Monday, April 17 of 2017

Sacred Week

Today I am with the Father. And if the Father is with Me, the Father is with you. And if the Father is with you, He is present in humanity with His Power.

May You be blessed, Lord, because You have created the water to purify Your creatures and so elevate the consciousnesses.

Today I wash your hands for you to be able to receive My new Plan and you will be doing this in the name of all.

May You be blessed, Lord, Present in the incense. All Your Light is revealed for the liberation of souls and of all the spaces of evil, converted by Your Mercy.

Today we are going to speak, companions, about the Plan thought by My Heart. After this purification and sanctification, your hearts are prepared to receive My plans. Although your lives are imperfect, the Plan of your Redeemer shall be fulfilled.

And now this request is not only in you, but in all your brothers and sisters in the world, who in this last Sacred Week opened the door to Me so that I could enter and reign.

It is for this reason that today, companions, Adonai is here, through the living Heart of His Son and of His Priestly Consciousness; just as are also present the patriarchs, the great guardians of the legacy and the vigilantes of the sacred treasures of Heaven.

Today I come to unite the time of Moses, the time of your Master and this time, the present, to carry on the last part of My Work, through all the impulses that in this moment come from the Universe.

Everything is part of a major plan. Even the small details are part of My Plan, for it to take place in the souls.

Light your candles harmoniously so that this Plan that will be revealed may be illuminated in the world, through My Words and those of Our Holy Father Adonai.

Listen now to My burning desire that must be your desire, your aspiration, so that you may always be in God and within His Work, as were the patriarchs and the ancient peoples of the desert; as the hermits lived and did all those consecrated who closed the doors to the world, to enter the temple of their monasteries and worship God there.

A part of humanity must always be the potent weapon of consecration; this allows the Universes to descend to Earth and that no soul keep from being permeated by the Will of God or keep from knowing it, because in this way it has the possibility to fulfill it, in its material life and on its spiritual path.

With this preamble, I come to speak to you about my plans for these times, because these plans are the last ones, which will finalize My redemptive Work until the moment I return to the world to call the flocks to be near their Lord and within the stable of His Heart.

Great are the projects I have for this world in crisis. This is why I am revealing today My priestly Face because it is the one that will sustain these projects and all those who consecrate themselves to them, according to the level of their school and their awakening.

On this last day of the Sacred Week, I come to close a cycle, together with you and humanity, together with all those who listen to Me, because I know you realize in your interior that there is a commitment to fulfill and to live.

Remember your freedom, because the Lord does not tie His sheep. The Lord calls them by name, for them to drink from the Source of His Graces, from the inexhaustible fountain of Love. Drinking from this Source, the flocks are pointed out by their Lord, and sent to fulfill the purpose of their Pastor in the world. With this I want to tell you that each one has to fulfill a part in this sacred mission of love for humanity.

My Heart will come to all, first for your good examples; second for your life of charity; third for your sincere prayer. These three bases build up the servers of the Plan and all those who in these time will summon themselves to follow Me. They will not only be two or three or a thousand, but millions, who listen to My Word and in whom My Word sounds in their interior, in all languages of the world.

The challenges will seem impossible. The triumphs will seem unreachable. The goals will seem difficult. But the one who is in Me and in all their brothers and sisters, in perfect unity and brotherhood, will achieve all.

Do not be afraid of going out into the world to serve me. I have showed you that this is possible through the Missionaries of Peace. It is time to light the flame of your personal and group mission. All these Centers of Love, like the one in which you are today, must be sustained, supported and helped to be able to receive the whole humanity.

Its mission has changed and you must perceive it because if you so perceive it, companions, you can follow your Master on this planetary mission, which will not have frontiers nor limitations anymore, to be able to reach those who are suffering and those who await the sacred Hope.

For this reason, you must take firm steps to walk on the path of the new Plan and to help to sustain this planet in the chaos that reigns in the world and that makes many souls get lost in desperation, pain and suffering.

I want your hearts to be glorified like Mine is, because through this glory, the souls will serve themselves from healing and from relief, something so long awaited and so much sought for.

I thus invite you to position yourselves in the rows of the Plan, for the Ray of My Grace to descend onto many more nations in the world.

You already know how to be mirrors of love, My Mother has taught you. You already know how to serve, My Father Saint Joseph has shown you. You already know how to forgive, My Heart has revealed it to you through a whole year of messages. All the gifts were handed over. The tools from Heaven were received, for the workers of the Plan to work on this co-redemptive Task that each of your hearts are called to live, in these times of chaos and battle.

Do not oppose your will to the wills of the world. Distance yourselves from your will for the Will of God to descend and to manifest Itself in your desires and principles at this crucial hour of the planet.

After thirty years of instructions, after almost ten years of blessings, it is time to work for humanity and for all its Smaller Kingdoms, wherever it be, following the steps of Light of your Redeemer.

Open the doors of your consciousnesses and do not want anything for yourselves anymore, but the good and love for others, thus generating the great current of the Fraternity. In this way you will be My apostles and not just My servers. You will be the columns of My Work in the world, in the East or in the West, in the North of the planet or in the South. It does not matter where it is. It only matters that you are called to live it, with great rejoicing, joy and love.

Be citizens of this Universe at last and live in unity with a Great Celestial Brotherhood, which helps this present race not to activate bombs, nor self-destruction as was in the forties. My Father sought refuge in His Source, when the bomb of Hiroshima was activated. A great pain was felt in this whole local Universe. The great wise guardians of the stars prostrated themselves to implore mercy and forgiveness. I invite you to imitate this example before all happens.

If My Work reaches Asia, Oceania and Russia before its time, many will not lose themselves and millions of souls will distance themselves from war and pain.

While humanity accepts weapons, the Mercy of God will be little. While many do not pray, very scarce will be the Grace of God. Who will sustain, companions, the Bridge of Light that extends itself upon the abysses, formed by the union of all souls, of all hearts of the world who say yes to the Universe?

My Heart is the great bomb of Love for the world. It is the radiant Sun of Mercy, which is flagellated by the injustices of humanity. But My Grace is larger than all mistakes of the world.

I come to concede in this last instance of the planet a merciful atonement. I profoundly wish in My prayers that all souls from the world serve themselves of it for My Consciousness and My Heart to be able to triumph in humanity.

Today My Mantle of Light is embroidered by all the flags of the nations of the world. My next mission is Asia and I call my flocks to follow Me to fulfill the great triumph of the Mercy of God.

I am the Priest of Peace and I wish the best for the souls. Blessed be those who listen with their heart and fulfill the promises of their Redeemer.

So be it.

Let us elevate to the Father the aspirations, the intentions of His Most Beloved Son, for them to descend in Grace and Redemption upon humanity. 1

So through these six prayers, three Lord’s Prayer and three Glory Be to the Father, you can become worthy to live the Plan of God and to fulfill it in this planet and in this humanity.

Whenever you feel the fragility of living your own mission or the group mission with your brothers and sisters, remember to pray three Lord’s Prayer and three Glory Be to the Father as I taught you. You can also teach it to your brothers and sisters who will need to awaken to the Plan of God, at the end of these times.

And now I will pray to Adonai for you and for the world. Those who offer themselves may kneel down.

This will be the closure of My task this week, so that in the next Sacred Week of 2018 we may already be three thousand. Start working from now on without leaving behind all the impulses that I have brought to the world, to generate your salvation and redemption.

Most High Father of the Universe, Source of Love and of Mercy, Supreme Lord of the Heights, Unique Consciousness of the Major Universes, Sacred Source of renewal, Divine Spirit who gestates Creation, Supreme Archangels and Angels, unconditional servers of God

Holy Spirit which compenetrates all that is created and reveals Its gifts to the creatures, Hierarchies and hosts of Light, listen to the Voice of your beloved Lord!

Universes, stars and suns, radiate your codes to all living beings.

Sacred Fire of Love, which renews all. The Only truth that exists in all that is consciousness and matter,

Father, listen to the Voice of Your Son, who offers the sacrifice of His Heart on behalf of all who follow Him loyally and in unity.

Today I proclaim My appeal; today I elevate My supplication. I postrate, Adonai, before You, as a slave and servant of Your Project. Today I offer My Wounds, My Consciousness and My Divinity so that You, Father, may express Yourself in Your children, with the Wisdom of Your Heart and the Love of Your Spirit.

May each living being receive the Grace of communing with You. May each sufferer relieve their pain. May each nation listen to Your call and fulfill it. Because Your Celestial Kingdom is approaching as over two thousand years ago.

Open the doors, Adonai, of Your Sacred Kingdom, so that many more may enter and the hells may close. And may those who are in the purgatory find the path of Your Light.

Also remember, Father, all those who are still incarnated in this small planet. Shed Your Piety upon the Smaller Kingdoms, which suffer the consequences of the world and the indifference.

May Your molecules of Love and Your codes of life bless this humanity, which has lost the course to find Your Kingdom.

Therefore Adonai, I am Your bridge for You to descend in Glory, Light and Love.

Do not look at the mistakes of the unjust ones, the tribulation of the rulers, the terror of the nations and of the wars.

Beloved Father, may Your Peace descend today and may all, as one consciousness, feel themselves embraced by Your Light and by Your Divine Love forever. Amen.

I thank you for accompanying me. The celestial victory is near.

In name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.



1. Those who were present prayed for three times the Lord's Prayer – in spanish, portuguese and aramaic – and three times Glory Be to the Father.