Monday, August 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Place in My Heart what you need most.

Open your heart to receive My Mystery, the deepest revelation of My Love for you, and quench the thirst of your spirit from the Fount of My Heart.

Shelter yourselve in My Mantle in the harsh winters of the desert.

Warm your soul with My Fire and transform all doubts into Light.

Remove from your interior everything that weighs on you and hold me tight to feel My Strength.

Abandon me, but not as you think.

Embrace me with joy so that I may empty you.

Dissolve from your interior everything that does not want to be transformed yet.

Take refuge in Me and feel the joy of living in God.

Leave the world and enter into Me, because in this way you will know what I need, so you will receive what I have saved for you, and your soul will vivify the greatness of being in God and receiving His Kingdom, from time to time, without limits or forms.

I want you to deposit in My Heart what you still do not understand, I want you to remove from you what you still do not accept, because all that you live is what you have cultivated in your life, nobody has responsibility in that.

Everything you experience is part of a transformation, just as I transformed the human condition.

When I ask you to abandon Me, it is not for you to leave me, but so that you surpass Me in love, because someone must do something greater than what I did.

And I will stop being your Master when you have learned what the Universe needs, and in this way, you will open the door so that new masters are able to guide you, who exist in the Universe and are part of My Brotherhood.

Until you reach the great Avatar, you must go through many masters, because many schools are experienced in the souls that choose to follow me.

Never miss the opportunity to learn and to grow, in the sincerity of the works, in the purity of the feelings.

Never miss the opportunity to learn and to grow, in the sincerity of the works, in the purity of the feelings.

Great Masters wait to guide humanity. Their Silence is already eternal, but it is time for them to speak to bring the great revelation, in the end of these times.

They know their dwelling places. They obey My Principles and thus unite with all the Laws. They live in perfect harmony with the three planes of consciousness: spiritual, mental, and material, and are part of that great chain of Light that vibrates in the heights of the Universe, in the heavenly vault of the Hierarchy.

They have intervened many times in humanity. Many in the East and some in the West.

The mastery of the great Masters is sovereign because their essence is based on Love-Wisdom.

Each one comes from a special sphere of the Universe, each one has emerged from a great experience they had in recent times.

They are the masters of loyalty and of wisdom.

They make up one of the seventy-seven Wills of God and in their inner world envisage the expression of one of the Holy Names of God, Adonai.

For the Masters, Knowledge emerges from the Source of Wisdom.

Service for the Universe makes them humble and resigned, in likeness to the Master of Love. They have prepared for this planetary moment and have visited the world many times, to learn about the existence of this humanity and what My Father has conceived of for this human Project

And so, you are all part of a story that is being written in a Sacred Book; you are part of a story that tries to be corrected, aligned, and be united with the Universe.

The Masters are emanations of Love-Wisdom and they know through their experience, the christic life.

They were in Shambhala and then in the heights of Peru.

They know all human history, so similar to the palms of their hands, or the lines on their faces.

Wisdom has been achieved by them; It is the fruit of the Love of God, because they try to carry forward His Will: holy, full and peaceful.

They will come to the aid of those who say ‘yes’, no matter where your find yourselve or where you are. They will meet you to take you to the Truth.

They have been designated by the Eternal Father, through the Archangels who created them, to help the humanity at the end of these times, to safeguard the Project of God, as well as the Father once protected you through the incarnation of his Divine Son in the humble manger of Bethlehem.

They had knowledge of My Birth, they honored My Presence and bowed down before the Son-God; there they were initiated for this moment, for this transition of the Earth and this change of cycle in humanity.

Now they will call everyone by their origins and thus awaken the talents of Creation, they will teach deeper things than what I have taught because they already live them, they are part of them.

They have something inextinguishable on their breasts. With their hand they trace the line of the Brotherhood. They are known for their wisdom and discernment.

Any humanity existing in the universe knows who they are, because they emanate what they truly are and what they have transcended throughout time, everything that has unified them in the great chain of the Confraternity.

They know the planet because they have contemplated it many times and they know about the history of this civilization.

In essence, they know what God thought of in the beginning and today they work in silence and in harmony in order to be able to support the ardent desire of God in humanity, that the men and women of the Earth come to know true happiness, which is not physical, but internal.

I Am one of those Masters of Wisdom and I have been present in the East as well as in the West.

Through My Words I am revealing to you a story written in the Mirrors, something that is being refracted to Earth at this time through the doors of the Universe that are open.

Aurora welcomes this information and this knowledge, and all internal beings prostrate themselves on the ground, for being in front of the Source of Wisdom, which has manifested many times in the world and in their humanity through the Masters who have incarnated to teach the true essence of Love and the Sacred Spirit of Unity, which is something that comes from the Eternal.

Today, the Lord of lords and the Master among masters brings you the synthesis of everything experienced on Earth and the loving contributions of Love that have come through the Masters to this humanity.

That is why there is still time to be able to rescue the world, even if the abysses are shaken in the world. Mercy is leading souls to redemption.

Receive this knowledge and remember it. This story is to be found in the memory of your cells, this legacy is in the depths of your spirits.

In truth, you are something totally different from what you truly believe you are.

The Masters will gather their disciples together and will emit their great summons to humanity.

Different races and people will be assembled and they will all be gathered together for prayer, when the world is in its great definition and the moon will be clothed again in the color of blood.

From Mars will come help, and relief will come from Venus.

The Moon will be a witness to that moment, because its aspect will be completely transformed, as it never was transformed before. At that moment everything will have been said, the Masters will already be present on Earth to guide the last tribes that were self-summoned.

At that time no color, race, or nation will exist, all will be recognized by what is inside of them.

Thus, in this moment let the great Master polish you, for the Light within you must shine again.

Recognize the Master that you have so long searched for within you and carry out your great mission on Earth, because you will be called to serve in unexplainable situations and in climactic moments of humanity.

There is when I will see My Church emerge from the depths of hearts and My Word will be alive in you, My Fire will be eternal in each one of you, and that will move you to live the Plan.

Transform humanity with your acts of love, redeem the Earth with your examples of peace, and thus, with My own Eyes I will be able to see the New Christs emerging from the imperfections and the miseries, transformed by the Fire of the Holy Spirit, colonizing the Earth with new attributes, carrying the message of the great revelation and being carriers of peace.

For this reason, do not let yourselves be carried away by any message other than Mine. You must have discernment in the moment of hearing, that makes you grow in the Truth and will have you mature in Love.

In My Words are kept the vibrations of your destiny. Happy are those who adopt them and live them because they will be transformed and will not allow themselves to be defeated by anyone.

Be intelligent and you will be able to live the Plan.

If I am here, it is because the Plan continues, otherwise, I would not be here and the Plan would not be fulfilled.

Follow the Law of the Hierarchy and you will be in the necessary protection.

Those who are not here is because they have not understood Me, but I will be the one who will judge them.

Now it is time to move forward and to advance.

There are still souls that die without seeing the Light, there are still hearts that do not receive love, I am still in sick bodies, that need healing.

I am still in the world waiting for you to recognize Me in the one who has been forgotten, in the brother or sister who is imprisoned, in the heart that has closed, out of fear and apprehension.

I give you the authority to love the world much more than I loved it, I still hope that you can take that great step.

The Kingdoms of Nature still wait to be more loved.

The New Christs will not only be human, the Creation that already exists will be able to be the new christic life on the planet, completely redeemed and healed by the hands that give of themselves to serve it and the hearts that surrender to love it.

The planet waits for your unconditional love and for your great awareness in support of its restoration.

Everyone has a place to serve and to be able to grow in love. That is why My Arms are open for all, and My Heart is expanded for all. It offers itself as a refuge for your redemption, for the dissolution of doubts and blame, of the misunderstandings and incomprehension.

Whoever is in Me, will be in the Light of God and will be able to renew yourselves until achieving your great awakening.

Closing the doors of universal knowledge, I open the doors to the sacramental ceremony, so that the celestial Church may descend and the Sacred Will be carried out.

The time is coming when you must review My Words many times, because I will no longer be able to continue speaking to you.

All I have given you is all that I Am, but there is still to be revealed the great mystery of the Son of God, of Who He truly is. When I returns to the world for the second time, there you will get to know this revelation, and everyone will be aware of this.

Let us be immersed in the Celestial Church.

Let us adore the Sacred Heart of the Father, let us glorify His Name together with the angels of heaven, so that souls may merge into your pure and original essence. Amen.

We can stand up for the consecration.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ that always renews you, unconditionally offered for the healing of souls and as a balm of peace for all hearts. Happy will be those who avail themselves of Them in this Sacred Sacrament of the altar.

Lord, I am not worthy of You entering my house,

but one Word from You will be enough to heal me.


Our father...

Please come up here, Guissepe, Luci, and Mateus.

May Your Power, Father, descend through My Body so that souls may vivify the wholeness of Your Spirit.

Father, may Your Grace descend through My Blood, so that souls may be washed of everything and be reborn in the sublime Fire of Your Love. Amen.

Celestial Father Who leads everyone,
accept our offering of surrender to You.
Guide us on the path of love
so that Your Will may be done.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will go to Heaven with My task accomplished, full of the love of those who are self-summoned in My Name, carrying this experience of transformation to the Thrones of God, so that He may contemplate it in His infinity of Grace and of Mercy.

And now, in the name of love and of sacred unity, you will give each other the greeting of peace so that peace may expand to the Earth.

I thank you for having been with Me on this special anniversary.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Sunday, August 5 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 61st Marathon of Divine Mercy, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the house of My Father there are many dwellings; all were created for each one of His children.

Each one has the dwelling belonging to them; one day they will return to it with all they have learned and lived; that is why it is time to keep memory of everything that the being experiences on Earth, everything that comes from the Universe and from God.

It is time to get rid of the suffering and the agony, because in the Dwelling of My Father will enter all your wonderful learning, everything that you have lived here in My Name.

Everything that you do and experience here is concomitantly written in the Universe.

Each decision that you make in your lives, also has an impact in the Universe.

Each step that you are encouraged to take for Me is something that also has an impact in the Universe.

This is also what allows the Plan to be realized on Earth and is what makes that which God so wants to manifest for His children to descend from the Universe.

Today I come to remind you of the importance of this Dwelling of God, because you must preserve it and protect it from everything that will happen in the coming times.

If you still do not know that you have a place in the Universe, know today that you have it. That place will allow to recreate Creation, toward that place will go all knowledge lived and experienced.

For this reason, you must persist, because in the Dwelling of My Father all the good that you have learned, not only in this life, but also in other times, will be kept.

I want each being of this planet to know that the experience does not end here, nor on this material plane.

The infinite awaits you so that you may live new things, go through new experiences.

All that you sow in this time will be harvested in the future. That is why you must know well what you do and what you live, so that the treasures of My Father are not wasted.

The time has come for becoming aware of all the riches of Heaven and how many times they descend to Earth and try to unite with souls, so that they may live new experiences of love and of redemption.

All that you cultivate in this time will have an impact in the immediate future.

It is not necessary, companions, that I give you examples, because you have already seen them with your own eyes.

Those who cultivate bad things on My Earth will always come out losing, because Love is Wisdom and Wisdom is the Love of God.

Where His Son is, God is, and if you are in Me, truly, you will be able to be in the Father. The Laws are always fulfilled equally for all.

Each one knows what in truth they must do in this time. All that I need is that you always sow good things, because this will not only help you, but also the world.

Humanity has forgotten, to cultivate true attributes, for having distanced itself.

Humanity has become perverted and has deviated, that is why I come from the immaterial Source of My Father to remind you about the sacred attributes which are essential to live in this cycle.

It will be those attributes, like Laws of Light, that will protect you from yourselves and from others.

The time has come to unmask the wolves that are disguised as sheep.

But it will not be necessary for anybody to do, the Law itself will demonstrate it, as it has demonstrated in this last cycle.

Faithfulness to Me is not a passing thing. Neither is obedience a passing thing.

What I ask of you is permanent, true and immutable.

Therefore, if your paths are well seeded, you will cultivate good fruit, it does not matter that your lands are miserable, dry, arid, or empty. Through the Fount of My Love, everything is possible for your lives only when you are sincere with Me.

Today I need you to take that step toward a definite Truth because thus you will be able to be more brotherly, you will be able to live in more fraternity and be considerate with the fellow being.

The attributes of which I speak to you are not of this planet, nor of this universe, although there are other humanities that know them.

The attributes come from My Father and from His immaterial Source and this renews all things for those who truly want to live them.

Because through My Fire I bring you the illumination of your cells and atoms, so that in the deepest of your beings you may learn to live in the Brotherhood through the attributes that I bring you for this time.

That is why I repeat to you again that your first attribute is to love as I love you, and to love the other as you love God, in an immeasurable and infinite way.

If you have not yet achieved this attribute, keep on trying every day: forge in yourselves an unconditional love that goes beyond your miseries and your tests, beyond all the limitations and all the obstacles, and so you will be able to be New Christs that represent their Lord here on Earth.

I no longer want to see a spiritually miserable humanity.

Some of you must achieve much more than I achieved on the Cross and in the Passion.

You must and you can surpass Me in love.

No longer wait to be able to do it; live it with an unconditional effort every day; thus, your hearts will be similar to Mine, even though you do not believe it.

If I descended to Earth and was human and transmuted the human condition, what will the creatures of My Father be able to do, more than what I once did, being direct and intimate children of His immaterial Source?

You do not yet know your virtues, you only know your capabilities. But I come as the Lord of the Universe for each one of your capabilities to transform them, someday, into sacred virtues.

You must only surrender everything to me. Each one according to their time, even though there is no longer time.

It is time to surrender everything to Me and to trust in what I have foreseen for you.

The moment has come to close a cycle and to begin a new one.

Everything that you were not able to live before, you will not be able to live in this new cycle.

Encourage yourselves to unveil the mysteries of the universe with the expansion of the love in your consciousnesses.

Because to the humble will be revealed the Mysteries of God and from the arrogant and the prideful will be taken all the powers they think they have in a personal and human form.

The Law is again fulfilled and again written.

I come to teach you the path of redemption through love; this is what will make your dwellings fruitful and eternal.

And it will not be necessary to live in this world, nor in another what you have already lived, because you will have learned it as a life lesson and a lesson in humility.

I want your hearts to become peaceful, to be small, just as I was small in the arms of My Mother; in this way, the Project will not be lost, because it will not be in the hands of the arrogant, but rather in the heart of those that are humble themselves before God every day and who truly do penance, transforming all things, overcoming all times, vivifying the Sacred Spirit of the Lord.

Only the humble will enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Only the peacemakers will know the Kingdom of God.

All of them will never return again to the Earth, because they will know new dwellings and will remain in them to advance in their evolution and in the awakening of their spirits and a new Earth will begin with christic beings.

The law of suffering will be forgotten, and pain will no longer be remembered.

Love will reign and peace will be abundant in those who were unconditional with the Lord in spite of their miseries and their tests.

I need you to be clean of heart, not only at this moment, but also for the coming times.

I need you to be in ample resignation and in strict obedience, so that you may come to know other mysteries of the Universe that will not try to glorify your spirits, but rather make them more humble, more humble than I once was, as in the simple manger of Bethlehem.

Thus, companions, you will be able to love what you have never loved, forgive what you would never manage to forgive, because you will be in another state and in another vibration.

Thus, you will help those who most need and those who have nothing, spiritually speaking.

I will thus be able to withdraw and say that My task with you and with the world has been fulfilled.

I will thus be able to prepare to return without shifting My Consciousness so much through this Universe.

But I will never abandon you. Who is with Me will never feel abandoned.

Who is with Me will never lack love because they will have understood the mysterious Will of God, that from time to time tries to be written in the heart of men.

Empty yourselves before the Lord of the Universe so that I may place the new in you and withdraw the old from your consciousnesses.

Today you have offered Me a marvelous day through your songs and prayers; that is what gives Me the impulse, that moves Me to come back here all of the time, to be at the side of those who truly hear Me and activate, in themselves, My Words one by one.

From the Solar Source I have come , from the Spiritual Universe I have descended, from the House of My Father I have arrived, to bring you what you need today with all of My Love; so that you may remember, companions, that I will always renew you so that thus the mandate of God may be fulfilled; that you love one another, just as I have loved you and continue to love you.

That is the deepest mystery of Creation.

Love will make your abode luminous and your spirits clean.

Let us celebrate this moment with complete confidence. Let us thank God for all that has been received and let us rejoice in His Heart so that His Word may be fulfilled in the People of God.

May the mystery of this existence be revealed.

Father, send the Breath of Your Spirit
to those who are still sustained in You.
Send the Fire of Your Love
to transform all things.
Send the balm of Your Peace
to appease hearts.
Send, through Me, Your Mercy
so that creatures may know
the great happiness of being in You,

Today, spiritually, I will not only consecrate new adorers, but also those who will adore Me someday, as those who have adored Me until now.

Remember, companions, that there is a dwelling place of light for each one of the children of God, and that dwelling place waits to find you and receive you, so that in it may be kept the greatest experience of His Love on Earth, so that the angels of the Universe may elevate that experience to the Father, in order to re-create this Creation.

My word is like living water and comes to quench the thirst of those who are disturbed, of those who suffer, of those who for some time have been in their desert, asking God for a Grace and an opportunity.

Today I offer you the Word of Life like living water for your souls, so that the balm of the Love of the Lord may unify consciousnesses and banish the enemies, so that the Plan may triumph. Amen.

Today I will deign to consecrate these elements with special gratitude, so that the fruits of My Spirit in the souls may also reverberate in the sacred dwelling that you will come to know some day.

For this reason, I wish to hear "Your Word is Living Water", so that your souls may be worked upon at this moment by the essence of the Divine Sacraments.


For those who are able to, we will stand.


Song: Your Word is Living Water.

Here is kept one of the greatest treasures of the Dwellings of God.

Blessed will be those who avail themselves of it to feel the Universe of God in their hearts while they are here on Earth.

That is why I offer you My Body as a symbol of reparation and of healing for souls.

I also offer you My Blood as a symbol of purification and of renewal for all the spirits of the planet.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ, which gives you Eternal Life.

Here is the symbol of those who unite with Me through the offering of each new adoration; in them is built the Temple of God, which one day will become immaterial and eternal and will be especially kept in the dwelling that God has destined for each being.

Receive this symbol of adoration, as an act of gratitude on My part, and a renewing blessing for your souls.

I now want the adorers here, who will be consecrated today.

Most Holy Trinity,
that descends through the Divine Son,
unify these consciousnesses with the Eternal Father,
unify these consciousnesses with the Divine Son,
unify these consciousnesses with the Sacred Spirit,
so that in their essences may be established
the realization of the Plan of God
and the perpetual triumph of the Love of God,
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
My God,
I believe in You, I adore you,
I wait for You and I love you,
and I ask pardon for those who do not believe in You,
do not wait for You and do not love You.
Amen. (x3)

And now that My Mission is accomplished in you, I expect it is already reverberating through the times, by means of your adoration, your prayers, and your acts of love, so that the evil in humanity may be removed from this world, so that the Kingdom of God may be established in each human heart, and many, many more may know peace.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for this day and for the day that will come tomorrow, in My Name, fraternally give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you.

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Association Mary
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