Youth Campaign for Peace

In April of 2016, during the pilgrimage of the Divine Messengers in Florianópolis  (SC, Brazil), the Virgin Mary invited the young people of that city to undertake a Youth Campaign for Peace: a movement created to embrace all teenagers and young adults, awakening in their hearts the seeds of a new spiritual life.

The Youth Campaign for Peace has as principles: unity; the spirit of peace; nonviolence; nondiscrimination; and mutual respect, for the purpose of advancing an ecumenical union among young people. By means of: art; the love for the essence of Nature; the path of prayer; and humanitarian services, the activities of this Campaign seek to awake the inner beauty of each being, creating the conditions for them to express their true mission.

"May the young people awake for a new time and a new life. May they prepare their spirits to sustain the planet with peace and inner harmony and may they be the sowers of the future,
preparing life of those who will be the youth of the new Earth." 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, July 25 of 2016.  

The Divine Mother’s project for the young

By Mother María Shimani de Montserrat

See the comments of Mother María Shimani de Montserrat about this important project of the Virgin Mary:

Youth Festival for Peace

"Finding God the Creator within oneself"


Following the guidance of Our Divine Mother, the young people of Brazil and of the world are responding to Her call.

After  three consecutive editions in the city of Florianópolis (Santa Catarina, Brazil) and another in Rio de Janeiro, the next Youth Festival for Peace will be held in Recife (Pernambuco, Brazil), while future installments will take place in other regions of Brazil and other South American countries. Each one of these events is an opportunity for the young  people to share an ecumenical spirituality, profound moments of prayer, music, art, and vegan food. And, what is most important, the union of everyone to radiate Peace to the world.

"My Children, the Youth Festival for Peace is not only a meeting of fun for youths, as are so many festivals that take place throughout the world. The Youth Festival for Peace is the seed of a new life that I am planting in the consciousness of those who must carry forward the Plans of the Most High; of those who must transcend themselves and all of the mundane influences and superficialities to express a divine archetype, based on love, on unity, and on fraternity.". 

Mary, Rose of Peace, July 16 of 2016

Serving the Kingdoms of Nature:

In response to the objective of the Youth Campaign for Peace, and to the aspiration of being of service, the Youth Groups of Brazil  committed themselves to voluntarily assisting the Kingdoms of Nature. This same purpose, combined with art and music, inspired the young people of the city of Florianópolis to offer the following musical video-clip, which pays tribute to the Planet Earth and to its Kingdoms:



"Each mineral, as well as each flower, each animal and also each elemental
feels in its consciousness the relief offered by the young people who with love unite with all of Creation."

Mary, Rose of Peace, January 29 of 2017

Praying Youth Network

In devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the groups of adolescents and children of the whole world get together to pray for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature. In addition to personally attending meetings, in an attempt to integrate traditional methods of inner search and new technologies, the young people of the Youth Campaign for Peace created an Internet-based Prayer Network. This goes to show that when a prayer exercise is done through a connection of hearts, it outstrips physical distance and unites many young souls around a sole purpose: invoking peace for the entire planet. These prayer gatherings take place bi-monthly, and each attunement is led by a group of teenagers of a different region of Brazil.

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"A life of prayer will be born in a part of the young ones,
this will be the fundamental base for principles of redemption and healing to take place in humanity."
Mary, Rose of Peacez, April 7, 2016

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