Saturday, November 5 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Our Father...

See how many armies follow Me and many do not know it.

This is the real presence of My Kingdom on Earth; a Kingdom that is united with each praying heart. And this Kingdom expands through the world in its invisible universe to reveal itself to the simple of heart.

This is the Kingdom that I promise to all, which I promised once when I was among you in My beloved Holy Land, revealing the power of My Gospel to you, the Sacred Word of God, that comes to redeem you time and again.

Today, with great happiness, I am in Costa Rica, because hearts are listening to Me, not in quantity, but in spirit, their simple spirit that unites with Mine and thus brings the Kingdom of God to a place so much in need of the presence of the Most Holy Trinity.

Seek God in all that exists, in all that He has created through Nature. There I am also, in silence and in the heights of the volcanoes, contemplating the whole planetary population, waiting for their awakening, for their great and last step towards the path of Light and of Forgiveness.

Thus you can see, companions, that I am in all places. I have come here to give you My inner Strength and My Love to have Central America rise up in its purpose and its spiritual mission, so as to fulfill the Plan of Peace of God.

Unite more, each time, and you fulfill this purpose that I am requesting of you today. Do it for all your brothers and sisters, of all the nations of Central America, who are so in need of My Divine Mercy to be able to continue forward in this final time that is approaching.

The strength of your prayer has reached beyond Central America, has embraced a great part of the planet and many condemned essences were benefited. And this was possible, companions, because of your unity with the Unity of God, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit, with each of your brothers and sisters of the nations that  fervently embraced the fire of this prayer, fulfilling, in this way, the task of this day.

A great part of My armies are formed with angels from Heaven, angels that accompany you time and again, from cycle to cycle, to facilitate your evolution and the great moment of your awakening to mature.

I want you to keep these words in mind because your Guardian angels wait for you, to show you the path towards the Truth, to strengthen your spirits, and so you may find the peace that must be radiated to the whole planet.

Today I come here with the Grace of God and of His Holy Spirit. Through My Divine Mercy I bring for all, the atonement, a holy absolution of each one of your lives at this crucial moment of the planet in which many consciousnesses, a great number of souls, are in need of forgiveness and of liberation.

Through this spiritual practice, companions, and after forty consecutive meetings, you are already at another point in your awakening. And as these meetings advanced, many more souls gradually awakened to My call.

This means that there is still much to do, much to sacrifice, especially in the surrender to God, each one to the degree of their consciousness and of their inner availability.

Thus, I come to give you My Message of Peace so that you may allow it to reach your siblings of the path, your relatives, all of the people; the people of God who must return to the path of hope and the path of forgiveness, that many are still searching for and cannot find.

Therefore, today, also with open Arms, as the Redeemer, I show you My Sacred Heart, My Eternal Spirit, so that you may strongly embrace it inside of you, adopt it in your lives as the one Flame, as the true path, as the hope for your lives rather than other spirits.

These spirits have also to be redeemed. Free them, set them aside and follow My path, because I will comfort you and free you from all evil, without leaving any of My disciples behind, especially those who must return to My Path and who for a long time have forgot Me.

I come to recover My old friends in  Central America, who committed with Me to live me, to worship me, to honor me, to love me, to seek me above all things and especially to serve me in this end time, in this Work of Redemption and of transformation of the consciousness.

So It is thus that I open the doors for you to see the Light again, the invisible Light of God that comes from His Spirit, from the deepest core of His Sacred Heart. He brings you His Mercy through His Beloved Son so that you may be able to free yourselves and walk freely in Redemption.

Today I launch the nets of Light so that many more souls may be able to return to My Heart.

Today I come as the Fisher of Men once again, seeking those who are lost, those who cannot find the path, those who, until now, have not seen the way out in the face of so much darkness.

And I bless you, companions. I give you the impulse to follow me in faith and in love, confirming in your lives that if I am in you, you will be in Me, and everything will always be well, and you are not to fear anything because you will be with Me and I will be with you, in vigil and prayer.

I come to withdraw many consciousnesses from sleep. But you will see this time and again because these souls must learn to know me, must learn to find the path by means of the seed of Light that today I once again am sowing in your hearts so that you may achieve the peace of living in God and in His Divine Kingdom.

Do not lose sight of these moments.

And I tell you again, companions: feel the strength of My liberation sustained by the whole Universe, by its Divine Laws, that come to try and reshape your lives into spirits consecrated to God and to His Holy Purpose.

I also bring you My joy, because of the joy that you have transmitted to Me on this day; the healthy joy of the heart that heals and redeems souls and a great part of the planet because joy is the flower of Love and Love will lead you to a Unity with God, with all of His Consciousness.

Understand this mystery in a simple way. Joy will lead you into peace and peace can be in everybody, especially in those who most need it.

Keep peace as a great treasure for these times. Let nothing disturb or bother you.

Offer each challenge as an opportunity of humiliation and of redemption without losing anything or seeking anything in return.

And now I show you the wounds in My Hands, how millimeter by millimeter they heal when feeling the love of all My companions, of those who seek transcendence, persevere in an unwavering faith, devotion, peace, the experience of My Divine Mercy.

See how the light of your prayers heals My Wounds, bringing relief to My Heart when seeing the horrors of the world and the sins of humanity.

Adore this moment, contemplate My Heart and live it in this last moment, in which My Grace allows all things and My Mercy gives impulse to all things, so that you may be in the Kingdom of God.

Each time you go through a test or face a difficulty or illness, remember this moment in which My Wounds are healed by the light of your prayers and through this example, of this symbol of holiness, strengthen yourselves and do not allow yourselves to fall, because My offer will always be to pick you up from the ground so that you may live Me, so that you may look into My Eyes without shame, without fear, not caring what may happen, contemplating the Love that My gaze expresses for all souls.

And so, with My angels, saints, and the blessed who today help Costa Rica and Central America, we enter into communion, in union of spirits, of essences, and of souls, with the one and powerful God Who gives you eternal life.

I come to especially consecrate all you have brought to Me to the altar because I have seen, on this day, the sincere hearts praying for a just cause that I have transmitted to you in the message for this Marathon.

Understand My Words with simplicity and thus you can live them, one by one.

The sacred objects are symbols of redemption for souls and a reason for igniting the spirit in profound devotion.

So today I will also give the sacrament to each one of you, through the sacred office of priesthood by means of the Sacraments that I instituted in the past, as an inner legacy for souls and for all the consciousnesses that may want to unite with Me in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Today I see that you are experiencing the Gift of the Fear of God. For Me, this is incredible, especially at this time in which humanity is very distracted; this does not make me give up, because if I carried the Cross for you, you with Me and I with you, we will be able to carry the cross of this planet to achieve Redemption.

Offer yourselves to experience this sacrifice for the triumph of the Three Sacred Hearts in all of the Americas and the world.

Adonai, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,

Redemption, Redemption, Redemption for this planet. Amen (x 6 times)

And before consecrating all the elements, I want you to hold hands to plead together with Me to God.

Feeling your sincere hearts, we unite in peace and work for peace for the places that most need it, where chaos reigns and causes more hearts to tremble.

Adonai, Creator Father-Mother, only existence amongst all that is created, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Spirit, experience of the Sacred and of the Eternal, descend with all Your Universal Light and may Your angels open the doors that the Fathers of Creation may descend.

May the twelve archangels help in the Redemption of consciousnesses, in the Liberation of sinners.

Do not forget, Holy Father, about any created essence.

We are a likeness of Your Face. We were created in Your Image. We are impregnated by Your Divine Spirit.

Close the hells that have been opened and redeem the one who has fallen and has created all the evil.

Clear the doubts from all minds. May the power of Your Love penetrate the core of spirits so that the Power of Your Unity and of Your infinite Love may thus be established for the centuries to come. Amen.

Place your hands on your heart and now sing to the sincere heart, because it is this heart that will accompany Me up to the last days on Earth and will see, on the horizon, the coming of My Kingdom and of My Glory, establishing the thousand years of peace.

I thank you for accompanying Me on this day in each corner of this planet.

Let us continue praying, proclaiming the sincere heart. It is that heart that will unite everyone, will free you from indifference.

And so may it be.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.