How to help a world in need of peace?

Every day we wake up and face a world that needs peace. In face of this, what can we do?

Prayer is a mystery whose importance can be felt or glimpsed only by those who live it, due to the simple fact that by praying we awaken faith in our hearts.

By praying we awaken in our hearts an understanding of Life that simply is, without explanation, without our being able to understand.  

By praying we start to approach what God has thought for humanity; we start to transform not only our hearts, but the human heart.

The Prayer for Peace in the Nations was born as a request of the Virgin Mary for us to pray a Mystery of the Rosary for peace in this world. However, this was not as one more spiritual exercise in our days, its practice would meet an urgent planetary need.

We know that the nations of the world are going through different moments of conflict and spiritual or material crisis, but in order for them to receive divine help, we, as a humanity, must do our part.

God pours out His Graces over the world when we say YES to Him.

The Most Holy Mary has already asked us prayers for many countries, and constantly reminds us that we should assume our responsibility with the Prayer for Peace in Nations:

Prayer for the Nations has been the refuge for My Heart and also My consolation. But this commitment must be sustained, and not be weakened by comfort, tiredness, or other reason.

Mary, Rose of Peace, August 25, 2018

Thus, in a simple way and wherever we might be, we can build a powerful unity among hearts from different parts of the world, crying out for peace and interceding, along with Our Most Holy Mother, for a planet that is agonizing.

May we revive our inner fire and, together, say YES to God! YES to His Mercy! YES to His Grace! YES to His Plan! 

We count on everybody’s support to build a great network of planetary prayer, uniting our hearts and voices, without borders, through the Prayer for Peace in the Nations!

Dear children, treasure the Prayer for Peace in the Nations, this simple exercise that My Heart has conceded you to perform everyday of the week, praying for much suffered nations that live in obscurity and inside of the abysses of the planet, so that they can recover themselves and keep going; praying for such distant cultures, for such distant brothers and sisters that feel and live as you the greatness of My Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Rose of Peace, May 2, 2018

The Divine Messengers count on your commitment and the sincere offering of each of us!

The prayers are opened to all and are broadcasted everyday through the internet.  


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