Monday, May 6 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus during the 70th Marathon of Divine Mercy, in the city of Fatima, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The world does not know the mysteries of God because it does not love them.

If it deeply loved the unknown, the mysteries would be completely revealed and that word "mystery" would no longer have any meaning in humanity. Because if the men and women of Earth deeply loved what is unknown and what is not within reach of everyone, all would be aware and would awaken to what is Greater. They would become aware of what the Kingdom of God means, and what it represents for the life of the beings of the Earth.

I Am the Lord of the Seven Chalices, of the seven important teraphims of the Spiritual Universe, held in the Legacy of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

These seven Chalices, contemplated by your Master and Lord, are the next steps that humanity must take through its sacrifice and its surrender to the Creator.

They will be seven steps of evolution for the consciousness, seven steps of awakening, seven commitments still to be experienced and practiced.

So today I bring you the Seven Sacred Chalices of the Lord that were lovingly taken out of the Ark of the Holy Covenant so that your inner worlds might contemplate them and adore them.

In those seven symbols is held the precious Blood of the Lamb of God. The seven principal states that your Master lived on Earth during the Passion, which no religion knows yet, but which today I reveal to you by means of the wisdom of My love that comes from My Eternal Heart.

Become aware of this Legacy, and just as you have placed yourselves so many times before the Temple of the Adoration of God, place yourselves today before this Legacy of Christ that was preciously held by your Heavenly Mother and the apostles, and deeply adored by the holy women of Jerusalem.

Here is what humanity needs in this time of emergency. The Blood of the Lamb of God donates itself again to the world so that its precious Codes of Light may enter essences, and souls may achieve their state of Christification and of redemption through experiencing the steps in love and in forgiveness.

And thus, My companions, today I place you before a unique possibility that is within the reach of any being from Earth, regardless of their school or of their errors.

Through the Seven Chalices, here is the possibility of the awakening of the new Christs who will be able to receive the Codes of the Celestial Universe to completely transform their lives, according to what God needs. Just as He conceived from the beginning, from before your existences, your origins.

In these Sacred Chalices is held the experience of love of the Redeemer at each step of His agony, at each step of His calvary up to the definitive moment of His expiration on the Cross.

When the Earth trembled, the hells were defeated, the dead rose and proclaimed the Name of God, the victory of the Messiah, the redemption of the oppressed, the salvation of the lost, the healing of the sick in spiritual life.

This is the time for humanity to become aware of what it still has not become aware of, because of placing its attention of the superficiality of life, becoming distant from the divine, from what really vivifies the spirit and the soul of each being.

God needs the world to receive this Legacy; it does not matter if it is the majority or the minority; what really matters to your Celestial Father is that this Legacy may truly be within you at each moment of your life, in each act of love, of service and of forgiveness. That you value these Christic Codes in your lives, especially in your spiritual life and life of prayer. In this way, you will be expanding My love into the world that so needs it and so cries out for it.

Thus, I will be able to reach those who most suffer and those who have nothing, those who are ignored by the great powers of the world, by the great leaders of the nations that only make empty promises, empty of love and of truth.

But through the Seven Chalices, companions, I bring you that which will make you remember your origins before you came to Earth, before you were born, before you learned and experimented on the surface of this planet.

This Legacy was known to the patriarchs through the revelations that God Himself gave them. This Legacy was known to the apostles at the most important moment of the Last Supper, when one of those Seven Chalices was elevated, in grace and in glory, by the Hands of your Master and Redeemer, to accept the sacrifice of the redemption of humanity and of the conversion of the planet through Christic Love.

It is time for the real Church to awaken within you, for you to forgive all the priests who have offended the Name of their Lord and all the faithful of the Earth who put their own faith at stake.

I bring you the donation of My Life and of My Spirit, the donation of these Seven Chalices as true knowledge for your consciousnesses, so that your spirits may be ennobled in Christ under the flame and the principle of His Wisdom.

This will place you above all things and you will be able to forgive and to love, not only yourselves, but also your peers, because My Celestial Church still pulses in the Greater Universe. This is the main Legacy that I gave the apostles and that I revealed to Peter at that time.

Your lives can be the very Church of God on Earth, your bodies can be the sacred Temples of God so that He may dwell there. It is time to take on this step for humanity.

With all of this, I do not tell you, companions, that you will overcome all things and difficulties.

Through the Christic Codes of My Love, you will learn to overcome yourselves every day and take small steps. As much as they are few, let these steps be real, just and merciful for your transformation.

Because the Legacy that is in the Heavens, kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, needs mirror souls on the surface of the Earth that can rebuild the Spiritual Church that Christ sowed on Earth through the physical church, present all over the world, that needs to be restored, safeguarded and protected.

The faith of the believers will rebuild the Church on Earth and the greater dome of the Universe will descend to fill consciousnesses with Divine Attributes, with all graces and all mercies.

Within the Sacred Chalices of the Redeemer are the next seven stages of your lives, which you still are to live and go through for My Cause.

You will still not understand the meaning of all this. The Spiritual Universe is revealed, little by little, so that souls may learn to recognize it within themselves and accept the Will of the Father, just as the Son accepted it in the institution of the Eucharist through the Holy Grail.

Drink, then, of this greater commitment and participate in the Wills of the Eternal Father, just as the angels of Heaven participate and, in obedience, fulfill His commands and His designs so that the strength of love and of faith can triumph in all of the Universe and on this planet.

May the advent of your next steps be fulfilled. Each one, if they accept it, will receive in their lives the next seven steps that they are to take. The Universe will be shown, the learnings will arrive and the opportunity to cross the threshold of consciousness will be conscious for each one of you.

But be attentive, do not make any of your peers responsible for your not being able to take your steps. This step, which you are to take, is between you and God, between your souls and His Divine Will.

Perhaps you may ask yourselves what steps you should take. Be patient, continue to pray and be vigilant because the steps you are to take will be presented in one way or another. But you will be aware because your souls will cause you to feel when the moment has arrived to cross the Portal and to expand your consciousness in Universal Love and in Sacred Unity.

As an example and testimony for your steps, today I have chosen some souls among those present who have nominated themselves to take steps in their inner life and in service to My sacred and unfathomable Heart, who have offered themselves to adorn My altars, to revere My Presence, to be witnesses of My love as were the holy women of Jerusalem.

Here is the Living Love that was with the apostles, with the holy women and with all the followers of Christ, and that today returns to the Earth to be shared with you through the Wisdom and the love of the Seven Chalices of the Lord.

Do not fear, because I will not abandon you. But each soul has its timing and its moment to take its step in profound and inextinguishable solitude, just as your Master did in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In your hearts, gather up the precious light of the Seven Chalices, and in honor of the sacrifice of the Redeemer, open the doors of the Celestial Church for the whole world, and especially for all of Europe.

I will ask you to sing "Sacred Chalice of the Lord" so that the angels may transubstantiate this moment and these elements that will be offered to God as a symbol of reparation and of forgiveness by all the souls present, for all the souls of the world.

I am listening.

We place our hands in the sign of reception.

Song: "Sacred Chalice of the Lord."


And now, companions, in light of the power of the Seven Chalices of the Lord, radiated to Europe and the world, and to all the essences of the Earth that will have the opportunity and the grace of redemption, we will proceed in ceremony with the Eternal Father to testify to those steps through the path of the Light and the Love that My Merciful Heart offers you all the time, so that love may be established and faith may prevail in these times, for the triumph of the Plan of God in humanity. Amen.

We stand up.

Do not cry, gladden your hearts, because this is the time of the Mercy of God, the time of His Grace, the time of the light and of the healing of hearts.

Today you cry like the women of Jerusalem and bring to your souls the memory of that participation and of that experience through the union with Me, through the love that I offer you in this consecration.

I invite those who are able, in the name of these daughters that I have called, to kneel down for their consecration.

As in that time, today I will again give the spiritual communion to these women who were always with Me up to the most culminating moment on the Cross, in which My Soul was agonizing for the world, and in spite of the pain, My Soul felt a great love for those who were faithful to Me and stayed in prayer for the surrender of their Master and Lord on the Cross.

All this Legacy returns to the world, on this day, directly from the Heart of your Master and Lord, and is radiated by His hands of Light to the souls that are being consecrated and to the souls that someday will be consecrated, holding onto the aspiration of seeing God within themselves.

We renew this Sacrifice of the Lamb of God. We vivify His Legacy and through this offering of the altar, together with all the angels of the Universe, bring toward the Earth the promises of the Redeemer that will be fulfilled in humanity. So be it.

In adoration, we bow down before the Almighty God and we thank Him for His Presence through His Most High Son, and just as in that time, I wash the hands of My apostles to purify them and consecrate them to Me, just as I wish to consecrate the souls of the world to My Sacred and unfathomable Heart.

At that time, I took the bread into My Hands, and giving thanks to God for this sacrifice, I said to My apostles and to many of you: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body that will be surrendered for humankind for the remission of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

In the same way, I took the Chalice into My Hands in order to renew all times up to My second return to Earth. Lifting It up to God, giving thanks for the sacrifice of His Son, I said to My apostles: "Take and all drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be spilled by your Master and Lord, and by the martyrs throughout the times for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

This is the Lamb of God that takes away the faults of the world.

Blessed are they who are called upon to avail themselves of this Divine Sacrament.

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese).

The Divine Body and Blood of Christ.

I leave you My Peace so that you may experience it and so that you make all of your brothers and sisters participants of My Peace, so that it may be established on Earth like an essential attribute for this humanity, for the healing of souls and the redemption of hearts.

I give you thanks for having accompanied Me during this so important moment for your Master and Lord, for humanity and for the planet, for the Plan of God in this material Universe.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Just like in the beginning times of Christianity when Christ was alive in the hearts, so that that time may again be remembered, you will give one another the greeting of Peace.

I thank you.



Sunday, May 5 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 70th Marathon of Divine Mercy, in Fatima, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This is the time to reconcile humanity with God before everything happens. This is why I chose again to come to Portugal, not only because of its history, but also because of its events with other peoples and nations, and thus, I come for the other nations of Europe.

I will continue on pilgrimage through these lands, as My Holy Mother did together with the Holy Grail. I will come with My Heart to illumine the darkest spaces of the European consciousness, and your help will be essential for Me.

So, in My Heart and on this afternoon, I bring the treasures of Heaven that will illuminate souls and their paths, so that all consciousnesses may learn someday to live the Will of God and can overcome and transcend human suffering activated by their own will, rather than the Will of My Father.

I know that sometimes the world does not want to listen to this need, to realize this truth. But a very definite time is drawing closer, it is very close, more than it seems for humanity, and it must not take you by surprise. You must be aware and awake so that, at the indicated time, your hearts will dictate the moment of this great event that will place humanity by the side of God, or far from God.

For this reason, from the Celestial Universe, Our Sacred Hearts ask for so many prayers for the world, in order to be able to rectify the errors of humanity and of the peoples, not only the historical errors that have become indelible in many consciousnesses, but also to avoid future errors, so that the harmony and equilibrium of God may be established on the planet.

Your attunement with My Heart is very important, not only through the practices I have taught you over time, mainly through the Communion that I offer you daily, so that your spirits and souls can be nurtured by the Source, but also through all that comes from the Celestial Universe and descends to the world in each moment of prayer and of supplication, of service and of surrender for your fellow being, in each opportunity of again experiencing a Sacrament, and of freeing your consciousness from perdition, from the temptation of these times, from the illusion of the world, from spiritual blindness and from indifference.

On this day, companions, your hearts reached a new step in their awakening. Thus, I bring you this request of continuing to pray from the heart for those who most need it, for those who do not listen, for those who close their ears to the Voice of God by means of His Divine Son.

Today I come to rest in your hearts. Today I come to repose My Spirit in your spirits so that the inner alliance may strengthen between souls and the Plan of God, for all that still must be done and be manifested on Earth, for the Greater Will to be fulfilled.

Humanity must continue to seek the perfect union with the Ark of the Holy Covenant, with that sacred symbol of spiritual ascension that descends from the Kingdom of the Heavens through the intervention of the Divine Son, so that His sacred treasures and His divine impulses may descend over the human consciousness and to the nations, so that the errors may be erased, the deviations may be avoided, human perversion may be stopped, and souls may find again the path toward what is sacred and toward the upliftment of consciousness.

All this may be possible because of the continuity of your daily prayers, the commitment with the school of prayer of My Mother so that more souls may be able to awaken in time, and may find within themselves the meaning and the answer of being here on Earth, not for something material, but for something profoundly spiritual, for a mission, for a principle and a purpose, for a Greater Plan. 

My Heart contemplates your inner needs. My ears hear all your pleas. But it is necessary, companions, to take another step so that the Higher Universe may come to meet you and the Greater Source of all the impulses of God may continue to guide you and lead you toward the goal of being able to be part, someday, of the new flock of God that will be born from the miserable and the imperfect, from those who are learning to be redeemed and to forgive. Because it will be the New Jerusalem, the city of light that will descend from the Universe to welcome you all in the Sacred Temple of the Heart of God, in profound communion and alliance with the Father.

The nonmaterial treasures of the Universe must be part of your lives, the attention of your consciousnesses, the reason for living and for existing and for carrying forward a part of the Plan of the Father, in this way you will be helping your Master and Redeemer so that His Work may continue to expand on Earth in this time, outside of His Church, given the need of millions of souls that experience great suffering and infinite agony that only the Love of God will be able to heal and alleviate.

For this reason, your Master and Lord needs intermediaries, not masters but disciples, servants of His Merciful Heart that can represent Him in this time, just as the apostles represented Him in the past.

In truth, I tell you, I come to bring continuity to what I once did on Earth. I unite past time with present time through Real Time, so that your spirits and consciousnesses may receive the same Christic codes that My Apostles from the past once received, as did all those who followed Me with faithfulness and love, with sacrifice, in surrender and in redemption.

You must be part of the story of the Book of God. The Celestial Father still hopes to be able to continue writing a new story in humanity. A story of all those who listen to Christ, who follow His steps and experience perfect communion with Him, responding to His Call without conditions or rules, in obedience, with faithfulness and in profound unity.

I am still waiting for the definition of many of you as well as many of your brothers and sisters that are on this planet, who are a part of the 144,000, who will proclaim My second return to the world, the second Glorious coming of God through His Most Beloved Son, in the presence of the Holy Grail.

If you give continuity to the story that God wants to write through your lives and hearts, nonmaterial treasures will descend from the Universe and will cease to be a mystery to the majority of humanity.

You will know how to work with the sacred tools of God, you will learn through prayer and through the sacred instruments to support this planet during its three days of darkness, and you will be by My side, although you may not believe that I am there, because My Presence is eternal, unmistakable and undeniable.

And thus, you will fulfill My promises, the promises that I once made to the Celestial Father of being able to again, through My Soul and My Divinity, rescue this sacred people that is humanity, who again were perverted and got lost through the influences of My adversary, which someday will be defeated by your own Master and Lord, with the authority of the Archangel Gabriel.

Celebrate the opportunity, companions, of being conscious, and do not let the planetary inertia absorb you or that the deep sleep of millions of human beings may affect you.

You are now within the great awakening, the opportunity to transform your lives completely, to be the new wineskin in the Hands of the King, purified and sublimated by My Spirit.

As long as humanity does not take the necessary steps to reverse and balance human perversions and all their misalignments, the treasures of the Universe will remain in the Universe until they can be revealed to the entire human consciousness, regardless of religion,  color, or nation, because the knowledge of God is for all. The knowledge will make you more aware and available to be able to carry out the Plan of God, to fulfill the great promise of being a sacred people under the principles and the attributes of God, which many call Commandments.

We are still in the time of Grace. We are still in the time of Mercy, with the opportunity of being able to cross the portal toward redemption and of becoming worthy children of God by means of prayer, daily charity, love, and peace with your peers.

As a testimony to this love that I continue to unconditionally give to the world, today I will again consecrate new adorers of My Eucharistic Body, because in them must be the pillars and the great divine structures that will support humanity and the planet when it moves, through the perfect practice of adoration.

Through My Eucharistic Body, find the portal for your ascension and transcendence, for the sublimation of your thoughts and feelings, in order to be able to make amends for all your debts and faults in face of the Celestial Father, Who mercifully loves you.

Through this consecration of new adorers, I again give you the Gifts of God so that you may learn to conceive them within you, through an example of life on the path of prayer, of service, of instruction and of healing.

Those who adore My Eucharistic Body are the ones who will, in the end of times, allow divine revelations to continue in humanity so that all may be more aware and available to be able to serve God.

Those who adore My Eucharistic Body are the ones that balance the planet and humanity in this time and do not allow errors to continue to be generated so that they do not lead souls into perdition and spiritual blindness.

Adoration is a path of reconciliation with God and of profound contact with Me, from Heart to heart, from Soul to soul, and from Spirit to spirit.

Between us, the adorers and My Heart, only the Light that emanates from the Source can exist, which brings healing, forgiveness and renewal to hearts.

Adoration is a permanent practice of concentration and of alignment to be able to stabilize the psychic plane of humanity, from all that it generates in this time, because of what it thinks and what it experiences.

Adoration is a permanent portal of transmutation in which the angels are able to maintain all the balance and the harmony when the adorer simply opens to being before My Eucharistic Heart.

Today I bring you these opportunities and Graces, knowing that this meeting will not be enough for everything that Europe needs today as a continent and as a people, in light of so much history and so many events. Because the salvation of the rest of the nations of the world will depend on Europe, on its charity, on its contribution, on its giving of self and its fidelity to fellow beings, to the one who suffers, the one who has nothing.

That is your main commitment: to step out of yourselves, to completely empty yourselves so that My Love and My Light can enter, so that My Message and My Word not only continue to come here, to Europe, to bless you, heal you and redeem you, but also be able to reach the whole world through your conscious collaboration.

The manifestation of My Second Return will depend on the conscious contribution of humanity, on those who believe in Christ, on those who work for Christ, on those who live in Christ.

There is a part that is up to you all, in perfect equality and balance, in cooperation and in brotherhood. This will allow humanity to not be without a guide, without help in this difficult time on Earth, in which everything, absolutely everything, is at stake.

Unite with My Heart and you will understand what I tell you today, because God does not need your material goods. The Universe needs your giving of self so that you and your material goods can transform into what God needs, just as He conceived it in the beginning in unity, in equality, in fraternity, so that the Divine Spirit, the Love of God may always be present.

Let us celebrate this meeting, Let us internalize the Words of God through His Beloved Son, so that the words do not go unnoticed, but rather that the Words of the Father be conscious within you, especially in your hearts, where the Living God must always have a principal place in your lives.

Opening the Celestial Church, summoning all the Angelic Choirs, we will experience this consecration as if it were the first time that Heaven touches your lives to redeem them and change them into light. Amen.

We stand up.

At this moment, each one of you will make their offering before the Celestial Father. In the silence of the heart, you will tell the Eternal Father what it is that you need so that My merciful Heart may gather up your supplications and intentions, and your lives again be transformed.

"Father of the Universe and of Grace, just as You gave Yourself through Your Son on the Cross for an immeasurable and infinite unknown Love, today surrender, Lord, through Your Son, so that souls may vivify Your Spirit and live the experience of Your Love, which will raise them and bring them the awareness of accomplishing Your Divine Purpose. Amen."

By the water that emerged from My Side, today may souls be washed so that they can experience spiritual communion, and in this way, achieve redemption.

Now bring here the elements for the consecration of the adorers so that the Lord can bless them.

Just as My Mother lived Her virginity, I invite you to live My immaculate Spirit, the immaculate Spirit of God that emerges like a Fount of Love through His Son. Because My ardent desire is that your hearts learn to be pure, not only in consciousness but also in intentions, because if your hearts are pure, you will achieve the Kingdom of God and will enter into It without any impediment.

Each practice of consecration, each new step that is taken by the children of God is an opportunity to awaken, to be committed to the Plan of God and to surrender to the Christic life.

This is why today I especially bless these elements that will represent a stage of your lives on the path of the consecration of the Spirit, of the conversion of the soul, and of the transformation of life.

May the Grace of God descend into them and may that Grace be reverently cared for and protected by each one of those who today will be consecrating themselves, as well as by those who are already consecrated, because in the simplicity of all that exists is the Living God.

Be the example of My Life on Earth, testify to My Message for the world, represent Me in truth, without fear and without obstacles, because I take you into account, I contemplate you with My Heart, and I hold you in the temple of My Spirit.

May the instruction elevate and redeem you.

For those who also adore Me, I make the sacrifice of coming to the world again, so that souls do not lose the joy of living in God and of finding the meaning of being here on Earth, fulfilling an unknown Divine Will that, for the heart that opens, reveals itself in life with clarity and precision. 

Today I come to renew the sacrifice of the Lamb of God through the transubstantiation of the elements, of the bread and the wine.

At the Table that was consecrated by the Father and by His apostles, we will again celebrate by giving the world the Blood and the Body of Christ, for the salvation of humanity and the planet.

At this Altar, consecrated on this day, where the men and the women of the Earth recognize the Son of God through His Eucharistic Body, I invite you to kneel to remember the last Supper of your Lord together with His apostles.

In deep joy and love, I took the Bread, giving thanks to God, His Spirit blessed it, I gave it to My apostles, saying to them:

"Eat all of It, because this is My Body, which will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

I then lifted up the Holy Chalice to the Heavens, the Father blessed it with His Spirit, I gave it to My apostles, saying to them:

"All take and drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be spilled by your Redeemer and by the martyrs for the remission of sins. Do this in Remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

In union with the Most Holy Trinity, repeat the prayer that with such Love I taught you:

(Our Father (in Portuguese)

"This is the Lamb of God, who redeems and forgives those who are lost, who with His Fire of Love, vivifies and reignites those who live in Him and proclaim His Name. Amen."

I taught you to love one another, and it is something that humanity still has not understood, but those who are awake in Me know the importance of unconditionally and truly loving their fellow being.

For this reason, I invite you to renew yourselves in love so that your wounds may be closed and the inner sequels be dispelled, and you feel the joy of living in love and for love, just as I live for you all of the time.

Today I not only leave you My Peace, but also I leave My Love so that the Peace and the Love of God may be in you and in the world.

In fraternity and in love, you will give one another the greeting of Peace.

I thank you for being with Me today.

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Association Mary
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