Friday, July 1 of 2016

Special Apparition

My God, I believe in You...(x3)

You have been encouraged to be close to Me despite of what has happened and that is part of the victory of My Heart, of the triumph of the Plan of God on Earth beyond any adversity, disturbance, or deceit.

Today you have encouraged me to be here, in My Presence, in spite of the sins or the imperfections, because I do not wish you to be pure, but free from yourself, so that you may walk by My side, in the perfection of My Plan that I reveal to My fellowmen, to My friends and apostles.

You have trusted in Me and you have come to find Me, even thought everything has changed and the place is different. That is what the obedience of a good soul brings about, that follows the paths of the Lord in total trust and surrender, so that, above all, My Light may triumph, which is the Light that comes from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

Today I have come as a Priest, to consecrate you and renew you.

I have come to deposit My Gifts again, which were always present, but I renew everything in your life so that you can go on and, as I have told you, walk beside Me until I reach the goal that I propose for your life and your consciousness.

Be encouraged to follow me and you will not miss My Steps, because I lead My sheep to this stable of My Heart, where I comfort them, I keep them and contemplate them through My redeeming love.

Today I am that Priest who renews your life, consciousness and spirit. I am the Priest who gives strength to your soul to not desist or lose sight of My precious Project, which is to turn your life into an instrument of peace and good for the world.

Look at your star, old pilgrim, beloved disciple and servant of My Father. Look at your origin and glimpse your brotherhood; you have never separated from it in spite of what has happened.

Find your existence again, the meaning of your life, and unify with your brothers and sisters, to survive in these difficult times.

Thus, will be My Heart among you, as It was with the apostles to guide you to the final goal of evangelizing the world and of bringing the Supreme Consciousness of God to those who were fallen and lost in darkness.

See in all My Universe the potency of My Love. that is splendorous and magnificent.

See in each step that I ask you to take, how I guide your life and your inner self with new patterns.

Do not leave My steps behind but always seek me, so that you can see in My paths My Will, which is not yours, but the Will of My Father through Me, through everything that I express for the consciences.

I have come to thank you and to encourage you, to institute a new being that must continue to be molded like clay, until the potter reaches the perfection of it and offers to God as a testimony that this Plan can be fulfilled in this world.

See around Me the twelve angels that accompany Me; supreme authorities, worshipers of My Eucharistic and Most Holy Body.

See in them how the love of adoring Me and honoring Me is emanated, because I Am the Son, Who is in the Heavens, and once descended among you to bring you peace and redemption, to show you the true path, the simple path that My Heart traversed through instruction and the word for all souls.
And so I invite you to ascend and enter My Kingdom, where there is peace and unity, just as there is peace and unity in your brothers, your companions.

Because between brothers there can only be love and unity. Blessed are those who live it and who multiply it in My Name without forgetting that all pain is cured through love and compassion.

I am that Consciousness that brought you Mercy, a mystery that is not yet very well known and that at this time I reveal to you. Because if I am the Mercy itself, it is that mystery that is being revealed to you and to the whole world, to the whole humanity, so that you may know that the great compassion of God still exists and his infinite Piety towards his creatures, similar to Him.

If this Mercy were not among you, companions, how would the world survive in this time, where actions compromise many souls and submerge hearts in the abysses?

It is in this that I need you to work, in freeing hearts, souls and the Kingdoms of Nature, because each one has a mission with Me that can not stop living, nor fulfill.

If I call you in this time, it is because I had already called you in another time, and that burning commitment is still alive in My Heart. And so I come to fulfill before My Father the promise I made Him of self-summoning My companions in this end of time, in which everything is in play, even spiritual life.

But if your prayer were strong, persevering, and loving, you will have nothing to fear, because if you pray with Me and pray with My Mother, and pray with Saint Joseph, Our Light will always be, in spite of the darkness.

Thus, I tell you, companion: do not fear purifying yourself, because if the Son of God was purified when He was surrendered in the Temple into the arms of God, all souls of this Earth must be purified because of their debts and actions; but there is a lifeline that will help you to transcend everything, and that is My Mercy.

Because of My Mercy you are here today and I am with you and with the world.

Because of My Mercy, you still walk by My side and follow My steps.

My Mercy is stronger than any sin, than any indifference and omission.

My Mercy renews all things and restores all things.

It was the Power of My Divine Mercy that helped Me to carry the cross of the world and the horrors of humanity, to be able to free souls from all the hells.

That is why I establish this bridge of light with your hearts and Mine, so that you may drink from My Fount and nurture your spirits in the power of My renewal.

So I am consecrating you at this time, in which the majority of souls have need of My Sacraments, of My Gifts, and of My Graces.

I experience so much pain through the indifference of the world or the indifference of one for another, in the face of the need that is visible before your eyes and hearts.

If you are indifferent among yourselves, you will be indifferent with Me, and I will not be able to reach you. That is why until now and in this time I wait for you, and I still keep My Arms stretched out to you so that you will take My Hands and are able to get up from this ground, from all the stones that makes you fall.

I restore you in spirit and in life when you hurt yourselves or when you wound others.

My Mercy helps you to see the truth in each heart and in each brother or sister who are by your side.

It is in this simple truth that I want you to be able to live every day. It is the truth that I taught My apostles and My followers, including those who gave Me up to the cross and to death.

If I suffered for you, companions, was so you would not had to suffer, nor caused others to suffer with any action, or ways that could alter the peace of the heart that incessantly searches for Me.

I remind you all of My legacy and the commitment to live Me every day until the last days of your lives, because you have offered yourselves for this before My Father and today I come to remind you so that you may live Me through your peers, transcending imperfection and errors, because what is perfect, companions, is love.

The imperfect heart that loves is a perfect heart, because it draws love to it, shares it, and distributes it like loaves to the poorest in spirit.

Many times, among you, I wished to show this love, and I had loaves distributed like gifts and graces for your hearts. And some of those times you were not able to see it, but My Love justifies you and saves you, redeems you and restores you, until you are able to take the great step, according to the commitment of each being.

I offer you My Priesthood as a principle of renewal for those who seek union with God all of the time, and especially so that you not forget that God is merciful and pious with all of the Creation.

I give you My Graces so that you may be purified and testify to My Love in the world, especially for those who most need it in this acute hour of the planet.

Cry, resting upon My bosom, and seek the essence of My forgiveness that will unify you and free you from the past.

Cry, and let Me deeply cleanse you.

My Mercy is like the water of the oceans, that pacifies and heals everything in the consciousnesses.

Cry, and free yourself of pain so that My love may enter your spirit and I make a new dwelling place in glory to God.

Feel My merciful Heart and carry peace to a world that urgently needs it at this crucial hour of humanity.

Tests strengthen My followers. Transformation unites you with Me and purification consecrates you to My Divinity, so that I may be in you and you in Me forever.

Before the twelve angels that accompany Me, this Friday we will celebrate the reparation of the Sacred Heart of your Lord, that deigns to show Himself to simple hearts so that they may see My truth.

While I am here, I contemplate the world and all the souls that open their hearts to receive Me.

Friar Elías:

Let us... In the Presence of Christ let us sing: "Come Oh Great Spirit" for the blessing of the sacraments. And let us allow that this Spirit of Christ enter into us. We place our hands in the sign of receptivity.

Once again.

Most Holy Heart of Christ,
change our hearts
into sacred flames of Your Divine Mercy,
so that Your Face may be founded on the great human heart.
May the coming descent of Your Celestial Glory
Redeem all consciousnesses.
In honor and in glory to the Celestial Father.
Amen. (x3)

O beloved Lord! O beloved Christ!,
accept our reparation through our love,
our surrender, and our prayer,
so that Your flogged heart, Lord, gain relief
from our devotion to You.
Amen. (x3)

Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…

In this way, companions, I have consecrated you on this day so that your spirits and souls be reborn in My heart and always find peace under the blessing of God and of all His angels.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Could the sisters that came from Menorca come up here to receive the blessing of the consecrated oil.

And in this way, I taught all My servants to love one another through the offering of My Heart, which was pierced for you also so that, beyond all error and malice, you would be able to achieve the Love of God, which is a Love that triumphs and supports souls that live it.

Let us thank the Father Who is in the Heavens, Who assembles us and gives us life, for the presence of His angels that accompany the glory of your Lord in the Sacred Celebration of the Eucharist that redeems all hearts.

Like the angels, let us praise God, so that I may elevate to heaven your pleading and the pleading of all those who listen to Me.

Thus I constitute those consecrated, in different ways, as apostles in redemption.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Let us sing the melodic Kodoish together with the angels.

We keep our hands in the sign of receptivity.


Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

Well, now we are going to share a little story of the Apparition and afterwards, at the request of Our Lord, we are going to do some reflecting.


Story of Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Sometimes it is difficult to memorize everything that happens, right?, because it is a lot of impulses that the Hierarchy gives us.

I am going to try and synthesize everything that happened, because there were several things, it was what I was feeling and what each one of us was experiencing, it was as if we were going through several stages, on different planes. And each time that we went through those stages, the experience and the meeting with Him would deepen, and I don't know if everybody was able to perceive it, but this is what happened.

But when we were in one of the songs, which was "Christ, You are Love," no, excuse me, I made a mistake, it wasn't "Christ You are Love", it was "Apostles of love", He was already getting closer. That was before the last fifty beads that were missing.

When He began to descend, what really drew my attention was what He looked like. In general, when the Hierarchy descends, Christ, Mary, or Saint Joseph descends, they come in a sphere of light, and it is as if they located the place where we are gathered.

So they come from the Universe, they locate the solar system, they locate the planet, and then, they locate the continent where we are, the country where we are. That is how the Apparition happens, how it begins to happen.

And there, He located this place in Avila, where we were, but instead of directing the energy specifically toward us, He expanded it throughout the region, and suddenly, He showed the walls of Avila as if they were channels of liberation, white tunnels, something like that.

And on the streets of Avila the dead began to rise, or those who were dead on this plane; many people began to leave and He was taking them to a place, as if it was a space where He recycled them, we could say, freed them. There was a lot of people from that period, you know?

And the angels that accompanied the Master helped Him.

So, after He finished this task, that the task was ended, He began to address us. As you perceived, He was talking in the first person, because He was talking to each one of us; afterwards, at another moment, I perceived that he was talking to many inner worlds, to many inner beings, not only to us who were here, but in other places, the brothers and sisters who were connected with us and also those who are not. He was speaking to everyone and placed something within us.

And as he said, He manifested as a Priest, dressed all in white, like a priest is dressed, and on the sleeves, on the outside part, like this part of the sleeves, He had embroidery, and he also had a stole that was all sort of embroidered, in a format very  much like a Greek embroidery, as if it were something more orthodox, I don't know how to describe it because I have never seen that. He showed Him like this.

He was all in white and around Him, in His Apparition, were the twelve angels, which He said were governing angels. And so, there He began to develop this task. There were moments which He mentioned as He spoke and also of what He showed, in which He referred to moments in His life in the Holy Land, with all those who participated in those events in His passage as Jesus.

And I perceived that some of us also were in that time with Him.

He was showing what we were like in that time, and what spiritual and human condition we were in; and how in such a surprising, marvelous way He was working with each soul, according to the need that each one of us spiritually had for assistance.

He made this bridge with this moment to this present, and through this exercise, when He transmitted the message, He gave His Word, He was renewing us.

And then in an instant, He spoke of the moment of the Passion, when He falls, and if you remember, He says: "I renew all things"; He says it to His Mother, at the fourth station of the Way of the Cross, when He is with Mary.

He shows that event; He speaks of that happening when He falls and receives a hard blow, right? He shows a situation that was worse than what we know about, and how, in spite of being exhausted, the Master receives a hard blow to His Head when He falls at that fourth station. And when Mary goes to help Him get up, in the blow that He experiences, in spite it being a blow of pain and of suffering, He releases something like many Rays of Mercy, right?, of Light, of Love.

And through the expansion of those Rays of Love and of Mercy, He manages to raise many souls, many fallen beings, that were fallen in that time, and which in this time are also, in some way. According to what He said, according to what He explained, He was trying to have those beings find the path of the light again. And there we were, in all of that process, until the end.

Although He asked to do the blessing of the sisters of Menorca, He did an initiation, like a Sacrament, a renewal, like a vow of union of us with Him, in this task that He is summoning us to live the Plan. That was, more or less, what happened.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

I think that we were all able to perceive that every day the Hierarchy is closer, each day it takes another step toward us.

The Apparition of today was deeply felt, because each one could perceive how Christ was talking to your own heart, as if we were alone, He and us, and there was nobody else in the room.

This approach that He is doing with each one has to do with that link that He wants to build with the heart of each one, and it is up to us to realize it and open up so that He can build this link. Because it is with that link that we will be able to go through everything that must be gone through, that we will be able to transform, harmoniously purify ourselves, being very personally united with Him.

So we cannot lose sight of this approach that He is wanting to carry out with each one of us.

And each time that He is closer, the more codes of renewal we receive.

What is a code of renewal? It is that spiritual impulse that changes something old that is inside us for something new, and that because it is a code, can be infinitely multiplied within us, taking out the old and placing something new in us, spiritually speaking.

And each time that we lovingly connect with Him, those codes are multiplied much faster, we could say.

We have to make what He deposits in each one continue to multiply more and more, each day.

So an Apparition of Christ in this time is not just for coming to listen to beautiful words. It is something much deeper and that we have to open our consciousness, our heart, to not miss not even one second, not even one moment with Him.

So let us place this in our heart, let us treasure what we receive.

Not many people have the possibility of receiving, let us hold this as the great treasure of this time, for our lives, for our spirits, for our future, for everything that will come.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us!