the great consciousnesses that unconditionally serve God gave of themselves in sacrifice and in surrender for you and for the world so that a more powerful and unknown manifestation, which will not be spiritual but rather material, will become present in some points of the Earth so that there may be a spiritual explosion in the human consciousness, that will be capable of bringing to Earth the true beings who signed a commitment for their redemption in the Books of the Creator Father.

You already signed it, but companions, there are still many more who need to recognize this moment because the opportunities are unique and unrepeatable and the clock of the Universe is marking this moment and time, in which real time will unite with this time of illusion to completely dissolve it and the whole world will be able to see what it has never seen, what is above them and is called Universe.

Do not miss the opportunity of waiting for that moment and of confirming every day that this time is approaching, in which your hearts and consciousnesses will rejoice, not only for recognizing the Son of Israel again, but all those that will come with Him announcing the Good News, the change in consciousness, the healing of humanity, the eradication of evil and the Kingdom of celestial joy that will be established on the surface of the Earth, releasing hells, healing the sick, healing the wounds and sorrows of the past, bringing the Hope of God to all those who had lost it for some motive or reason.

And so, at this time, companions, just like your consciousnesses return to your origins, to the existence and truth that created you in the beginning, the same way, I accept your sacrifices and your surrenders so that this humanity may be able to compensate for so many mistakes and tests.

So, carry the Love and Trust of God to hearts. Do not expect great results. It is in the small that love will be sown like a tiny seed of light that will ignite in the darkest and most lost heart. And some day, that seed will germinate and will be a great tree filled with the Wisdom and Compassion of God, achieving the enlightenment of the consciousness and the end of suffering. Amen.

To testify to My Presence among you, companions, today we will once more experience a special consecration of adorers. Because in the same way that I need you to surrender to Me, a little more each day, each one in the best way possible, I also need to be present in your hearts like that great Custodian of Light that holds My Eucharistic Body, as a great portal that unites your souls to God.

Let us celebrate this moment for all those who are not here and for the nation of Argentina so that it, in this moment, may receive the Grace of the Father even more through the participation of your hearts in this fraternal communion with My Spirit and My Consciousness.

I invite you to stand up in reverence.

At the request of Christ, let us say a prayer that many of us know three times , the prayer to the "Celestial Father", so that He may receive our offering at this moment and welcome the intentions of our heart, not only for us but also for Argentina and for all those who must obtain the Mercy of God.

As one voice and one heart, let us recite the prayer:

Celestial Father,
who guides everyone,
accept our offering of surrender to You.
Guide us on the path of love,
so that Your Will may be done.

And to establish this confirmation, we place our hands on our hearts and in gratitude, affirming that commitment with the Highest and with the Plan of God on Earth, so that many more may be participants of the Redemption and Mercy of the Father.

At the request of Our Lord, and to consecrate the elements, at this moment let us now listen to the instrumental of "Pater Noster."

The adorers who will be consecrated please.

In this commitment that you will experience with Me today , may the Light of God always be lit in you through devotion to the Holy Eucharist, bringing to your consciousnesses the Truth of God, the essence of Love, and the expansion of gratitude urgently needed by the world in order to achieve peace.

Today the priests will bless these elements through the prayer that I taught them.

Our Father (in Aramaic).

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Holy water and incense.

We invite those who can to kneel for a moment.

Let us place the pin of the Order, for the brothers and sisters form part of a branch of the Grace Mercy Order that brings  to Earth the Spirit of God.

Now we can stand.

Let us now prepare for the Consecration of the Communion.

Let us invite those who can, to kneel for the transubstantiation of the elements.

At that time, I took the bread, I was among My apostles and many, many more followers in soul and in spirit. And giving thanks to God for the sacrifice, the Father blessed the bread, I gave It to My apostles, saying to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body that will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins."

And at the strike of three bells, the bread was transfigured and transubstantiated into the living Body of Christ.

We praise you Lord and we bless You.

We praise you Lord and we bless You.

We praise you Lord and we bless You.

I then took the Chalice into My Hands and God granted the world the infinite Fount of His Mercy for the Blood that the Lamb of God would shed. And so He blessed it, and I gave it to My apostles, saying: "Take and all drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that will be shed by your Redeemer and by many innocents for the remission of sins. Do this in memory of Me."

We praise you Lord and we bless You.

We praise you Lord and we bless You.

We praise you Lord and we bless You.

In unity with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in the presence of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, let us together recite the prayer that He taught us: "Our Father."

The Divine Body and Blood of Christ.

Let us confirm His Presence, participate of His Power, and be touched by His Unfathomable Mercy so that peace may be established on Earth at the sound of the seven bells ring.

And now not only your Origin came forward to you, but also My Eucharistic Heart came to fill and bless you, so that you may be My Peace in the world, in each corner of the Earth, so that you may be encouraged to be My witnesses at the end of these times, so that you take My Word and My Encouragement Breath to all those who need them.

For this reason and many more, I give you Peace. I leave you My Peace so that you may be My Peace in the world and, wherever you go.

Today I am glad for this consecration, you will understand it in your next life.

May the Peace of My Heart be in you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In fraternity and unity, you will give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more