Tuesday, April 5 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Peace for the world and an end to war.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come to absolve you in the name of Love and Forgiveness, in the name of the infinite Piety that exists in the Universe and which is lived in the angels and archangels, in all the beings of goodwill, that in the Universe and on Earth live the Plan of God.

Today I come as the King of the Universe, as the living Presence of God for this humanity, still very asleep.

I come to awaken you from the dream of this material life so that your souls may be uplifted to Me, and in communion with Me, follow My steps, that are the steps that God asks you to take in this definitive hour of humanity, at the beginning of the apex of this transition, that many will not know how to face.

That is why I have come here, not only to bless you with My Mercy, but to unify you with My Plan and with My proposal of peace for the world.

Today, My wish is that you leave at My Feet what you should no longer live, what does not belong to My paths, nor to My Work.

I want you to transform in Me and I will transform in you, so that you may be new christs; a new race that will colonize humanity when the 144000 emerge, that each day more, you may approach in the spirit of awakening and of the mission that you are summoned to live in this final time.

I know that many of those who are present today do not understand what I say.

I do not need, companions, that you understand Me, but that you live Me, that you keep My Words in your heart, because they are not only words.

My Verb is vibration and energy, it is a principle of manifestation and of all Law for this Universe, of which you form part in this solar system.

That is why I need you to open your hearts and not your minds, because what I am saying today, I said two thousand years ago, in each one of the parables, in each one of the signs, and even so in My Passion, which was the most visible sign for all of you that My Work still continues, in the Victory of God, the Most High.

I have brought the guardian angels for you, so that you may pay a little more attention to them, because they serve you since your origins and they expect that you may be able to perceive them. Only the angels and no one else, that may make himself look like an angel.

Your prayer will raise you to that consciousness, to which I need you to approach, to the Ultra-terrestrial Consciousness, to the Divine and Universal Life; because humanity is very densified.

Your actions weigh heavily, your feelings, thoughts and the works that go against the Plan of My Father, against humanity and the souls.

Today I reveal to you, through My Heart, the Plan of God in this era of the Earth, in this moment of humanity, in which each one of you, companions, must be that living principle of My Presence in the world; you must be that soldier that responds to the commands and that apostle that takes the word of salvation and of truth.

In order for all that to be possible at this moment, My companions, transform yourselves, transform yourselves a lot and do not fear transforming.

The time has come for all of you and the world to be purified, not with fear, but with valor, to let go the ties of the past, dismiss what is not of the Plan of God and embrace the cross that the Father has given you in this evolutionary trajectory of humanity.

Thus, you will be with Me living My Principles; because I will help you to get up from the ground, to raise your eyes to the Universe so that you may recognize your star and so, unite again with your God.

Adore the Father, Who continues offended, and offer a reparation on this day for the whole world.

Thus you, companions, will receive what you need at the exact time and not when you look for it; because everything has its time, within and outside of you.

Today I offer you My Constancy, for each one of your souls and for the souls of the world that still do not live Me.

Today I bring you this reality, because I want to share it with you, and thus you will share it with Me, in this eternal silence that I promote today for everyone, the silence that lives in the silence and that allows the discovery of what truly happens within the hearts.

Embrace this moment as something unique and reconfirm your vows of collaboration with the Plan; that Plan that today you do not know in depth, but that I deliver to you today so that you may follow it in prayer and in vigil, in fraternity and service.

I need you to continue fulfilling what I asked you two thousand years ago.

The souls are very lost and hearts despair for not knowing the Love of Christ, your Lord.

If I come here today to ask you these things, it is because in truth you can do it, in a simple and honest way, without so many concepts, or forms. Because in truth I say to you, companions, everything is born from the heart, and it is the heart of each soul that rules things, and it is what helps everything to be fulfilled, under the Will of Adonai.

As I told you yesterday, companions, the discipleship must awaken in the youngest ones, the discipleship of Christ, Who will guide their lives and will lead them by the correct path of redemption.

Be awake to what I tell you and do not miss a word, because I will not be able to repeat it.

I say all this before everything happens, for the time has come for the hearts to be converted by the fire of prayer and by the principle of peace; and may all be more brothers, united in a great spiritual family governed by Christ, for this Redemptive Work of the end of times.

This region and this city must be the cradle of new things, of elevated patterns of behavior, of fraternity, and of brotherhood.

The young people must know My christic energy so that they may be redeemed. And just as the apostle John did, they may follow My Steps to the mount of the Cross, where I will share what I expect to share with all, at this hour of the planet.

I come to heal in you what is still not scarred; I come to heal your wounds.

Through My wounds, I purify you; through My Blood, I consecrate you; and through My Body, I glorify you in the name of My father, so that finally the New Humanity may be fulfilled.

Let us pray.

(The Our Father in Aramaic)

And today you will wash your feet, as I washed those of the apostles, who at that moment did not understand the humility of the Master of Light.

Because in the humiliation and in the renunciation of those who wash the feet of their brothers, is found the existence of love and of life, which unifies them with the Universe and thus, everything is renewed, as I renewed it on the Cross for you and for the world.

So, I want you to do it always and that you live it all the time that you can.

Because who washes his feet, wash his past, heals his wounds and re-ignite his soul in the Light of God, expelling the impure, exorcizing everything that is not of the Light, under the Christic Energy of Jesus.

Song: For the Wounds of Jesus...

Through My Sacred and Glorified Heart, companions, I give you My Kindness and My Grace and I make you participate of My Spirit, in this perfect Communion with My Eternal Father.

Thus, I bless you, renew you, heal you, and I raise you up close to My Heart, so that you may be between My Arms and may continue to feel the confidence that, since the beginning, everything was fine.

In the name of the Light, I thank you and I bless you under the luminous sign of the Redeeming Cross of Your King.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now, I can leave in peace from this place, because I know that you have heard Me at this moment and in other times, My beloved apostles in redemption!