Friday, February 16 of 2018

The Sacred Call

You will see me come like a sun in the night, like the One who overcame darkness and death; He who made of the world a rescuable world and a redeemed humanity.

But I will not return like the first time, as it was in the Bethlehem manger. I will come back and return differently than what you know and understand.

If My Father has asked me to be here, it is because it is part of His Will and not that of humans. His beloved Son does not waste the Laws of God, but rather, literally fulfills them through His examples and His testimony.

Therefore, children, do not allow your hearts to be invaded by those who say that I am not here. I would not waste your time, nor the hour. Each moment for is precious God.

Of those who deny My Work, the Father will take care, because just as He is Love, the Father is also Justice, and Justice is approaching the world.

The Justice of God will snatch humans away overnight, and no one will be able to escape it, because just as today I give you My Mercy, the Father will bring you His Justice.

It is time to do penance and to repent from the heart, so that you may be safe, regardless of what you believe or what you experience through religions.

I come outside of the Church to give a living testimony.

I come for those who do not know Christianity, for those who never had the opportunity of experiencing it or professing it.

I come to tear down world and modern paganism, so that you may know that there still is only one God in Three Persons and that the God of the Source and of Love is for all rather than only for Christians. My Gospel is for humanity. My Word of Salvation is for all races and all peoples.

Woe to those priests who defame My Name and do not live their vows before the Creator! It is more powerful to make known the Name of Jesus, than to deny it in those who experience it in another way, because My Love is merciful, pious, and invincible.

I come with the voice of the last desert prophet, as the Voice of the Great Sun of the Universe. I come, by this path, to unify the religions, because if you do not unite in this final time, you will suffer and you will not be able to tell the Father that you did not know.

My Love is christic and redeeming, and it continues to be so from the beginning, when I incarnated in the Source of God and came to the world to give witness to the Love of God to creatures.

I would not want you to waste your time, companions, on the comments. Focus your attention on the inner world and not on the judgments and on the superficial. I already told you once: by their fruits you shall know them.

I do not come to work the world with perfect beings, nor sublime beings. I come to choose what is most difficult in this world, to do the grandest thing through My Redemptive Work.

If I had appeared within the Church at this time, My Voice would have been nullified and not heard. The Will of God is not understood by humankind, nor accepted. That is why there is suffering in the world, illnesses, perdition, and there are still wars and conflicts.

Unify before everything gets worse. Do not waste time on what they say or what they will say.

Who uses My Name to defame is lost, and only I will be able to absolve and forgive.

To see how great My Mercy is, I come to seek those who are farthest from God, those who are on other paths, so that they may finally find the only path that leads them to the Kingdom of My Father, straight to His Heart.

I come to this land and to this place to make it sacred someday, as it was in the beginning. That is why the mission is just beginning and your giving of self will be essential so that this can be carried forward.

You cannot set aside your consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because Her Divine Energy is also not wasted.

I come to have you know the love that you can live in your hearts rather than through the humans who say they experience it or that they practice it. Many, through the ages, have not believed in the Work of the Sacred Hearts, but when all things pass and everything is over, humanity will realize that it missed a great opportunity.

But now I will continue onward with those who want to follow me. I will not walk next to those who are tepid or cold of heart. The world needs help and much mercy. The world needs to find the Light and come out of permanent ignorance.

That is why I walk with My Mother and with Saint Joseph among the nations of the world, in order to give witness to My Return to humanity. And this is not a theory.

I tell you again: your Lord does not waste anything, because the Universe of God is sacred and blessed. And someday, this part of the Universe must be sacred and blessed.

Do not allow lukewarm humans to put bandages over your eyes so that you cannot see the path that My Merciful Heart is indicating to you in this new stage of your lives.

To consecrate oneself as a Child of Mary means an irrefutable commitment. My desire is not to see men and women dressed in light blue, but rather soldiers who know what they are doing and who fulfill what they say wherever they go.

If souls do not awaken to their mission, how will the Earth be healed? It is necessary to have determination and valour to dare to experience the unknown, what you have never known, what no one has told you, because it is something new within My Redemptive Work, it is something for this time, in which everything will be defined.

I would like to give you to drink of My Chalice, but I see that there are still lips that do not open to drink of My Blood and commit themselves to Me. But do not despair; I'm patient, because everything has its timing.

Those who consecrate themselves as Children of My Mother assume to live only one path and not two. I tell you again: with my own hands I must uproot the modern paganism of these times. Souls cannot forget the Commandments and must live them as they were presented. Souls cannot lose the sense of their path and must strengthen themselves through prayer, because it will be the flame that will illumine them in this end time.

Today I come to tell you that I am returning, first in Spirit and then in Glory. Receive My Divine Spirit into your hearts, so that you may feel that everything is true and that it is not just passing or emotional words.

I come in this time to awaken the robust person and the old person, so that they may be new people, as I did with My apostles in the past. I need you to be here with determination and inner strength in order to be able to accompany your Master and Lord on new paths that do not separate you from your faith, nor from your belief.

I must propagate the true Christianity to the world, which emerged in the first Christian communities, after My Ascension. I need to see a new and consecrated Essene family on this planet, that lives My call with humility and with joy, without having any doubts.

I know that many will not believe that I am here, as they have professed. Blessed are those who live the message and make it part of themselves, because they will have the wisdom to decide and choose.

I come to restore My Church outside of the Church, calling new workers, so that in complete submission, humility, and surrender, they support the walls of My Temple in the world, even though they have been on other paths or living other experiences.

I wish you could see behind all of this, the Love; the invitation that I call on you to live in your Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that Love is what allows everything, that grants everything, more than proclaiming the Word of the Lord, because the Word of God is fulfilled when the heart lives Love rather than only emitting empty words, like some priests, from whom I still await repentance. But do not worry, everything will be revealed and by their fruits you will know them.

It is grander to live the Call with love, than with renunciation; It is grander to live the Call with joy, than with indifference, because everything I give you is final and will not be repeated in any other cycle.

So drink of My sacred impulses before they end, because the Source of My Divine Mercy is still open, but someday it will close, because humanity will have to learn on its own to repent from the heart.

I am that Sun that ascended to the Heavens, to return one day to the Earth and with My Presence repopulate this planet with new Christs, so similar to Me. And although that seems a heresy, it is a decision of God. His Word is holy and His Will is untransferable.

Who accepts without understanding will be happy. Whoever experiences it without understanding will enter the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Therefore, pray for those who do not believe that I am here; from the High Priests, to the faithful of My Church. Pray for the Holy Father, so that he may fulfill what I need, as Peter's successor; so that he may have the inner strength to carry forward the change that the Church needs in these times, from its epicenter to the whole world.

I would like Peru, a blessed land, to continue to spreading its faith and its humility, as it has up to these times, for the times to come.

I would like to be welcomed into your hearts, into your families and into your homes with a more ardent and burning devotion; with an unwavering faith; with a strengthened hope and an infinite joy for helping those who suffer in each part of this world, knowing that if today I am here, it is by the Will of God, by the determination of His designs and His honor for those who most suffer from despair and illness.

Until the nations recognize that My Divine Spirit is returning, I cannot return in Glory to the world. Thus, as in other times, with a few I will do the great Works of God.

Accept experiencing an awakening and your life will be renewed. Accept walking by My side, holding My Hand, and your lives will be transfigured, because I do not only come for those who love Me, but also for the sinners and the most imperfect, for those who suffer and have deep wounds in their consciousness.

I come as the Heart of Light of God, to repair the wounds of humanity, so that at least it has a chance to realize that it is lost and that it must be redeemed before everything takes place.

For this reason, in this time I will work with the angels of the nations, even though they are very offended by what they see of each people. If your prayers were sincere and real, if they flowed from your heart and from your deep devotion, they will gain more inner strength to prevent further disasters in the world.

The angels are part of your lives and your lives are part of the angels. Wake up to what you cannot see with your physical eyes, but that the soul can feel within itself and is real.

Let yourselves be permeated by My renewing Fire and the Earth will be repopulated by a new hope.

Be missionaries of My Heart and I will be able to count on you at each new step and in each new detail.

I come for this people, because it recognizes me, because it wants to live and feel Me. Open your hearts to receive My Divine Mercy, and everything will pass, because you will never be alone if you accept My call. And if you truly repent, everything will be transformed.

Be suns in this new aurora that dawns and that emerges with strength and power, to show the world the return of the Son of God.

I will especially sanctify all the elements that you have brought to My altar today, so that you may take home a little piece of the Light of My Heart.


You will also take to your homes, especially in your hearts, a sacred medal, which I have asked to be coined to show the Glory of My Heart, in what is simple and humble.

Today, Lord, I raise this sacred offering to Your Celestial Universe, so that souls may be purified and find reparation and consolation in the Heart of Your Son, so that each element, as well as each soul be sanctified in Glory to Your Name and to Your Divine Creative Power.

Sanctify, Lord, everything that is here and purify it, so that it may reach the Light of Redemption. Amen.

Everything is sanctified so that everything may be renewed as God has thought it.

More than two thousand years ago, I taught you to eat of My body and drink of My blood, and today I hope that you do so for the reparation of My Sacred Heart in the face of the great outrages of the nations, of their rulers and of the peoples who are ignorant before Creation; so that the Father's Graces, in His divine expression, may descend on those most in need of healing and redemption.

I took the bread and gave thanks to God, saying to those who are Mine: All take and eat of it, because this is My Body, which is given for you and for all human beings for the forgiveness of sins. I gave thanks to God for the Sacred Chalice; and He blessed it through His Son.

And I said to My apostles: All take and drink of It, for this is My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will arise in the end of times for the redemption of sinners and the consecration of those who have not been redeemed to the Lord.

And with the prayer that I taught you, the bread and the wine will transubstantiate and will become the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Our father.

Until the whole world does not eat or drink of My Blood, there will be no eternal peace on Earth. Therefore, I go to meet all; not only those who already believe in Me, but also those who do not believe in Me and are on other paths.

May the Sacred Light of My Heart descend upon these medals, so that they may reach those who most need them, and especially the sick in hospitals. Amen.

Today I leave here, companions, knowing that the Work of God was fulfilled in this country, with the opening of your hearts and lives to the call of your Lord and Redeemer. And I hope to return here to see many more, gathered in My Name and crying out for My Mercy.

I bless you in the Name of Our Father Creator, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us! In this meeting we honor You, Lord.