Wednesday, August 3 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

After Africa, My Heart is no longer the same, and I hope your hearts are no longer the same.

For this reason, I am here, not only to celebrate this month of August with each one of you, but also to impel you to follow My Steps, to recognize My Footprints, to someday be able to live My Higher Purpose.

My Heart is no longer the same after Africa, and I hope your hearts can feel the same at this moment, knowing that, above all misery and human suffering, lies the hope of the Love that I bring to you.

Because My promise will be fulfilled, and you will not only see Me come among the clouds, moving the suns and the stars, but you will also see Me rescue those who live in the hells of this world, who have lost hope, who are subjected to spiritual and material slavery.

After Africa, My Heart is no longer the same, and I hope your hearts are no longer the same.

I hope you have learned in Love, in the spirit of overcoming and transcendence.

I hope you have somewhat felt the weight of the Cross so that many souls may be liberated, I hope you can feel the weight of the Cross as I felt it at Calvary, not in the same way, but in a similar manner, because I know you wouldn't  be able to manage that.

But now let us stay with the fruits of all that has happened in Africa, in such a short time, of something that surprised even Me, because I still keep learning how great the Mercy of God is, how infinite His Love is and how sovereign His Justice is. Something that I need you to learn in these times, so that My apostles may continue maturing and growing internally.

Because I have promised you that I would take care of, not only your families and acquaintances, but also that I would take care of your inner issues, so that you may be able to serve Me in true freedom, so that you may give of yourselves in true humility, knowing that each step you take with Me is a new step that approaches the great moment of My Return to Earth.

For this reason, at the doors of August, of the sacred Meeting of the Hierarchies and the Angels of Heaven, of the great moment of renewal of the inner vows of the servers and collaborators of Christ, under this special and unique circumstance, today I Am not only here, but I Am also accompanied and recognized by the Sacred Twenty-four Elders of the Universe.

For this reason, at this moment, companions, let the inner sun shine and pulsate within your essences, that sun that reminds you of your origin, reminds you of your purpose and the reason for being here, at this moment of the planet and in this crucial conjuncture of humanity.

This is the month of August, for renewing the vows with all Hierarchies. Because as My Return draws near, in the same way, companions, I prepare, through your self-giving and surrender, the plans that I will carry out as the preamble to My Return to the world, the plans that I expect to carry out in Africa and in other parts of the world.

But if you, who have committed to Me, are not present when I call you and summon you to be by My side, in any situation, how will you learn? From your houses and homes? Through the television?

The apostles of the end of times are apostles who surrender to the unknown, surrender to that which they cannot control, and to that in which cannot have power, because to follow My Steps is to follow and fulfill My Will. Something that you will not understand, but you will know by the time you can be by My side, face to face, to remember all that has happened in your lives and in all life of the planet.

Today, the Sacred Twenty-four Elders are witnesses of this important moment of August.

Each one of the Twenty-four Elders brings in their hands a Scroll of Light that represents the twenty-four preparatory projects of the Return of your Master and Lord to humanity.

But they are not far-fetched nor unattainable projects, they are projects that will be concretized through you at this very moment, when humanity, submerged in the inflection of war and chaos, unconsciously challenges Higher Laws, putting its evolution and its final project at stake.

For this reason, I am here with the Twenty-four Elders, those who rule the whole Universe, life in the Material Universe, who know each one of your consciousnesses and origins, who deeply know the reason why you are incarnated here today and who also, in the silence of Their hearts, also watch and pray for those who have abandoned the Project of the Lord. This is the sacred inner task of the Elders of the Universe: that all My servers and apostles may concretize My Will.

Now, internally embrace the mystery of these twenty-four Scrolls of Light, and pray for these twenty-four projects to be unveiled to the world and to humanity, so that more beings on the surface of the Earth may be aware of the need to fulfill the Project of God.

And this ardent wish of the Father, that each one of His children may live His Will, is still alive in the heart of each Elder of the Universe, which represents the Rays and Laws of Creation.

Your consciousnesses must reach this degree of evolution someday, just as many beings have reached this state of evolution throughout times.

I place this challenge upon you, just as My father, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, last July 19, placed you in the challenge of surpassing Me in Love. This is no theory, it is a compelling need that I have, in the face of the imbalance of the planet and humanity, to justify the action of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

You will now understand that, beyond the power and authority that many believe I have, My true Redeeming and Merciful Work is through My companions, those who are capable of offering themselves as instruments so that I can avail Myself of each one of them and thus fulfill the Will of My Lord, which must be the Will for each one of you.

In 1988, the great portal to the awakening was opened.

In 1998, this portal was expanded.

In 2008, through Aurora, this portal was, even more, expanded to the consciousness of the planet.

And now, on this August 8, this portal will fulfill a cycle, in which I invite many of you not to miss the sincere and honest opportunity to take a new step, to abandon the resistances, to walk in union, following My Steps and My Footprints in all that I must still project at this planetary moment, so that the twenty-four Scrolls of Light can open and, thus, the last consciousnesses can awaken to all that is written for these times, to what is written in the Heart of God and must no longer be a mystery, but rather be a truth that all may come to know.

Now, how will these Scrolls of Light be unveiled?

It will be through the ‘yes’ of all those who are awakened and of those who will awaken. it will be at this promised moment that all will know the twenty-four projects of the Redeemer. And through the guidance, discernment, obedience and Government of the Elders, you will know how to fulfill these projects, step by step.

Because I want you to know that all is foreseen, and that which is foreseen will be fulfilled through the ‘yes’ of the awakened and of those who will awaken, through those who are capable of surrendering to the Plan in absolute trust and resignation, knowing they will have the sacred opportunity to learn many things and take quicker steps through consciousness than the steps they took in other times, which were very slow.

In synthesis, August, the month of the Brotherhood, expects to see Its Third Order made manifest on the surface.

Let it not be a theoretical Order, but rather a concrete Order surrendered to the Plan of God, an Order that must absolutely trust the steps that Christ will determine, so that you can learn from My divine strategies in this promised Plan of Rescue for all of humanity.

Thus, at this moment, the way in which you will be able to unite to Me in this new year of August, a new year for the whole Brotherhood, will be that you may remember your inner sun, so that your origin may be alive in you and, through your origin, you may live My Will.

Today the Conclave of the Hierarchies begin. It will be from now on, companions, and by means of this new Marathon of the Divine Mercy, that you must strive the most, knowing that humanity is on the edge of the cliff and the abyss, and that the effort, the self-giving and the surrender of My true companions, although you may not believe, will remove the whole world from this abyss.

And through this Marathon and the coming meetings of August, the uncertain doors will be closed, evil will be placated in the hearts that are oppressed and chastised, and in what seems to be the abyss of the darkness of Earth, a ray of Light will pierce this darkness, and the Supreme Grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will grant, throughout the month of August, an atonement that none of you or of your brothers and sisters must miss, because it will be one of the last atonements for the world.

Many can no longer unite Heaven and Earth. I say that many priests, many religious people, believers and devotees influenced by the world can no longer unite Heaven and Earth.

This is why I beg you: value and honor Adoration so that the inner bridges of Light between Heaven and Earth may be re-established, and not only religious life, but also the life of humanity may be restored, because the conflicts and the wars have made many hearts lose their faith.

I need that you walk with Me in this proposal. This is the great task of the Marathon of Divine Mercy of August: not to allow the inner bridges of Light between Heaven and Earth break, not allowing My adversary to disconnect souls from God, not allowing chaos to prevail.

Do you now understand the importance of this task with Me in the end of times?

Walk with Me, just as I walked with My brothers in Emmaus so that, once more, before your eyes, before your hearts and before your souls, you may see the bread be broken, the bread that is shared with all in Divine and Christic Unity, and you may drink from the Chalice, from this Sacred Chalice of the Garden of Gethsemane, so that you may share with Me this crucial moment of the planet, when ignorance, indifference and impunity keep souls in the abysses.

You, who have received Graces in the last nine years of Marathon, now it is the moment to walk alone, as My apostles and servers, as those apostles who will not cause me to waste time, but rather will lovingly fulfill all that I ask of you, knowing that all will be for a greater and unknown cause.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy be the Marathon of the new step, of a new decision: a Marathon of maturity and awareness, knowing that there is a lot to do in this world and there is a lot to help, in different places of the planet where Light must govern.

Let us pray for this, and let us honor the Eternal Father, because, in spite of the errors of the world, and despite sin, He has His Arms open to all, just as I have them open at this moment, to fill you with My Mercy.


Lord of the Universe,
who gave Your Son
for the Salvation of those who denied You
and of those who hurt You,
grant to the world and humanity
the necessary atonement at this moment,
so that the Grace and the Light of Your Spirit
may guide souls toward the Higher Purpose,
and so that hearts may awaken
to the Truth, the Way and the Life
that Your Beloved Son represents to all.



Now I address My daughter Charlene and her husband, giving thanks for their presence in this place, because I Have waited for this moment, this place and this time to give you My Words, telling you that, through your faith and devotion to My Heart and your fidelity to the Rosary, through love for the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, the Servant of the Lord has brought Charlene’s son to My Arms. And I want to tell you that his soul is no longer lost, because you are here today with Me, and I will always be here, although it may not seem to be so.

I want you to humbly accept this Message of Mine and to also accept the Sacraments that you and your husband will receive today, as a direct blessing of My Merciful Heart, so that you may keep praying, not only for your daughter, but also for all My children who are lost and who I need to each My Heart, just as you have reached My Heart today, as you came to Fatima. Remember that Fatima is the Light of Hope, the Light that reigns above all darkness.

I thank you and bless you, just as I bless all under the luminous power of the Cross, the Cross that at this moment blesses all that souls and consciousnesses will receive in August through the Sacred Presence of the Elders of the Universe.

Let us rejoice for those who do not rejoice, let us give thanks for those who cannot give thanks, so that those who do not have anything may also have the Grace of receiving everything, so that this world, someday, may be just and egalitarian, peacemaking and solemn, loving and healing.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.