Sunday, June 16 of 2019

Special Apparition

At last, the day has come for the liberation of this place, from the roots of evil and from its persecutions.

At last, the voice of the pilgrims rise up to the Heavens and the Father of the Universe hears the voice of His children who cry out for His Mercy and for His Pity.

At last the uncertain doors are closed and a door of Light opens in the heart of humankind so that Divine Energy may enter, this energy which will transform everything when hearts open to receive it and make it part of their lives forever.

At last, Divine Mercy has triumphed again and lost hearts find the path which, due to different circumstances, they had never found.

This is the time of revelations, this is the time in which the Divine Consciousness will approach humanity to remind it of its commitment with the Source, just as it was in Genesis, in the beginning.

After having deviated and it became corrupt, humanity can, through the sacrifice of the Son of God, achieve the Mercy of the Father and justify its existence, in spite of errors.

It is for this reason that I am here today, among you, and with many more who are not here today, I am also them, to transmit the joy of My Heart, the Grace of My Spirit, and the Sovereignty of My Soul to you, which in light of the Celestial Father, will redeem you and justify you so that you may go through the door of redemption.

Today not only the past is purified and sublimated, but also the present is redeemed and contemplated by the Mercy of the Father so that His children may achieve true Peace, which they lose in these times because of the modernities of this cycle that blinds the consciousness of souls and, little by little, separates them from God.

But I come to offer Myself, as that bridge of Light, upon which everyone can cross toward the House of the Celestial Father Who, in spite of the extremely serious mistakes of His children throughout time, sends Your Savior so that you may find and feel Him again, so that you may again draw closer to the Fount of His Love and of His Wisdom, which descends from the Celestial Universe to fill you and to bless you.

This is the time, companions, of experiencing a change in consciousness, of living the Plan of God with joy and of completely adhering to that Divine Plan so that your lives may receive new attributes, and these attributes of God may be radiated to the world just as I radiate the Light of My Heart to you now.

Thus, here today, the doors of Heaven and of the Universe are opened so that not only the fallen may be freed and redeemed, but also your souls may experience communion with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit, in order to establish again the alliance which was once lost through the action of humankind, who believed they had more power than God and more authority than Divine Justice.

But today, I do not come to remove the past, neither your history. I come to awaken within you the commitment of joyfully living a union with God and the existence of the whole Universe, because all that was created, companions, is not only material and concrete. Everything created is profoundly spiritual, lovingly thought of by the Divine Source so that all creatures that exist beyond this Universe and which have a filiation with God, may learn from Love and from Wisdom. Because the mistakes within Creation not only occurred here. The errors of humanity are distant and unknown, they have their origin in other stars, in other ways of thinking, in other ways of feeling, in other ways of acting.

With My Consciousness, I come to interrupt this timeline, chronological and concrete, which has lead the world to its self-destruction many times.

That is why I come to correct these defects from the origin, which are not only human or material, but also spiritual, and which are far from God because they do not have love or unity and, even less, wisdom.

That is why I come to correct in this time what no one has managed to correct by themselves, knowing that millions of souls, not only in Europe but throughout the world, were interfered with by that spiritual deviation of humanity.

A corrupt source is today replaced by a Source of Light and Wisdom, so that in the origin of the human essence, which goes beyond anything intellectual or mental, which goes beyond the reach of humankind, may be able to regenerate this current race which came to the Earth with a purpose and has not yet fulfilled it, since the origins of Adam and Eve.

This is why I sacrificed Myself and died for you on the Cross, because if I had not been here, as your Master and Lord, humanity would not exist at this moment, even after all it has done over the course of time and having transgressed Universal Laws, again and again.

I come to speak to you with the clarity of the Wisdom of God, with the momentum of the Spirit of My Eternal Father, because this is the time of an extraordinary Grace which not only is being received by Berlin today, but also the whole world that was a participant in those past events, which left indelible traces in souls and in hearts.

But I come to summon the newly redeemed, those who opened their hearts to listen to God and to feel in the depths of their spirits the loving and powerful voice of the Son of God; a Consciousness that knows you deeply, since before you existed, since before you were essences of light in the Creator Sources of My Father.

Today I return, companions, to place Europe and specially Germany facing the opportunity of returning to the Source of the Creation of God so that the attributes of love, of compassion, of forgiveness, of unity, of healing, and specially of light may be within the consciousness of this people, which must be reignited in the Love of God, having a deep and infinite gratitude for all those who have cried out at this moment through this prayer of today, for their people, for their culture, and for their nation so that, through the divine intercession of the Son, all may be transfigured with the loving and compassionate help of the Archangel Michael, who has once again removed the essence of evil at the request of the Eternal Father.

Feel renewed, then, and freed. Feel yourselves baptized again by My Spirit, by the Spirit that descended on Pentecost and that, in the past, brought the apostles a strengthening of their faith and of the apostolate.

So, I invite you as a nation and as a people, as a culture in redemption, to be apostles of Mine in this time, not only through the prayer from the heart and through supplication, but also in expressing inner love to your brothers and sisters, to those who most suffer, to the Kingdoms of Nature that silently transmute the condition of the human being all the time.

You have been blessed with exuberant and precious nature, because the Kingdoms donated themselves before you did, to accompany you in your transition toward redemption.

And now that this moment approaches, and not only your souls but also the souls of Germany will have that opportunity of truly experiencing redemption, for all that was done and what happened, gladden your hearts, and again and again reconfirm your filiation with God so that the Angel of Germany, deeply offended by the action of humankind in the past, may receive the help it needs from the Angel of Portugal so that the one thousand years of peace may reign in this people and you be participants in the glorious coming of your Redeemer.

So be it.

God, through His Son, opens the doors of His Celestial Church so that souls may commune of His Divine Source, with the attributes of love and of unity, attributes that expressed the Creation of the spiritual, mental and material Universes.

And thus, in light of the Source of the Creation of the Father and the divine Gift of His Mercy, in the same way as the angels of Heaven, I invite you to bow down to the ground to receive from God the Gift of His reconciliation and forgiveness, no matter if you are from Germany or not, for humanity is one and inseparable.

When humanity understands that, wars, hunger, inequality, human conflicts and religious persecutions will no longer exist.

When humanity accepts that it is one and inseparable, everything will change forever.

Let us stand.

"Lord of the Universe, Who frees and transmutes all things, grant Your children the infinite Grace of Your Forgiveness so that all may be rebuilt, restored and reconciled with Your Spirit. Amen".

"For the sake of the Water which sprung from My Side, may souls receive healing and Mercy. Amen".

I celebrate the apostolate of My Eucharist with those who most suffer and have need of it, so that souls may commune of My Spirit, which renews them and brings them faith in these times.

Those who can, kneel down to carry out this consecration, a consecration that will renew Germany and all the souls that live here through the unfathomable Mercy of the Heart of Jesus.

In that time, when I was with the apostles celebrating the mystery of the Love of God, manifested through the presence of the Son, I brought all the Divine Attributes for the world, offering the bread to God so that it may be blessed and consecrated in the silent presence of the angels of Heaven.

After that moment, I said to the apostles, as I say to you today: "Take and eat all of it, for this is My Body that was given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. (Repeated three times)

In the expansion of that mystery of Love, which came from the Divine Source of the Father, in the same way He blessed the Holy Chalice. And in that moment I gave it to My apostles, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be spilled by your Redeemer for the remission of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. (Repeated three times)

Prayer: Our Father.

This is the Body and the Divine Blood of Christ, happy are they invited to avail themselves of this Sacrament, for they shall achieve eternal life.

I taught you a long time ago to love one another, to support and accompany one another in the moments of joy as in the moments of sorrow, in the moments of life as in the moments of death. Now I ask you to do the same with whom you have beside you, day after day, for thus you will do it with Me.

Renew this request of your Lord all the days that will come, in this way, the Love of God will not be lacking in the world, and the nations of the Earth will learn to correct their paths and will place themselves on the path of God; a God Who has no religion or governor because it is the God of Love, infinite, wide, deep, healing, restorative and inter-dimensional, for it is an omnipresent and almighty God, it is the Source that loves you all the time and will never forget you, because His Love is real and invincible.

May this Love reach the souls of Germany today so that, renewed by the Sacrament of Faith, they may feel themselves to be worthy children of God.

May the deep Peace of My Heart be with you for, in this way, the Peace that comes from My Heart will be with your people and with all nations.

In unity and in love for Me, you will give each other the greeting of Peace.

I thank Germany, Europe and all My followers for having responded to My call, this important spiritual call for Berlin.

I thank you.

In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We can give each other the greeting of Peace.



Tuesday, June 4 of 2019

Special Apparition

I come to give you the caress of God, I come to teach you about the Creation and the Universe so that, in your awakening, you may recover the sense of the origin and of existence.

I come to broaden your consciousness; I come to expand your heart.

I come to give you My Peace so that, through it, you dare to take a step in spiritual awakening, which your Master and Lord brings to you today from Heaven to your home, Hungary.

A land that can produce many fruits, a land that can give shelter to many equals, a land that can hear who suffers, a people that can stretch out a hand to bring relief to a wounded heart, and thus bring the Love of God through unconditional service, true and simple.

I come to awaken in you that which exists within you, that brought about the beginning of your whole life, all of your consciousness and existence.

I come to show you your inner essence on the spiritual plane, which once emerged from the Source to have an experience in this Universe so that as souls could learn in the School of Love, that which this world offers to you in this definitive time, in which Love will be the liberation of hearts and the tranquility of those who suffer.

This essence that is kept within you, companions, is what will carry the experience of love lived on Earth with it forever. This inner essence that the Father gave you as a great cell of light, in which you have come to Earth to learn what the Universe has to offer you.

This is why, companions, I come to gladden your hearts, I come to bring life to your spirits, I come to bring awareness to what exists in the depths of your beings, because God needs you to honor His Name, not only because of your existence, which is infinite and nonmaterial, but also because of everything that He has created since the origin of the times, and all that He has given, up to the present time, for this humanity.

I know that what I tell you today seems strange to you, but keep My Message in your hearts and souls, because the seed that I leave you today will sprout someday and will be a great tree that, through the experience of love on Earth, will be able to give more and more fruit in order to please God, majestically fulfilling His Will.

I speak to you as essences, as part of a unique humanity and a unique race that must recover the Genetic Code of God, just as the peoples of the past experienced it, which God named Israel, the land that was once promised, from Moses to the coming of your Master and Lord to the Middle East.

Through the awakening of your divine essence, I come to allow you to remember, companions, the attributes of God that you must apply in your lives so that Heaven may descend within you and in all the spaces that surround you. This will allow humanity to be restored, which is experiencing a great illness in these times, a spiritual and endemic illness called indifference.

But indifference is not in you; in your people there is the impulse to an awakening, the impulse of being able to hear God in order to carry forward with His Will, in this end time.

This is why, companions, I place you at another level of consciousness, in which darkness and evil do not exist, in which the Light and the Wisdom of the Father exist, which have brought you here today as souls, so that in the name of your beloved people, Hungary may hear the Son of God, just as the people of Israel heard the Son of God in the past.

This is why you must remember, remember your passage with Me in the Holy Land, on the Mount of Beatitudes, in Judea, as well as the Sea of Galilee.

Awaken your inner remembrance in the Presence of the Living Christ, Who today has you commune with the Father to recover the origins of your existence and of your culture, which are a sample of the millions of Attributes of God that He has sown in each people, on each continent, as well as in each nation, so that you may represent Him and live Him in His different Aspects.

Today I allow Hungary to face the Source of Spiritual Creation, one of the important origins of this Creation, which the Angels of Heaven and the archangels contemplate in adoration and in perpetual devotion before the Source of Love and of Truth.

I know that My words stir up the spaces, the structures and the concepts.

But now, the time has come for your Master and Lord to take action in the world outside of the Church because all the inhabitants of the Earth have the potential of awakening their inner Christ under the principle of love and of wisdom, by means of the infinite base of compassion.

That is why today, from the Source, the Divine Source of Creation, I bring you these impulses so that your inner worlds may remember and live, in this time, the Will that My Heart expresses today for the whole nation of Hungary and for all of its people that must be reignited in the Love of God, in order to always achieve Peace.

This is the first meeting with Me, companions. The time has come for Eastern Europe to forever erase its suffering, its history and its past, to begin to live the Good and in the Mercy of God, which will make you participants in the goodness and the joy of Heaven, which today is being poured out like an inexhaustible fount in your souls and hearts, in each corner of this beloved Hungary which, like its sister nations, is waiting for this spiritual opportunity that the Universe presents today before its divine essence.

Celebrate this moment of reconciliation with the Heights.

Reconcile your homeland and your people with the Almighty through His Beloved Son. Today He opens His Arms to welcome you and receive you in the existence of His infinite Love and in the presence of His powerful Light that erases all suffering, that dissolves all doubt, and that brings faith to all beings of the Earth.

So today, your Higher Priest, the Lord of the Universe, the Master among Masters, Who gave His Heart and Life for you on the heights of Mount Calvary, by the merits of His poured Blood, by the merits of the Water that came from His Side, and for all the infinite graces brought to Earth, by all the martyrs and saints, through Communion with the Body and the Blood of your Lord, we will seal an Alliance that will be strengthened today in Christic Love and in Peace, and that will yield fruits in a near future, when Eastern Europe will receive greater impulses from the Fount of Mercy of God through an incalculable Presence, in Hungary and in Eastern Europe, of the Sacred Hearts, that Love may triumph within you, within your families, acquaintances, and in all of humanity.

Let us celebrate and remember the Last Supper of your Lord with the apostles and, in reverence and humility, we stand, and through His Beloved Son, offer the Father this Supper of Redemption and of Renewal that will bring to all the healing of humanity. So be it.

At His request, at the request of our Lord, and in union with His Celestial Church, we will listen to and intone the "Pater Noster."

At this moment, in light of the power and the authority of the Celestial Father, in light of His Universe of Love and of Grace, of His angels and archangels, of the maternal Source of the Mother of God and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, of the blessed and the saints, and all the beings of goodwill present on the surface of the Earth, of the peoples and the cultures that anxiously await the Return of Christ, and in light of the infinite Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we offer the Celestial Father the fruits and the merits of the Passion of your Master and Lord for the expiation, the forgiveness, and the reconciliation of this homeland, of this people, of this country, in the name of many more nations, so that it always be worthy of the Divine Grace, the inexhaustible Fount of Healing and of the Good that must be present in each human heart so that the Project of Christ may triumph and the thousand years of Peace be established. Amen.


We may kneel.

In that time, your Master and Lord, in the name of Love and of Mercy, gathered with His apostles, and on the inner planes with many of His followers, to celebrate the legacy and the victory of the redemption over all darkness.

Thus, as in that time, your Master and Lord took the bread, giving thanks to God, the Light of the Divinity of God blessed it, and I gave it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and eat, for this is My Body that will be surrendered for you, for the forgiveness of sins."

And a moment of profound Peace was established on Earth and today it is established in Hungary, as well as in your sister nations.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

And thus, your Master and Lord took the Chalice in His Hands, giving thanks to God for the sacrifice that He would live, the Light of the Divinity of God blessed it, and your Master gave it to His apostles, saying to them: "Take and drink all of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood that will be poured by your Redeemer for the accountability of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

And now, companions, in union with My Sacred and unfathomable Heart, you will repeat the prayer that I taught you so long ago.

Prayer: Our Father.

Let us celebrate and glorify God because the merits of His Divine Son are today being sown in Hungary and in its sister nations for the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.

Before I leave, companions, I want you to make a commitment with Me to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, so that the Unfathomable Mercy of My Heart may continue to descend in Hungary and in its sister nations.

So I invite you to form a group of prayer that will please and gladden the Heart of Jesus, so that He can return many more times to Eastern Europe, where the Light of Christ will be reborn, invincible and powerful for all eternity.

For this reason, companions, I offer you My Heart so that you may adore It and love It through a weekly prayer for peace in Hungary and so that Mercy may continue to descend here.

As support and assistance to all My servers in the world, I will offer to those who permanently and unconditionally support, the prayer for peace in the nations. All of them will help you to strengthen your group of prayer in Budapest so that this call may also reach more hearts and cross boundaries, in a perfect unity with the Celestial Father.

I am glad to have been here, I am glad to have seen and heard your response; this has a special meaning for Me, above all, for the Plan of Return to this humanity for a second time.

I bless you and I give you My Peace so that you may be My Peace and share it with those who most need it.

You will give one another the greeting of Peace so that Peace may be in Eastern Europe.

I bless you and I thank you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. See you later.

We may give one another the greeting of Peace at the request of Christ.


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