Friday, March 24 of 2017

Vigil of Prayer

I am here with you, dear children, because I want to be with the nations of the world, especially with those that have not consecrated themselves to My Immaculate Heart.

Each prayer pronounced has incalculable value for Me, and has a greater value when done from the heart.

In this way, dear children, I demonstrate to you, the transforming power of all things. And the more impossible it may seem in your lives or in any place in the world, when your hearts open to prayer, My Divine Consciousness can act and assist all My children, especially those who are most lost due to the temptations of material life.

In May, I will consecrate Europe to My Immaculate Heart and I will extend this consecration to Russia, thus fulfilling what I requested, in the previous century, to the shepherds of Fatima. I do not want the third secret of Fatima to be fulfilled, but rather the world to respond to this summons of love for the redemption of humanity.

I want that your consciousnesses, on the 13th of May, enter into My portals of light, regardless of the place where you are, but that you indeed commit to accompany your Heavenly Mother on this planetary task that will take place in Fatima, with all the faithful that will be there to celebrate, together with your Heavenly Mother, the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

I want you to prepare your homes, as well as your groups of prayer, embellishing each space with the presence of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. May is the month for your consecration and the opportunity of taking a great step for this humanity and for this planet in light of so much aggression, outrages, and indifference that the souls of the world commit, without any consciousness or reasoning.

I invite you to be with Me, dear children, in the concretization of this Sacred Pilgrimage for Peace. I trust that you, My children of the world, will again take this step of helping your Celestial Mother so that the doors of Grace not only continue to open here in this place, but also in the whole world, this time in Europe.

Greece needs celestial intercession, the Grace and the Mercy of God, through your Divine Messengers. There is a great wound that must be healed in Athens, through the souls that take refuge, escaping from the horror and terror.

You do not know, dear children, what it means for your Celestial Mother, to observe and contemplate Her refugee children in a sea of despair and interminable suffering.

You who are a part of the consciousness of this nation, consecrated to My Immaculate Heart and who live in My Heart day by day, I invite you, dear children, as well as My children of the other nations of the world, especially My children of Europe, to take this great step for Me, helping your Celestial Mother in this co-redeeming mission before the coming of Christ.

For this the graces, many more graces and mercies, will be poured out during the Sacred Week, so that all hearts of the world, especially the groups of prayer, may take this great step so that this Work, this Pilgrimage for Peace on the European continent may embrace more nations of the world, more nations than those I will visit together with My Son and Saint Joseph.

In this way, I show you, dear children, that a sacred task is conceived by God, in this important centenary in which Fatima will re-open its doors so that your Celestial Mother may descend, as she did on the last 13th of May.

Since May 2016, I have been preparing this meeting, I have been preparing the essences that will need this universal impulse that the Center of Fatima will give to the world. Thus, see, dear children, how many months of work your Celestial Mother has been carrying out on this path to be able to propagate faith, renewal, and trust in God for these end times.

I want your inner eyes to open to this mystery that I bring to you today, of helping to concretize the Plan of God on Earth, so that all the angelic and archangelic armies may descend the next 13th of May upon Fatima, to generate the closing of a great planetary wound generated by humanity.

This is why I am here among you, as I am also in Medjugorje, announcing Myself as the Queen of Peace, so that hearts may perceive, in the depths of their souls, that the mission with all My children of the world has not ended.

I come to withdraw souls from the claws of evil, this is why I still need to pilgrimage in the nations of the world so that the balance of the planet may not be lost through any consequence generated in these times, which are so difficult and of great learning for all.

I invite you to pass along this Message of Mine from today, in its diffusion and in all the places of the world that accept receiving this call that goes out to all hearts, to all souls that experience devotion to My Immaculate Heart.

In Fatima I will be among the most simple. And although the majority does not know that I will be there, as I was in 1917, I will be with My Divine Consciousness expanded, pouring out great flows of grace and love that can transform the corrupt essences of the world, which were deceived by My great adversary.

Again, as in 1917, the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the Mother of the Sun and the Mother of the World, with Her right Hand will take up the Scepter of God to strike it on the Earth and open the springs of the great Original Purity, when all the spirits that will be congregated there will receive an expiation that will help them in all this twenty-first century and until My Son returns to the world.

Do you understand, dear children, the importance of concretizing this Pilgrimage for Peace?

I do not only come to have you live the good in your material life, but also the good in your spiritual life. I come to open the spring of donations and divine providence that is held in hearts and in many wallets of the world.

I want you to have pity on your neighbors, so that you may learn to have pity on the planet that suffers, day after day, in its deepest silence, because of all the errors that humanity commits.

In Italy, My Consciousness will visit the Church of My son, in its spiritual and also human context. Because all are being tested, dear children; that is why My beloved Son sends Me to re-consecrate Italy, Rome, to My Immaculate Heart.

It will be a challenging task, but it will bear its fruits in the following months through the groups of prayer that are to be found there. Italy, in spite of its errors, was always sanctified by God, through the presence of great sages, great instructors, the so-called saints of the period. Thus, Saint Pío of Pietrelcina will be My faithful companion in this sacred task with Italy.

Spain needs My help again because many hearts are erasing their inner faith in the Kingdom of God, because of the superficial things they experience in the very Church of My Son.

So this time, in Spain, I will go for all priests, so that they may spiritually reactivate the charisma of Faith and Love for the great Plan of God and for all souls that are to be found there.

In Avila, it will be an opportunity for the souls of Spain to remember the surrender of My beloved daughter Theresa of Jesus. It will also be an opportunity for taking a step for all of the Iberian Peninsula.

Barcelona will be the great moment of rehabilitation for everyone, because in Montserrat and through the Black Madonna of Montserrat, souls will be able to find everything that they have always searched for within themselves, what I call "Gifts of God," so that souls may convert into great servers of the Plan.

All graces, dear children, will be poured out in these nations and it will be the preparation for My next visit to Asia and Oceania; so I invite you to pray right away, because these souls, in essence, have never known Me.

I will give you the gift of tongues so that you can communicate from heart to heart and by means of the examples of service and love, between you and the souls of Asia and Oceania.

In this way, you will also be able to see, dear children, how today My Immaculate Heart is showing you the Will of God which is accomplished by the offering of all of you. If this does not exist, the work of God cannot descend to the planet and the horrors of the world will multiply, the nations will lose their peace, just as they are losing in many nations of the Middle East. The blood is still being shed in the countries of the Middle East.

The Mother of the Thousand Veils is silently walking there, to rescue those who suffer, especially those who die unjustly, day after day, without being able to find peace, relief, or reconciliation.

You, dear children, and the groups of prayer are part of a planetary work. You are already not only a community or souls who live the good. You are part of a Divine Plan that waits to be etched in your hearts, so that it may reach more consciousnesses that need it so much and have waited for it for decades.

After Fatima, from 1917, I come to bring continuity to the work in South America, so that souls may find the path to the New Humanity.

Beloved children, together with the angels of Divine Justice that sustain the scales in its imbalance, through My maternal Love that can do all things, I leave you this reflection and this message, with the aspiration that today you leave here, meditating deeply on My words and praying for everything to be carried out, just as I have pleaded for it to the Celestial Father.

I want you to remember this message and that you see it as many times as necessary, because in it I have left examples of what My Celestial Consciousness does, together with My beloved Son Jesus and My husband Saint Joseph.

Tomorrow I will wait for you more prepared and decided to take this step in the inner evolution of all your consciousnesses, so that in this way, the thousand years of peace may be established.

I now rise to Heaven, making My words resound in your hearts, so that your minds do not think, but rather your hearts open to take in My Plea.

Uniting My Hands in prayer, taking up the Holy Rosary that unites the continents and the nations, and today unites this Marian Center with the Marian Center of Fatima, I ask you, dear children: have pity for those who suffer in these times. 

You will now invoke a song that will bring you into contact with your essential purity. Let this song also be in the children of Mine who will receive this message, in order to disseminate it through the world. I am speaking of the song, Purity, Soul of Lys.

I thank you and bless you under the Christic Light of My Son and of all angels.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace.