Saturday, February 20 of 2016

The Sacred Call

Open your eyes to the Universe and see Me coming among the clouds.

I Am Your Brother, I Am the Son of God, The One who, seated at the table with you, shared the bread and the wine to give testimony to the world of the Christic Life.

Today I also come from a place in the world where there is a lot of pain, where there is no quiet, nor calmness. But I also bring you the Kingdom of the Heavens, so that you can share it with your brothers and sisters and with all those who will come after you, when many years have gone by.

All I did here is already written in the heart of My servants. How much I have invited you to transform and live in My Peace! Because the one who follows Me experiences challenges and tests, but in the end will achieve eternal life, eternal union with God and with His subtle worlds.

I do not cease to observe and look at you with My Eyes of kindness, of rejoicing, and calmness, in spite of what I see in the world. I trust the ones who follow Me, in those who are faithful to My Designs in the simplicity of life, in the charity of things, in the absolute surrendering of the soul to the Kingdom of God.

I do not look for warriors, but rather, brave souls who are willing to give testimony to My Presence in the heart of all; because I come from Love, and love is in all things. If love is in you, the others can see it, and if the others can see the love, they will also be able to feel it. This love will unite you and will not let the barriers of the human condition, of false power, and of false conquest separate you.

I taught you My Path, the path of love. The love that persists, the love that is constant, the love that lives for others and that expresses itself in the humility of things. This is the love that is now lacking in the world, and you must live this love. Just as I taught the apostles, also today I teach it to you. No matter how much you fall by My Side, what matters is that you live in My Love that trusts, crystalline and pure.

If I am here, it is not by chance. I come to find something that humanity still has inside of itself, so that it is not lost. I come to institute a Law that comes from the Kingdom of My Father and that will save everyone at this crucial time.

As I said to you at the beginning, I come from a place where there is much pain and where healing is still not enough because the healers are not the majority, those that heal with the heart, with love, and with charity. But if your prayers are persistent, as well as the prayers of all of your brothers and sisters that listen to Me today with sincerity in the four corners of the planet, soon evil will be extirpated and humanity will be reconstructed by Truth and not destroyed by war.

In the darkest hour that the world is going through I need your hearts to not be extinguished, but rather that they reaffirm every day the living of this love that moves you, that gives you the impulse to fulfill goals, just as the Universe moves.

In this place from where I come today, there is suffering, fear of death, martyrdom, and desolation. I come from the place where once I was among you, and preached the Kingdom of God so that all souls, through My Passion, My Death, and My Resurrection, could find Me throughout time. I come from the Middle East, where the battle has not yet ended, and this battle is no longer only physical, but spiritual.

My shining Angels work day and night to save souls, and the Sacred Hearts have committed themselves to give Their last breath until the last soul is in Our Arms, so that it may resurrect in the Kingdom of the Heavens and in the new spiritual life that We give you with all of Our Love.

Companions of all of humanity, prayerful children, listeners of My Redemptive Word and My Impulse of Christic Love, do not stop: pray, adore, take communion, forgive, and love. This is all that I ask at this crucial moment, and it is all that I can do for you before My Return to the world when I come back in Glory among the clouds, the suns, and the stars.

Nothing will remain as it is. The Earth will divide in two: East and West. The chaff will be separated from wheat, and nothing will ever be the same for those who have held full faith up to the last days of the end times.

I come today to open your eyes to the Universe. The eyes of your souls and of your hearts, because it is the only place to which you will be able to look amidst so much planetary darkness.

There are still places in the world that are refuges of prayer. They are Nuclei of Light for souls and this cannot be extinguished either through the action of some.

I need your hearts to be in My Heart all of the time, so that you feel what is real and what is false. At this time I come to establish an infinite purpose, a path for My followers; a path that will still be full of tests and challenges; because you have signed up as a commitment to Me in past times and now it is time to respond.

Incredible things will be seen, but also dark things. That will be the moment when your hearts must be merciful and peacemakers. It will be the moment in which fear must be transformed into light, terror into love, fright into happiness. Although you do not believe it, it is possible.

I never cease to look in the deserts of the Middle East, upon those who tire from so much walking and from not being able to survive: through hunger and thirst, through sickness or distress. All those we attend to and rescue on the plane on which we can work with all souls.

Companions, there is a part that humanity is responsible for. It is humanity that must take it on, and so far it is not the majority, because it is fast asleep and has not awakened to the Call of God.

The clock is already past its time, the realities are drawing every closer to this planet. For this reason the refuge for all will be Our Sacred Hearts. The fraternity and the faith between souls will make you invincible, not for feeling proud or secure, but for being real and simple in the Eyes of God.

None will miss the chance to awaken, companions, do not worry about that. God has foreseen it from the beginning for each one of the hearts on Earth. But the world is not familiar with purification, and we know that it fears this purification.

But if your hearts do what I ask you to do, you will be purified and will not lose your confidence. You will not be lacking in love nor in humility, because I will keep you united to My Father through My Hands, which today are offered to you, to touch your faces, look into your eyes, and say to each one: follow Me; trust in Me; I will never fail you.

If I died for you, why will you not die for Me? By any chance do you fear what I ask of you? Let go of your uncertainty and embrace My Fullness. Feel My Love, feel My Heart, and you will be filled in all things.

If I Am the pulsating Love of the Universe, why do you not risk being in Me and I in you? I have waited for such a long time for you to do this and to be My servant, My apostle of the end time. Because in the last hour, when your life expires, will you want to die in My Arms and be born to the eternal life experienced in Paradise, where it is always the Eternal Present?

Receive My Call with compassion and embrace My summoning. Listen to the Heart of Your Master and do not lose your strengths, for I will give you inner strengths; it will not come from you.

If the son lives in His Eternal Father, the Eternal Father lives in His son, and His creatures live in the Heart of the Redeemer. And if His creatures live in the Heart of the Master, everything will have been done for these times.

I wake up apostles so that they may serve in the planetary transition. I awaken souls so that they may pray with Me and do not tire of doing so. If I am here, it is because I love you and because I know you from the beginning to the end.

My infinite gratitude to the missionaries in Turkey, because they have seen My Face more than twice in the faces and desperate hearts that search for Light in order to find Peace. I have moved through them many times in this mission and have presented Myself in many forms, so that they would recognize Me in the sick, in the loneliness of the child, in the desperation of a mother, in the affliction of an old person, in the desolation of men and women.

I have filled Myself with the love of each one of the missionaries, because up to now they have trusted in everything My Mother has told them, word for word. I want to glorify their spirits and I want you to see in them, in each of the missionaries, the glorification of the soul and the spirit that serves God fully and truly, without limiting time or schedule. Companions, you too can do it. You can vivify your spirits overnight and at each new dawn.

The essence of all of this Work is the love for everything that is done; this will save the world, at least a part of humanity. And so I will be able to say that you have understood Me throughout these end times, that you have shared this summoning to Redemption with Me.

Under the luminous Rays of My Grace, I bless all the missionaries, who in faith surrender their lives for Me and for all souls.

With the Authority and the Glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen