Premiere: The Self-sustainable webpage will disseminate ecological ideas for our livelihood

“In these times, establish the spirit of self-sustainability and begin to become detached from material consumerism and from the dependency that the rest of humanity lives.” Saint Pio, 04.02.2020

The Self-sustainable Webpage, that was released on Friday, May 15, follows the request made by Saint Pio in his message of April 2, 2020. Through this platform, our Instructor intends to inspire us to discover ecological, creative and economical alternatives to produce food and obtain other resources necessary for our material support.

In this way, the Divine Messengers, with the support of Saint Pio, are preparing us to follow the transformations of these times.

  The food of the future

With the changes that the world will go through, humanity will adapt its way of life to the Laws of God, whose primary axis is Love. Thus, we will learn to live together with the planet in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature. This will allow the Plant Kingdom, as well as the waters, to reveal their true potential in the future, manifesting new healing and nutritional properties.

With the Self-sustainable Webpage, Saint Pio wants to show us how to follow the flow of this transition. His purpose is for it to happen in the most harmonious way possible and that we not be unprepared when the world system begins to restructure. This is the reason for giving us an impulse to sow and harvest.

  Contact with the land

To sum it up, Saint Pio announced that we must strive to abandon three behaviors: external dependence to obtain food and resources, the culture of exploitation of the Kingdoms of Nature and material consumerism. To do so, the first step is to rescue our contact with the wisdom of the land

To start, our Instructor invited us to organically grow vegetables, fruit and herbs, whether on a balcony or in the backyard of our homes, or at a farm or an agricultural area. What matters is the love, dedication and intention deposited in each act, because in this way we will open our consciousnesses to divine inspirations.

Working with the soil, with purity and respect, we will have healthy foods that are full of vitality. In addition, we will be blessed with abundance as we share with others that which we reap.

  Grow your organic garden and send a photo

The first request of Saint Pio to inspire us toward self-sustainability was the cultivation of organic gardens, using creative ideas to adapt them to the space we have available. Our Instructor said:

By means of prayers and work with the soil, with water and seeds, manifest your organic vegetable gardens in these times so that they may not only feed your families but also, in solidarity, you may share what you harvest with the fellow being.

Saint Pio, 04.02.2020

Saint Pio also invited us to send a photo of our organic garden when the seeds and seedlings begin to develop, as well as records of what we harvest after three months. The images will be published on the Self-sustainable Webpage with the purpose of inspiring others to seek sustainable options to maintain themselves.

  1.  Photos should be sent through the form available on the website: Go to the form here >
  2. Please provide your full name; contact number and Whatsapp; city, state and country. If you belong to the Light-Network, indicate the city of your group.
  3. We ask that the photos be taken in landscape format (with the mobile phone or camera in the horizontal position) and in the best possible resolution.

 Find out more about the website

The Self-sustainable Webpage will centralize the instructions of the Divine Messengers and Saint Pio about self-sustainability, ecology and the evolutionary relationship with the Kingdoms of Nature. in addition, it will be a space to spread news about the subject and also report the learnings experienced in this journey of reconnection with the Earth.

Find out about the sections of the webpage:

You are invited to visit the Self-Sustainable webpage, participate in the initiatives suggested by the Divine Messengers and Saint Pio and also disseminate them among your family, friends and acquaintances.

Allow your life to be renewed and supported by these heavenly teachings and help us to radiate the standards of conduct that will restore the Earth!