Friday, March 22 of 2019

The Sacred Call


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (in Latin). Amen.

Let us greet the King of the Universe.

I ardently wished that this day would come because the triumph and the victory of My Heart are near and nothing will prevent it.

Happy are those who trust in My Word. Fortunate are those who follow it. Blessed are those who fulfill it, because Heaven and Earth will pass but My Word will remain in the memory of My chosen ones.

This is the time to give everything for Me. It is as I said in the past: I want you cold or hot. Far from Me the tepid at heart because in them My Work is not built.

In the tepid ones My Work does not evolve. It is in the warriors that I build My Truth and in them I leave My Message, My Flame expresses itself, My Love penetrates and transforms all that is corrupt. This is why I wished for this day to come and that you would be exhausted and tired, in order to be able to represent and to live what I lived for you in the culminating moment of My Agony, in which solitude abounded and the strength, despite the darkness, was in God.

I know it is not easy to live what I ask of you, this is why I respect the timing of each one of you. But it is up to Me, as your Master and Lord, to observe you and contemplate you so that you learn to follow My Path, so that you do not lose sight of My Purpose, that goes beyond the material and the spiritual. Purpose of which you are all part. Purpose in which you were all congregated, to fulfill it and to live it in these times, for a greater and widely unknown goal.

What I need from you is something more than material and, I could say, something more than spiritual. I need you to deepen into this existence that is within you so that the world may, day by day, continue to learn how to overcome mediocrity, indifference and all that omits the Truth of My Heart. This omission comes from humanity for being blind in the illusion and for not having heard, not even once, everything that I have said in these last times.

I still await the redemption of these human beings and the collaboration of the souls who, beyond their possibilities, their sacrifice or their surrender, are ready to suffer for Me.

But I do not bring you the suffering of the Cross, not even the tiniest cells of your body would bear it. Because what I lived for you was very great and it still has not been reported in any sacred book. The time will come in which I will tell all the truth.

I hoped that, on this night, those with an open heart would be preparing for the next encounter with Me, which will be a determining Sacred Week, in which many definitions will be made, steps will be taken and many will determine what they will make of their lives, based on these impulses of light that will come from My Heart.

All that I tell you today, companions, is to encourage you to continue forward, it is to encourage you to burn in love for Me, in a love that is capable of doing anything, under any circumstance or situation, in a love that lives in silence the aspiration of meeting Me day by day, and of someday seeing My Sacred Face.

If today you are not pervaded by this love for what you are living or for what you are learning or suffering, what are you doing here?

I need a real and sincere truth, I need your hearts to be torn for Me and your souls to be surrendered for me, day by day.

My Cross had an incalculable weight, a value not yet valued, a surrender still unknown. May My Cross be your breath, your strength and your aspiration. And when you feel the weight of your cross, feel that you will be in My Truth, and My Spirit will blow in you and I will inspire you in the Sacred Word, I will give you the answer and you will reach the aim.

Not everyone is prepared to live what I need. But if I ask, companions, it is because it is possible and only something within you could prevent it. But whoever surrenders at My Feet surrenders to God, to His Will and to His Purpose. And this surrender is priceless, it cannot be measured nor is it conditioned, because it is a surrender that donates the heart of each being who clings to Christ.

Today is a special day, but also a decisive one, because all the souls that hear My Call, after these last times, are for the first time before two paths in order to choose, and this answer will emerge from within you.

This is why I contemplate you. This is why I pray. This is why I adore My heavenly Father so that His deep and infinite Wisdom may be in you, within you and in your essences at the moment of deciding, of confirming yourselves or of defining another path.

At this moment, in the face of your spiritual and universal decision, I cannot intervene. My Father and My Mother made you free in spirit, in action and in word.

As before I surrendered to the Cross, before I was martyred and humiliated by those who were cured and healed by Me before My Blood was shed, and although up until today it has not been recognized, it was in that time and in that hour that the apostles also lived their great definition for their following stage.

My disciples must cross this threshold and learn how to cross it as I crossed it for you when the Father presented Me the Chalice and I said: "Thy Will be done."

This is the Chalice that I am offering you today. Beyond your possibilities, your limitations or your trials.

This is the Chalice that witnessed for you the Love poured out in each drop of Blood, as well as in the Water that flowed out from My Side.

This is the Chalice that witnessed the descent of Mercy, of pity, of compassion and of redemption in humanity.

This is the Chalice that I offer you so that the world may not destroy itself, so that the continents may not suffer, so that the wars may end and so that the enemies and antichrists may be defeated by My Light, the Light that comes from the Love of My Heart.

I warn you and I call you to awareness. Everything that you truly offer Me I recognize, however simple and small it may seem, however silent it may be, even if it is between you and Me and no one else; everything is recognized, contemplated and accepted by My Heart.

It is there, in this small offer, that you will find strength, impetus and determination. It is there, in the small and in the simple but true, that you will find the key of the love which will transform your being and all of your consciousness as I still expect so much, according to My Projects.

Keep these Words as something that will never be repeated again. The Lord of the Universe also has His time for saying things because this prepares you and guards you from the danger, the perdition and the deception that My adversary can propagate.

But I will step on his head and place My Sword. I will transfigure his essence and all the essences of evil. And My Celestial Kingdom will descend on the four points of Earth, the great Mother Star will come and the Masters will descend to regenerate and heal the Earth, and thus the New Humanity will emerge.

Offer this moment of decision at the Altars of God. He is attentive to the voice of your pleas, just as He was attentive in Fatima through the heart of My Celestial Mother. We are in a moment similar to that one, beyond your matter or your bodies, your mind or your intellect, beyond the spirit, the soul or the essence.

Offer to God this moment of decision. This will allow My Work to expand in the world and My Love to continue to triumph above the adversity in the hearts that congregate to live My Brotherhood.

Let us stand up.

Lord of the Universe, Creator Father-Mother, participate in the Communion with Your children at this sacred moment of definition in which Your Doors open and the souls cry out for Your Love.

Light in them Your Trust, the gift of Your Wisdom, the infinite Compassion of Your Heart, so that all the Christs of the New Time may awaken and take part in the victory of My Kingdom in humanity. Amen.


Let us now invoke the Celestial Father, His Sacred Name Adonai, so that His Wisdom may descend on the planet and on all those who participate in the Communion with His Spirit.

Song: Adonai.

Let us inhale.

Father, convert this element into My Body so that the souls may nourish themselves from the essence of Your Spirit and of the Universe, of Your Truth.

At that time I raised the bread to the Father so He would bless it and give Me His Grace, and I handed it to the apostles saying: "Take this and eat it, all of you, for this is My Body that will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins."

Father, convert this element into My Divine Blood so that the souls may drink from the essence of redemption through the infinite Power of Love.

At that moment I also raised the Chalice, the Father blessed it and gave Me His Mercy so that it could be poured onto the whole Earth through My Blood up to the highest point of the Cross.

At that time I handed it to the apostles saying: "Take this and drink from it, for this is My Blood of the New Covenant, that will be shed for all human beings for the forgiveness of sins."

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ. Blessed are the merciful because they will live in the Mercy of God. Amen.

 Prayer: Our Lord in Portuguese.

Whoever lives in My Word, lives in My Love. I taught you to love yourselves, one another, beyond the flaws and the differences. May this Love spread in the world, the Christic Love of My Heart, in all peacemakers, in all missionaries and collaborators of the Work of God.

May the Peace of God be in your hearts and may He always make you partakers of His Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In fraternity and love, gratitude and joy, you will give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you!