Saturday, November 5 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

We praise You, Lord,
and we bless You,
for by Your Holy Cross, You redeemed the world.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Once again, I return from the heart of the universe to bring you My Peace. I come from the heart of the great mystery of this entire Creation so that the souls and spirits present on the surface of the Earth may receive the impulses of My Spiritual Government, regardless of what may be happening on this surface today.

But in truth I tell you that in other parts of this universe My Spiritual Government is indeed lived. This humanity is still behind by two-thousand years. But there are other humanities in this universe that live in consonance with Me in the Spiritual Universe, a part of the Universal Laws, a part of the Sublime Life, a part of all Rays and the different currents of the universe.

Today, I bring you this consciousness so that, as a part of Me, you may participate with Me in this moment, in the elevation of your souls to achieve the Divine Purpose.

May all humanities of this universe not only glimpse the Divine Purpose on the horizon of this infinite existence, but also find this Purpose within themselves. In this way, companions, in spite of the consequences and events of these times, you will learn to detach from that which is superficial and worldly, when you imitate, in spirit and essence, all humanities of the universe, all that which humanities live in this vast cosmos, which is a part of this Creation, of this entire life system.

These humanities, which are alive in the Material Universe, pray for you in the imperceptible silence of the spirit. And their sublime vibrations of Peace and Love, as one and only Brotherhood, resound throughout all of this vast cosmos, to beg the Eternal Father for an opportunity for this planet Earth, of which you have been a part of for such a long time, because you are a part of an Original Project, of an Essence of Life and of a Purpose that has not yet been fulfilled.

Therefore, in these times of transition, you are not part of an end, but you are rather before the threshold to a new time, to a new knowledge that will come to all, that will open the doors of the mind and consciousness, and this Sacred Sidereal Knowledge will ennoble your spirits, allowing you to remember your origins and even your life systems.

In this way, you will be able to recognize within yourselves that you are not only matter or mind, but rather a spirit in evolution, which must attain the goal of redemption and love, so that someday it may be Christified and be the example of a Purpose and a Will achieved through Christ, by the Eternal Father Himself, in all His Creatures.

Therefore, do not lose hope to continue onward, to transform and purify your lives. Aspire to be like these humanities of the cosmos, which have also learned from the errors and falls, which have been fallen stars in this vast Sidereal Universe, but the Great Mantle of the Mother of the World placed them within itself to make them shine, one by one, in this firmament of Creation.

Therefore, in this dark night, do not only look to that which is painful but rather believe in the power of love and healing that comes from the universe, and even your cells will be sublimated and transformed.

In a starry night, contemplate the firmament and ask yourselves internally: “Who am I?”

The Father will extend His Hand and point to your star of origin and, thus, your inner world and your soul will remember this long path, this infinite trajectory which you have travelled up to the present and which has not yet ended, and which must be completed not only by you, but also by your origin, until the completion of the synthesis of this experience of love, redemption and unity that can be lived in this school of planet Earth.

Thus, do not only think of that which is material, think of that which is beyond the material. I invite you to contemplate a starry night so that you may feel, quite close to you, the Presence of the Sacred Brotherhood, which has been accompanying your path and your trajectory since the beginning, and waits, in prayer and silence, for your great awakening, for the great moment of the redemption of humanity.

This is why I will come from Heaven once again, different from the way I came when I incarnated or even when I ascended to the Universe. I will come bringing the Glory of God, but also His Infinite Spiritual Government, which gave origin and meaning to all Creation through the Laws and Principles called Attributes.

Remember, Children of the Father, that you are a part of God in essence, and not just a part of errors lived and experienced. Because a history must still finish being written, and the Father still stops His Pen of Light, waiting for His Children to take the step and decide to be a part of a Plan of Love and Redemption, taught by Christ Himself, two-thousand years ago.

Never doubt that the Kingdom of the Heavens, together with all its dwellings, belong to you. In it is found the synthesis of your whole existence, the answers to all your questions. Up there, in the Universe, the history is written in the Mirrors, a history of each one of you.

Therefore, this is the time and this is the great moment to honor, value and adore the passage of Christ during His Life on Earth, so that your souls and, above all, your hearts, may be an extension of the Christic life on this planet, may be a part of the cells of the Mystical Body of Christ, which incessantly pulsates in the constant quest for Light, Love and the Good.

Today, your histories open before the eyes of the Universe, and Christ’s Love placates the errors, dissolves the consequences, appeases the traumas, ennobles the spirits and opens up for you a new path toward a new opportunity. Because God makes Himself small in the humble, God makes Himself powerful in the simple, God expresses His Infinite Love in all those who say ‘yes.’

Everything will pass, but the Words of the Father, through His Son, will remain and reverberate in the hearts of men and women of the Earth who, in this final time, listen to the sacred call.

Thus, your Guardian Angels will also elevate your experiences to the Father, and will demonstrate to the Father that His Divine Project in this humanity is possible, although the great time of tribulation is coming and souls fear having to face it and live it.

But if the Blood of Christ was shed on the surface of this planet, who will give their life to Christ so that the power of His Divine Blood, kept in the Sacred Chalices of the Places of the Earth, may illuminate the world in darkness, dissipate the forces of evil forever and establish, on the surface of this planet, the New Eden, where the self-summoned will come to know Paradise?

If I was capable of forgiving a thief at the most painful moment of the Cross, do you not believe, by any chance, that I am capable of forgiving your errors and faults?

The Love of God multiplies in those who let themselves be loved and who find within themselves the way of the Spirit. There is no other way to travel, because I once told you, companions: “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Today, I elevate in My Heart, up to the Altars of My Celestial Father, the flowers and fruits that you have offered to Me through the exercise of sacred prayer. Because this is what I have at My Feet: the flowers of good souls, the fruits of the untiring servers that sustain, with faith in the unknown, the Islands of Salvation, called Light-Communities.

When you are at a Light-Community, remember that you are within the Heart of the Hierarchy, a Heart that feels and receives, a Heart that silently gives of itself without anything in return, with the sole aim of fulfilling the Will of God.

Be great cells of the Hierarchy’s Heart. The Wisdom and Love of God will always be able to fill your spirits when you are consistent.

Many in the world will seek to satiate their sadness and anguishes, their despair and agony. But you, who are so few at the Feet of the Hierarchy, who sustain the life of the Light-Communities, a life that aspires for evolution, are the ones who will have the Grace, through your own effort and surrender, to be supported by God Himself, under His state of Infinite and Unfathomable Mercy.

A few more years will pass until the life of Light-Communities is known. And those who did not understand them but judged them will repent, just as many repented as they did not recognize the Living God hanging from the Cross, giving His best, up to the last drop of His Blood and His Water for the salvation and rescue of humanity.

Therefore, have faith and continue on. Do not stop in your fears, errors, failures or even your uncertainties. Keep your perception wide open and feel you are in the heart of the Sacred Mantle of the Hierarchy, which gives you warmth in the cold night of the world, which comforts you and encourages you in tribulations, which anoints you under the spirit of brotherhood.

Thus, on this day of pain and suffering of the planet, when the Heart of the Master is broken, ask God for the Grace of an empty heart, capable of giving much more until the end, with just one end: for the salvation of the souls and nations that have condemned themselves, so that the Eternal Fire of My Love and the Unfathomable Light of My Divine Mercy may placate all errors of the world, just as it was on the Cross.

Thus, many more will see the Son of God come just as He said, among the clouds, the suns and stars of the universe. And they will see Him come with His true Face, the Face that became illuminated on the top of Mount Tabor, the Divine and Glorious Face that will reveal itself to all like a Sun among all suns of the universe, which, with its radiation and expansion, will transfigure and change the corrupt human code, making them sublime, pure and innocent, just as the angels of the whole universe.

At that hour, duality will no longer exist, evil will be dissolved, because the Love of Christ will triumph in hearts, bringing to the world the One Thousand Years of Peace.

Then, the Heart of the King will no longer hear the cry of any child due to hunger, war or diseases, there will no longer be mothers of war. There will no longer be abandoned grandparents or abandoned sick people, there will be no longer solitary and lost hearts, because My Love is for all.

I will place at the Foot of the Father’s Throne the offering of the redeemed, of all those who walked with Christ throughout the times, despite their fears or doubts, because they will have caused the Love of the Redeemer to triumph.

Thus, the New Man will be born, the new being will be born, and it will no longer be necessary to learn from the errors, but rather simply recognize in yourselves that God loves you so much, so much, that if you knew or perhaps felt it, you would not be able to withstand it.

Rejoice and walk in peace.

Let us pray for the end of this planetary spiritual captivity so that no one else may have to suffer, because for you I suffered each blow, each whip, each part of My Body lost in the Calvary. On the Cross I suffered for the world, and I was converted, out of love, into the Tree of Life, so that all might have Life in Me.

As an infinite demonstration of My Grace, today I will consecrate new adorers again, postulants who will confirm themselves to be testimonies of the Christic Love in the world, through the veneration and contemplation of My Eucharistic Body.

But this will also be an important moment for all adorers in Brazil, to renew their vows, confirm themselves on My Path and say, once and for all, and for all those whom you may meet, that Christ is Salvation.

For this special consecration, and before you live My Spiritual Communion, we will sing a song, asking for the Grace of an empty heart.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will prepare ourselves for this simple ceremony through the song: “Empty Heart.”

And at this moment, we internally prepare ourselves to renew the vows of all adorers.

Christ will accompany this ceremony.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.