Sunday, April 5 of 2015

Sacred Week

Bow down before My Heart and drink of My Mercy.

The times of darkness will come to the world, but few will accept them. Happy and true will be the one who lives in My Heart, for they will not perish.

Today I bring you the Light of My Most Holy Eucharistic Heart. And so, standing before the Thrones of God, sinners also must honor the Son of God, because He washed your impurities, filled your hearts and brought relief to all despair.

Drink of the Fount of My spiritual Heart, which pours out at this time upon the world, a Light that walks upon your beings and extends like a Mantle of Light upon the planet.

See the infinite at My right and the end at My left. Above Me see the Trinity and below My feet, the world. See My hand that indicates the Heart.

Do not miss this moment that absolves you. Feel, and do not seek to understand. The doors of evil are closing for many and My victory is established once again on Earth.

Bow down to the ground like the apostles of the past. Revere the Son of God, Who has come to help you in Mercy and splendor.

Contemplate My Eucharistic Heart. It is still present before your little spirits.

Revere the angels that adore My Heart and participate in this celestial Communion that I am offering today to all. Heaven is before your eyes. Although you do not see it, it resides in your spirits.

Do not seek to understand with your mind. This Communion that I offer you today goes beyond this material Universe. Here you face another Kingdom that you have never seen or known. The Kingdom of the humility and poverty of God.

If you are tired, rest in My Arms, for I wait for you in the invisible presence of My Heart.

Jesus is showing us a Chalice that He holds in His Hands and He is surrounded by different angelic Hierarchies, of different forms and aspects. He is transfigured in light, and behind Him there are other universes that lead into infinity, into a beginning. This light not only expands here. The Master is carrying it toward the five continents. He is raising the dead in spirit upon the five continents.

While He is here, Jesus says:

I allow you to say all these things so that you may perceive that I am not here by chance nor just to visit you. My Spirit prepares the New Christs; Christs that will be born from the most imperfect, the most impure, the rejected and lost in spiritual life.

This is why I assemble you as one flock, and today you will only be able to be before Me, bowed down upon the ground, for this is what God permits so that I may be here with you and with many redeemed souls, celebrating the spiritual Communion with My Divinity, which is revealed today to all those in the world who believe in Me.

Cry and free your anxieties. Your time is coming. The time of peace.

The angels are placing a liquid in the Chalice of the Lord. The Chalice ignites like a heart and beats in light, in golden light.

Stay still. You are not only before Me, but also before Emmanuel.

The one who cannot remain bowed down upon the ground, sit down carefully so as to not deactivate what God is building and, as if you did not step on the ground, feel the levitation of My Light that leaves you sublime and more pure, free of stains and debts.

Dare to touch with your hands My invisible Spirit, for I am reaching the center of the heart of those who today are opening humbly to receive Me. Do not miss even a moment with Me, for these are the last before the great Armageddon.

Feel My Light in your hearts, the Light that alleviates and heals, that frees and forgives your past actions. And thus, this has a repercussion in the consciousness of your world.

The angels deposit crystals at the Feet of the Lord, of different colors and forms, and the Lord says:

Through this example, I bring you the presence of your origin, the origin of the Original Project, which is written for this humanity.

The Archangel Metatron has just appeared to the right of our Lord; on his forehead, he has a strong light and from his chest emanates fire, which he gathers up with his hands.

Other angelic Hierarchies gather up this fire and carry it to the four corners of the Earth, at an incalculable speed. It is as if they were here and in other parts of the world at the same time. They are entering cities, towns and continents. The Lord shows that there are conflicts, and that fire dissolves everything in light and harmony.

Stand up. Your bodies are already tired, but the task continues. Allow My Light to reside within you and leave here transformed, without having wasted time during these days.

While I am here with you, I am with everybody. This Communion has not ended and I teach you, My companions, that when you cannot commune of Me, do it by means of spirit, because this will also be true and you will remember, in this day and in the days to come, that which I have experienced with you today, everything that I brought you in the name of Grace and redemption. Remember this practice of Eucharistic Communion with My Heart.

And now you will sing to Christ of the Love that dwells within you. But you will sing softly, the way a mother makes her child fall asleep.

Place your hands in the position of giving, for Communion with My Spirit still continues. While you sing, gather into your hearts the Communion with My Spirit, a perfect code for redemption. Once again.

You can place your hands upon your heart and re-confirm the vow you have made to Me for this life, each one in their degree of surrender and trust, to My merciful Heart. In the same way, let all those who hear Me do this, in the four corners of the planet, for the Communion is expanding to the planetary sphere, to the spirit of the planet that has been much flagellated by all of you, before My coming to the world and after My Resurrection, up until today.

See how great the sin of humanity is, and how unfathomable the Justice of God is, for My Mercy is sustaining many things; but the day of the final Judgment will come, and for that moment, those prepared and the most unconscious must be ready. There I will only separate the chaff from the wheat, the true from the false.

And now in union with the universe of this planet, which is filled by the spheres of Adonai, receive in glory and honor for this day of resurrection, in this material Universe, the Presence of My Eucharistic Body, which after I have left here today, you will contemplate, adore, you will attune to My Heart and My Spirit for five minutes. Today I institute the planetary Adoration.

Cover your heads with the hoods and linens, all those who have them, in an act of love and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Let us repeat in honor to God of the Heights so that, through this prayer conceived by My universal and omnipresent Spirit, souls may receive the essence of My Mercy. And today in this place, as in all the Marian Centers, the Holy Blessed Sacrament of My Heart will be open for those who wish to drink of My spring of Graces, through sacred Adoration, with faith and hope before the Thrones of the angels and archangels and the Kingdom of the humility and poverty of God.

Repeat from your heart:

Sacred Sacrament of Light,
symbol of the universal God,
radiate Your principles upon the world,
dispel all cruelties of evil,
construct with Your solar rays
the new essence of humanity.

O Sacred Sacrament of Light!
Unfathomable Presence of the Son of God,
redeem all that was created,
restore all that is damaged,
re-establish, now and always,
the Christic code of the Universal King.

Fourteen sounds of the bell.

Happy are those who commune of My Heart, for in this way, on this day of resurrection, they prepare for the celebration of Mercy. Remember this sacred request.

In communion with what the Heights, I say goodbye, companions, in this Sacred Week of redemption and peace for consequent souls and for all the spirits of the world that perpetually seek the essence of My Love.

I bless you by the power granted to Me by God, as His glorified and beloved Son, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let the bells sound to announce the day of My Resurrection. And now sing Hallelujah to God.

Song: Hallelujah

Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I deeply adore you
and I offer you the most precious Body,
Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ,
present in all the Shrines of the Earth,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference
with which He is offended. And by the infinite merits of His Most Holy Heart
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I ask you for the conversion of poor sinners.

The Lord wishes to hear from your lips, that you proclaim: Thank you, Redeemer, for all that You give us! for seven times.

Your day of glory has come, in spite of the consequences that the world may experience, do not abandon My path, for I will come to find you at the definitive hour.

I thank you. Peace for the world.