A special request of the Virgin Mary: the Novena to the Virgin of Lourdes

“Beginning on February 11th, I want you all to commemorate the Virgin of Lourdes, so that purity may be restored within hearts and the world may realize that it has drifted away from truth.” Mary, Rose of Peace – February 09, 2020

On February the 11th, the 162nd year of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to the 14 year old visionary Bernardette Soubirous, will be celebrated in the city of Lourdes, France. 

As this blessed day approaches, Our Lady invites us, in Her message of February 9, 2020, to commemorate the anniversary of Her Apparitions in Lourdes, and to carry out, beginning on February the 11th, the Novena of a Mystery of the Rosary to the Virgin of Lourdes.

The Most Holy Mary explained that, in this way, we may assist Her in restoring purity within the hearts of humanity, offering an opportunity for healing and redemption to the souls most in need.

Image of the Virgin of Lourdes

As part of this spiritual task, Our Lady suggests that Her children have an image of the Virgin of Lourdes in their homes and places of prayer. In doing so, She will be able to impart to the homes of the world the same divine impulses radiated in Her Apparitions in Lourdes.

Download the image of the Virgin of Lourdes here

Special Graces on February 11th

The Virgin Mary requests that on February the 11th all Marian Centers should offer a Mystery of the Rosary for the consecration of souls of the world to the Virgin of Lourdes. She further declared that all those who visit the Marian Centers, churches and sanctuaries on this day will receive a Grace that will help them in the coming times.  

Novena to the Virgin of Lourdes

Following the instructions of the Divine Mother, the Novena to the Virgin of Lourdes will take place from February 11th to 19th, at 8am, with LIVE transmission through the channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations

Our Lady asks for this novena to be dedicated:

  • to the Immaculate Conception, so that She may intercede for all souls who are lost in the chaos of these times
  • to all priests throughout the world, so that She may protect Her children, those consecrated to the ministry of Christ.

Marian Centers: special program

The Virgin Mary has announced that, during the period of the Novena, She will gather the prayers and intentions of all those who visit the Marian Centers, churches and sanctuaries of the world.

For this reason, the Marian Centers await, with love and joy, the devotees and pilgrims who want to pray to the Virgin of Lourdes, participate in daily processions devoted to Her and visit the places consecrated by Our Lady.


During the 9 days:

  1. 8am | Novena to the Virgin of Lourdes, transmitted through the channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations
  2. Procession with the Virgin of Lourdes *
  3. Activities and ecumenical communion *

*Contact us on +55 (35) 99742 7202 for more information about the schedule and information of each Marian Center.


Through the intercession of the Virgin of Lourdes, may all hearts be purified and redeemed so that the Light of Christ may shine within them.