Friday, July 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 60th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, in the City of Vienna, Austria, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I still come to the world for those who love Me. And I will come to the world as many times as necessary, because I know that the love of those who follow Me is true. It is this love and this trust that makes me return to the world, beyond the happenings of life, of the harsh trials that humanity lives when moving away from God and beyond its not seeking the love of His Source.

Again the prophecy is fulfilled: The Son of God will come, a member of the family of King David. The Source of God will come to Earth, to fill it with His Gifts and Graces. And that source, so immaterial and unknown, will sow His Graces and His Virtues in the hearts that cannot even imagine.

Again the Lord will work miracles in the lives of people and they will find the love that they need to survive in these times.

Rejoice, companions, because the Love of God donates itself again to the world and the Only Begotten Son comes to meet you to reveal to you the mysterious Source of the Love of God, which will be revealed to all those who dare to enter into eternal communion, with the Sacred Kingdom of God that vibrates in the higher universes of consciousness.

From there the Angels and the Archangels will also come, as was in the past, but this time in the most acute moment of humanity. At this moment and at this time, the great ultra-terrestrial consciousnesses will be able to intervene in humanity so that at least a part of the flock of God is under the protection of the powerful Hand of the Father and of His invisible Mantle of Peace, translucent through the ever Virgin Mary.

After two thousand and eighteen years, a great event will happen again in humanity, which will awaken in the dawning of these times, like the aurora that appears on the horizon and will show its peculiar and special brightness for the souls.

There is still time to live repentance because when that sign comes, which will come from the Universe, everyone will see it; beyond their beliefs or their religions, beyond their faith or their atheism, beyond the paganism that exists in the world at this time.

Thus, will come the new Sun, which, united to the hundreds of suns of the universe, will congregate extremely powerful cosmic and superior energies, which will descend to the Earth bringing the great revelation to the spirits, this will be moments before the return of Christ to humanity, for the second time to the world.

When you see that everything is agonizing in humanity and on Earth, you will know that the time of My return is near. And beyond religions and nations, you will know the new Aspect of the Redeemer and Lord of the Universe; more similar and powerful to that which He revealed on the top of Mount Tabor, by means of His divine Transfiguration.

Any living cell of the Earth, any atom that is vibrating at this moment, any being of this planet, will not be able to escape the powerful energy of the Universe, which will bring the Great Universal Sun to generate the redemption of humanity and the definitive conversion of all peoples.

When the last angel sounds the trumpet, its noise will be greater than hundreds of storms. The angel will announce the definitive hour of humanity and the seals of the Sacred Book will be revealed, so that everyone becomes aware of what truly exists beyond this planet and this local universe.

First, the Church of Christ will descend, in the Presence and in the manifestation of the blessed; of all those who throughout the history of humanity until the times that will come, have responded to the call of the Redeemer and Lord of the Universe.

Immense will be the joy in Heaven, deep will be the bliss on Earth; because all those who have fought at the side of Christ, for the victory of His Celestial Kingdom, will live an immense and unknown plenitude, and thus evil will be defeated.

The head of the serpent will be destroyed and the suffering that expands in the four corners of the Earth will disappear; because Archangel Saint Michael will come with His armies to remove the most rebellious demons on Earth, who divert My flocks from the path of Light.

On the other hand, the Holy Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, will gather through her call to all peoples and all races, which in faith have lived the religion of love. There will no longer exist divisions nor limits, there will no longer be wars or conflicts because the ever Virgin Mary, Mother of the Universe and Queen of the Earth will come with her Celestial Powers to establish the one thousand years of peace.

Great will be the bliss on Earth, sublime will be joy in the Universe, celestial spheres will descend to humanity to bring the revelation of the end times and everyone, everyone will live the joy of the Kingdom of God.

The false ones will be removed from the world and those who have not repented will repent, because the last Grace of the Primordial Source will be granted to the most rebellious hearts.

From night to day they will awaken, will recognize their mistakes and ask for forgiveness to the Universe so that the great Angel of the Lord, who will come from the twelfth plane of consciousness, writes in the Holy Book of the Universe the new signs of the times, once told by the ancient prophets and complemented by the Word of Christ, the Redeemer.

Thus, the normal time will no longer be time. A new time will enter into humanity and everyone will become aware of what has always been invisible; because those who have trusted in the Love of My Heart, let them know and remember that they will not perish, as long as they remain firm, trustworthy and true before the power of the celestial Universe.

In this way the laws will be fulfilled in their lives: matter will no longer be just matter, spirit will govern the life of the souls and the Holy Spirit of God called Holy Spirit will show itself again as in Pentecost, to pour over all peoples and on all continents the new principles of the new humanity.

In the victory of the Kingdom of Heaven may you celebrate this moment, so that your lives participate in this great event.. Always serve God with joy, always serve God with fire in the heart.

Continue praying for peace in the world and for mercy on the whole planet, because I assure you that you will become aware of all the good that you have been able to do throughout the times. And nation will no longer rise against nation, indifference, the mediocrity of hearts, and also weakened faith will no longer reign.

Because in the servants of the last times, I will build My new Church and everyone will know the Church of the Heavens; not the Church of the Earth, the true Celestial Church that I have professed to my apostles and to all those who were participants of My Gospel in the last times, because even though Heaven and Earth will pass, My Words will remain in the hearts that have made their commitment to Me for eternity.

That is why today My Eyes shine with hope upon seeing the sacrifice and sincerity of those who pray to My Heart because thus Heaven and the Universe will always bless them with their Graces, with their Mercies, with all the Gifts that they hope to make of their lives simple instruments in the Hands of God.

Turn your lives into pencils of light, so that God continues writing this story of bringing love and peace to all the nations of the world, because there are hearts that despair in their inner world and in their exterior life and that need the light of My Heart to trust in life and above all, in the Universe again.

Today, I carry your supplications in My Heart, the supplications of each one of My children, which I will give to the Father at the feet of His Celestial Universe.

In My Name you will be anointed, in My Name you will be baptized because your souls need that to learn to love My Mysteries even more; Mysteries that are simple, deep and true; Mysteries that My Heart reveals to those who open up to know it and to feel it inside.

Here is the Heart that will never tire of giving itself to mankind in spite of their errors and their difficulties. This is the Heart of the Son of God, the Glorified Heart of Jesus, which does not only comes to Austria to help the souls that need it most, but which also comes to the world in order to consecrate the nations to My Sacred Heart.

Contemplate this Heart that understands everything.

Contemplate this Heart that accepts everything and that lived for you a great sacrifice for the salvation of humanity.

May this Heart, which belongs to all, be recognized and loved by the simple love of men and women of the Earth, so that souls may vivify the wellspring of God's Love through the Heart of the Son. This is the Heart that burns with love for the just and for the unjust.

My Heart comes from the Source, to take you to the Source, so that you may be one with the Creator.

May the Lord bless all these elements that you have placed at My feet in honor of My Sacred and Glorified Heart, so that souls may be baptized by the Spirit and be anointed by the Healing Hand of God, in order for the past of the deepest wounds of the consciousness to dissolve, so that love and unity in hearts are reborn in the hearts.

Today the angels consecrate these elements. Today the angels transubstantiate the Body and Blood of Christ, so that love may be known in honor of the Greater Universe.

Today I will not ask for the incense nor the holy water, because they were already blessed by My Words and through My Word, the Source of Creation descended in your spirits and in Austria, as well as in all those who listen to My Message.

Thus I give you peace, so you take it to the world and to those who need it most; and for that peace to expand, you will give each other a greeting of peace, uniting all peoples and all races.

I bless you with My Spirit: in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for having responded to this call because thus you will never forget it; you will never forget what has happened here because it will be kept as an indelible memory in the Universe. Amen!