Saturday, May 6 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy

I have come from Heaven with a special intention: to recognize and honor those who are consistent with Me in their deepest silence, in the anonymity of their person, in an unconditional life, in service to their fellow beings. In all of this, I honor those who are consistent with Me, because it does not matter what they are, but rather what they feel when they are before My Merciful Heart.

It is thus that I consecrate you, I renew you, I give you the essence of My Life, which is the legacy of My Divinity; that which was attained during the Passion on the Cross. For all those who would be consistent with Me, I also let Myself die on the Cross, because I knew that I would find you at the end of times, to be able to carry My final Work forward on the planet.

All the blood shed, each pain experienced, as well as each transmutation expressed by each one of My Wounds, were not only for sinners, but also for those I offered Myself for, to see them working on My Plan in these times and carrying on My designs, both in the silence of their lives, and in their moments of prayer. And each time you are united with Me, this promise is fulfilled and renewed.

It is thus that I visit the New Christs, the new temples and the new dwelling places, transformed by Me, worked by My Hands, molded by My Spirit, and filled by My purest Love, the Love that comes from My Heart, from My Essence, and from My Life in this Celestial Universe.

So that I might find you in this time, in the different regions of the planet, in your different peoples and nations, My Father had to mark you with the gift of awakening, which is the grace of being aware of what it means to be on this planet and in this humanity, for these times, knowing what it is that must be done, what must be fulfilled and carried out by your Master and Lord.

Thus, I come to withdraw the keys from those who waste them. The keys are the symbol of the spiritual treasure, of the trust of the Most High in all that He has granted by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

Withdrawing these keys from those who did not know how to benefit from them, I place them in the hands of the consistent, of the anonymous, of those who have allowed themselves to be won by My Love rather than by material life.

In this way, I build a great network of souls, at the service of the Redeemer and of the Eternal Father. Because behind all this mystery is your Celestial Father, Who decrees and accomplishes all things.

Today I come to anoint the consistent of these times. Today I mark them again, this time with the luminous sign of the Cross, symbol of the Redemption of humanity and of an absolute surrender to the Creator.

Just as the women of Jerusalem anointed My wounded Body through the love of their hearts and of their lives, today I come to anoint with My Spirit and in thanksgiving, those who are consistent with Me and those who are consistent on behalf of the whole of humanity, especially for those who go astray.

Now that you have complied with what I needed, I will bring continuity to what I have come to do on this day, with all souls and for all the souls of the world.

I come to renew you in the apostleship, because in the renewal of your spiritual charge, you will always have the inner strength to accomplish all the things that the Father entrusts you with through His Son and His Holy Mother.

I want to bid farewell until a next meeting, reminding you of the importance of the prayer given and of the fulfillment of the wishes of your Lord, for something that is broader than your consciousnesses, as well as the whole of this planet. This is the magnitude of My wish.

Let us consecrate the elements, as well as the souls that thirst for the true Love of God, so as to survive the chaos of this humanity in these times.

Each Sacrament that is lived, remember that it is done not only for your lives, but also for this race, which is sick and wounded by its own mistakes.

Each Sacrament is a healing balm, it is a renewal for the soul, it is finding again the path that had been lost due to the influences of this material and superficial life.

Today try to feel your souls in a deep bliss, as they are newly sacramental, not only through the elements that will renew them, but also through a perpetual communion with the Heart of their Lord.

Praised be Thou, Lord, because Thou hast allowed Thy Most Beloved Son to incarnate among humankind, so that Thy Love, Thy Grace and Thy Mercy might descend again, so that each being on this planet might attain their redemption.

Today, I renew this testimony through the bread and the wine, and united with each being consistent with Me, I again establish this Supper, with My Body and with My Blood, so that all may receive the codes of life. Amen.

From this meeting of prayer here, in Porto, many opportunities have arisen, which in a short while you will become aware of, and which are the fruit of the prayer and of the faith of your hearts.

Once again, My Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Holy Mother, triumph again in Portugal and in Europe. This is a special gift for God. It is a gift of Heaven, gestated by simple hearts that hear the voice of their Master and walk by His side, always seeking the path of peace, for themselves and for the world.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I want you to sing “The Peacemakers”, just as you sang in glory yesterday, for your Redeemer and Lord.

Raise up your souls to God in profound joy, so that this triumph of the Sacred Hearts may be infused in the whole world. Amen.



Friday, May 5 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy

And you will see coming among the clouds the Son of Man, surrounded by Glory, splendor, and joy. You will see Him coming with all of His angels and the authority of His archangels, together with the twelve choirs that will proclaim the return of the Firstborn.

You will see Him coming in His splendor, just as the Sun rises on the horizon to illumine the night, which was in darkness.

The uncertain portals will be closed when the trumpets of the angels sound. And the Almighty will make Himself present in the Primordial Essence of His Heart and through the radiation of Light of the Love of His Son, for all His creatures.

There will be no night for a long time. The night of darkness will finally disappear and the unredeemed will be carried  into living their inner judgement before the Creator Fathers and the Judges of the Law.

Just as the Son of God will come, subsequently the Mother of God will come. And not only will She be surrounded by twelve stars, but the whole Universe will be Her infinite mantle in humanity.

For that time that is approaching, you will see the victory of the self-called; sadness will no longer be on their faces, for they will reflect the healing and the hope in their deep gaze before the Celestial Universe.

You will thus see the new brotherhood take each other’s hands, to again generate the union and the fraternity that humanity has lost because of its indifference and its error.

The Son of God will place the Golden Scepter on the planet and with a simple touch of Light, it will illumine the face of the Earth, and all the languages and all the peoples, in spite of their differences and cultures, will understand the Word of God, which will emanate from His deep merciful Heart.

At that moment, a single language will be spoken in the world, which is the language of Love and of Truth; and all will understand it.

In that time that is approaching and while you wait for it, purify your feelings, purify your actions, purify your consciousnesses, so that My Father may carry out His wonders in each one of His children, as well as in each essence of this planet, because in this way, My enemy will not find you, for you will be in the refuge of My Glorified Heart, living the new Supper with Me, the eternal Restorative Communion with the Heart of God.

And thus the bells of the Universe will ring and the doors to the new time will open. The groans of souls will no longer be heard, nor the lament of the mothers of the Earth. The women will no longer cry and the prophecy will be reverted ahead of time.

The Archangel Gabriel, in the company of all the saints, will open the Book of the Wisdom of God, to read in the coming time, the new Scriptures about the new Laws of the new humanity.

Sin will be excised and no descendant will any longer be part of the new humanity.

It will not be part of Adam and Eve. Original sin will be excised and the new race will have the Grace of living in God forever.

The evil feeling will be dissipated because of the deep feeling of Love and of Unity. Happy are those who live it in this time, as an inner preparation for the arrival of the Great Master of the Universe.

I want you today to be flowers on My Altar, expressions of love and of beauty for the Creator of the Universe.

Today, with the blessed and the self-summoned for this sacred mission, we celebrate the inner unity that can be generated in the hearts that are simple, seekers of the truth and of peace, peacemakers of My Heart and messengers of My Divine Consciousness.

Today, I also pray for a new world, for a new redeemed humanity, that is consistent with the Universe, with the Laws and the commandments. And thus they will testify to the Son of God, present in humble hearts, who live the grandeur of the Celestial Universe.

May the sacred Words be fulfilled, and may the divine Decrees be carried out in this humanity and in the next, because today you are part of a transition; the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle on this Earth.

May the advent of the new be fulfilled. May hearts awaken to the call. May the self-summoned always respond to the convening. And may the new history of the planet be written, through those who unconditionally serve God.

May charity reign among souls and fraternity be expressed in simple spirits. May no one lose the sense of living this life, which the Father has given them with so much Love; and that in spite of their illnesses and trials, accept purification with humility. Because the old wine must be thrown away, so the new wine, which is the New Covenant between humankind and God, can be placed in you. This is possible through the merciful power of My Heart.

May My Decrees be written in your memories and may My Words, one by one, be printed on paper, recorded in the books of all languages of the world. I am still waiting for that to happen.

It will be through the servants of the nations of the world who will help this, My request, to be concretize. May My Words be in all languages, in all peoples, as well as in all cultures, which must rediscover the Love of God, a Love that they have lost because of their suffering, their pain, their indifference.

Blessed are those who listen with the humility of the heart, because the words are balms of healing, a renewal for consciousnesses, a freeing for the past, the beginning of a new cycle.

Let us celebrate in the Father, in the Son, and in the Holy Spirit, so that the promise of the Son of God may be established in this humanity.

While the trumpets of the angels sound to announce the new, may your souls proclaim the exaltation to God, because it is He who grants all these things to a mistaken, indifferent, and selfish humanity. Be all partakers of the Communion with Christ and renew again your vows, as if it were for the first time, bringing into your hearts all My subtle Vibrations, so that in truth and once and for all, you may be transformed into what God expects of your lives, because this is the last opportunity before everything happens.

Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will remain. Amen.

You will remember why you will be blessed:

Because I was hungry and you fed Me.

Because I was cold and you gave Me shelter.

Because I was sick and My brothers and sisters visited Me.

Because I was imprisoned and you came to see Me, to bring hope to the hearts that suffer.

Because I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink.

Because I was dying and you helped Me.

I was homeless and you welcomed Me.

You washed My Hands and My Feet, My Head and My Face, in the smallest and most innocent, to heal Me of the horrors of the wars.

Because I was in the mothers, who in their desperation sought peace, and gave it to Me.

These are the causes of the testimony of My Love for you.

I want you to always remember fraternity and be like Me in each daily act of life. Thus, the enemy will perish and the brothers and sisters will no longer be against their siblings, but rather will be united through the splendor of My Heart and of My Wisdom. Amen.

Leaving your past behind and living on My path of renewal, be sanctified by the sacraments that I gave you, so that life may be reborn and thus hope and healing may reappear in souls

Happy are those invited to the Table of the Lord, for they will have eternal life.

Raising My right Hand on High, placing My left Hand on the Merciful Heart; bringing the luminous sign of the Cross, I bless you, and those who suffer, those who most need it in every part of this world, as in every continent and in every nation, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for accompanying Me, for your company is indispensable to Me.

Christ Jesus

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