Monday, March 21 of 2016

Sacred Week

As a symbol of peace, place your heads under My Hands so that I can bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Today I am here as the Merciful Jesus so that you may remember the importance of this mission that the Father entrusted to you for the end of times.

Now feel My white ray and My red Ray.

I am the justification and the healing for the souls and, in the same way, I am the Blood that renews and purifies all.

On this second day, the second Throne of God has approached through My Sacred Heart and the Archangel Rafael, who has come in My company to glorify this moment and for the redemption of humanity.

While the Archangel Rafael contemplates you in the name of all the Creator Fathers, seek to unite your spirits to the essence of the cosmic Cure that comes from the greater Universes, those who have faith and loyalty to the greater planes, to the higher planes of consciousness from where all emerges in Creation.

Let us prayer to our Father, who is attentive to the voice of all the supplications. Let us repeat:

Beloved Creator Fathers,
sublime Essences of Light,
descend the Mercy of God upon the world
so that the whole race may reach redemption
(7 times)

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us listen to the thirteen bells at the request of our Lord.

Observe and feel with love all the prodigies that I bring to you from Heaven, because if in truth the souls submerged themselves in My Mercy, the evil of the world would no longer exist and it would not be necessary to suffer.

I came to you through My incarnation in the Holy Land. I was born as Light of God for the world and I shed this Light of God for all without exception.

I want you to learn to drink from this Fount of Light, that reunites all the Creator Fathers in the Universe and glorifies the Holy Name of Adonai eternally.

Embrace this opportunity of redemption and feel, companions, how your ties are freed, sin is purified and peace awakens in the hearts that listen to My Voice.

Today I come with the power of the whole Universe for the entire world and for the souls, present and not present, visible and invisible, that need to find the light to be able to open their hearts and recognize the presence of the King, who makes Himself visible, among the dimensions, in each inner essence that welcomes with love each one of the words.

Today I come as the Merciful Solar Jesus. I bring wisdom to all, the consequence of being able to fulfill the Plan and to manifest the works of My Father, as they are written in your hearts and souls for this task of the end of time.

You, companions, have this part to fulfill. Other souls must do another part of the Project, which is trying to be concretized through the service of the souls that donate themselves to My Heart, through the awakening of the hearts to the Divine Sacred Liberation that congregates them.

Today I come in the infinite expression of My Mercy and for the Mercy of all the Creator Fathers, the archangels, that try to elevate this moment as a blessed ceremony of purification and light, of redemption and peace for all the spirits of the Earth.

Just as I entered into Jerusalem and many things happened, today My Father, through the Heart of His Beloved Son, grants a time of peace in the frustrated hearts, in the souls that make wars and deviate God's Project through their actions.

Today I am here for everyone, for each one of the children of My Father, for those who answer Me and for those who do not answer Me, for those who embrace My call and for those who deny My call, because thus My victory will be given and My adversary will be defeated, when the hearts accept my convocation. In you is the change of the destiny of the whole planet, just as the responsibility is in all humanity.

If twelve consciousnesses that were with Me in the past were able to change the events of the whole planet, what could thousands of you do, clinging to My Faith, united to My Heart, for all evil to be excised from the ignorant hearts that do not see the Light?

If each one fulfills their part, despite what may happen, there is nothing to fear.

Give with love what you can give and do not restrain yourselves, do not close your hearts before the offenses, instead embrace your lessons as an act of humility and pacification, so that finally, companions, humanity fulfills the new pattern, the new life on Earth in the hearts obedient to God and to His change.

As it was in the previous Sacred Week, I will conquer seven intentions, not to reveal curiosity and personal will, but to guide the spirits towards the Project that My Father has planned for these times through all His hierarchies and creatures that gather in the name of the Light and of Truth.

Therefore, you will prepare, as I once asked you, a golden basket for tomorrow, to write your intentions. And if you could take a larger step, write the intention of your brothers and sisters, of your family members or acquaintances and not your own, so you could be on the step of fraternity and brotherhood among all beings, placing the attention on those who are in most need of a word of salvation.

Until the end of the days of this meeting, I will pray for each one of these intentions, because this is what I have been allowed to do. And if you trust My Mercy, these intentions will be fulfilled and there will be no knot to oppose the concretion of everything in the name of Peace.

The Eternal Father is present through My Spirit so that the world may awaken to its great call of redemption and conversion, of communion with the First Born Son and with the most Holy Trinity.

Today I will bless the elements, but especially the children who have come to My encounter in the name of all the children of the world, especially those who are buried in the deserts at this critical time of the planet.

Could it be that you, companions, for a moment could feel Mercy for those things and not for yourselves?

I need you to walk beside Me in a different way and with a different perspective, maturing the consciousness and the heart in the real planetary need that I invite you to live with Me, as My apostles.

Bring me the incense here to sanctify the Table of God.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ let us listen to Pater Noster, uniting ourselves to the spirit of the Creator of all things.

Pater Noster...

Through the sacred elements is found the liberation of paths, all the ties are dissolved, the inner doors open for the hearts to walk in trust toward God and raise their aspiration towards the Heights.

This communion today, companions, is offered to those who must be consequent with the plan of evolution, and especially to those who most need divine intercession.

Tomorrow I would like to see all of you with candles in your hands because My Light should materialize itself before you, so that thus you may believe that I am present in the name of Love and Peace forever and ever.

Today My Heart glorifies your hearts. Today My Love fills those who need the Love of God the most and this Love reaffirms the vows in those who say "yes" to the Voice of the Master and to His Sacred Word.

Today I need you, companions, to feel the Joy of My Presence because wherever My Joy is, there is no evil.

In the littlest ones, you will see the example of innocence that I need from You, so that soon, in consciousness and in the next world, you may be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

My Heart was greatly pleased in the littlest ones when I lived here in the world among you. My Heart was calmed in the children before so much adversity; they are the joy of the new humanity, this is the spirit of purity that can never be lost in the men and women of the Earth.

Be like children and you will be in My Heart, not with childishness but with innocence, with real purity and compassion for all your brothers and sisters, just as they love all those that they see on their paths.

Therefore, today, I come to the world from the Universe of My Father, bringing this good news that the littlest ones, in these times, are those who offer their heart to support humanity in this transition. Search for the union with your inner child and heal the past so that it may be erased from your history.

My Rays of Mercy allow all the gifts and all the works to be multiplied. In the children, I also find Myself; twice, when they play and when they smile at the adults.

I am in all things, as My Father is in all things, because if thus you believe you will live the truth.

While I rise on this day of blessing, let us sing to the Supreme Son, for His Glory to expand itself through the four corners of the Earth.

Let us repeat:

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 

Jesus I trust in You.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



Sunday, March 20 of 2016

Sacred Week

In My Glory today is the suffering and miserly world, because through My Power, everything becomes possible when hearts assemble through My Light to adore Me.

One hundred and forty-five angels are here with Me today, representing all the hosts of Light of the Celestial Father and the Creator Fathers, to begin this sacred ceremony during seven consecutive days.

Walk by My side, living My Passion, each step and each deed, each moment and each story that was written by Me on this planet and in its sacred register, in the books of Heaven and of the whole Universe.[1]

This is the Book of the Wisdom of God, of the sacred ciphers of the Father, that decree, from the beginning of the Genesis, the emergence of the New Humanity. Remember: I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the One Who gave the first impulse to the world, and I am also the One Who will give the last one, when I return in Glory to His home.

In this Book is written the principal idea of God, what hearts must know in order to fulfill the Will of the Father. Here is written your history and My history. My history with you in the Holy Land.

Remember, companions, who you were at that time; not to boast but to awaken to the commitment you have forgotten and that today I come to renew for everyone in this place, because in Aurora it has already been renewed. And now you have this grace of pleasing My Heart and of vivifying Me through this sacred meeting for seven days.

In this book is written what you must do, what My Father expects from you.

In this book is registered the moment of your step, just as it is registered in My Merciful Heart, which opens like a Fount of Light for all the souls that truly aspire to heal their past and renew their spirits in My Holy Name.

And each one of the angels present, of the one hundred and forty-five angels, keeps the will for each one of you in their hearts, which is the Will of Adonai, the Eternal, the Infinite.

And this first step must be taken by the consecrated because, as a result, the souls will dare to take the step, trusting in My Heart and My celestial designs.

I want you to honor the Almighty God, Who is the true King of all things since the beginning.

I Am part of your God and of His Magnificence.

I Am part of His Omnipresence and of His Omnipotence.

Together with the angels, honor the Presence of the Eternal Father and of His infinite Grace manifested through His Beloved Son.

Let the choirs of Heaven sing and also the choirs of the Earth sing through the hearts open to hear this call.

Hallelujah, hallelujah! Your time for taking the step is close.

Just as His Beloved Son did, you all must do it at this critical time of the planet, each one to the degree of their love and their evolution.

Let us open the doors of the Heavens in this sacred meeting through My Glorified Heart.

Let the incense be lit and the voices heard, for we will bless this altar so that it may be worthy of receiving the Graces of the Firstborn Son, of your beloved Shepherd and Lord.

Most Holy Father, have your Power descend over the unredeemed hearts.
Let Your Grace descend over the hearts that honor You day and night. Let Your Mercy descend over those who accept the redemption and the freedom from evil.
O Adonai! Bless Your children, those who persevere through My loving Heart; those who walk in spite of the barriers and their own challenges.
Bless the world on this day, so that many more may enter into Your Kingdom through the offering of Your Beloved Son, Who makes Himself small in the eyes of men, so that they may recognize You, Father, in the presence of Your Infinite Love.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

We will sing at the request of Christ, in His Presence, the Kodoish melody, to honor, together with the angels of Heaven, the Celestial Father.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish...

Now that your hearts are clean, companions, and your souls are blessed by My Spirit, you will enter with Me through the Great Portal of Peace, so that God in His Glory may pour out His Graces upon His children and all the creatures of this Universe that also assemble for this moment in praise and adoration and in Thanksgiving for all that has been received; where My Mercy was able to appease Justice so that you could be here, in the name of all of humanity and also receive from My Heart all of the Love of the Universe; a love that the Universe also receives from you in each spoken prayer, in each Communion carried out, in each service given to alleviate the suffering of the world.

Today we will give a special Thanks and I will choose fourteen consciousnesses, fourteen souls among those present, so that in Thanksgiving, they may carry out a penance for the Master of Love, for all that He is offended by and has been offended by, and so that once again His Mercy may triumph in the whole world.

This Thanksgiving and this penance, My children, servants of My Father, will mean that the fourteen that I will choose, in the name of all, will be anointed on their left foot, which represents a submission before the Universal Father and before His Law, so that in your name, in the name of your families and of all humanity, I may be able to impart an expiation that will free the hearts bound by the forces of evil and lost in the darkness of My adversary.

Because today I establish My Light here, present until the end of the times, for whoever is able to recognize It beyond the appearances and forms.

The ones who may be able to see My Light until the end of the days will be happy and blessed and I will crown them with My Glory, so that they may be seated at My Feet in Paradise, together with the angels and archangels, praising the Creator for all eternity.

Inwardly invoke the presence of your angels, because they await your response and call, so that the Work of the Lord may be realized by your ultra-terrestrial principles, thus fulfilling the Will of Adonai in the creatures that open to recognize that Sacred Divine Presence.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel...

I will not leave until I have named the fourteen consciousnesses that a priest will bless for the liberation of the world and for the peace all over the Earth.

While the angels adore the Presence of the Son of God, bring Me the Holy Custody here, so that it may symbolize the beginning and the end of a cycle on the planet for this Sacred Week of love and redemption for the hearts of the world.

The Blessed Sacrament represents for you, companions, the sacred expiation that My Glorified Heart radiates each time you look at it with devotion and humility, seeking the Charity of My Spirit, the Love of My Soul, that is present in the Eucharist exposed in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar.

Do not have expectations of being chosen.

Seek to renounce for Me, at least once.

Be merciful of heart and let those who are most in need receive the Grace, the same that I pour out today over all of you.

All are important to Me; all can be precious pearls in the Kingdom of My Heart.

Do not get away from My Glory.

While I wait for the Blessed Sacrament, contemplate My Heart, which is powerfully invisible to all.

In adoration, contemplate My Spirit, that embraces you to renew you and that absolves you in order to forgive you for all the wrong actions, so that you may come to know My sovereign Love.

God expresses Himself through this holy Mystery so that souls may recognize His Will and the presence of His Love.

Our Father in Aramaic...


[1] Jesus is showing an open book.

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