Saturday, March 5 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Adonai, Adonai, Adonai.

Tsebayoth, Tsebayoth, Tsebayoth.

Your hearts are better than yesterday. It looks like you have learned what I asked of you, but there is still more in Glory to My Father.

Happy are those who ask for My Mercy, because in the last hour of your lives you will see Me as I see God all the time in the Universe.

For this day your cross is lighter, because I interceded before the universal Justice. I have the authority to save you and to love you all the time. If you live in My Heart, everything will be fulfilled, and it will not be necessary that you suffer in order to grow and evolve, just as the Universe does from cycle to cycle.

Today I see in your hearts  the sign of My Presence, and I hope that it does not erase, by your own will, for I need you to understand that you must live other things, not what you think or what you know about this material reality.

Today I come to give you an extraordinary amnesty for these end times, where the majority is not safe by the art of their own will. That is why I need you to love My Will, even though you do not understand it or know it. If you love My Heart, you will love My Will and will know it for the most crucial times of the Earth, and in this way, you will know where to be, in the place where I need you, in the most expected time for all, and where My Father establishes it.

If I ask you to be where you should be, you must not reject it. There is a Purpose behind everything that you still do not know for being immature beings who learn to live love and forgiveness.

But today I want to see you inside My Heart, as I approach you to contemplate and venerate you in spirit, just as My Father venerates you in the immensity of His Mercy.

In reality, I need to know if you are really willing to do what I ask of you in some moment of your lives. Would you be capable of giving up what you have always wanted or what you have worked so much for? I know that it is not easy for everyone, because everything has a time, just as the seed that germinates in the earth and gives out its first buds to then become a tree and give the fruits of life, those which today and at this time I come to seek.

It is your talents that I ask for, not your skills. Perhaps you could do it better for Me, but you would not glorify Me nor glorify My Father when what you do misses love and truth. Truth is merged into the unity of Heaven and of Earth, of the Cosmos and the Planet.

I need you to live My petitions, because if someday I present a new petition, what will you do with it? Must I have to wait two thousand years? The times are not the same as yesteryear. Companions, children of My Father, servants of Adonai, you know that this is true.

Do not seek to solve your problems by distancing yourselves from your brothers and sisters, because in the silence I could be there, observing you, and you would not be seeing Me nor contemplating Me in your heart. Your own purification, companions, must be united to all, for humanity is one, it is a single creation that must be redeemed in its totality.

Today I am kneeling before you, and in this way, I show you that I ask God for you every day.

I do not want your paths to be blind and you lose sight of Me, because this can happen, companions. The world created its own sin and it has always been difficult for it to get out of it because of vainglory and pride.

But I come to give you a place in My Heart that you did not expect, an opportunity to reconsider and to begin again, just as I need it and I think it for each one of you.

While I speak to you, My Graces are shown to the world and become visible to the hearts receptive to My Call, because there is still much that must die within you so that you may later do what I need: which is that you love one another as I love you in My Glory and in My Divinity.

Do not be hard on your fellow beings, because then you will be so with Me, without perceiving it. If I entrusted this mission to you, it is so that you live it in spite of the consequences, because you will never lack anything. See how much the souls of the world are missing, who do not want to listen to God and that fulfill themselves with their projects, that are not the Projects of the Divinity.

I do not need this from you. I need you to be My apostles of prayer and of love, of unity and of brotherhood. This is what I come to ask of all of you, because it is what humanity lacks. A humanity that is already proud and does not prostrate before God as the people of the desert did to listen to the sacred word, which is the word that today I deposit in your hearts.

If you truly paid attention to all that I tell you, you would already be others, and in the the world there would not be any type of problem. But there are souls that like to lose themselves in other things or in their own preferences and they forget My Heart, that is observing you all the time, that is always receptive to receiving your love, your faithfulness and your purity.

Do not lose the innocence that you reached in this life and seek to be humble before everything happens. This is the last ship that is passing, because afterwards, when I return in glory, Justice will come, and that is already being fulfilled.

Do not seek the best for yourselves, do not seek to escape from your conflicts, do not seek to escape from your brothers and sisters, who love you in the way that you perhaps do not manage to love in this definitive hour.

But, if you adopt My Heart, you will learn to feel and to have faith. My Heart overflows with love and thirsts for souls that do not seek it, thirst for souls that consecrated themselves to Me for this task. The love of these souls is not enough, it does not fill My Heart.

I do not need you to become fanatical, but rather that you love Me in silence and that you donate your love to all the brothers and sisters that at this time will need your support to keep going forward.

In truth I tell you, companions, I would not want to see you far from Me nor from those that I placed in your path so that you could learn to love and to serve just as  I have served all of you for so long.

Is not My Presence here on this day because of Mercy, because of Pity, because of Compassion? I still wait for you to walk in My Trust, because in My Trust you will transcend your difficulties and will help to transcend the difficulties of your brothers and sisters, who will not know how to overcome the obstacles that their own inner resistance and many times My adversary imposes on them.

Do not tire of listening to Me, because I will not be here much longer. The scale is already full and is about to break.

My Heart is opposed to Justice so that souls can cross the portal that will take them to the reconciliation with God and with all His universal Project.

My Heart seeks the salvation of all the beings of the Earth. For this reason, in the fullness of My Faith, I seek the best path for all souls, so that they may follow Me and find Me some way.

If I dedicate this time to souls, I also dedicate it to you, because My attention is upon all. Everyone is important to Me in this time of transition.

Let us glorify God for the Victory of My Heart and praise Him.

Let us sing the Sacred Names of the Father, so that the doors may open even more.

On this second day of the meeting with Me, I wish you to commune from the heart, doing it for all the creatures of the Earth, which also need the Mercy of God.

Embrace your cross and do not reject it. On My Path you will always find the way out, in My Heart you will always find peace for these times.

I bless these elements that represent the perfect union of souls with My Merciful Heart, and that on this afternoon of Glory, may your hearts elevate to heaven the deepest intentions of your beings, so that they may be contemplated by My Lord in the Omnipotence of His Spirit and His Divinity, and so that the Sacred Hearts pray for them, until the end of days.

Place a petition in My Heart, and tell it to Me in the silence of your beings, because in this way, I will hear it and will pray for it.

I bless all those who listen, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for having waited for Me on this afternoon, because once more My Heart triumphed before My adversary.

Blessed are the meek of heart, for they will inherit My Gifts, through the presence of their faith and of their trust in the King.

And at the request of Christ, we will hear "You are the King".