Pilgrimage for Peace: collaborate with the next stage!

After Europe, the spiritual task continues in Canada, Uruguay and Brazil

The Divine Messengers continue tirelessly in Their Mission to help the planet and reveal the spiritual treasures deposited by God among the peoples and nations.

While carrying out the Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe, Christ Jesus and the Virgin Mary, always supported by Saint Joseph, are already preparing the next stage of Their journey, which will focus on the Americas.

Thus, in November, December and January, the Sacred Hearts aim to visit Canada, Uruguay and Brazil.

See the itinerary of this Mission of Peace:

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We know that the Divine Messengers open the Source of Divine Mercy over each place They visit, filling souls and the Kingdoms of Nature with encouragement and interceding to dissipate the adversities of these times.

But our collaboration is crucial for Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph to continue carrying out Their redemptive task and sowing Christic codes throughout the world.

United, we will be able to reach the goal to make this trip possible!

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Let us continue to trust in the requests of the Divine Hierarchy and, together with It, help the Angels of the Nations to manifest the Will of God among humanity.