Friday, December 21 of 2018

The Sacred Call

And as it was said, I come descending from the heights of the Himalayas to bring a continuance to the revelation of the Plan of God, which is written in His sacred books, kept as a copy in the Ark of the Holy Covenant and within His immaterial Source, His great spiritual tributary, and His Divine Thought.

Today, the Master among masters comes to you to bring an end to this year, to this cycle that is already closing in humanity. A cycle that will enter into a new cycle, into a new history, and into a new movement guided and inspired by the Hierarchy.

In the mountains of the Himalayas many treasures are kept, which the pure in heart have known, and just like all those close who have had an intimate relationship with the mountain, for the purpose of uplifting their consciousness.

The impulse of the consciousness of humanity, of its prompt elevation,, must still continue. But it will depend on this end of cycle for this to occur. Meanwhile, companions, you are going through a transition very unknown to the majority, through purification and definition. But the spiritual Hierarchy still has not only more revelations to give you, but also keys that will lead your lives during this very hard stage of the purification, keys that will allow you to go through the times, the dimensions, and the planes so as to always be able to find the Hierarchy that works on one single line and one single purpose.

During this period of time in which the spiritual Hierarchy will be publicly withdrawn, this descent of information will depend on there being in each one of you a true reflection, beyond what you will have been able to understand and feel, beyond the symbol or the form, and even further, beyond the purpose and the infinite sense that unites Us with you, and with Us in this mission of the end of times for the rescue of the attributes of humanity and the redemption of lost souls outraged by My adversary.

For the Hierarchy to be able to continue acting on the planet and in human consciousness, for the Hierarchy to be able to continue working in the different regions of the planet through all the nations that They still have to journey through and visit, it will depend on the reflection of My companions and those close to Me. Because now, the answer must come from you and not from God.

It is time to assume the Purpose with transparency and humility so that the Plan can continue to be designed and realized. So that you understand the Immeasurable Work of the Mercy of God, today I bring you a part of this Divine and Cosmic Plan that My Holy Mother began to write and tell about through Her spiritual impulses and messages.

But this revelation does not end here, it will depend on this reflection. I say it again and I again repeat it, because it is important that you understand and that you accept it, because there is still much to be done.

There are souls that are still submerged in hell and the majority do not perceive this, because of what is superfluous in these times, and of the hypnotism of the modernities that blind the hearts and distances them from the life of the spirit. Meanwhile, each one of you, according to your school and your learning, according to the degree of love, and according to your maturity, have a responsibility toward the Plan of God.

There is no other place on the planet that has been chosen for this and indicated by God of the Heights, the Almighty, Himself.

Your faith in the immaterial rather than in phenomena is what allows the continuation of this work, because humanity has been too much deserving of miracles. Now the miracle, each one of you must build it within yourselves, so that My Project may triumph, so that My Victory may be concretized in all the redeemed.

I now want to hear the instrumental of "Thus Spoke the Master."

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the honor of God, of His Mercy, of the Source of His Grace, and of the infinite Universe of His compassion, His Firstborn Son Jesus Christ has the authority of opening His Sacred book so that His Sacred Golden Scriptures may be a source of renewal in souls, awakening in consciousnesses, and a continuance of the purpose in hearts.


Father Who are in the Heavens,
may the advent of Your coming Kingdom
in humanity be fulfilled.
May all veils of consciousness now fall 
so that the creatures of Earth may recognize their lineages, 
and Your most Sacred Talents may awaken within Your creatures 
so that they may serve, in the name of Love and Grace,  
all humanity, and consequently, this whole planet.


Abraham was the father who received the synthesis of the first humanities. In that time, the Great Patriarch of God who assembled the peoples that would be the preamble to the Advent of Christ, kept the Sacred Treasures of the Ark in what was later the Temple of Solomon.

In that time, many impulses were received by the Divinity. The Archangels Gabriel and Raphael descended to the Earth to deliver the symbols of the revelation into the very hands of Abraham, and so that these symbols, these sacred impulses might  be a source of renewal and of evolution in this very ancient civilization.

What took place in that time through Abraham and his people was so sacred, that up until today, the human consciousness itself, without knowing or understanding it, has kept within itself, in its deepest and most intimate nuclei, the legacy that Abraham achieved as Father and Patriarch of humanity.

He was transmuted by the Archangel Raphael, so that on Earth, within the sacred peoples he commanded, it would be possible to live the first laws of healing and of regeneration that would allow the unblocking of the process of evolution that this people kept from their decendents Adam and Eve.

In order for this to be possible, Abraham had to form a great family so that it might be heir to the knowledge that he received from the Archangel Raphael Himself, with the intention and the spiritual reason that the history of the Project of God that the Father Himself was revealing to the most simple and humble of humankind, could continue throughout time and the generations.

Abraham was a Patriarch who suffered and lived the impotence of seeing, in that time, the deviation of some of his children, which remained through the generations and up to the times of today between Israel and Palestine.

But this interminable cycle will end in the human consciousness. In the genes of humanity is kept this experience of love that Abraham lived in profound union and communnion with the Archangel Raphael. His legacy reached the hands of Moses through the commandments and the Laws which this next Patriarch learned from the spiritual and universal Hierarchies, on the sacred Mount Sinai.

Now these keys, which opened the doors of the consciousness of Abraham, will return to Earth through the impulse of the Firstborn Son Who comes from those Sacred Fathers, from that Sacred People that was in search of the Promised Land. But the true promise of God lies within you, in the realization of the Divine Life on the surface of the Earth, within reach of the different degrees of love and the constant donation of your spirits for the materialization of the Plan in the whole human consciousness.

And although we are in a time of great deviations, in which chaos and evil fight to gain a position, today I awaken all the human beings of the Earth, beyond their beliefs or their faith, to these principles and these keys that are also kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant as in the human heart that has absolute faith and confidence in the Plan of God.

For this reason, companions, just as Abraham availed himself of the Principles of God and of all celestial gifts, be worthy in the Lord and also avail yourselves of these principles and of these keys, fully identified and represented in the attributes of the Universal Mother.

If each one of these attributes is fulfilled and is strictly followed, a new humanity will be born and will already cease to be a promise. Even an advent will be a reality that will be built within each one of you, living the path of transformation and of transcendence, of the giving of self and of surrender for the millions of souls that are incarnated on this planet and do not do so.

Unity among peoples and religions, a prophecy written in the Sacred Bible, will occur when within each human being the inner Christ awakens, to bring a continuance to the Work of God and to His Divine Project on this planet as in others.

Be like Abraham, be like Moses or like My own cousin, John the Baptist, who were disseminators and forerunners of the Christic life through a way of life of simplicity, of truth and immeasurable surrender to God.

I do not ask you to be patriarchs or prophets nor great servers of Mine. I need the most miserable, the most imperfect, the most condemned and the most lost to redo Creation and finally, when I return physically to the world, establish a new colony of Christs that will know how to live love, brotherhood, fraternity, and unity with the One.

God gave Abraham a treasure that did not continue on the planet and in humanity. God gave Abraham knowledge about the coming of the Messiah, about the coming of the Mother of God as a simple woman who was chosen to be the receptacle of God itself. He gave him to know the coming of Saint Joseph, of a simple carpenter who would carry forward the most important mission of all times, from the beginning of Creation until the end of times.

So you, companions, before whom are you? Do you recognize our faces? Do you feel our hearts? Do you throb in our love and are you moved by our spirit to carry forward, at the end of this trajectory, the great Rescue Plan, which must have continuance through the sincere adherence of all who understand, beyond forms and the mind, the importance of the Plan of God materializing at this time?

Abraham knew the Sacred Hearts on the inner planes and taught all of his children and his people that it was essential and fundamental to live in love, beyond difficulties and all tests, beyond all darkness and gloom.

Now that you all know you are children of Abraham and of his descent, and of the ancient tribes of Israel, expanded throughout the four corners of the Earth, you will have in your hands, and most especially in your hearts, the opportunity of concretizing the Plan of God. And that through Love-Wisdom and the principle of the Sacred Brotherhood that transcends all differences, all difficulties, and all misunderstandings, you will be able to unite the cultures and the peoples in the essence of love and of truth. Because when this happens, it will be the sign of the human race that I will have the permission and the universal authority of returning to the world for the second time, so that all human race: the perfect and the imperfect, the fallen and the resurrected come to know the Son of God as He is, from the beginning to the end, so that in this way, the Law of Divine Will may be fulfilled.

Just as the Love of God reached Abraham, My Love always reached your hearts.

I want to generate within you a pure truth, capable of illuminating the end of times, of transcending borders, and of uniting with your neighbor beyond their religion or their creed, of their atheism and of their faith.

May the pillars of Christ, which will prepare the return of the Son of God, be implanted on the surface of the Earth. May the living pillars of God, represented by the followers of Christ who do not live any manipulation, who profess no lie, who are true, transparent, and crystalline as water, and who, beyond their impurities and their universal and planetary errors, will be announcing in themselves the return of the Lord, the "yes" of the return of the Lord, for this definite time and through this work.

When My words are fulfilled in you, especially in these next two months, I will ardently hope to return, to continue sharing with each one of Mine the fortitude they will need, the essential trust they will require in order to encompass the Work of God, beyond Brazil and South America. To open your consciousness and your heart to welcome and receive those who will seek the light of Christ, the light of Mary and of Saint Joseph in this place blessed by God and indicated by His Sacred Hand, before you incarnated on Earth.

So the commitment of all is very great; not only in the Work of God, but in the maintenance of the Islands of Salvation. I hope everyone will understand what I am saying, because each one knows what they should listen to so that they may become a responsible being, mature before the Divine Will and before the need to continue to make the Islands of Salvation flourish, and that too goes beyond the material aspect.

The gifts of God must not be taken away from here. This was the place chosen by the Father, just as the other Marian Centers so that, in the likeness of the simplicity of the House of Nazareth, they might be true receptacles and temples where the Living God is present in the moments of greatest tribulation, in which light will be scarce and darkness will be very great for blinding hearts with their own mirages.

For this reason, today I give you the Book of God, the revelation of the life of Abraham and of the legacy he received as a person, as soul, and as spirit. That legacy must not end in Israel, a story that is known of what happened there. This legacy must continue, vibrant and luminous, in the heart of the people that profess their faith to God and their trust so that His Sacred Will may be carried forward. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Closing the Book of God, I open the book of your inner stories so that My Words may be written in it, and may no longer be promises, but realities. Realities that will be true and that will be able to be manifested by the consistency and the adherence of those who are Mine. 

The decision is in your hands, and above all, in your hearts. Let us celebrate tonight the Eucharist of Reflection and of Wisdom so that discernment may be in all human beings in these next two months. So that daily prayer, daily communion, and daily confession with My Merciful Heart may be attributes that give the impulse to the awakening of consciousness and to the discernment fostered by the Holy Spirit so that the Will of God may be fulfilled. So be it.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us stand at the request of the Lord.

And at His request, we will celebrate this supper together with Him, blessing the elements of the Altar, offered by the noble hearts, the humble hearts that embrace the call of God throughout the times.

Each one of you at this moment, My companions, will have the opportunity before My Celestial Church of making your offering and your surrender, in the most intimate silence of the heart and the soul. Because in that place, in this sacred inner precinct of each being, God hears the voice of your pleas.

You may begin to pray inwardly.

Do not do it only for yourselves, but rather for the whole world. Embrace the planet just as I embrace it. Love the imperfect, immature, and mistaken humanity, just as I love it, since I was born until I taught, going through the cross and through the Passion, the Death, and the Resurrection, beyond the Ascension and the return of My Heart and of My Sacred Presence in humanity, I continue to love this race and to embrace this planet, beyond its condition and its learnings.

May this offer expand, let it not be restricted to your smallness. May it be an offering capable of going beyond the borders, the nations, and the peoples. May this offer reach the Heart of God, for those who truly suffer and have nothing, not even the gift of listening to Me here, just as you have listened to Me for quite a while.

If this offering is made in this way, you will leave Me relaxed and will pacify your hearts, because when I am no longer with you in the next cycle, it will be the sign that you have comprehended and understood that everything that you live and do, you must do it for love of humanity and of this planet so that its axis may remain in balance, beyond the purification and the transition that the Earth will harshly experience.

Heaven and Earth may pass, but My Words will be living in you. They will be pearls of light in the times of greatest tribulation; and you will have no doubts. Your faith will not weaken, will not become debilitated. It will be a strong and mature faith that will risk giving its life for Me.

Lord of the Universe,
Creator Father of Heaven and Earth,
inspirer of all religions,
present in His different Faces,
within all peoples and cultures;
in the end of these times,
may this whole generation, all religions
and peoples, unite on one path,
in the Fount that flows untiringly
from Your Heart,
the Fount of Your Love-Wisdom.


May the legacy of Your Sacred Ark descend to the Earth for the fulfillment of Your Divine Will.

Baptize them, Lord, with the Light of Your Spirit, so that the rain of Your Graces may penetrate to the depths of souls and heal the pained hearts.

Today My Immeasurable Love will be shown to all, in a simple act of consecration, so that you may be witnesses that today and until the end of times, I am with you..

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Lucy, of Venezuela, may come here to be consecrated as a Helper. The Lord needs a veil and oil for anointing.

At this moment, each one of your souls will have the opportunity, before the Celestial Father, of living again this inner consecration to My Sacred Heart. Remember that this is important for My Consciousness, just as it is important for Me that you continue to fervently pray for the re-consecration of Brazil to My Sacred Heart. This land must not be submerged or invaded; it must be the Eden that God chose from the beginning of His Creation to generate the universal family here.

My daughter, may God bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I anoint you with My Light, so that My Light may be in all those who surround you. Amen.

While I am here, the codes of the Sacred Ark descend upon you and the world.

In that time, I took the bread for you and, gathered with My apostles, who represented many more, I said to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body, which will be given up and outraged for humankind. Which will suffer and die for all for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me until the end of times."

In that time, I took the Holy Chalice of the Lord and elevating It to God, the Almighty blessed it. I gave it to My apostles, saying to them: "Take and all drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, Blood of the New Covenant, which will be eternal in all those who follow Me and live Me, throughout time, until I return to humanity for the second time."

"This is the Body and the Blood of Christ, happy are those who are called to be served of the Lord."

I am not worthy of your entering my home, 
but a word from you will be enough to heal me. 


Blessed will be those who today commune of My Body and of My Blood, because they will have the Grace and the impulse to represent Me inwardly for the next times.

Daughter of Israel and of Abraham, favorite daughter of the Most Holy Mary, My Daughter and Wife, receive the Sacrament of the Altar, the perpetual donation of My Heart for souls that must live My Love throughout time.

The Body of Christ...

Receive, from the Chalice, the powerful and precious Blood of Christ, the infinite spring of Grace and the Universe of Healing, so that all spiritual illnesses may dissipate and the Love and the Will of God may be established in your life.

The Blood of Christ...

Now is a moment of celebration, of joy and of gladness, for the redeemed are congregating.  The children of Adam and Eve are uniting. The children of Abraham are receiving their legacy and taking the step to live the Commandments that Moses once received; in order that the Earth, in this time, in spite of its decadence and its illness, in spite of the conflicts in nations and in peoples, of the death and the hunger, love may prevail, which will never be hidden nor overcome by those who pronounce the Victory of Christ in humanity, the Victory of Christ within themselves.

For this reason, blessed be the merciful, because they will always receive Mercy and give Mercy wherever they go and pass through.

In union with the Sacred Revelations of God and the Supreme Divine Source, a principle of Love and of Unity, in the name of the Archangels and of the Angels of the Universe and of all of the Spiritual Hierarchy, in the name of the Brotherhood and of the Fraternity, I bless you and bless the world for the inner Christs that will awaken on this Christmas.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for feeling encouraged to listen to me and for being open to the corrections of God.

A heart transforms by following a single path and being on a single boat, which is the boat that I offer to you, which will take you to the port of My Heart to live eternal Love, unquenchable Love, untransferable Love, invincible Love.

In the name of the Light of God, so that Light may be on Earth and in the new Christs, you will fraternally give one another the greeting of Peace.

I thank you!