Wednesday, March 6 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus, during the 68th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Christ is teaching me a prayer.

Let us repeat:

Sacred Geometry of Light,
symbol of the Universal Creation,
descend upon us Your Divine Purpose,
so that we may attain Redemption.

The Creator Fathers were partakers of the infinite Wills of God before the Universes were created and manifested, before the first Host of Light existed, and they were called Elohim Angels.

Before the existence of the mental universe the first Creator Parents, the twelve Archangels, were the ones who participated, in communion with the Heavenly Father, in His Source of manifestation and life, provided by love, by unity and wisdom.

At that time everything, absolutely everything, was perfect until one of them, one of the Creator Fathers opposed the Will of God and wanted to do his own project, which he carries out until now and will be defeated by the Love of My Return to the world.

Duality will be defeated, error will be transcended, guilt will be dissolved, suffering will be extinguished when the principles of the Divine Source return to the world, in truth, to this Solar System as to other Life Systems, where communion with the Heights is lived in a different but simple way, according to what the twelve Archangels taught.

The revealed angel is the thirteenth, so he will still be redeemed. It will be the last thing that Archangel Gabriel will do, when the archetype of His Sacred Geometry descends to Earth and when He is called by God to carry that Mission forward in humanity.

It will be a deeply spiritual and inexplicable event. That is why today I am opening to you the second Scroll of God, so that you may be aware of the true and unique Knowledge, which is also kept in the Sacred Ark of God and above all in His Heart.

The time indicates that humanity is changing its state of consciousness. Do not worry, no human being on Earth can translate the impulses that I bring to the world because it is the first time, after the people of Israel, that human beings on Earth make contact with this Truth, which comes from the Supreme, from the Source.

So do not fear. Your essence, like the essence of your brothers and sisters, recognizes this Truth. They recognize the opportunity to resume the path to the sacred Knowledge of God that will ennoble the spirit, elevate the soul and transcend the corrupt matter.

That is why, my companion, everything has its time, not only to reveal itself, but also to show itself.

I bring something that humanity has still not wanted to know. This is not part of a deserving, not even of a grace for this humanity, but it is part of a revelation, of a need, of an emergency. It is part of a response, because of the answer that My companions have given in the fidelity of the prayer, of the service, of the instruction, of the acceptance, of the time of the changes, of the Plan of the Hierarchy, of the need to materialize the Will of God.

Do you understand now why it is so difficult to translate My Impulses?

Because they are not only words, they are principles, attributes, commandments, and energies for the spirits that are in redemption, for the souls that are in conversion, for those who for the first time approach the Light of God after having moved away from It for a long time.

The Geometry of God is pure knowledge of the Source. No soul on Earth can touch it and interfere with it, only the Second and Third Person of God can do it, as in this case His Son, the Redeemer, who brings that Grace with all the Love of the Universe.

Because it is the Source of Grace that sends this impulse to the world and that brings the opportunity for the human consciousness to grow, consciously, without pride, without arrogance, and without vainglory, because the knowledge of God, transmitted through His Sacred Geometry, abounds in humility and in love.

Within you there is the most important Sacred Geometry of God, which is the Divine Essence that evil tries to defeat, extinguish and disturb all the time. But the nourishment of each of your essences is prayer; it is the only way that will lead you to Christic Life, to unconditional service and to the absolute surrender of your consciousness to God.

May this Sacred Geometry, within you, be deeply revered and protected from the stimuli offered by the world in the universe of its infidelity, its omission, and its indifference; something that affects the essence of human beings very much and makes them fall in error, in faults, in sin.

But if your lives follow the path of the essence, according to the Sacred Geometry of God, within you a new being, a new principle, will be designed, the one that God thought in the first humanity of the Earth, in Adam and Eve, a Project that was interfered with and usurped.

But now, after My coming to the world more than 2,000 years ago, for this next Sacred Week when you will not only celebrate and remember My Passion, it will be the most important moment when the whole humanity and the planet will have the last and only opportunity, in that Sacred Meeting, to receive the impulses directly from the Creator Fathers, about which I am speaking to you today and about which I spoke to you yesterday, about the Sacred Geometry of God, incalculable knowledge, a non-material treasure that will replace the consciousnesses within the Plan of God so that the New Earth and the New Humanity may arise at last.

I know that on this day you will not understand everything I say because not only are My words pronounced, but the Universe speaks as the same word and transmits the impulses of the non-material Fount of God for humanity, for all those who have congregated in faithfulness and trust in order to be part of My Project.

I have longed so much to say all these revelations that I had to wait until the day of this meeting, so that in this meeting, number sixty-eight, your consciousnesses might be prepared and your inner ears and, especially, your hearts could hear something absolutely unknown, which by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit of the Mother of God could be revealed today in words, in impulses, in light, and in a unique Sacred Geometry.

The Divine Knowledge is for the brave, a portal that will lead you to know the Universal Life, to overcome ignorance, hypnotism, and world illusion. Because your consciousnesses, by the nature of this revelation, will rise and they will be able to be in intimate communion with the Heavenly Father, directly with His Source and His Will, to say "yes", finally, to His universal Call of love.

Because the Father aspires and expects to see a new Earth free of selfishness, suffering, indifference, wars, perdition. He wants to see a new Earth, a fruit of the Universe of Peace, and promising Grace of all the Archangels, the Elohim.

For your material body to participate in this divine energy, today we will invoke one of the names of God so that this powerful energy that comes from the Source may be kept within you, at this moment and directly for humanity.

Thus we will celebrate this Eucharist, this possibility to be in communion with the Heights again, having total awareness, in spite of the abstract and the non-material, of what you are receiving today and of what you will receive so that you may have your fruits not only in your lives but also in your families and in your loved ones.

So be it!

We will sing "Elohim, Elohim." Let us stand up.


Let us put our hands in a sign of receptivity and gratitude.

Now a little more intense and faster.


Adonai, Emmanuel, and Abba, Father of Truth and of the Infinite Existence, descend Your Principles upon the world, vivify the flame of Love in the hearts so that, transformed by Your Sacred Geometry, they may attain redemption. Amen.


“Our Father”.

This is the Body and Blood of Christ that will always give you Eternal Life. Amen.

Finally, I was able to do what I expected and yearned for so much. Finally, I was able to fulfill what God so desired, and I hope that this treasure is protected and valued because it will not be within the reach of material life, but of the spiritual life that each one builds in themselves and for God.

Through the Sacred Geometry of Peace and in the name of Shalom Adonai, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

By the name of Peace, you will fraternally greet one another.                                                                                

I thank you!

And do not forget what I told you. You may greet one another.