Friday, December 13 of 2019


Today I come here to meet you, after having crossed the coldest oceans in the world.

Today I come from Antarctica, to reveal to the world the moment of the awakening of the great White Continent which, although it is transgressed and outraged by humanity, holds the greatest and oldest treasures of humanity.

I am the Lady of the White Continent, I am the Mother of Antarctica, and today I bring in My hands a spiritual relic of this place, so that it may be internally contemplated by all of you.

This is a very ancient knowledge and legacy of humanity, of one of the first peoples that inhabited this planet and were part of this Creation, living a fluid and internal communication with the Universe.

Today I speak to you of the old Lemuria, of the true history of Lemuria, which has not been revealed to any human being of the surface nor to any being of this humanity.

Today I bring a more internal and profound knowledge, I bring to you, within My hands, the Crystal Treasury of Lemuria, in which is kept a history that humanity lived in ancient times.

This history is a fact, it was a reality and an experience; that the first peoples reached a high level of contact with the Universe and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

It is this knowledge that My Heart radiates today and, today, is revealed to everyone.

My Heart emanates Love upon the legendary history of Lemuria. But today I do not bring the errors to you, but rather the triumphs; a legacy that will awaken and again be assumed by the humanity that is conscious and that awakens at this time.

In My hands is one of the greatest treasures, which was the experience of the love of Lemuria, all that which the people lived and experienced in those times. Because not only knowledge ennobled them, but also the love they expressed for the contact they experienced.

This is what humanity needs today, to again take the path toward God, to again connect with God, to again find the meaning and the reason for being here, upon this planet.

Antarctica is not only a physical continent, but it is also spiritual. It is one of the only spaces upon the planet that preserves the Consciousness of the Divine Hierarchy, and from there, it is possible to help the whole planet.

This does not mean, My children, that Antarctica does not live the transgressions of these times: global warming, the melting of the poles, the suffering of the Kingdoms that exist there or the contamination that humanity deposits within this place, as in the Arctic continent.

Yes, there is a planetary imbalance. There is a misadjustment of humanity, not only of its psychic plane, but also of its emotional and inner plane.

But Antactica will awaken. Antarctica will emerge and there will be no consciousness nor scientist that can deter this. It will be the moment in which humanity will have consciousness of a reality that it has never seen.

Its bases will show, the spiritual Hierarchy will appear, and it will be the great and last moment of awakening for those who decide to believe and trust that the Hierarchy has always been present throughout the times and generations.

But now, it will be different. It will not be like in 1988, when the whole world participated in the awakening of consciousness and their superior beings.

Today Antarctica prepares for a great event, while a part of its continent breaks and navigates within the seas. Antarctica interiorly prepares to reveal itself and to make its sacred knowledge conscious.

And there, in this moment and in this time, the scientists and the nations will realize that they were not on the right path to understand that which Antarctica is and why it was created millions of years ago.

Within it lies the roots and attributes of the cultures that today live upon Earth. There is a very ancient legacy that was not yet known, but that was conscious and real for Lemuria. Much of that which has been said of Lemuria is not real.

Lemuria was a people that lived a very profound contact, which allowed, from its experience, for the Spiritual Hierarchy to be on the planet and helping humanity.

The knowledge of Lemuria was revealed in the last twelve years, because the Hierarchy was preparing for this event.

Many will feel the White Continent of Antarctica in their hearts. For this reason, the Mother of Antarctica and Lady of the White Continent is here today, in Her spiritual and divine Consciousness, to reveal to you this important moment, a moment of inner and conscious preparation for that which will come.

This work has been chosen to be the pillar and the sustenance of this event, to bear the weight of this revelation and the movement that the Antarctic continent will make.

From its ice will emerge the sacred lights, so similar to those that exist in the firmament. Its currents will move and its tunnels will open. The Light will emerge from Antarctica, for the valiant hearts that want to see it. There will be no method, tool or procedure that can hide it, because it is the time and it is the moment for the planet and, above all, for humanity to know the truth, and know that it is part of a legacy and a history that is still being written, and has not finished yet; that it is part of an origin, of an existence and of a purpose that has not concretized and yet must continue forward.

The Light of Antarctica emerges and now resounds in the inner worlds, in the spiritual plane. Its movement and impact prepare the great moment of awakening, when everything will show, and humanity will recognize it has strayed from the path completely, and that it will have the Grace to be able to return to its origins; and it will realize that it has not taken care of the planet, of the oceans, of the continents, of the Kingdoms, of its own race; that there is a great wound, both spiritual and physical, in which Antarctica will close with the power of the Light of its revelation.

It will no longer be only non-material or internal, but also physical. The doors will open, the planes will show the truth, knowledge will emerge and a great part of the human race will have the chance to be conducted toward its spiritual purpose.

Many will remember, others will feel nostalgia. It will be the Light of Antarctica, it will be Lemuria that will come.

In the silence of the Hierarchy, I leave you these words. This is a sign that you must keep walking; not for those who do not have gratitude, but rather for those who strive to seek the Hierarchy, with their burning aspiration. And beyond their storms, purifications and tests, they keep onward, taken by the hand of the Light that comes from the One, from the Divine, from the Source.

May today the moment of the awakening of Antarctica be a reality for you. Its melodies will resound, the ears will listen and many will recognize their past, and Love will embrace them so that they can again find the Hierarchy, at last.

The Lady of the White Continent and Mother of Antarctica blesses you today, and asks the whole world to protect and take care of the oceans and of all that lives within them, because if you do not do this in time, you will not attain repentance nor penitence.

Avoid entering into the consequences of what you do. Pray for the oceans and for the seas of the world. They suffer in consciousness that which the human being of surface does to them today, and has done to them throughout the times.

Recover the dignity of respecting and loving Creation.

Unite, in essence and love, to all that exists in this Universe, and you will be in the Law, you will be in the Hierarchy.

Today My voice resounds in the Universe. Today My voice echoes in Antarctica, because the time has come for the revelation, and we will prepare for this, in prayer and in vigil.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.