Tuesday, September 4 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus, transmitted on September 4, 2018, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the twilight is about to disappear and the night arrives, this will be the most culminating moment for humanity and the planet.

Everything will have been unleashed within and outside of the beings, and upon the surface of the Earth, there will be nothing more to learn nor anything to teach.

Everyone will know the truth.

Everyone will be able to see it and participate in it, because the end of times will have been consummated and the New Earth will cease to be a promise, because the old Earth will have been purified.

But before this promise is fulfilled, which God eagerly awaits, the Earth will have yet to go through its transition. Duality will also experience its definition and fate will be changed.

After the most difficult parts have taken place, the Aurora will come, causing its Light and its Consciousness to shine forth. The Son will come and then His Mother will come, and with Them, all the angels and archangels, and the great laborers of the Plan.

The trumpets will have already been played and Truth will resound in the hearts of the righteous.

The unrighteous will be set apart and sent on to their new destiny. The chaff will have been separated from the wheat, the wolves from the sheep, the pure from the impure, the turbid from the clear, the darkness from the light.

And no one will be able to complain, no one will be able to justify themselves, because they will have received everything from Heaven and from the Universe.

The Words of the Hierarchy will no longer slip by like the wind or the breeze that can caress your faces.

The Word will be fulfilled and no one will be able to omit it.

No consciousness, no nation, no government, no one will be opposed, for opposition and duality will no longer exist, there will be no past nor will there be future.

The eternal present will descend to the Earth and the planet will enter into its new dimension, the dimension from which it was separated due to learning and experiences.

It will enter into the real dimension, into Real Time, where only the eternal exists, the visible and the invisible.

Thus, the consciousnesses that will stay and remain will no longer be far from the Truth, because the Truth will be part of them for having persisted in their tests and in their learning processes, for having believed in Christ, in His Word, for living obedience and a strict adherence to His call.

When I am no longer here among you, know that everything will be unleashed.

The walls of the resistances will no longer be personal fortresses, there will be no divisions or barriers, obstacles nor challenges, because everything will fall by its own weight.

Truth will prevail in the clean and humble hearts. The lies will be seen in the hearts that became soiled through their evil words.

The true faces will be seen. Some, full of gladness and the joy of Heaven, others full of fright, encountering Truth and repenting too late.

This is why you must always be careful with what you decide about your lives and your paths.

The Plan of God is not something transitory nor is it something that can be used to one's own advantage.

If the Son of God descended to Earth, it was because of the highest Will.

If the Son of God came to meet you, it was because of the highest Will.

Do you understand?

You cannot discard the Plan of God because it is not convenient for you or you do not feel it. Assume the responsibility of your purification and soon you will be free of yourselves.

You cannot distort the story that is being written in your hearts and lives.

You cannot turn aside the pencil of God for your faults. Reconsider and you will grow.

Do not make small what is truly grand and comes from Heaven.

Do not be like the world, which insults the Plan of God, day after day, without being aware of it.

Because when the laws strike the world, all will learn, and those at the center of the Purpose will not suffer, because the Law will not be a punishment, the actions of humankind will be their own condemnation.

You must recognize within yourselves what the Kingdom of God has given you, and do not contaminate it with your way of life.

Thus, invoke, implore and appeal for a pure heart so that your minds may be pure, so that your actions may be pure, so that your paths may be full of light rather than of suffering, the suffering that you can cause and experience for yourselves.

God aspires that all be able to live in His Joy and that nobody else condemn themselves in this humanity.

Seek to be what God really needs and everything will transform.

You cannot cease to be part of My New Gospel.

You must be part of what is descending from the Universe.

This is why, in these last days, I have brought you so many keys and so much knowledge, because it is time to live the spiritual maturity that the Father of the Universe needs to be able to continue to fulfill His Plan and His Will.

You cannot consider the Plan of God and your mission as something transitory, as if nothing mattered anymore.

Repentance will come to show some the place that they have put themselves in and from where they cannot manage to get out on their own. My Mercy does not reach there, neither does My Grace nor My Light. I cannot transgress your free choice nor your will.

I taught My apostles to be true, but also simple; to be honest and transparent in Truth, because that will always protect them.

But now is the time to place your consciousness upon the decisions in life and how that influences your evolution and mainly, your spiritual life.

Everything that has been given in these last times must be testified to on the day of the Final Judgment and after this life for all.

The treasures of Heaven will never be lost.

The treasures of Heaven must be testified to by each disciple of Mine, even though they are no longer with Me.

The signature of your commitment is your salvation and to remember this every day is also your salvation.

You must learn to perceive the reality beyond yourselves and never allow yourselves to harm the Plan.

You cannot let time go by as if nothing will happen. You know, better than I, that the planet is suffering and is very wounded.

This is why it is in the most culminating moment of the tribulation that I will return, and nobody will be able to escape this event, no matter how much they have denied Me, no matter how much they said I am not here.

The true Hierarchy does not have the children of God waste time. Be aware of this and reconsider.

I express this especially to those who have distanced themselves and were confused by My enemy. I pray for their repentance and their humiliation.

Human pride can be as large as a sea and drown you without you perceiving it.

The blindness of the unjust will be removed when they allow the Heart of the Master to touch them with His Light.

The lepers of spirit will be healed when they open from the heart to the divine healing and the reality of the Universe.

All of you have a place in My Heart, which you already know.

All of you have a commitment with Me and that is unforgettable, because the time has come for assuming the reality and not setting it aside on your paths as if it did not exist.

Learn from My Sacrifice and you will survive.

Be capable of truly and warmly loving.

Be true ambassadors of peace for these critical times, for in this way you will gladden My Heart which has many anxieties and a great many sorrows, caused by those who have not understood Me through this medium.

Now the Light will come for those that want to live it and want to participate in it.

That Light that I will propagate will protect you and you will love each step of your purification for Me.

Re-live your commitment that you once signed in the Cosmos and enter into the true dimension of the Brotherhood.

The locks of the Sacred Books have already been opened to begin to pronounce the great revelation of all times and of all eras.

Universal Life will become present in the hearts that cry out for it, for in this way the Plan will be vivified.

Do not waste time in what is transitory.

Accept carrying the planet upon your backs, for it cries out for relief.

Have the Star of loyalty and Confraternity stamped upon your chests. Re-ignite that inner Sun that must never die or go out.

Let what you truly are shine and you will be able to step out of superficial things.

Because what is small-minded will cease to be small-minded, pride will be purified, and arrogance will die so that the light of the spirit may emerge, which will always fill you and lead you toward peace.

I thank you for cooperating.

I thank you for listening and for bringing relief to the Heart of God.

May the Purpose be accomplished in you and may it always be remembered so that in the moments of greatest tribulation you do not doubt in following My Path, in this way, you will free yourselves of the confusion and the appearances that are around you.

Embrace this cross that I offer to you and, in this way, the seed of a New Humanity will be sown.

I do not ask the impossible of you. I only ask that after so many experiences in Heaven and on Earth, you learn to live Truth and, in simplicity, that which will cause you to find the great Ocean of My Love, of My infinite and expansive Love.

Re-experience all these impulses that I have given to you these days, because I know that you cannot manage to remember them.

You must pay attention to what I say to you because My Words will not be repeated.

Be good students, dedicated and disciplined, in this way you will defeat inertia.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Monday, September 3 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Private apparition of Christ Jesus on September 3, 2018, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús to be transmitted during the 62nd Marathon of Divine Mercy

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As at the Mount of Olives, today I speak to the Heart of God so that He may hear the Voice of His Son in the face of the great planetary need, so that He may hear the voice of His servers in light of the cry and the entreaty of their prayers, so that He may avail Himself of all the sacrifices and all the renunciation in order to carry forward His Sacred Plan.

Today I carry your consciousnesses to the Universe, to the great Sidereal pinnacle, so that the great archangels may contemplate them, so that the Mental Universe may perceive them, so that the Spiritual Universe welcome them, so that all Creation help them in this final moment in which the last operations of the Hierarchy are in play for defining the New Humanity.

So, open your hearts to this feeling of union with God, whatever it takes, whatever happens.

Let your heart not change in feeling nor change its love for God because what is written is being fulfilled, within and outside of beings. 

The great revelations are coming to announce to humanity that it is time to change its consciousness and to get out of this method of constant self-destruction and self-harm.

I will come to the world a second time, walking like a pilgrim in the Universe, crossing portals and states of consciousness to finally arrive here, on Earth, to announce the last word of the salvation and the redemption of humanity; to carry forward the judgment of the fallen, of those who fell in the Universe as well as on Earth, and to also take to Heaven those who glorified My Name and made it a part of themselves, not only in their spiritual life, but also in their works of charity and of good.

Each day that goes by this time draws closer, thus the importance of your spirits being linked to the great sidereal dome where all the Hierarchies come together with the greatest degree of love, to contemplate the humanity that has lost its innocence, its transparency, its faithfulness and its commitment to Creation.

This small planet, which is a dot in the great sidereal space, is very loved and considered by other Universes, by other humanities, by other consciousnesses that came before all your consciousnesses, since before the beginning of the first humanity.

So, understand, companions, that you are not walking alone in this humanity nor throughout time nor throughout the generations; that you are all observed and accompanied by something that comes from the Infinite and from the Greater, like a great stream of light and of love that offers itself, from cycle to cycle and from era to era, so that humanity may awaken to the reason and to the motive of its real purpose.

As with other humanities, you, companions, are writing a new story, and this story you are writing today will bear its fruit when it comes into correspondence with the Universe, with the Will.

That is why the challenges of these times will be demanding and need hard work.

An unconditional and greater love must be born in you, capable of transcending the limits, the barriers and the obstacles of the material and outdated consciousness.

This current humanity has reached the most culminating point after the last times, after the last millions of years that have gone by since the emergence of the first Project through Adam and Eve.

Now, in these crucial times, receive the impulses from the sidereal dome of the Universe so that you, and the next generation that will come after you, not continue to generate in your spiritual consciousness the original sin and the mistakes that always cause you to succumb to the hells of this Earth.

I open the doors to the Universal Consciousness so that all may be able to enter and find this very important link with their true spirits, which by signing a commitment with the Universe, came to Earth to fulfill a part of the great and infinite Will.

To those who today live the Will of God, feel yourselves to be participants in the joy of the Universe, despite going through crucial and defining moments.

To those who today do not fulfill it, there will be a last opportunity for repentance and reflection, in order that you not miss the inflow of Grace that comes from the Heart of the Father.

Thus, all the Hierarchies of the Universe and the great archangels of the Mental Universe have gotten together to evaluate this end time, which is part of the great revelation of the Apocalypse, in which very unknown signs and very profound revelations will reach consciousnesses for the purpose of uplifting their state and vibration so that they may perceive reality.

It is the moment to bring to Earth this legacy that you once experienced in the Universe. It is time to offer it to the Father so that it may be available within His Plan of Love and of Redemption.

In this way, you will learn to transmute your own aspects and conditions so that by forging the light of your spirits, you will be in communion with the Highest and within the great current of Divinity.

Your suns will incandescently shine.

Your eyes will open to see the signs that will appear on the horizon and that the Universe itself will project upon the Earth to warn humanity of the last messages of the great awakening.

It will not matter anymore who believes or who does not believe, who is present or who is far away.

Creation is thinking about a great definition, revealing Its Mysteries and opening the doors with its keys, so spiritual and inner that they will uplift consciousness.

So recover your filiation with the Universe and say "yes" to the Voice you hear from God through His Son, and you will help to build the new that must arrive someday and that perhaps you might not see physically because you will not be present.

But you, and mainly your consciousnesses, can be that bridge so that more miserable and ungrateful consciousnesses may have the opportunity to redefine their lives, to find the path again, and especially, to reach My Heart, where I have treasures for all, where I express ideas and principles for the consciousnesses that follow Me and serve Me.

Do not allow your stars to stop shining.

Hold on to Divine Unity and all will take place as foreseen.

But from the Universe the sign will come, as it comes at this moment for all, where the attention on the Words of the Hierarchy will be essential for your walking and your guidance.

Open your heart, then, still more so that the fire of the Hierarchy may be able to enter and transubstantiate your condition, making it divine, sublime and uplifted to the service of God.

In this way, your inner spirits will be closer, and inside yourselves you will feel this fire that will move you and will motivate you to carry the Plan forward, in spite of what happens or what presents itself on your paths.

So re-experience this filiation with the Highest and remember it every day, because there will be no next time. 

The opportunities are ending, the graces of the Universe are being reduced, Mercy gathers Its Source so that Justice may come.

Unfortunately, it is time to choose and to not be on two paths at the same time.

I do not want My disciples to be like coins. I want your honesty and your confirmation in the presence of My Heart, because I will never leave you alone, when you trust in Me.

I would like more souls and more consciousnesses in the world to hear this, in more tongues and in more languages, but first I come to say this to you because you are the ones who are closest to Me, walking at My side after so many experiences and tests.

Once more, the Universe presents itself in Its Spiritual Consciousness to shelter and receive you, to look inside you and see what truly exists and what arose from the Sources of the Universe.

So receive this message of peace and of consciousness from the brothers and sisters of yesteryear.

Feel the pulsating of other Universes that radiate their love and their peace to humanity and to its wounded planet,

The change of a few will cause a great change in the whole of humanity, it has always been this way, history repeats itself with different experiences, but with the same consciousnesses of other times.

The Flame of the Divine Purpose blesses you today and guides you to your destiny, which has been thought of by Adonai.

So receive My blessing from all the great Consciousnesses of the Universe, so that the fallen stars may rise, so that the sleeping cells awaken, so that you may cross the portal towards the New Humanity, in Christ and for Christ.

The time that will come will be very hard. The suffering that humanity has chosen will be very great, but the Universe will be attentive to the voice that asks and pleads for help, because it will be heard with sincerity.

Go through the times bravely and continue writing this very promising change, which should start first in your lives, to afterwards begin in the world.

Today I uplift you all in My Prayer.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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