The Divine Messengers in Colombia

“The Divine Hierarchy appeals to all beings of goodwill, those who believe in the Celestial Father and in the concretization of the Divine Plan so that they may join efforts, in all of South America and beyond it, to materialize the next Pilgrimage for Peace in Colombia, as the Work as a whole, after the last August 8, has assumed the attention to and aiding of the planetary situations rather than regional or local ones.”  Christ Jesus, October 11, 2019

In the month of November, the Pilgrimage for Peace returns to Colombia, again carrying the blessings of the Divine Messengers to the beautiful Andean country that, in the midst of its rich biodiversity, among the mountains, forests and coastal landscapes, also holds unsuspected treasures and sacred spiritual relics. Christ Jesus said in one of His recent messages:

“To know the treasures held within Andean Colombia,
just as the Colombia of the seas and of the Amazon,
should be a part of the interest of all those who are seekers of the sites of the Brotherhood;
in this way, they would come to know the true essence of Colombia, rather than its appearance.”


The cities of Bogota and Cali will be the scene for the important meetings of prayer, which will culminate in an Apparition of Christ Jesus or of the Most Holy Virgin Mary to the visionaries of the Grace Mercy Order.

At this moment of a planetary turning point, in which humanity is transiting a definitive spiritual crisis, the Pilgrimages for Peace, with the Presence of the Sacred Hearts, touch the soil of the nations, healing and restoring deep and unknown situations that have their spiritual roots in the consciousness of the peoples.

Our Lord asks for the collaboration of all for the concretization of this Pilgrimage, as well as revealing two requests:

  • that the Nation of Colombia be consecrated to the King of Peace so that an extraordinary Grace may ease the future anguish and desolation of the Andean peoples.
  • that Colombia, Ecuador and Peru be re-consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I come with the mantle of the flag of Colombia because I want to remind the Colombian people of their commitment to the Plan of God and so that, by means of  an inner experience with that commitment, the Nation may fulfill the spiritual mission that corresponds to it, which is to prepare the bases for the expression of Andean communities, which can again be the contact between Heaven and Earth.

 Christ Jesus, October 12, 2019

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November 5 and 6
Marathon of Divine Mercy

8 am | Opening of the event
10 am | Marathon of prayer
3 pm | Message of Christ Jesus


November 13 | 6:30 pm
Meeting with the Virgin Mary

November 15 | 8 pm
The Sacred Call, a meeting with Christ Jesus