COUNT ON ME Campaign. Donate and help bring the Light of the Divine Messengers to the planet!

You who follow the Work of the Divine Messengers know how important it is that Their Universal Message of peace and fraternity be known throughout the world.

That was why God, in His infinite Mercy, sent His Messengers: to give the souls of all peoples and nations, beliefs and cultures, new and decisive opportunities to experience the Divine Love that heals, illuminates and redeems everything.

But do you know how the Instructions that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph transmit through the visionary monastics of the Grace Mercy Order reach the planet?

All the activities indicated by the Divine Messengers are organized, publicized and carried out by Association Mary.

Charitable work supported by donations

With a humanitarian, charitable, ecumenical and cultural character, Association Mary was founded in December 2012, at the request of Our Lady.

All of its work is done free of charge and supported by spontaneous donations. Therefore, any contribution is important so that it can be maintained and expanded.

Find out about the activities developed by Association Mary:

  • Dissemination of  the Messages, events and live broadcasts through the various communication platforms.
  • Translation and review of the Messages, chants and diffusion materials in several languages.
  • Live broadcasts on Misericordia María TV.
  • Promoting special events such as The Sacred Week and the Youth Festival for Peace.
  • Publication of the books of the Divine Messengers Collection.
  • Live broadcasts on the Internet channel Praying for Peace in the Nations.
  • Production of multimedia content.
  • Planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Management of the activities and maintenance of the Marian Centers.

In addition to the support from volunteers, this work requires the hiring of the following professionals:

  • Translators and language reviewers.
  • Technicians for Misericordia María TV live broadcasts: operators and sound assistants, lighting, camera operators, etc.
  • Video editors for editing, assembling and finishing audiovisual pieces.
  • Graphic designers.
  • Journalists and content producers.
  • Assistants and administrative assistants, accountants and legal advisors.
  • General services.

Therefore, it needs a basic structure, which requires:

  • General maintenance and repairs.
  • Computer equipment, video, sound and lighting, scenography sets, etc.
  • Hiring internet and telephone services, servers, applications, domains and image banks. 
  • Vehicles.

Association Mary monthly expenses: 
USD 15,000.00


With a simple donation, you can help move this Work of Love forward! Can we count on you?

To make a financial donation, choose from the options:

  1. By PIX (for those who have a bank account in Brazil)
  2. By credit card through PayPal 
  3. By credit card through the UNE System 
  4. By bank deposit into one of the accounts

See examples of how your donation can be used to boost the Work of the Divine Messengers

With the donation of: 

  • $ 30.00 - you collaborate in the maintenance of electronic equipment, vehicles and installations; 
  • $ 50.00 - you collaborate in hiring servers, applications and domains; 
  • $ 100.00 - you collaborate in hiring internet and telephone services;
  • $ 300.00 - you collaborate in hiring image banks to produce broadcast clips; 
  • $ 500.00 - you collaborate in hiring the professional technical team.

We appreciate any and all support!


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