Saturday, March 31 of 2018

Sacred Week

May the Light of My Heart and My Spirit be present in you. 

May this Light last throughout times and forms.

May this Light penetrate what is corrupt in order to transform it. And in this way, let matter be transfigured by the Glorified Light of your Master and Lord.

May your souls recover the joy of living in God because the Saturday of Glory has come, in which your master is gathered together with you, accompanied by the holy women of Jerusalem, today blessed in the Universe.

Again, today I call My daughters, who serve me in My ceremony. I call the Helpers of Divine Mercy, so that on this Saturday of Glory you may be at the Feet of your Lord, Who today shows the Wounds of His Side, of His Hands, and of His Feet, transfigured by His Robe of Light, that in the radiance of His Spirit and in the company of the holy women, comes to renew this Mystery of the Light of God in all the essences of the world, despite their mistakes and their sins.

Today, your Master and Lord is working with the hells of this world. This is the reason for lighting the candles, representing the Work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let the Mothers of the Order also come here because they are My holy women. Let them bring the offering of oil that they have for their Master and Lord.

And now I want all souls to approach Me in spirit, to revere this glorified moment in which the Son of God, risen and transfigured, comes to submerge Himself in the abysses of the Earth, to rescue the essences of the world and make them worthy before the Lord.

You are facing the Divine Consciousness of Christ, and even if this is not completely understood, it is a Mystery that is being revealed, from this day and after all the events that took place, as well as all the merits achieved by your Master and Lord more than two thousand years ago.

You are facing a new event, you are before the Divinity of Christ, which is the Light of God for the world and for souls.  This is the Light that will never go out in those who believe in Me, because in spite of what you may experience or may go through, the Light of the Divinity of Christ will lift you up in Spirit to bring you to the new life.

The Sacred Body of the Lord is no longer resting at the Sepulcher. He now walks in the world with all His Consciousness and Divinity, in order to seek the Light of the new Christs, who will testify to My Presence in the end of these times and will unite as siblings in sacred community in spite of their beliefs, of their religions, or of their nationalities. 

This is the moment, My companions, that in the face of the powerful Divinity of Christ, manifested as the Light of the Eternal Father, all of you may be One in Me, so that I may Be in you, in profound equality. This is a mystery that until now humanity has not known.

Today one of many promises is being fulfilled, revealed by the angels of God in the Garden of Gethsemane during My difficult agony. This was what encouraged me to carry on, to surrender My Being and all of My Consciousness for you, in spite of the illnesses and all of the tests experienced throughout all time, in all the ministries of the Church and its generations, in spite of all received offenses and of the flagellations experienced in My Spiritual Heart.

Today you are facing the Divinity of Christ, which is one of the great Mysteries of God that comes to help the world in order to rescue it, so that new communities of Light may exist, filled with christic beings that live peace and are an example of good and of brotherhood, and so that the treasures of the Father may be granted to all souls, irrespective of their awakening and of their love.

Today, be in vigil with the holy women, and adore the Divinity of Christ, present and manifested in the Spiritual Source, where everything is redeemed, everything is transformed, because souls trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Before the Divinity of Christ that illuminates you and makes you participants in the eternal communion, surrender your divinity now to your Master and Lord; so that It may be uplifted in offering and in the revelation of this Sacred Mystery of Love, present in all the Tabernacles on Earth.

You are facing the Luminous Shrine of Christ, before the Primordial Essence of God, manifested in the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Today, the Universe unites with the Earth, in spite of its errors. The Light of the Divinity of Christ penetrates the Earth, reaching the deepest abysses of human consciousness to repair the serious mistakes and forgive the serious offenses committed by all the souls that turned away from their inner light.

Today you are before the Divinity of Christ, Who has risen in Glory, and the deep flame of the Love of God expands in the hearts of this world so that they may awaken to their inner reality, to their true essence.

Today there is nothing that will prevent this event, because in the face of the Divinity of Christ, your hearts open like new Tabernacles so that you may be depositories of the Light of the Lord, Who comes to sanctify your lives in a profound Mystery of Consecration.

Let us repeat:

I accept, Lord, your Divinity and Spirit
so that Your Work may be fulfilled on the Planet. Amen. (x7)

And now feel how My Divinity descends to your souls and the joy of the Spirit of God settles in your beings, strengthening this communion with the Most High and with all of Supreme Life.

Do not lose hope. Do not lose your gladness. Never stop smiling in spite of your tests, miseries, or difficulties. Affirm your lives in the Sacred Divinity of Christ so that the Earth may be repopulated by the sacred Spirit of Peace, by the sacred Feminine Source that nurtures and takes care of all, that protects and safeguards all in Her sacred maternal arms.

Just as I have given My Mother to John, today I give you to My powerful Mother, so that She may take care of your Divinity, of all the essences that in these times are to walk in the direction of Christ, to be one single Being and a single Consciousness.

Like the holy women present today, adore this moment, so that everything may be luminously transformed, just as the Sacred Divinity of Christ expects in all the participating souls of His Celestial Church.

Before this Sacred Divinity of the Lord, companions, let us now offer the most important Mystery of all times: the Eucharist, so that your more material bodies may commune of the Divinity of Christ.

Let the Mothers of this Order raise up the oil to the Lord, so that your Master may bless it.

Adonai, Most High Father, immeasurable and infinite Love, Who has testified to Your unconditional Presence through Your Son, Who surrendered Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, for all of this planet and this humanity.  

Let a spark of your Spirit, Source of Your Non-material Divinity, consecrate these oils, so that My daughters and Mothers may anoint their children when they are ill in a physical or spiritual way. So that their souls may be healed, wounds may be closed, and Beloved Lord, the Infinite Kingdom of your Love may be established, by all the merits I have achieved, by all the afflictions I have suffered, by the Resurrection of Your Son.

In Your name, Beloved Lord, I bless this element, fruit of the trees and of Your Creation. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Incense and water.

Our Father...

Let us stand for this consecration.

May this water renew the commitment of maternity and of alliance with each child, because in spite of the possible existence of ailments, tests, or challenges, My Divinity will always strengthen you in this sacred challenge of taking care of and protecting your peers.

May the Lady of the Universe bless you today, Sacred Feminine Source of the Immaculate and Maternal.

Praised be, Lord, for those who will receive the sacrament today.   

Praised be, Lord, for those who today will be baptized and will ignite in themselves the Divinity of Christ; recognizing within themselves the commitment, the living of the Divine Will of God. Through these souls that will receive the Sacrament today, both in the Baptism and in the Eucharist, may many more souls be illumined by the offering of Your Son before the Sacred Source of Your Divinity, that restores everything and heals everything.

May the Lord bless this water as a Source of renewal and of the cleansing of the past, so that the fruits called “Talents of God” may awaken today in those who are participating in Your inner Communion through Your Son. Amen.

The lamb of God has been immolated and is now alive.  Happy will be those who commune of Him in this Sacred Supper. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Daughters, I bless you like the holy women of Jerusalem, so that you may have the inner strength to be able to follow me and always remember that I will wait for your response to My Sacred Call.

And now, we will all come down to the foot of this altar so that you may respond, companions, to a special request that your Master makes today, in the face of the Mystery of His Divinity that is deeply revealed today to your souls, and thus, the communion with God can be experienced again.

I will wait while you prepare yourselves in prayer, so that through this song, which I have specially chosen today, more divinities may awaken in the souls that must come out of the illusion of the world to find eternal life.

Let us go on pilgrimage.

The helpers can be here, at the foot of the stage.

Everybody follow me.

Now, the helpers are going to take three steps back and the Mothers are going to place themselves there.

And now, companions, that you are formed as I wish, you will sing this song so that the Divinity of Christ may be expanded all over the planet from this Marian Center to all the souls and hearts of the world.

You will not fear what you may feel. If I am present, nothing will happen to you; you will only feel the joy of serving me.

I thank you for being with Me in my Divinity.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Friday, March 30 of 2018

Sacred Week

May your cross be the path of redemption and not your agony. May you know how to carry it with courage and merit, because what God pours out into souls is what He must pour out, and nothing is outside of the Purpose.

May the cross be the relief of your debts, the rejoicing of your heart, the path to uplift your soul. May you offer this cross with courage and that you do not think of turning back, because your cross will be the bridge to the Heavens, the wings that will carry you to the Kingdom of God after your purification.

So, My child, do not lament, but rather rejoice in the cross that the Father has given you and the weight of which you must know. But you must learn to carry it, not with pain nor with suffering; you must imitate Me. I have already taught you how to do it and how to live it.

The cross God gives us is a liberation from the great human condition, from the sin of humanity, from the spirit of mortality. So dare to carry the cross that God gave you and help to carry the cross of your siblings because in this time it will be necessary to learn to carry the cross and, when you least perceive it, you will have freed yourself of the cross of this humanity and you will be crowned by the Kingdom of My Father, to thus enter Eternal Life.

May your cross be unconditional service, the joy of surrendering to God every day, the opportunity to give up a little more, knowing that you will not encounter suffering nor blame, but rather, you will find the open paths to sacrifice for others each day more, so as to establish the healing of humanity.

May your cross be like Mine and that you live in the spirit of sacrifice, knowing that I have already carried what was hardest throughout time and that the Father has left the lightest for you, so that you may be able to decidedly walk towards Me.

I Am the Lord of the Holy Cross of the liberation of the world. Happy will be those who walk with their cross towards Me, for they will know the Mystery of Love and of Truth. And someday, that awaited meeting with Me will be unforgettable, for crosses, martyrdoms, and affliction will no longer exist.

With your cross, My friend, I want you to free the world of its constant suffering and pain. I do not need great offerings, but rather small truthful actions that can show Me the maturity of your consciousness and the growth of your spirit under the principle of cooperation and of brotherhood. This will make your cross lighter, when you take the first step out of yourself, abandoning yourself completely in Me, knowing that I accomplish everything that the Father asks of Me.

Now you can see, My child, that the cross is not just suffering but rather an opportunity to surrender further, to drink from the chalice of commitment and of making of each meeting with the Master a unique opportunity, which will only occur once and will not be repeated.

Today I come accompanied by two great Saints and lovers of the cross, who have come to confirm all which I tell you: Saint Pío and Saint Francis, two Saints pierced by the wounds of My Cross.

Why does the Lord want New Christs? Why does the Lord need new apostles, if His work was already accomplished? If in this time there are no hearts decided to bear their own cross, that can follow Me, how would a new humanity be possible?

There will be no ungrateful, indifferent or  neglectful people in the New Earth. The New Earth will be of Christs who know how to carry the cross, without any fear of what will happen.

What I ask of you seems impossible, but it meets up to the events of humanity.

The cross is the portal for the non redeemed, for the unyielding, for those who do not surrender to Me, nor give up even the smallest space so that I may work in their lives.

All those who accompany My path with their own cross, if they are persevering and consistent, will know the true freedom from the chains of inertia and of human ignorance. Because while the world walks further into illusion, less are the Christs that decide to follow Me.

For the sufferings lived on the Cross, I come to meet those few, so that they may represent the majority in this, My great channel of liberation, for the Blood spilled by your Lord, from the flagellation up to the top of Mount Calvary.

I come to meet those who decide to follow Me, representing the majority of humanity so that, together with Me, they may bear the wave of indifference, of pride, as well as of arrogance that hardens the hearts, distancing them even further from God.

If you have accepted to live the cross and follow Me, may those evils not be in your hearts, because you will not be able to enter into My Kingdom, not in this one, nor in the next one.

For My Blood spilled purify your sins, reconcile your lives and do penance so that the Almighty God, the Eternal Father of Love and of Justice, may alleviate oppressed hearts and assist souls lost in the illusion of the modernities of these times, in which the essences of human beings are in a game between good and evil.

While there are souls that succumb to the hells of these times and are trapped by the forces of My adversary, you, who are beings conscious of My call, must double your efforts and your surrender to My Heart, because what you give Me is not enough.

For the sufferings lived by your Lord, from the Garden of Gethsemane to the top of Mount Calvary, today I come to re-enforce this request to My companions so that My martyrdom, pain and agonies lived during the Passion are valued as they should be in these times, and are not placed in second place by the reign of My adversary.

The spiritual forces of the Cosmos are in a great battle. While the clock marks the hours, the events of the world are unleashed.

May your sufferings not be greater, for they are not. Make your own pain small and embrace the pain of the world, which must be transmuted, but now by humanity itself.

Another Christ will not come to do it. It is necessary that you take on the responsibility and the consequences. You are still guided by freedom and your choice, which in this time will be definitive. Nobody will be able to be blamed for it, neither in Heaven nor on Earth.

Your own choice, companions, will define everything, because we are in the last battle, in which the merits gained by your Master and Lord will have incalculable powers in the souls that accept living them, in this battle of the end of times, where the triumph of love or of indifference is being defined.

For this reason, I suggest and I recommend that you never desist from seeking the spirit of gratitude. And when you do not feel it or do not see it, prostrate on the ground, and in humility and resignation ask the Celestial Father for it so that your hearts are not filled of arrogance, nor that pride blinds your eyes forever.

I wish that you could understand that what I ask of you is definite. There is no time to lose, nor a moment to think.

The Cross that I carried for you has an incalculable value and its merits must be respected and honored by the disciples of Christ, just as the Universe establishes.

May your hearts not be inconvenienced by My Words, because I know that some do not believe that I am here, but this does not matter to God.

Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will be sown in the humble hearts open to hear the Voice of the Master.

I want the structures to fall and that hearts prevail so that My Sacred Heart may triumph as God expects. To face the end of times, together with Me, you must have a clean heart without dualities nor doubts, without uncertainties or omissions.

We are reaching a moment where everything will be defined and I will not be able to say it again, as I have said it many times, so that your consciousnesses may awaken to this.

It is time to live the Plan as God needs it. It is time to carry out the Plan as God expects, because there is still much to do.

By My sacrifice you will be honored, by My suffering you will be recognized, by My Cross you will be uplifted to the House of the Father so that His great Will may definitely be accomplished.

If today you have brought the cross with you, it is because you accept it and although you do not deeply know what it is about, you are opening the path for the realization of the Plan.

Do not be afraid for everything that I tell you; it is time to face the call and not to be living on two paths, because sooner or later you must define yourselves, and that will be between you and God.

The New Christs must be born and the spirit of Christic Love must reign on the planet before the forces of chaos, that disrupt the souls and the nations of the world.

I have no need of great beings nor perfect souls, but rather of hearts open to humility and to the call, for love of Our Creator.

May the Lord bless these elements for the healing and redemption of souls, for the sanctification of the essences and the awakening of the New Christs.

Let us ask the Celestial Father for His Grace, so that the Sacred Heart of Jesus may work and manifest in the souls of the world.

Our Father.

At this time, in which all of My pain suffered on the Cross and during the Passion is honored by the Angels of Heaven and of all the Universes, I want you to honor and glorify the Cross of your Redeemer and Lord, so that His Divine Codes of rehabilitation, of healing and of forgiveness may descend to the world, and into your hearts.

These two priests that I have chosen will scatter the water over this place so that, at the same time, I may radiate My Codes of Light and the powers of the Holy Cross to the world and to souls. When they pass by, blessing, you will lift up your crosses, so that you may receive that blessing and carry it with you wherever you go.

Friar Elías: 

Let us sing "We Adore" and let us accompany the Lord in this spiritual exercise.

Each one at this time will make their offering to Christ...

With more Faith!!!

My Codes have already been poured out. May they be received in the noble hearts, to honor and glorify the Presence of the Universal King Who descends from the Universe to the Earth, to fill it with many graces and infinite mercies.

Take the cross over your heart now and say:

Jesus, I trust in You! (x3)

Giving dignity to the Death and the Passion of your Lord, before the angels of Heaven and of the Universe, before the Celestial Authorities, before the Archangels and the Elohim, before the Hellel and the higher forces that govern Creation, in the name of the Light, may this confirmation and surrender to your Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe and of the Earth, be secured.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. (x3)

I thank you for listening to me from your heart, because an open heart never tires of hearing Me.

Go in peace and in communion with My Spirit on this Friday.



Thursday, March 29 of 2018

Sacred Week

Behold the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,  celebrating this moment with humanity and with all of the peoples of Earth.

Behold Who has given origin to the created.

Behold the Son Who suffered for you.

Behold the Holy Spirit that descended on Pentecost to bring the Grace of God to the world.

You are facing the Mystery of the Heavens, the revelation of the Most Holy Trinity, present in its three persons, to testify to the world that the Will of God still has to be fulfilled, until the end of days.

Listen now to the Voice of the Father:

I Am the beginning and I Am the end. Whosoever lives in Me, I live in them, and they will never have a lack of anything.

I ask the world to listen to the Voice of the Father and make it their own within themselves so that the seeds of His Kingdom may germinate.

Dear children of My Creation, do not forget the Purpose. Everything has a purpose for Me and it is for you to fulfill My designs so that all of Creation may bless you and make of this time a time of Justice, in which all must be restored.

Listen to the Voice of Who gave origin to everything and Who is born of a non-material Source which scatters rays throughout all that was created, so that the divine Virtues may be fulfilled on all the planes and in all their manifestations.

I have come with My Son to relive this moment in which the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit become small in the Eucharist and give themselves to souls, infinitely.

Let the world correct its paths to be worthy of the Mercy of the Highest.

Let consciousnesses reconsider and take up the mission they have come to fulfill on this Earth for, in this way, the Plan will descend and will not just stay in the Higher Universes. You will be witnesses, My children, of this Plan. And this will first start in you with the transformation of your lives, with the consecration of your souls, with the upliftment of your spirits.

Just as I came to Moses, today I come to you, to gather together My sacred tribes in the four corners of the Earth and prepare them for the great moment of the return of My Son.

May souls be worthy of this moment and may they receive the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as a blessing so that this planet may count on successors of the Project of God because it still is necessary that My designs be fulfilled in all the races and in all the peoples. I still have important designs for souls for all that must be accomplished in this world. Experience this moment as if it were the last, and make it a part of you in this Triune Communion with the One.

Dear companions, My Father would like to tell you many more things. The world must hear, and not fear the Truth because there is still time to convert and to achieve, within the life of each being, the principle of the Purpose of God.

Feel the unfathomable Presence of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit emanates Its infinite reality, making souls participants in this Triune Communion. Today, not only the Son surrenders to the world, but also the Father and the Holy Spirit.

We know that nobody will understand what this means because, just like on this day, everything that is happening in Heaven, everything is also happening on Earth. And uniting the times of God, a special condition is established in the spirit, in the mind and within the bodies.

You have to know that deeper nuclei are being worked upon because while the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are here, the whole world is being helped for its process of redemption in the coming times. Today, the Beloved Son has come with the Father and the Holy Spirit to once more institute His Legacy on Earth and, in this way, renew the times and consciousnesses with the sacred office of the Eucharist.

Blessed are those who today re-experience the Passion of Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar because, from year to year, more souls awaken and human ignorance weakens because the Love of God and His Presence reigns in hearts.

I would like all the mothers of this Order to be behind the priests. At the feet of this scene, all the consecrated of the monastery. After the consecrated, the adorers and, lastly, the helpers of My Divine Mercy. 

I come on this day to definitely expand My Work in the world. I know that you will also not know what this means, because it is very immature. Simply place My designs in your hearts so that your Master may be able to work in this time and in humanity.

I would like all the mothers to have a lit candle to be in vigil with Me, at this moment.

We have reached a definitive time in humanity on this Holy Thursday, but we have also arrived at the beginning of a new time, in which all will be unleashed.

I would now like the priests to be around this table.

Two bowls of water, two pitchers and two cloths.

Today, the Son offers Himself once more before the Father and the Holy Spirit in this Sacrifice, and He again comes to testify to the legacy of His Passion by means of this spiritual practice in which the souls here present, and the souls of the world may participate in this Spiritual Sacrament.


Let us bless this table as God has indicated; in this way, the angels will transubstantiate the elements and the consciousnesses that are open to receive it.

Whoever cannot be standing can remain seated, for potent energy will descend.

Father of Love and of Mercy, Who today is present with Your Son and Your children in the sacred company of the Holy Spirit. Bless this moment and this place, as well as all who participate at this moment, giving honor and glory to Your Infinite Presence, as an act of reparation, of reconciliation and of forgiveness for all the sins of the world committed up until the present time.

May Your Hands, Father, sanctify all that You have created, in image and likeness of Your Love. And may this water poured out today uplift consciousnesses in profound communion with the giving of My humble Heart. Amen.


Today, the Lord blesses the oil with which He will be anointed spiritually by His children, so that the Wounds of the Lord may close after His deep agony and martyrdom before He rises on Easter Sunday. He will be anointed by His children as a symbol of atonement.

Today My disciples offer Me the water with which your Master and Shepherd will wash His Hands with for this supper, so as to erase the sins of the whole world, that the Love of God may triumph.

While the Lord washes, He also restores and relieves your hearts, brings peace and the joy of serving and commends His disciples to the Kingdom of God; and brings healing to the soul, the joy of living in Me and of being with Me in this purpose.

The moment has come for the sacrifice of the Son of Humankind, when He is present in the bread and the wine, thus testifying to the Universe of His Love for all the creatures of His Father.

At that time, and before being handed over, I gathered together with My people; took the bread, raised it to God, and gave thanks. And the Most Holy Trinity descended. I broke it and returned it to the basket. I said to the apostles: "All take and eat of It, for this is My Body that will be surrendered for you, for the forgiveness of sins."

The Communion with My Body having ended, your Redeemer took the Chalice, raised It, gave thanks to God, and said: "All take and drink from It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant that will be shed by your Master and Lord in atonement for the errors." And looking into their eyes, I said: "Do this in remembrance of Me until the end of days, until I return to the world for the second time. Take and drink from the Chalice of holiness."

May the precious Blood wash you and may the Spirit of the sacred lamb fill you so that you do not feel that something is missing, but rather, that you are filled by the Spirit of God.

And so, the Lord seals this Eucharist among siblings and consciousnesses at the service of God.

Repeat now the prayer of the angel of Peace:

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I deeply adore you and I offer you the most precious Body,
Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ,
present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth
in reparation for the insults, sacrileges, and indifference
with which He is offended; and by the infinite merits of His Most Holy Heart
and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I ask you for the conversion of poor sinners.

Today, the Lord carries in His Heart the offering of His children.

At this moment, The Father gathers up the love of His creatures, celebrating this legacy that the Lamb of God gave them, in remembrance of all His merits, for all of His sufferings, causing the powerful Blood of Jesus and the sublime Eucharist to triumph in the hearts of the world.

Today I want you to celebrate this Supper not as an agony, but as a victory because Your Lord has already suffered for you. He has risen and comes to testify to Love for the world.

While the angels are present here, may your voices rise in praise and in glory, making this retreat live in union with the Sacred Heart, as one voice.

For this day I have chosen a song that attracts the Graces of God to Earth, as an unending rain. I am referring to "Rains of Love."

Let us stand so that it is the Father Who feels the love of His children and so His trust is once again on this planet.

I bless you on this evening of peace, on this day of rejoicing, on this afternoon of mercy.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You can all hold hands.



Wednesday, March 28 of 2018

Sacred Week

And now that I have come to meet you, rest your head on My Chest and feel all the peace that I can offer you at this time, a peace that no one else can give you, or bring you.

Now feel My living Heart, which beats internally near your ears. This is the Heart that has suffered for the world and for humanity.

It is the Heart that has shed Its Blood for souls, for the forgiveness of errors and which still does so, for all of your companions and for your enemies.

But today, My beloved, do not think about what you are suffering or what you could suffer. Think of Me, unite with My Consciousness and feel My paternal embrace because I take care of all of My sheep, one by one, and I never forget anyone.

Surrender to Me, and yield as I have asked of you so many times.

Do not fear what will come but rather, what is not happening in your life.

Now, have your soul take refuge under the Rays of My Heart and feel the breath of the Spirit acting in each moment, within each breath, as well as in each word.

I can restore all things. I can supply all things because it is not I who does it; it is My Father who is in Heaven, it is He Who works, Who carries out and manifests the Higher Will.

Leave behind what you do not comprehend, what you do not accept or what you do not understand.

Trust in this Love that I am gifting to you because it is a Love that must be fulfilled in you so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled on Earth.

Rest like John the apostle, upon My Chest, and feel the pain and the agony of your Lord, in the silence and in the calm.

God does not offer souls to suffer; it is the souls that seek suffering because in the Kingdom of the Heavens, from whence I came today, pain or guilt do not exist. Be glad for resting your head on the Chest of your Master.

I know that you will not understand everything at once, but this does not matter to your Lord. What matters is that you experience it fully, united with Me, in spirit and in essence.

Do not confirm your sins, do not affirm your errors, uplift your heart and place it in Mine so that I may transform and polish it like the hands of a potter. And thus, you will be in perfect freedom and in a deep calm, and overnight you will not know what has happened to you, because everything will have transformed, just as I have thought it, according to the designs of God.

Receive the Love of My Heart as a balm and surrender. My Heart will not be bad for you, My Heart will not harm you. My Love is of the good and is a peace-bearer for souls.

Avail yourself of all that I can gift to you and trust because everything is appointed; everything has its hour and its time.

Just as today you are on My Chest, feeling the fire of My Heart and the gentleness of My Soul, the activity of My Divinity and of My Spirit, I would like to have many more emulate this example of union with the Lord.

Calm your heart of all anguish and accept what I give you because everything has a greater end and a purpose that you are still to discover someday.

Leave behind what you have suffered, what you have not understood; submerge in the ocean of My Light and everything will dissipate, because who trusts their Master, trusts in God, the Almighty. And their life, day by day, step by step, with effort and sacrifice, will become free.

From your soul, I want a new being that may be part of a new humanity, conscious and awakened, responsible and worthy with Creation.

There are so many treasures in Heaven, dear soul, that I have for revealing; My Hands are full of designs and I still cannot pour them out over the world because I cannot find a place nor refuge within the entire humanity.

But if you, My brave one, today, takes the step for many others, someday many others will recognize My Name and My Glory and will make it worthy in their lives so that the Love of God may thus triumph.

Now, embrace Me and feel the warmth of My Spirit; feel the protection of My Arms and the breathing of My Body as a renewing breath that sanctifies all things and renews all things.

There is nothing that can be lost. Everything is transformed according to My Will.

Become one of the holy women of Jerusalem, or like the apostle John, in complete surrender and selflessness.

Everything that you experience, My soul, has a reason and a meaning for God; there is nothing out of place, everything has a meaning and a time to be fulfilled. Be it in the good or far from it.

But today, I want you to feel the beating of My meek Heart, an inexplicable and Redeeming Love which yearns for good and worthy souls that may fulfill the Will of God in this time of difficult tests.

Embrace Me tightly and feel My consolation, which is basic and immediate. Let Me nurture you with My Peace and with the flame of My Faith, which is what brings Me to the world to seek those whom I have called by their name so that they may accompany Me in this era and in this cycle, in which the world will experience its greatest challenge of all time and of all eras. I cannot tell you the contrary.

My souls, it is time to live My Plan and to not wait any longer.

Sometimes your Lord and Master needs to feel the warmth of the love of His children in order to be able to keep moving forward. However much I am in Heaven, it does not mean that I do not feel like a human being does because I was among you as a human being so that you might experience and understand Me.

You will thus be embracing your Celestial Father, Who also needs consolation, upon seeing the offenses and the wrongs of the world.

How much Love can do in the hearts that decide to live it fully, the Love that comes from the High and that can spring from hearts, causing New Christs to be born!

I want you to offer your embrace to me today because I need it, just as you need Me to continue walking on this path, the most difficult of all times, one which no other humanity has experienced, in any other age.

You came here, My souls, for a greater purpose and design that you will come to know someday.

But today I do not need you to understand My mysteries, but rather that you feel the agony of your Lord and the request for consolation that is made to valiant hearts.

Now, feel how I cover you with My Mantle, that mantle that was torn by the hands of My enemies during the Passion and that covered My Body, stricken with wounds and injuries.

These are wounds that I live for the world and I want to share them with My servers, with those who are willing to follow Me unconditionally.

I want to offer you My sacrifices and My sorrows, because who suffers with their Lord, suffers with God, and the Love that never ends transforms all things, even what is most impenetrable. May My Wounds be a reason for your sanctification, for your persistence, and for your renunciation.

Because I have a precious plan for each one of My servers, which must be fulfilled in this critical hour of the planet, in which everything is being precipitated, hour by hour.

For this reason, I consecrate sons and daughters, to have armies on Earth that may be firm in Me, in spite of what may happen.

I have no more to give, only the Love of My Heart, which is what has brought Me here, throughout times and generations.

A Love that testifies to the presence of the Body and of the Blood of Christ for the reparation of errors and all deeds not under the Law of God. I once again tell you, My souls, that I need your hearts open even more so that I can enter with My Consciousness into the deepest corners of your souls, where the Kingdom of God must be fulfilled, so that the world and humanity may still exist.

For this reason, on this Holy Wednesday of retreat and prayer, I not only ask for your prayers, but also for your embrace so that a consoling spirit may be present and souls dare to say “yes” more each day.

Today I bring to you the most sacred moment of My life which was the entrance of the Last Supper. I come to speak with you with the same love with which I addressed My holy Mother and the women of Jerusalem, as well as My apostles. It is this unrestricted and infinite Love that never ends because it comes from and is born of the Fount of God for His creatures.

You need to finally be like Me and surpass Me because I come here so that you may one day do greater things than those I did. This will demonstrate to the Universe that a New Humanity is possible, which will have repented and will ask for forgiveness for everything it did, that will not be ashamed of confessing its errors and will be open to receive the Mercy of God, which is unquenchable and eternal.

I want you to live in the joy of My Celestial Love and you, little soul, that is learning to love Me, do not cease to do so. Dare to cross the thresholds of human resistance because I will help you be truly free you of yourself forever.

Do not cease to feel the Love that emanates from My Heart today and vivify it as if it were for the last time, because what I come to give today I will not be able to give again; the time is now ending and the definitive hour is approaching.

I do not want to crown you with flowers but rather with thorns so that you may surpass Me in Love, knowing that the human being is an unpredictable being throughout this Universe, just as I was, testifying to My Passion, Death and Resurrection.

I offer glory and honor to those who have decided to be by My side, but I also offer My pain and My agony to those who have confirmed themselves before Me during this afternoon of eternal Grace.

And now, I return your soul to the center of your being, in which exists the sacred Temple of Love, that must always be lit by the light of the Holy Spirit.

And My Heart retreats to offer itself again to other souls in the world that also need Me.

Blessed be the ones who received My Words with gratitude because they will understand everything within the coming times. And when I am no longer here among you, in a short while, you will deeply know everything that I have wanted to do in this place and in this house, and mainly, in you.

Because I must appear in other places in the world that also need Me, that also thirst for My Word and for My Verb and, above all, for the Love of God.

With that solemnity that I am trying to build in your hearts through this meeting, I want you to dignify yourselves today before Our Celestial Father, undertaking this commitment to Me until the end of days, knowing that everything that you will experience will be a great school for the soul and the spirit.

I only need you to give your love to the world, regardless of who it is, regardless of their belief or religion, their poverty or their wealth, their illness or their health.

I want you to love as I love you, because the test that is coming to the world will be very hard. And not all will bear this moment. For this reason, I strengthen you in this time and through My unconditional service to souls, I give you My Body and My Blood so that you may survive, just as your Master survived at each step of the Cross, and of His Agony.

This is no time to be divided, distanced, nor indifferent. Place your hearts within Mine and all will pass. Because what I wish from the world is very great and this may happen when I return for the second time. So, My souls, let us offer this moment to our God Almighty, Who has, on this day, again allowed this spiritual Grace for an unfaithful world. But Love will always overcome all these things. Everything will be fulfilled as God has thought it.


We can stand for the blessing of these elements.

 I have called you here because I never forgot you and because everything has its time for God and for the Universe (*).

As well as these sacred elements that are at the feet of your Master and Lord, today I will also offer your consciousnesses to God so that He may fulfill His designs within you.

The Lord Almighty, our Eternal Father Who is in the Heavens, may He bless with His most infinite Light and Wisdom.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you for truly embracing Me.

Today I have chosen a song that testifies to the Work of the Celestial Mother, of how each soul of this Earth, as well as the Most Holy Mary, can respond to the call of God when He sounds it.

Today I have chosen such complementary voices, one with another, so that you may offer this response of souls to My Heart, this offering that hearts have made to My Spirit.

(*) Christ calls two people to the stage.



Tuesday, March 27 of 2018

Sacred Week

What will you do with everything I have given you? What place will it have in your lives? Who will justify what they have received in the most critical moment when everything happens? Just as I come with My Mercy, I must also come with Justice.

Let your hearts not be disturbed; may the Law correct life and may your personas not interfere in the transformation. Accept the corrections that come from the Universe and what the Universe places on your paths so that you may learn to mature in good and in justice.

Everything that comes from Heaven will never be wasted because you will need it for the coming times that will arrive.

Just as I give you knowledge of the depths of My Love, in this time I come to the world to have Justice be known, from which no one will escape. In the meantime, live the penance of the heart so that the Wisdom of My Father may completely permeate you and you are fully aware of everything I ask of you, without being able to later say that you had never heard it. Because here, I come for all and for the world, for the just and the unjust, for those who are real and for those who take advantage of My Presence.

But I can see everything. Not even the smallest cell of your bodies can hide in the face of My Presence. No thought can be held back before the Eyes of the Son of God.

I need you to learn to live transparency so that the things that will happen in the world will not confuse you, and you are not carried away, like so many others, by your own arrogance and power.

I told you once that I want you hot or cold. I do not need the lukewarm of heart. My Love is also Justice. My severity is also Love. Because who else will give their life for you in this time but your Master and Lord, Who is in the Heavens; Who, being seated at the right side of God Almighty, descends from Heaven during this Week to talk with you? Nothing is by chance, companions, and if you are here today it is because your souls have called you, beyond your personalities.

Learn to perceive the reality of this time within yourselves. It is time for the waters to not be divided. I want a single current of Light from all the children of My Father because when I am no longer here to talk with you, you must have My Treasures as a spiritual resource, impregnated by each one of My Words which come to free you, to remove you from error and from the constant chain of suffering.

Everything I give you is Love, no matter how severe it is. I do not come to talk in half measures. The world is in agony and its humanity also. The errors of humanity accumulate like grains in a granary. Who will carry all this weight? Must the Son of God return to carry a second Cross? I have already shown you, companions, the path of transformation and of a true correction.

I come to seek the goodness of your souls and the transparency of your spirits. Learn to transcend what does not belong to the Light and what does not belong to My Kingdom.

Learn to die to yourselves so that your siblings who are dead can be born in spirit. It is the time to give your all for Me and not wait to do so. It is time to live cooperatively for the Greater Plan because, if this assistance of Our Sacred Hearts were not taking place at this moment, the world would already be lost, although it does not seem so.

Open your eyes to see the Ray of Justice of My Heart. It is time to build the foundations in honesty, in community and in the good. It is time to have the designs of God blossom and come alive in your hearts. You will not be able to wait another thirty years to experience a great change because there will no longer be time, companions, there is no more time.

With the light of prayer, clean the indifference of your hearts so that fraternity may prevail above all things. Your lives have already transformed but there is much more to come. I cannot tell you the contrary, because the Lord Jesus never lies.

It is time for you to place the Purpose of God at the center of your hearts and that you not be constantly pulled toward tension because you are already conscious of what is necessary and just and, while this does not happen, I will not be able to deepen My Work within you, nor in the world. And I ask you: Who will take on this responsibility?

I asked My apostles to leave their families and homes, their work and their commitments, in order to follow a plan that was unknown to their minds, which was to manifest on the surface with the Passion of your Lord.

Now, at this time, I ask you for greater but very decisive things. I will not be able to accomplish My Work with uncertainties. I need that the firmness that My Heart builds in you to be permanent and that you make it last out of Love for God and His Divine Presence.

Do you by any chance think that I am not telling the truth? I ask you: Do you by any chance think that I am not telling the truth? In the Kingdom of God, Love exists, but also Justice. Without the Justice of God, His Kingdom cannot be fulfilled in this world, nor in another. The Laws of God are for straightening hearts and leading them to the real life, to find a sense of the Purpose.

It is time for you to meditate upon everything you are doing because there is no time to get lost in superficial things. You must focus your attention on the objective and on the goal, on the delays and on the advances of the Plan. Thus, you will be building what I need and you will not be slow to walk because, while I talk to you here about this, many things are happening in the world and they are very serious. More miserable souls need the presence and the Love of Your Lord, but for all this to be possible, companions, I need your truth, not only your truth with Me, but also with the Work, with your siblings, with the daily routine, because in the little things you will show the truth.

I do not ask you to be perfect, resplendent or magnificent. I ask you, I beg you for your sincerity in the face of all that you experience and you do; in this way, you will not be lost like so many others are, and you will take sure steps in evolution, in your walk of faith and of consecration.

Everything that I have given you throughout these end of times must be testified to on the day of the great Universal Judgment. The great Archangels will ask you, “what have you done with My Treasures and how were they cultivated in your spirits?”, carrying forward the awareness of what this means.

Now do not let your hearts be sad. It is time to see the reality with resolve. I cannot offer you a garden of roses because there is none. The planetary reality is dire and difficult and more and more Christians are disappointed with My Church, which Peter founded on this Planet. And they are even more disappointed by his successors: priests and the religious; and faith is extinguished.

For this reason, I chose to come here at the request of My Father, to reignite in the world the flame of Love of the Heart, in an unshakeable fortitude and in an unquenchable faith that is able to overcome all times and all tests, all human cruelties and all wrongs.

This is why I need you to be simple and the simplicity of your lives will be attained with the truth that you can look at yourselves without fear, knowing that you are beings in transformation and in redemption and that you are receiving this divine gift to achieve awakening.

For this reason I stretch out My Hands to you; I show you the Aspect of My Sacred Heart and I ask you to take firm hold of My Hands, feeling My spiritual and divine Presence and that you can hear My Words with joy and love because, in this way, your transformation will be swift and you will not be in the old pattern of humanity, but rather you will have your hearts open to hear me, to hear the plea that My Sacred Heart emits to the world today.

Accept My Love that transforms all things; accept the Justice of God that corrects all things; and be glad of being conscious of this and of not being as hypnotized as the world is, far from God, distanced from the love and unity among siblings.

My Work is not taken on just to receive Graces. My Work is taken on to be able to fulfill it and move it forward with acts of renunciation, of penance, of service and of sacrifice, of permanent and absolute giving of self. For something that is to come from the Universe to the world and which must manifest after the Armageddon.

Meanwhile, companions, be brave. Live your inner transformation. You have the strength of My Merciful Love to do it. You have My Presence during these eight days to experience it. What more do you need to be able to concretize it?

If the Son of God descends from on High, from the side of your Celestial Father, to talk clearly to the world without murmuring, I do not want to see you indifferent, because this saddens My Heart. I want to see you giving a “yes” to My Justice, experiencing what you must experience at this time, knowing that the Spirit of God will fill you when your life is just and fraternal. You will lack nothing. In truth, everything and a little more was given to you.

Do not retreat. Advance, as your Master and Lord in this time advances. The redemption of souls, the Christification of hearts, the upliftment of consciousness and the conversion of this planet is urgent; so that you may see how much I love you and that My Love is infinite and transparent, that it brings wisdom and understanding to hearts.

I come again to celebrate the sacraments with you so that your personas do not become uncomfortable, so that the love of your hearts may be what prevails at this moment, trusting in what is non-material and invisible but which comes from the Spiritual Universe of God to talk to you in the form of a Divine Persona.

I come to baptize you with the Water of Spirit, on this special day, in which your consciousnesses experience the first step of the truth of yourselves, without My enemy interfering in anything because when I am present he becomes paralyzed and his works are defeated, the works that he imprints, that he executes within hearts.

But My Justice also comes to dissipate all this, because the just must be just and not manipulated or transgressed; for this reason, you must always live the first Law which is Love so that you may learn to be just and worthy in this difficult time where everything is offered. Unimaginable things are offered so that souls may become distracted and leave their path, losing their evolution.

Like many who are here today, you have been rescued, but others that are not here today have become lost.

My Love will never be lukewarm. It is a Fire that comes to ignite everything, by equality and by justice, in good and in brotherhood.

The Father has given Me the Sovereignty of His Kingdom to be able to carry this Work forward in this time, not only with you but also with the world, moving forward to meet those who suffer most, as Pilgrim and Shepherd of souls amongst the nations of the world and among the peoples.

I hope I have been clear and that your inner worlds have taken in My Word, beyond your minds. Vibrate in My Heart and everything will have been said.

The Holy Spirit acts today through My Mouth so that the Truth of God may continue to prevail among humankind and, above all, amongst brothers and sisters so that true Justice, which comes from the Universe rather than from humanity, may be constituted on this planet and in this time, as one of the Laws of the Armageddon.

Remember this message and everything that I have said to you today for the real transformation of your lives. See this Message as many times as is necessary and do not let it pass by as so many others, or be lost in the libraries.

Remember that My Word is not to be wasted, because My Word comes to be fulfilled in many senses, with infinite purposes, in countless works.

Each one gathers up from within what they need, and may My Words be Seeds of Light within you so that My Will may finally be fulfilled.

I am not the Judge of the Apocalypse. I am the Great Lord, the Redeemer of the World, the Governor of this Celestial Universe after My Father, in the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. Who speaks to you is the Voice of God through His Son, just as the Voice of God once talked to the people of Israel and to Moses himself in the desert.

The prophecies of the prophets are being fulfilled again before everything happens. The flocks are being gathered together, from different schools and places, with different teachings and experiences, so that all may be unified in the Celestial Church of the Lord by means of the Power of My Sacred Heart, in the Essence of Love and of Divine Unity.


I speak to you from the kindness of My Heart.

Today My Countenance is not serious, but My Heart is at peace, because Justice is also Peace, and Peace works in everything.

Lord, grant souls the gift of Your Wisdom so that the hearts of Your creatures may be open to the Light of Your Truth and of Your Holy Justice. Amen.


Let the water expel what is corrupt and uplift what is incorrupt, in essence, in the non-material spirit of each being.

Within My Congregation, I gather you together for the upliftment of the Planetary Consciousness so that the Mercy of God may each day be deeper in all creatures that were created in the image and likeness of God.

Through the Sacraments, your Master and Lord renews Life, awakens virtues and talents in souls, so that they may fulfill the Will of God and leave this life with a purpose fulfilled, toward the Primordial Source.

Thus, each virtue is a gift that I awaken in hearts. The countless gifts that I awaken in hearts are part of My armies. These gifts that come from the Holy Spirit and that renew life on the surface of the Earth are testified for today through the Sacraments that in humility are granted to hearts.

For this reason, who experiences a sacrament not only experiences a renewal, but also enters into an unknown Mystery that comes from the Fount of God, from the Principle that gave origin to everything, before creatures existed on Earth.

This Mystery is poured out through each Sacrament and a Principle of Divine Energy acts by means of those who offer it and also by means of those who receive it; in this way, a deep and spiritual communion is established with the Primordial Principle of the Source, which is the renewing Love that brings healing and relief to hearts, the forgiveness of their sins and the absolution of their faults through the mediation of the powerful action of the Holy Spirit.

On this afternoon, the God of Mercy and of Divine Justice grants this special Grace to those who today will receive this Sacrament so that it may serve in the next steps of your lives, for the next walk in the sacred infinity of the Universe.

Opening the doors of My Celestial Church, positioning My Hands upwards, so that Our Creator may Hear Me:

Sacred Father of Love, place Your Divine Current in this Element that You have granted by means of the Water so that souls may be bathed with Your Spirit and they may be relieved of all of their sufferings.

I ask you, Sacred Lord, that today you not look at the errors, but rather the faith of souls, the faith that on this Earth constitutes My Celestial Church; and by the Sacred Ministry that You have granted Me, Adonai, and for all merits attained during My Passion on Earth, may all faults be forgiven and may the awakening of the inner consciousness exist in hearts which, by Your Name, Father, will lead them to concretize Your Plan on this Planet.

May the Holy Spirit grant this Grace in the effusion with Your Divinity and may the Angels, that always praise You perpetually, transubstantiate this element that comes from the core of the Earth and that is a part of the life of humankind, which grants healing, purification, and redemption.

May Your Sacred Gift of Mercy, Adonai, merge with this water, thus creating a living essence, a divine vibration when it is poured out over those who receive it.

And thus again, Father, by the infinite Work of Your Mercy and by Your unfathomable Pity, You will grant peace and forgiveness to those who receive this Sacrament.

Sacred Spirit of God, Sacred Flame of Divine Life, be present at this moment, so that Your Love and Your Glory may reign forever.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. (3x)

And now that you are blessed, bless your brothers and sisters. Give one another a greeting of peace.

Today the offering is offered to the Gift of Reconciliation so that this may always reign in the world, especially in the hearts that must achieve the living of Love.

This is why I tell you again, as I told you more than two thousand years ago: “All eat of It, for this is My Body, which was surrendered for humankind for the forgiveness of sins. Take and drink of My Chalice, for this is My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that will reign among humankind until the return of your Redeemer”.

Thus is instituted the Sacred Eucharist of which hearts will avail themselves to testify within themselves to the Presence of My Living Love, which must always endure throughout time.

Friar Elías.

Now we will all stand and will take each other's hands. At the request of Christ, we will recite the prayer that our Master and Lord taught us at the Mount of the Beatitudes, the prayer that brings the Kingdom of God to Earth and grants Peace to hearts.

We will say the prayer in Portuguese, Spanish, Aramaic, and lastly in Latin when the Lord so indicates.

And you will offer these prayers for humanity, for the reconciliation of the peoples and the nations, for the end of wars, of persecutions and of hunger, so that in humanity the Consciousness of Fraternity, of equality and of balance may awaken, so that Divine Justice may be accomplished, where all may live the good.

Our Father…

I want you to affirm in your lives a song that I have chosen today, which is called “The reason for My existence”. In this song is revealed the confirmation of the disciple of Christ and a true aspiration to live the new life, a life in the Kingdom of God under His designs and His divine Will.

Granting peace and reconciliation to the world, I bless you, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for hearing Me with the heart.



Monday, March 26 of 2018

Sacred Week

I give you Peace.

Precious Blood is poured out for the innocent, but an unshakeable fortitude is built in those who adore My Eucharistic Heart. It is still a very unknown mystery; it is a very inexplicable universal science; it is different alchemy, which takes place between the adorer and the Adoration. You are still to come to know it, but this is part of the Ministry of My Priesthood.

When souls adore Me, they adore God, Who is the One Who deserves all Glory; but I also adore the souls that unite with Me in the essence of their heart.

Here is the Blood that has given its all, up to the last drop; the Blood of Liberation and of Redemption; the Blood of the Lamb of God that put an end to the captivity of the human consciousness and of the planet.

In those Who adore My Eucharistic Heart lies the Power of the Blood of Jesus, mysteriously hidden in the deepest core of the bread that is transubstantiated in the Eucharistic celebration. But today we will give honor to the Blood that was shed by the Lamb of God to free the sins of the world because the Body and the Blood of Christ are a single thing, a single Essence and a single Life, which spiritually merges in the souls that commune of Him.

The Blood that is drunk by humankind and that comes from the Lamb of God is preciously honored by the Father for it is the true justification for the Redemption of humankind. It is the Blood that takes away the sins of the world and converts everything. The Blood that has been given for the Love of humankind for the reparation of the outrages, of the indifference and of all the guilt. It is the Blood that frees the heart. It is the Blood that gives new life to all things.


With this Blood, I wash souls and within hearts, I ignite the divine purpose, so that they may be freed from their deepest stains and may receive the Grace of the Reparation of God.

This is the Blood that gives life to essences and that recovers what is lost. It is the Blood that brings Peace and that establishes the triumph of the Creator on Earth in the world, beyond the forces of chaos and of damnation.

And now that you have already communed of the Divine Codes of My Blood in your hearts, I have been able to establish the eternal ceremony of love, which is built and vivified by all those who adore My Eucharistic Heart.

Today, I would like to make a special mention of this practice and what it is that happens in the inner planes of life when a soul prostrates itself at the feet of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar; many miseries are dissolved, faults are forgiven, inexplicable healing is granted and, above all, from the adoring heart emerges the force of My Love so that they can continue forward, adoring for a planet that suffers, for a humanity that is becoming ill and also for the Kingdoms that suffer the consequences of these times.

In Heaven, the Adoration is all for God; because it is the true testimony of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of His Beloved Son, testified for, through the Sacred Eucharist, and raised up to the Altars of God as the greatest triumph of the humanity of Jesus on this planet.

Therefore, all those who place themselves before the Most High, time and again, experience a renewal, a process of healing and of redemption, and inner doors open so that souls may be able to go through and find the essence of their spiritual Mission and of their divine purpose for this life.

The Blessed Sacrament of the Altar is the representation of the living God on Earth, by means of the Eucharistic Body of Christ. But if to this is added the loving stream of the adorers, many more attributes will be able to be granted in the world and in souls, above al,l for those that despair and cannot find peace.

The adorers of My Eucharistic Body are part of My Heart, in their constitution as mystical body, but they are also part of My Hands and My Feet so that I may reach and help those most in need. Each new adoration that you perform is not the same as the previous one; it is a step to be able to deepen spiritual life and the surrender, in the true purpose of being ambassadors of Peace and of My Divine Mercy.

From the Most Holy Body of Christ that is adored springs the Breath of the Spirit for souls; and the impulses of heaven come to the Earth each time an adoring soul places itself before My Eucharistic Body so that simply, in silence and in peace, they may find new life and redemption.

The adorers represent the pilgrims that rise up to Heaven to meet the Lord and merge in the Communion of His Celestial Church. For this reason, be glad for those who will be consecrated today, because many more will be consecrated by the Power of the Precious Blood of Jesus and of His Divine Eucharistic Body that is severely assaulted in these times due to the indifference of humanity and the slanders.

Each moment of adoration is a moment of reparation and everything, everything is renewed. There is nothing that remains unresolved in the one who adores My Precious Eucharistic Body because, in truth, they strengthen their inner union with My Sacred and Unfathomable Heart, which gives Life to all things, which resurrects everything that is dead, and brings Peace.

Let us begin with this Ceremony of new postulants to the Celestial Church of the Lord so that they may represent on this Earth the peacemakers of the Redeemer.

We will listen to the Pater Noster. The adorers who will be consecrated may come up here.


While My Celestial Church opens to the world, may those self-summoned stand up to enter into My Celestial Consciousness and together with the Angels and Archangels, once again, celebrate the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Lord, bless this Ministry, which today vivifies souls for the Glory and Honor of Your Name.

And again I say to you: All take and eat of It, for this is My Body, which is given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins.

Take and drink of My Chalice, the Chalice of the New Covenant, which conceives of eternal peace in hearts.

Let the adorers stand up to receive Communion.
Let us take a breath.

The most important moment of your lives has come, which for some seconds is to be before My Eucharistic Body, so that the world may be repaired and inexplicable things may be forgiven, through your offering to My Sacred Heart.

Beloved Father of the Universe: receive the offering of these souls, which only seek to live the greatness of the Universe of Your Love and the purpose of Your Existence so that, in everything, what Your wise Will created may be fulfilled.

Today, Father, we offer to You this simple Adoration as an act of deep union with You and together, with the Angels, we lift up this intention to the feet of Your Altar. Amen.

May any contrary purpose be destabilized. May deep healing be attained within souls. May the spirits gathered in Your Name, Lord, vivify Peace; because You have made Yourself so small and akin that You have called Your people, so that they may honor and glorify You again forever and ever, and thus, Your Project will be carried forward in each particle that You have created, to which You have given life so that it may experience Love and Unity.

Being so infinite, Lord, You made yourself a simple and humble man. You incarnated into this world through Your Beloved Son to remind humankind and all of this planet again that Your Love will always triumph and that in Love, the freedom of Spirit and the realization of the soul will be attained in this humanity.

While Angels and souls adore My Body, Lord, may a time of peace be granted to the world so that souls may have time to awaken and live a reconciliation with Your Being. And before My Celestial Church and the Angelic Choirs, today, we once again celebrate, Lord, Your triumph in the hearts that have opened to the existence of Your Love and of Your Will.

Together with the angels, We will intone the melodic Kodoish, raising to Heaven this offering of love and of forgiveness for all those who are not here and for those who should be here and are not.

With a single heart and a single voice, companions, today I will sing together with you, the praise to the Almighty, to the One who has created us through a great and unknown mystery of Love. Let us sing.

Eeihe, Asher Ehie. I AM THAT I AM, together.

Once again.

Praised be, Lord, for allowing Me to be with Your children, to glorify Your Name, and all of Your infinite Existence.

Praised be, Lord, for You have allowed the entrance of souls into My Great Celestial Church, in which the codes and merits of My Love will be perpetuated in the hearts that have trusted in My Divine Presence.

And thus, I consecrate you and bless you as Adorers of My Eucharistic Body. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I will go to Heaven hearing a Praise of the People of God, a song that draws Angels closer to humankind, which brings the Universe to the Earth and which allows Grace above all error.

The song that I have chosen is called Hallelujah, which Brazil specifically intones out of love for the Creator Father.

I thank you, and keep moving ahead.



Sunday, March 25 of 2018

Sacred Week

I have come in Glory to meet with Mine, and before entering this day into Jerusalem, I have placed them at My Feet so that they wash their hands in the representation of all those who still must continue purifying their lives so that, someday, they may enter into the Kingdom of God.

But today I do not come to talk about your mortality, but of your spiritual immortality, which is what will return to the Source of God, free of matter, of all corruption and disturbance.

I come by means of this Grace that the Almighty is granting to the world, to raise your spirits and souls into My Celestial Church where the great Communion with My Heart, My Soul and My Divinity will be celebrated,  during each of these days.

I also come for those who suffer the most, for those who still must give testimony of My Name in the world, even if they are persecuted and martyred. Because for the whole world to believe that I am returning, just as the first Christians after My Ascension, someone must sacrifice their life for Me.

It does not matter how or who it is, everything is already written in the Holy Book of God. That is why I encourage you all the time to the consecration of life and spirit because thus, you will be prepared, companions, to face the end of the times.

The most important for Me is what happens in your essences, in what they can conceive, gestate and realize from the Plan of God. From there everything is realized, everything can be concretized and materialized. Do not hold onto the material matters of life, because matter will die and return to dust. Cultivate within this material life the science of the immaterial spirit, that spirit which is within you and which will carry to the Universe a great experience of love and redemption.

Because after everything happens, after the Armageddon, even after I have returned to the world, all the spiritual treasures, all the spiritual steps, each goal reached by each disciple of Mine, will be collected in the Universe to be deposited in the Great Source of Love and of Renewal, from which the Great Source of God will resurface completely transfigured and transformed, the One who will gestate the New Humanity at the level of the spirit and consciousness.

As much as I speak to you at this moment about abstract things, keep in mind and remember My Words.

I come to accomplish through you an inexplicable work that is absolutely filled with the Love of God and totally filled with the Divine Mercy of the Creator.

On this first day, at the doors of Jerusalem, where I meet with Mine but also with My enemies of these times, I come to invite you to accompany your Master and Lord during this Sacred Week, to take the steps in consciousness and in spirit in order for the designs of God to be established in each one of you as in the whole planet. So be it.

I do not come to talk to you with tepid words. After several encounters, My companions, where your hearts were graced and your lives were blessed, the moment has come, companions, to accompany Me to separate the chaff from the wheat. First, that will begin inside of you, within your inner world and your lives. But do not fear, I do not come to be a judge but your Savior and Redeemer.

Blessed are you who, through the years and the times, have believed in My Word. But now I come to ask you and to supplicate to you for the great moment of your inner transparency which will make you crystalline to the eyes of your equals and true before the forces of chaos in the world. These will be My spiritual columns on Earth and you will be able to break the great sepulchers of the world, where many are still imprisoned in perdition and in chaos.

The moment has come, dear companions, to go two by two through the world to preach My Word, testifying My example through your Christified lives and transformation by the fire of My Superior Love.

I desire, on this day and in the coming days, to be able to collect from your souls the sacred talent that God delivered to you so that I can manifest, in this last time, My Planetary Work, that which comes descending from the Higher Universe towards the Earth.

But My Will will be fulfilled just as My Father has asked and not as you have thought. That is why I need you truthful and with open hearts so that you not only leave here blessed and graced again, but defined with your personal commitment before the Creator in order that the Sacred Treasures of Heaven, the most precious pearls of the Universe, the Sacred Tools of the Creator, may be in your hands to define this time and above all this planet and this humanity, which are already near the threshold of the great decision, the great Universal Judgment.

That is why I come in glory and joy opening My Arms and extending My Hands to you so that you hold on tightly to Me and, in spite of your falls, you can stand up again. Because just as I resurrected from the dead, I have the authority in this final time to resurrect your spirits.

Woe! of he who wants to interfere with My companions because he will know the Sacred Justice of God and must be vigilant during his whole existence in prayer and repentance to conceive the forgiveness of God in his heart.

What I come to bring to your hearts is inextinguishable, eternal, infinite and lasting. I bring you the Life of Spirit, the Science of Love and the inner Wisdom of God so that the souls live it and are, in this time, the witnesses of the Bible.

Today I do not show My wounds of pain for the world, but My wounds of Light that have been transformed by the prayers of the blessed, of all those who aspire to live in My eternal Heart, in spite of the suffering and pain.

Today I do not cry for mankind but for those who gladden My Heart because of their persistence and constancy, their sincere love, their communion with My Eucharistic Heart, for living the sacramental life and being part of this small piece of My Project which today descends to the Earth and comes close to the souls so that they finally know the Kingdom of God.

With the joy of My Spirit, I come to vivify you, with the Fire of My Heart I come to light you up, with the Light of My Spirit I come to sanctify you and thus, absolve you of all committed faults up until today so that you may be a part of Paradise, after this world, at the end of this life.

Praised be you, Lord, because You conceive life.
Praised be you, Lord, because You forgive all mistakes and submerge the souls in the Source of Your Mercy where everything is repaired and absolutely redeemed, following the Principles of Your Divine Will.
Praised be you, Lord, for all that You created and all that You will still create in this world and in the others so that all of Your Creation lives, finally, in the Universe of Your Love, where everything will be illuminated, transcended and forgiven by the Living Flame of Your Unity.
Praised be you, Lord,  for those who have placed at My Feet to hear My Word, which is the Source of Your Living Word, the breath of Your Spirit and elevation of the consciousness.
Praised be you, Lord, for Your unfathomable Mercy, which dissipates the doubts, forgives the faults and conceives in the hearts the eternal life.

How many souls are united to Me on this day, affirming and confirming their commitment with My Glorified Heart so that in the next world, in the New Earth, the Plan of the Creator will finally be realized!

How many souls that came from the Universe to the Earth that today I congregate again through this covenant with My Most Sacred Heart and with My Divine Consciousness! May these souls, in the name of many others, conceive in the world the grace of living in God, the joy of serving Him in plenitude, in holiness.

Lord, You are the Heart of all Life. You are the One Who pulsates within Your children so that all Your creatures may live in the Universe of Your Love, in order to feel themselves part of your Sacred Creation.

While everything is blessed, everything is repaired and the new Grace descends within the hearts of those who believe in It.

The incense represents the elevation of the immaterial spirit, of that spirit that surrenders to God in absolute donation and does not fear anything, but surrenders to Creation in infinite confidence.

Yes, now the alliance of My Heart with all souls that have aspired to It are ready, and this is the reason of joy for My Heart, for the eternal Life.

May the helpers come here to celebrate with their Spouse the inner communion, before their Master enters Jerusalem to live His agony, which I hope to share with those who accept so that it may be relieved.

You can place yourselves around Me to be close to your Lord on this day when the alliance with Heaven and Earth will be established amongst the souls and God.

Today My daughter Amerissa will represent My Mother Mary and you will be the women of Jerusalem who were at the Feet of their Redeemer, in Bethany. I will direct this moment for you and for the world so that this memory remains kept in your essences, which will help you in the next time, in the New Earth.

And I gave My Mother the Holy Grail, to be the Bearer of the Divine Codes of My Blood and to infuse the power of My Blood and of My Redeeming Spirit in the world, wherever She passed.

I held the bread, which I would give as My Spiritual and Mystical Body to the holy women so that they would live the consecration with the Creator.

Almighty, today we elevate this offering which is the inextinguishable testimony of the Love of the Creator through the Presence of His Divine Son. Sow and deposit in these elements the powerful Rays of Your Higher Source so that souls may quench their thirst, light their hearts in the eternal joy of living in You and for You, Amen.

First I give you My Body and My Blood before the alliance because this is the first alliance with My Heart and My Consciousness. Celebrate this moment with joy. And I want that today when I leave here, I may listen to your voice again because your voices today were only one voice in unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I Am pleased to be here with those who are consistent with Me, those who live My message and fulfill My Work in this part of the world. A work that is intangible, unknown and infinite for the entire Creation.

That is why I make you commune with My Body and with My Blood because thus, I Am making the whole humanity commune of My Codes of life, reparation and healing for this planet. Something that will never be extinguished, but it will remain throughout the times when each communion is simply true (*)

Now that I have accomplished My Will, I leave here in peace knowing that within the good souls will blossom the talents of God, the secret treasures which will give the opportunity to conceive within the spirits, the Eternity.

I bless you and I bless all present in perfect Communion with the Creation, in Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace and give testimony of My Word in the world, through your example of conversion and redemption and of loving service for those who suffer the most.

Now yes, consecrated to Me, in the perfect alliance with My Heart, I will delight My Heart listening to your voices, affirming again the hymn of your consecration.

I thank you.

(*) Christ calls all the helpers, each one by her name.



Saturday, March 24 of 2018

Sacred Week

Blessed are those who believe in Me because even though they have not seen Me, they have believed. This is of incalculable value for the end time, for the great day of the Final Judgment.

I come with all My angels and saints to give honor and praise, glory and exaltation to the One who created all things.

I come as His disciple, but also as His servant.

While the doors of the Universe open to testify on Earth to the triumph of the powerful Light of Emmanuel, the darkness is mobilizing and is defeated.

I Am the great appeaser against the forces of evil, but I Am also the victor in the face of the darkness. Because who calls upon God through My Heart with sincerity and loyalty will not perish.

There could be earthquakes, the seas may rise, strong winds may blow and destroy everything they touch, but who believes in Me and in their heart is faithful to My Word, will not perish. Because I will give them the authority to overcome the enemy through the strength and power of Love, through Unity, which is unbreakable in essences that live in God.

In this Sacred Week that begins, which will not be the same as the previous one, in which your hearts and lives will experience a great definition before the Most High, a before and an after will occur. And a new history will be written in the Sacred Book of the Heavens.

May the triumph of the faithful be established. May the tepid feel a warmth in their hearts to live within My Universal Fire and be a part of My armies of the end of times.

While I speak, the doors of the Universe still open, as it was at the resplendent Aurora, so that the Divinity of the Father may descend to Earth through the celestial choirs and the servant angels of God, who today stop the darkness because the One who created us in His image and likeness is descending, the One who always gave origin to the powerful Source of Love and of Truth.

Today I come crowned by the flowers of My disciples and at My Feet I receive the offerings of those who have testified to My Love in the world. That is why this event is not as usual.

I come to gather those whom I have summoned in other times, those who would come in this era to witness the return of Christ in the nations of the world and in all the peoples and corners of the Earth.

From here must come the new Christs redeemed by My Love, sanctified by My Consciousness, uplifted by My Spirit. Because they must be the humble among the humblest, the simple among the simplest, the real among the liars.

My Law must be part of your lives in this new cycle. That is why, for this Sacred Week I have chosen an incalculable number of celestial treasures, I would say inexplicable Graces, to be poured out in your spirits that are preparing to face the last cycle of this acute and very difficult Armageddon.

But I want you free of yourselves so I can empty you completely, and fill you with the Love-Wisdom of God, which is currently necessary in the world, above all in those who suffer the most, in those who endure the error and horror of the wars.

I need you to disseminate My Divine Mercy so that the Peace of God may be established. Each Cross blessed, at some point on Earth, companions, means the return of the Kingdom of God to humanity, as it was in the past with the people led by Moses to the heights of Mount Sinai, where the laws of evolution and awakening were received, what you call “Sacred Commandments.”

Through My Universal and Christic Love, I come to renew all times, to unite all laws and all principles, by the powerful intercession of our Father, Emmanuel, who today makes Himself present from His Celestial Kingdom, contemplating the Earth and this part of humanity gathered in My name, which with its simple ‘yes’, comes to reconfirm the triumph of My Sacred Heart in all essences, as in all nations, through the mediation of all who pray, devotees, the consecrated, and adorers, as well as through the simplest, through those silent hearts, which are imperceptible and do not shown themselves to the world.

Let us then begin, companions, the great ceremony of consecration calling out the names of God, the sacred keys that bring to Earth the knowledge and the renewal of spirits, and above all, the establishment of the Law of Love.

Let us light the Cross.

Let us sing as one voice, companions, and as one heart, so that the kingdom of God may  descend to Earth.

Elements to bless…

While the heart burns in the Love of God, may a commitment be ignited in your souls, and the coming together with the Creator be re-experienced, with everything that exists within His Celestial Universe and that gives purpose to life and the regeneration of the consciousness.

May this simple offering of the Sacred Cross of Emmanuel be raised up to the Thrones of the Father, so that more spirits in the world may find redemption and peace, an awakening of their Christic consciousness and the upliftment of their spirits in absolute surrender at the Feet of the Almighty.

While the guardian angels bow down before the Creator, may your hearts now be uplifted as an offering to the Kingdom of God so that from His Divine Fount of Grace, of Healing, and of Reparation, the powerful and invincible Rays of Emmanuel may descend to the Earth and the planet and the Universe may unite in perfect communion, as an act of reconciliation and healing for souls.

I have come in the company of the Archangel Metatron, who will bless this Cross in the name of our Father-Mother Creator. Coming directly from the Primordial Source, it will pour out the spiritual water of life, so that this Cross may be blessed and be the symbol of a universal rescue of essences, fallen and lost in the abysses of the Earth, so that for an instant, only for a second, this humanity feels within itself the call of the Creator.

We will invoke His name, we will call for His Presence, for the Presence of God, in the sacred name of Emmanuel.

Praised be, God of the Universe, for all that You created to vivify the Love of the Creator in your creatures.

Bless this moment, Lord, this place, and all those who are assembled around Your invincible Light, Your Splendor and Your blue Fire, so that essences may rediscover the path of life, the life that will lead them to unite, in these times, with Your Heart, where they will find refuge, consolation, and healing.

May souls rise up in offering. May hearts rejoice and be happy, because the Almighty, Emmanuel, comes to the meeting, through His Beloved Son, of all the creatures of the Earth, of all those who affirm their faith within themselves.

We will bless this moment with the elements and this Sacred Cross that as from today will infuse the world with the spiritual Light of Emmanuel, and the heart that bows down here in repentance and surrender will be lifted up by the arms of the Father to His Kingdom of Love.

The Lord blesses this water so that it scatters like a spiritual light of redemption and of healing through this Cross, to the four corners of the Earth.

Christ asks to pray the Our Father in Portuguese, Spanish, Aramaic and Latin.

At this table, offered by the pilgrims of the faith and the devotees of the Love of God throughout this week sacred and blessed by the Most High, the communion of reconciliation and inner healing will be offered, so that hearts may be ready for all that they will experience in the coming times, availing themselves of this Sacrament, with all the Power that it holds, with the Grace that it envisages, with all that it brings for the spiritual life of each heart.

May this Sacrament thus be raised to the foot of the Altar of God and under the blessing of the Archangel Saint Metatron, and through the intercession of His armies of Light, of the Resplendent ones, may the codes of the Passion of Jesus, of His Death and Resurrection be instituted in this bread and this wine, so that hearts may receive the assistance they need to face these times through faith, trust, and a conviction in God.

Thus, after two thousand years ago, your Redeemer Master celebrates on this hill, as was done at the top of Mount Calvary, the glory of His Passion, of His Death, and of His Resurrection, once again defeating the one who causes pain, anguish, and despair in the hearts of the Earth, the Body of Christ and the Precious Blood of the Universal King triumphing.

Lord, be present in everything that exists. Vibrate with Your Principle of Love in every heart. Transform everything You touch. And through this Sacrament, re-ignite the faith and the commitment in Your creatures so that Your Will may be fulfilled.

At this Supper, in an inner reclusion, may souls find hope and the happiness of eternally serving You, without any fear, without any guilt, renewed by Your Fire of Love and by Your Light of Hope. Amen.

And now that this Cross will serve as a shield and protection for you and Brazil receives the protection of Emmanuel as a spiritual gift, may this Cross be venerated as the triumph of the Kingdom of God in this part of the planet.

May those who are most in need of the Light of God be able to come here, so that they too may be renewed as you today are renewed in this inner communion with My Spirit.

Feel now this Light of Emmanuel within you and how the Mirror of His Love, of His Light, and of His Unity is reflected in you, renewing all that exists and all that was created by His Divine Thought.

At the doorway of this Sacred Week and in this moment of union with God, before My Sacred Heart, inwardly state the petition, what you so aspire to be realized in your lives after these sacred meetings with My Glorified Heart. I hear you inwardly.

May the advent of the new race be fulfilled.
May humanity be able to express its archetype.
May the Word be alive and build Your Temple.
May Your Mystery expand within us
and may true existence be revealed to the world.
So that we can gather together in Your Name
and glorify perfect Unity.
Amen. (x2)

While the stars of the Cosmos record this event, may your hearts, lives, and consciousnesses make a memory of this moment, so that this experience of love may return to its origins some day.

Be consciousnesses renewed by the gifts of God. And may this moment simply be a Grace, not only for your lives, but also for the world.

Let us give thanks to God for this moment. Because today, if this happens here, it is because it is His Will. One Will infinite and unknown to the world that comes to bring Truth to the Earth.

May your hearts be uplifted in this exercise of reconciliation so that many more souls may receive what they need and the consoling Spirit of God may enter into all essences so that His Peace may reign.

I bless you and leave you with the Light of Emmanuel so that it may always be present on your paths, affirming His Divine Will and the concretization of His Project.

May this symbol of redemption and of light be reflected in your lives and on the entire planet.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. (x3)

I thank you for being here with Me today and for being with Me in the next coming days, in perfect union and communion with life.

I thank you.

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