Friday, September 16 of 2016

The Sacred Call

Archangel Gabriel:

I am the Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God,

I come before Christ to announce a prophecy,

Let us pray to the First-born Son.

Thank you for listening.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

In the name of the Christ of Light...

Let us again sing "Christ, You are Love" to wait for the Master

Embrace your cross and follow me.

I come from Heaven as a Messenger of Peace, to bring hope to lost hearts, to bring peace to those who judge Me, to bring healing to those who most need it.

I Am that Great Heart of the Universe that announces itself to all souls, bringing them renewal, transcendence and the transfiguration of their consciousnesses.

This is My Message for the end of times: That all may vivify Me, no matter to what belief they belong, because if the Love of God is in you, there will be the Love of the Son of God and He will fill you, He will guide you, that love will strengthen you, and you will know which path to follow in these times.

I am calling all the souls that follow different paths of light, and even more, I call those souls that are lost on dark paths.

Including within My Church. I come to banish what is already old.

My Government is Divine rather than terrestrial.

My Church is Celestial and Universal and is not made of stone, as it is in the minds of some hearts.

I come to bring everyone the Great Spirit of My Ascension, which throbs in the heart of the Universe and that has redeemed all the existing world. Thus, I also bring you My Divine Mercy so that deep in your hearts you may know My Peace.

I do not come to create conflicts among nations, nor among religions. My sole religion, dear companions, is Love, and I know that, since the beginning, when I was among you, those first did not understand My Message. And that mistaken message has come forward today; thus, the structure of My Church is very rigid.

Time and again, through My Divine Aspects, I come to bring a renewal in order to break away from all the structures that have crystallized many hearts on Earth.

Live in My Mercy and truly profess My Divine Mercy.

My scepter is not with the impious, nor with those who think to govern through Me.

My scepter of Light is with the humble, because it is nothing material. My Government is spiritual and incalculable.

I bring the Divine Mercy of the Universe for all, something which I drew to Earth when I died on the Cross.

So really feel these things, transform your hearts in time and you will not remain like your fellow beings, lost in their own ideas and projects.

May all be able to hear again, just as you listened at the Mount of Beatitudes: I Am the Son of humankind. I am that pure Heart of Love that is represented through Mercy so that all souls may achieve redemption.

In this final cycle of the planet, our message is not to bring terror to hearts, but rather, consciousness and awakening.

When the impulse of our messages reaches the whole world you will see how the castles of sand will move, of those who build their own structures and say they are doing it in My Name. But things are not like this, companions.

I invite you to live the renouncement of self, the emptiness of self, so that My Church, which is celestial rather than terrestrial, may awaken in all the hearts that need it.

Therefore, I am sending My angels and archangels so that they may testify to the world that many of My apostles are mistaken.

I came to bring you the Gospel and the good news through the simple things, through prayer, charity, and poverty.

In My Celestial Church no wealth is kept, but only the treasure of the Heart of God that is not visible to all.

Open your eyes, My apostles of the whole world, priests that preach My Word.

My real church is still descending to the world and it is spiritual and sublime.

Happy are those who adore Me in the Holy Sacrament, because they will be able to understand all the mysteries that I bring today.

Do not bother your siblings any longer; live your own transformation before the door of Mercy closes. There will be no place or space where you will be able to cry.

Repent and do penitence, priests, before it is all too late.

It has already been said and written: the Son of God, together with His angels and archangels, will separate the straw from the wheat and will come with His Divine Justice to correct humanity and also all of the church's on Earth.

Nothing will escape My Universal Justice but if you repent from the heart, rather than only in appearance, you will be able to find My Celestial Kingdom.

Again, I will not cast My pearls before swine.

Help souls so they can rescue themselves and fulfill the mission they came to fulfill.

Do not defame the things of My Work and unite in charity and in ecumenism because it will be the Love of God that will triumph in all the hearts of the Earth.

It will be that infinite and inexplicable Love that will unite religions and beliefs because when I physically return to the world, I will show the world and especially all My followers, how mistaken they have been. In this way, they will open their eyes and will be able to recognize all I have done throughout the ages, through all the consciousnesses that I have self-summoned.

Do not tempt evil, because in truth you do not know it. Unite with My Heart and you will find peace.

Do not be unbelievers, do not deny My Message.

My Heart comes to those that have not reached My Church, to all those who have not managed to attract it.

Live in love and you will be in My Divine Mercy, and you will not be touched by the rod of My Justice.

Do not deny My Message.

I do not come for the world, I come for essences, for the hearts that need to find love again and live My last and Divine Mercy, for I will raise those to the Kingdom of My Father who are fallen and it will not be My priests who will first enter the Kingdom of God.

Have you ever asked yourselves whether you may go to purgatory?

Everything is allowed in these times.

Live love, because humanity needs love, thus, you will attract peace, and in this way, the conflict on the whole planet will end.

Friar Elías of the Sacred Heart:

Christ is gone

Let us enter a moment into adoration and ask for forgiveness, for us and for our brothers and sisters, for the fulfillment of the Work of the Father.

Each one will make their offer to Christ, in gratitude and love

The Archangel Gabriel has asked us for the Holy Sacrament: Can you bring it here?

Let us keep the connection with the angels.

Let us stay in silent prayer, being grateful for the presence of the Archangel Gabriel, and all that this means.

Let us keep the contact with that reality, that Angelic and Archangelic Kingdom that comes to help us and bring us peace. And in this way, we are going to prepare ourselves for adoring the Holy Sacrament for some minutes, bringing peace to us, to the planet, and to our peers, for those of whom Christ spoke to.

The Archangel Gabriel tells us to penetrate the Universe of the Holy Sacrament with the eyes of our heart.

Through this sacred symbol, may we find the Kingdom of God and all the adoring angels who bring Peace and the Mercy of God to all the Universes.

Let us adore, says the Archangel Gabriel, for all those who have been outraged and removed from the path of light.

Let us offer this adoration for these souls, trusting in the fullness of the Mercy of God for each one of them.

Let us unite our souls with the Holy Sacrament of the Altar and trust in the Lord at this same present moment, in the Eternal Present of the Creator.

Let us adore for those who are unjust and for those who hurt the Plan of God, because in their essence, they really do not know love, but only pain.

Let us have mercy and let us be merciful.

Let us revere.

Those who are present say the prayer to the Angel of Peace.

 My God, I believe...

Let us thank Christ for this moment and carry His Words in our heart, to inwardly maintain this communion we had with Him.

Let us close the program of today in this way, in silence, so that we may keep what the Archangel Gabriel and Christ built inside of us.

Thank you Lord for all that you give us!