Friday, December 16 of 2016

The Sacred Call

I bring Peace to a place where it does not exist; that is why I have come here, seeking from you a true response that is able to encompass My Heart, through all of your pleas.

From this place, I come to withdraw what causes pain and all errors.

With My Hand, I come to separate what causes the children of God to lose the path of Light and of Love.

This is why I have come here in spirit, under the Spirit of My father, to awaken your consciousnesses to something that is necessary in these times, which is to be consistent, as a Nation and as a people, with the Plans of God, which, in spite of being unknown by all, must be carried out with the surrender of your hearts to My Redeeming Purpose, which must reach many more consciousnesses in the world.

In this way, you will be able to understand, companions, how important your step is in the face of all that is happening in the world, and that which will still take place in this Nation.

I cannot promise you great things in this place, I can only promise you My Kingdom, which is safe and eternal for all hearts.

Thus, companions, beginning with your true step, My Work will expand and will reach those hearts that are still closed, do not know the greatness of My Love nor the power of My Mercy.

Today I came to bring you, companions, a unique opportunity of confirming your souls to consecration, the consecration that is important so that many more Graces may descend upon those who do not deserve them.

And why do I tell you this? Because the power of My Mercy transcends all limits and barriers, all errors and obstacles throughout time and within all of humanity.

If you accept this Fount of Mercy, which is non-material and luminous, your spirits, which expect this, will be deeply grateful to you from the moment in which you open your consciousnesses to the call of My Words, to the proclamation of My Divine Spirit for each one of you, and for each one of your brothers and sisters.

It is thus that the Eternal Father, in His infinite Mercy and through the intercession of His Divine Son, has decided, companions, to continue with this pilgrimage that is not only material, but profoundly spiritual; guided by the One Source so that the majority of hearts may be touched by this Great Redeeming Spirit.

Because in truth, I tell you, companions, that this is the last chance for awakening the consciousness to the truth that many have not seen.

It is for this reason that today I come from a far desert, which is part of your North American nation, a very well-known desert that must also be consecrated in its austerity and solitude to My Sacred Heart.

But as I know, companions, many of you do not have knowledge of the true reality that takes place in the deserts of the world. Your Master of Love, before coming here on this day, thus placed His Feet upon that place to deactivate many things that must not happen in humanity.

Thus, by means of the renewal that I bring for each one of your lives and with the impulse of your hearts, to embrace this great proposal of My Eternal Heart of Love, I invite you to contemplate with your hearts all the Creation of God that, on this Planet and in this humanity, is being destroyed and forgotten by the majority.

You may ask yourselves, companions, why I am taking you to the desert of New Mexico? Because just like the rest of the deserts of the world, which are a part of a spiritual task, of the transcendence of humanity, of its human condition through the inner desert, I request that, by means of this example, you contemplate the deserts of the world, that each one of you may be able to find Me in that desert of New Mexico, just as you have found Me in Shambhala, in Chilca, as well as in the desert of Atacama.

Just as the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and of Earth, reveals the power of Her Mirrors to you, the non-material communication between souls and God throughout the deserts of the world, I demonstrate the possibility of finding the God of Love, the God of Forgiveness, the God of Divine Mercy within each one of you.

Through this desert that I have crossed today, I tried to renew many principles that in essence are part of the spiritual consciousness of this humanity, especially of your Nation and your people which, like the ancient peoples of the desert, must recover not only your original purity, but mainly your wisdom so that you can make decisions under the protection and the guidance of the divine Laws of God, which are altered in this times by human deeds, by human actions, by the response humanity gives to the true need for reconciliation, for forgiveness and for the redemption of all human consciousness before God.

I thus came to withdraw something that darkens souls, so that they could be illuminated by My Spirit.

In this definitive hour, in which everything is at stake within and outside of beings, in which all your paths are facing a great definition and the possibility of a profound awakening of the higher consciousness, of each one of the human beings.

And this will be possible, companions, through a Law that you have forgotten, which the whole North American consciousness has forgotten, which is the Law that is manifesting today before your eyes and hearts: the Law of Love, of Love-Wisdom, which will lead you to find the path that many have lost.

And so it is that at My right I open a door for you, a new door, so that at My side and within Me, you may begin a new stage, a new path, a new pathway, toward the eternal redemption of all the aspects that have led the North American people into errors and wars, into conflicts, to the disharmony of the nations of the world.

I invite you to enter the doorway of humiliation for, in this way, the Eternal Father will see in your hearts a true, rather than superficial, surrender.

As My Mother has requested in Fatima in 1917, so that war might end and evil may be uprooted from the world, She revealed the Purity of Her Immaculate Heart, which can be venerated by all souls of the world, regardless of religion or beliefs.

This doorway to humiliation that I open for you today is a definitive door that will lead you to be closer to God and within His Project of Love, which He wishes to carry out in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters.

It will depend on this step, of crossing this threshold towards a true surrender that you lovingly and through your prayerful word will open the doors for all those who have had them spiritually closed for centuries.

See then, companions, how far the power of the Love of My Mercy can go.

So I am returning, although many do not believe it.

Happy are those who experience each one of My Words and make them flesh of their own flesh.

For in this way, they will be with Me, step by step, moment by moment, and will be able to help those that have denied these revelations of the end of times, and will be able to help those who have mocked Our Sacred Presences.

Happy are the humble, blessed are the joyful, because they will be worthy of seeing the Redeemer in His greatest Glory and in His true aspect, the aspect of His Existence, of His intimate and eternal Union with the Creator.

And now that some of you have humbled yourselves for many more that do not humble themselves before the Celestial Father, we will perform this inner communion with My Sacred Heart.

Through the communion and the offering that each one of your souls makes to the Eternal at this moment, so that the Purpose of God in this Nation and in this humanity may be fulfilled, with the angels of the Universe who adore My Sacred Heart as a Source of Wonders and of Graces, I invite you, companions, to free yourselves of your sins, of your wounds, of all your misunderstandings, of your obstacles, of all the bindings and chains that throughout time have not let you be worthy children of God.

Remember that the Holy Communion on this Friday is for all of this Nation, and an act of thanks for the presence of your Humble Master of Love in this beloved land.

Prayer of the Angel of Peace done three times, in English.

The incense is the offering of all the angels of the Universe to all the holy archangels, Creator Fathers of the Celestial Universe, who through this sacred element exorcise the forces of the Universe, free the spaces and consecrate the dimensions to the Light of the Creator.

With the authority of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, may all evil be released and souls be reborn to the power of My Redeeming Love.

This is the water that purifies, that sanctifies, that blesses souls with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and with Its non-material presence in all of the Universe.

This is the Living Symbol of My Blood and of My Body, preciously poured out for the salvation of the souls of the world and for all planes of consciousness.

This is the Grail that is coming to radiate Its codes of awakening and of redemption within all of humanity.

I invite you to re-experience My Last Supper, especially those who have never done so, that you open your heart and your soul to receive the definite union with the Almighty through this communion.

Let us sing.